Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 16

It's never over


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TITLE: It's never over

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4096

“That was the end? Sheshona just left her?” Kim pouted as she posed the questions as she stared down at what was the final journal entry. There were just blank pages after the doctor stated that she was alone. Apparently, that was the end.

The slender hero was obviously disheartened by the way the journal ended. She thought that there would be so much more because they had declared their love for each other. She figured that since they were in love, they would live happily ever after, even though such a thing would be rather difficult considering the circumstances surrounding them. But, she had been certain that if they worked at it, their love could conquer all.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Shego commented while staring down at the entry that explained Sheshona left the doctor and that was the end of everything. It really did not add up.

“Really. I mean, they loved each other after all,” Kim said. She figured that lovers were meant to be together, especially if they were right there with each other. Love was precious and was meant to be cherished. She thought that the past pair would do that, but the journal did not make it seem that way if Sheshona just up and lifted after they declared their love for each other.

“You really are the sentimental type, Princess,” the pale woman remarked with a teasing smirk. She did not care about the declarations of the love. She would not have even thought about the emotion if Kim had not said something about it.

“And you’re not?” the redhead inquired with a bit of an offended look on her face.

“No,” the elder female answered bluntly. Did she look like a sap? She wondered what even possessed Kim to ask such a stupid question.

“How do you figure that?” Kim asked.

“Because I’m not. I don’t get all gushy and emotional over things. Unlike you,” Shego replied.

“What about how you keep going on about that night?” the younger woman pointed out a bit smugly.

Shego frowned; it would seem that she was caught. But, the thing was that she did not feel nostalgic or romantic over anything that happened that night that might earn her the label of “sentimental.” The night in question did not stir any feelings except disappointment in Kim and maybe some anger all around for everyone involved, including herself. She did not do sentimental.

“Back to the journal and how this doesn’t make sense,” Shego said to get away from the pointless argument.

“Why doesn’t it make sense to you?” the redhead inquired while silently marking off a victory for herself in the argument. It was about time that she won something while hanging out with the pale woman.

“How can she have claimed that to be the end of it when the journal was found in what was probably Sheshona’s house?” Shego reasoned. There had to be something that they missed or maybe that Doctor Kimberly just failed to mention in the little book because there was no way the end of everything was her ancestor leaving the hospital.

“Well, maybe they sold the house to the Go family and she forgot the book was there,” Kim proposed as it sounded rather logical and plausible to her.

“No, my mother always said that the house was built by the Go family for a Go. How did the journal get there?” Shego wondered aloud. She could not figure out how the journal could make it into the house if Doctor Possible was left by her ancestor as she claimed. It just did not make sense.

“I don’t have the answer for you on that one,” the redhead conceded.

“So, she had to have been in that house,” the thief figured.

“When you found the journal, there weren’t other things with it?” Kim inquired. She thought that if there were other items with the journal, then they might help them figure out what happened now that the journal had ended. If there was nothing, then they might never know what went on.

“I didn’t really look because I thought my mother was coming back,” Shego admitted.

“Is your mother really that scary?” Kim asked incredulously. She just could not imagine someone making her arch foe so nervous.

“She’s the fucking devil with graying hair,” the pale woman insisted. She supposed that she was being overdramatic. She was not really frightened of her mother or as anxious about the woman as she always made it seem. But, for some reason, she liked making it seem as if her mother was evil incarnate.

“Well, will she give you permission to search the attic?” the slender hero asked curiously. She thought that since Shego made her mother seem so bad, the woman would not want them going through the house searching for things that might not even be there.

“We don’t need her damn permission. Screw her,” Shego declared. She never asked her mother’s permission for anything. Life was interesting when her mother did not know what she was going to do; well, when she did not tell her mother what she was going to do anyway. Her mother seemed to know what she was doing with her life no matter what and that was annoying.

“Screw her?” Kim echoed in a baffled tone. Just a second ago Shego was claiming that her mother was the devil with graying hair and now it was screw her. Shego was certainly flip-flopping on the issue of her mother.

“Yeah, screw her,” the thief repeated. Her mother would not give a damn if they were in the house, as long as they were not wrecking the place. The house was open to anyone of Isabel’s children; it was open to anyone in the Go family really.

“So, let’s go,” Kim suggested with an eager smile. She was ready to get off of the sofa and she was also prepared to drag the pale woman with her.

“What, to the house?” Shego inquired in a confused tone.

“Yeah. Maybe there’s something else there that will explain the journal.” Kim was now standing and she had her hand on Shego’s wrist because she was about to pull the older female to her feet.

Shego thought on the proposal. She glanced at the clock on the wall. “It’s way too late to go tonight,” she decided.

“What? How so?” the younger woman asked. She was obviously hyped, almost bouncing on her heels. She really wanted to know what happened to the past couple.

“You’ll be asleep five seconds into the ride. The house is over an hour away from here,” Shego explained while taking her arm from the redhead. She considered yanking Kim back down to the sofa to calm the kid down.

“Oh.” Kim nodded to show she understood the reasoning. She would not last an hour, especially since it was already past her bedtime. She probably would be out like a light the second that she got into the car if they did try to go now.

“Yeah. Are you even good to make it home on your own?” Shego asked.

“I’ll be fine. I can do anything, after all,” Kim declared and then she let out a long yawn. It seemed that all of that energy she just had not even a second ago was gone now that she knew that they were not going to the house to search for things to help solve their little mystery.

Shego shook her head; she did not like the sound of that yawn. She got up from the sofa and walked off toward her hallway. The redhead yawned again as she climbed to her feet. She staggered toward the door to collect her sneakers and walk home. She made it to the door, but she did not get the chance to even put her footwear on. She was assaulted in the head by a pillow, comforter, and clothes.

“What the?” the hero yelped as she moved the blanket from off of her head.

“Sleep on the couch or on the floor,” Shego practically commanded. For some reason, she just did not feel comfortable with the idea of Kim walking home while being so sleepy. She knew that she would sleep a lot better if she knew just where the slim adventurer was.

“What?” Kim asked as she gathered the items in her arms. She turned her head to pay attention to her hostess.

“Camp out here,” the villainess ordered.

“I can make it home,” the younger woman insisted. She was Kim Possible, after all. She could do anything and out of all of the things that she did in life, walking home would probably be one of the easier things.

“I’d feel better if you didn’t try. I know how you get when you’re tired. It wouldn’t sit well with me if someone got the better of you while you’re sleepwalking home,” Shego replied, trying to downplay her apprehension about the girl walking home by sounding as if she was teasing the hero.

“I’ll be fine,” Kim persisted. It was just a walk home for crying out loud. She walked over to the apartment, so she figured that walking home would be just as simple. She did not see why Shego was making a thing about it.

“I know you will because you’re going to sleep on the damn couch,” the pale woman declared.

“I don’t want to sleep on the sofa,” Kim countered. Why would she sleep on Shego’s couch when she could take the walk home and sleep in her bed? Why were they even having such an argument?

“Why not? It’s where you’ve been sleeping,” the thief pointed out.

Kim was speechless for just a second because she could not argue that fact. But, she did have something else to counter with and she was certain that it would get Shego off of her back about walking home. She just had to work up the courage to say the words and that took a couple of seconds.

“But, it’s just because I was sleeping against you,” the sleepy girl said.

Shego was not looking to lose the debate and she was not about to let Kim try to walk home. So, she offered up a solution without missing a beat in the whole discussion. “Fine, come sleep in my bed,” she said in an almost harsh tone.

Kim was thrown off by that proposal, especially since she thought that she had her foe. She really had not seen that response coming and she had nothing to counter that. “What?” she said in a bewildered tone.

“Come sleep in my bed,” Shego repeated, showing that her words were not an accident nor were they said to win the argument.

She was not going to let Kim go out and take that long walk home. It was not even a straight walk first of all. The redhead would have to go through alleys, lots, and a bad neighborhood that Kim swore was a short cut. She had confidence that Kim could make it home, but she would rather not chance it. They did not need Kim getting attacked and injured by some petty thugs or idiots while she was in a somewhat dazed state before of her sleeping mindset.

“Are you serious?” the slender hero inquired. She was a little shocked about the offer. It just seemed strange for her foe to be proposing that they share a bed and it was hard for her to believe that Shego meant her words.

“Yeah, it’s not like you haven’t been using me as pillow anyway,” the pale woman commented to make light of their circumstances.

Kim muttered incoherently; she was merely yielding to Shego’s point. She doubted that it would be as weird as it sounded for her to share a bed with Shego. She had been sleeping on Shego most of the time that they were together now. She stepped away from the door and toward the back of the apartment to change into the pajamas. She figured that she might as well give in because she did not have any more ammunition to argue with.

Shego went to lie down in her bed. She did not think too much on the fact that she was about to share her bed with Kim. She thought about when they were asleep on the sofa and how comfortable that was. She was joined a few minutes later by the redhead and stopped thinking on the matter. Kim yelped as she hit the mattress. She had not expected it to be a waterbed.

“If you wake up before the crack of dawn, do your best to not move or freak out because if you wake me up, I will destroy you,” Shego proclaimed.

“Goodnight to you too,” Kim remarked.

Shego snorted like an angry bull. “Just go to sleep.”

Kim nodded and tried to make herself comfortable. She had never slept on a waterbed before, but it was a bit soothing. She did try her best not to move around too much because she did not want to disturb Shego, who had fallen asleep without a problem in a matter of seconds. Kim was not too far behind and she did wake up at her usual time, which was before the sun came up.

For a very brief and disoriented moment, the redhead had no clue as to where she was. The room was dark and the mattress underneath her was unfamiliar. She almost panicked and then she noticed Shego, who was not even an inch away from her. Shego was still sleeping soundly, her mouth slightly open and her hand on Kim’s shoulder.

Kim sighed in relief when she saw that pale green face, which looked almost as if it glowed because of the darkness surrounding it. She instantly felt safe when she saw that she was next to Shego. She then wondered why she would feel that way. She shook the thought away because she did not even want to consider what that could mean.

The slender hero wondered if she should get up. It would probably help take her mind off of the weird feeling that she just had about feeling safe with Shego. She asked herself what she would do if she did get up. She was not at home, so she could not do any school work that might be waiting for her.

She might as well sleep in, she told herself. She was comfortable and if she was sleeping, she would not be thinking about the odd feeling that was still floating inside of her. She would like to sleep in just one day, if only to see how it felt. So, she settled back into her pillow and went back to sleep.

Shego woke up a little less than three hours after Kim initially stirred. She stared down at the dozing younger female. Kim had an angelic look on her face in her sleep. The pale woman propped her head up with one hand and reached over with the other to push some of Kim’s hair from her face. It was not a bad sight to wake up to Kim’s face, she silently noted. And then she scolded herself for thinking such a thing.

Kim was her foe…okay, Kim was something else that was not a foe, but not a friend either. What was important was what Kim was not and she was not someone that Shego should be considering waking up next to in bed on more occasions. Well, that was what the pale woman told herself anyway, but most of her brain was not listening.

“This is weird, what we’re worked ourselves into, isn’t it, Princess?” Shego asked mentally.

The green-skinned woman tried not to think too much on the fact that she was enjoying Kim’s presence more than she had ever enjoyed another human being’s company. She crawled out of bed, mostly because she thought that it would get her mind off of the places that it seemed intent on going. She really would have liked nothing more than to just lie there with Kim for a while.

Shego made sure not to cause too much motion on the bed to avoid waking Kim as she got up. She exited the room after taking another look at the smaller female; it really would not be bad to wake up like that more often, she thought. She then went to tend to her morning exercises. She considered making breakfast when Kim woke up.

The redhead rose an hour after Shego did. She rubbed one of her eyes as she sat up and noticed that Shego was not there. She yawned and looked around to discover that Shego was nowhere around the area. She got out of bed and noticed that all of Shego’s bedroom furniture was black, which she had expected. She had not been able to see the items last night because it had been dark when she entered the room.

She continued to rub her eye as if it was a hobby as she exited the room. She wandered out into the living room to find Shego doing katas. She stared at the pale woman and noted that she had great form until Shego noticed her.

“Hey, my pj’s look good on you,” Shego commented while getting a good look at Kim in her clothing.

The pants were too big for Kim and hanging off of her hips, revealing the tops of her pink panties. The shirt was no better. It was hanging off of one her shoulders and showing off her matching pink bra. The fact that Shego thought that was a good look showed that her mind seemed to decide the road it was going to travel, but she did not consider that.

“Your pj’s are barely on me,” Kim remarked.

“Adds to why they look good on you,” Shego quipped with a suggestive smirk. The redhead could not help blushing, which satisfied Shego just as much as making that comment did.

“You just say whatever comes to mind, don’t you?” Kim inquired because she knew that she never would be able to say some of the things that left Shego’s mouth.

“Like asking what do you want for breakfast,” the thief replied.

“You make breakfast too?” Kim asked as if that was the most impressive thing about Shego. Forget all of the fighting skills and razor sharp wit; Shego would probably want sexy looks to be added to the list of her impressive qualities until she knew that her cooking skills were topping the chart with her guest.

“I know it might seem like black magic to you, but yes, I make my own breakfast like I do dinner. What do you want?” the villainess inquired.

“Whatever you’re making,” the redhead replied. She did not see why Shego even bothered to ask her. She was not picky when it came to homemade meals, especially when they were prepared by the pale woman.


“So, we’ll go up to the house today?” Kim inquired.

“Yeah, but I guess first we’ll swing by your place. Unless you want to wear those pajamas for the day,” Shego proposed.

“No thank you,” the slim hero replied.

“I guess it’s my loss,” the pale woman remarked in a low tone. She just could not help herself it seemed.

Kim heard the remark and she blushed again. Shego noticed the scarlet flush painting the girl’s face and that caused her to smirk. She really liked making Kim blush from compliments, she realized.

Shego finished up her exercises and then went to make breakfast. Kim loomed around her, trying to learn how to cook without being too annoying. Shego did not mind, which surprised both of them. She did try to explain some of the preparations to the redhead, even though she did not think that everything was so difficult that Kim required a spoken tutorial.

Once they had eaten, Shego showered and they got dressed. Shego drove Kim home for her to take a shower and change into a fresh outfit. Kim performed those tasks as rapidly as possible because she really wanted to search for more things on their ancestors. Before long, they were on their way out of Middleton.

“So, where do we have to go to get to the house?” Kim asked curiously.

“About halfway to Go City,” Shego answered. The house was really out of the way in her opinion and she thought that if her mother was going to keep the house, they should at least move it some place easier to get to.

“Halfway!” Kim shouted in disbelief.

“I told you it takes over an hour and that’s only because I’m driving,” Shego replied and she floored the gas pedal on her small sports car. She had taken the drive with her father once and she could not believe how slow the man drove; she had not thought that they would make it to the house with the way he drove. She had not thought that they would make it because she thought that she was going to have to kill at least one of them because she was annoyed.

“Don’t you obey any laws?” Kim asked as she quickly fastened her seatbelt. She hoped the belts worked with the way that the pale woman was driving.

“I haven’t killed anyone yet,” Shego replied with a smirk.

“That’s nothing something to brag about,” the olive-eyed woman pointed out.

“Sure it is considering the people that I deal with on the daily basis,” the pale female quipped.

Kim laughed a little, even though she knew that she should not encourage the thief. Shego continued pushing her sports car to its limit and she did make the drive a lot shorter than it would have been with most other people. Kim suspected that the only way faster to get to Go City was by jet. They pulled up to the house, which was really a mansion from the looks of it.

The house sat alone off of the main highway and down a dirt road. It really did not look like it belonged in the setting that it was, crowded by trees and bushes. Shego scanned the area to make sure that her mother was not around since she seemed hell bent on restoring the old place. She really did not want to deal with that woman, especially with Kim around.

“This place is pretty out of the way,” Kim commented as she exited the car.

“Yeah,” Shego concurred because it was. It was smack in the middle of nowhere now, but she heard that there used to be plenty of other mansions in the area, but they had been torn down sometime during the Great Depression.

“This is an impressive place, but it does look like it could use a paint job,” the redhead remarked as she took notice of the chipped coloring coating the house.

“We need to just sell it and be done with it, but that would take agreement from way too many Go family members,” Shego replied. She could just imagine the whole Go family getting together to decide on what to do with the house; she would sell tickets to that event. The fighting would be unbelievable. Hollywood would have nothing on them.

Shego did not bother to lock the doors to her car as they started toward the house because of where they were. If someone was out there stealing cars, then they needed the car more than she did, she figured. The pair went to the house door, which was locked, but Shego had the keys. Kim looked around the old house while following Shego to the attic. The hallway was somewhat bare, but the place was clean. The attic was also clean; Shego had actually done a good job, even though she complained all the way through it.

The pale woman went right back to where she had discovered the journal in. She flipped the bent nail switch and the hidden compartment opened up. They both peered inside the space to see what was at their disposal to help them figure out what happened over a hundred and fifty years ago. The little opening did have quite a bit in it and they hoped that something answered the mystery.

Next time: see what the pair discovered. Also, Kimberly and Sheshona will be back.

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