Another Time, Another Place

Chapter 14



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TITLE: Forbidden

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: When Shego discovers an old book in the attic of her family's old house, it leads to Kigo in two different eras.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4155

…She has me; the woman I believed had a demon in her eyes. I have given into that demon. These emotions that she makes go through me made me give in because fighting would have been pointless. They had already subdued me. Do I really love her?


Shego and Kim were asleep on Shego’s sofa. The pale woman was still clinging to the journal with one hand, but she was totally knocked out. Kim was lying on top of the villainess with her head resting on the place where Shego’s neck and shoulder met. Their legs were intertwined and, on occasion, one leg moved, caressing another limb, and they both quietly moaned.

Shego woke up in the middle of the might and noticed the predicament. She was not surprised that the redhead had fallen asleep on her; the hero seemed to think that she was a large pillow at certain times of the day. She was more surprised at how comfortable it was to sleep on her leather sofa with a warm body on top of her. She never would have thought that something like her current situation would happen and she would be, well, all right with it. She sighed and reached up to rub her forehead, only to find out that she was still holding that journal.

“This is all your fault,” the pale woman whispered, speaking to the book in her grip.

The emerald-eyed female placed the small tome on the nearby coffee table. She turned her attention back to Kim and thought about the position that they were in. She was not as irked by it as she would have been in the past. Actually, she was not bothered in the slightest by their present circumstances. She hated to admit to herself, but she rather liked the position that they were in.

Shego had gotten comfortable with Kim and had grown to like her presence. Kim was not as a self-righteous as she used to think the redhead was; not to say that the little hero was not a bit full of herself, but it was all right. She was easier to get along with than what Shego would have assumed. She did dislike what was going in, though; she had several reasons for that.

The main reason that Shego hated what was going on was that she was beginning to feel emotions for Kim that she did not think were appropriate. They were enemies, but with the way she approached things, that could always change. One day, she might just get bored with the whole “evil” thing and walk away. It was really that simple for her, so she scratched her main reason off the list mentally and thought of a new main reason for why she loathed what was going on.

The thief was beginning to feel some rather complicated emotions and emotions always made things worse in her opinion. Emotions made even the most rational of beings become irrational nuts. After all, look at what emotions had done to Kim on that faithful night so many years ago.

The green-skinned female did think that she had good control over herself, though. So, the emotions should not be too big a deal. There was still the problem that Kim was her enemy. She was in the employ of evil at the moment and Kim was a goody-goody to the extreme most of the time. Sure, one day she might just drop the whole thing, but she did not see that happening anytime soon and she was certain that Kim would cause a whole lot ruckus about her being on the wrong side if anything tried to come from their time together. She really would rather not deal with that; she liked to minimize her annoyance when she could.

Things were probably best if they stayed the way they were, she told herself. Everything was fine as it was because that was what they were used to. If things stayed the way they were, there would not have to be a huge change in both of their lives.

But, just because things were best where Kim was the eternal good girl and she was forever the bag girl did not mean that she could not enjoy such a brilliant moment. She liked moments anyway, especially when they came with no strings attached. She doubted that a night with Kim on her would come with no strings attached, but she would handle the consequences when they came up.

Shego pushed herself further onto the sofa to get comfortable and to make sure they did not fall off. She wrapped her arms around the petite redhead on top of her and then closed her eyes to go back to sleep. She hoped that Kim did not completely freak out when she woke up; Shego was willing to bet that the younger woman would wake up first. She was right.

Kim regained consciousness before the sun came up; her days typically started before dawn. At first, she did not notice her situation or where she was because she was dazed. She did note how comfortable and how great the sleep was she had, but that got cast aside when she noticed an arm around her waist. She looked up to see the owner of the limb and she nearly jumped out of her skin. She was in Shego’s arms!

The redhead fell off of the couch to get away, accidentally waking Shego. Kim hit the back of her head on the coffee table as the rest of her body hit the floor and Shego opened her eyes. Kim hissed in pain when she bumped her head and tried to stand up, only to find that her legs were tangled up with Shego’s limbs. The raven-haired woman just half-smiled in amusement as she watched the hero fumble around with all of the grace of a drowning cat. It would seem that the girl did completely freak out.

“Need a hand?” Shego offered.

“No!” the younger woman barked as she managed to crawl away from the villainess.

“All right,” Shego conceded with a yawn. She glanced at outside to see a mere glimpse of the dawn. “Do you always get up so early and loud?” she asked curiously.

“So what if I do?” Kim huffed. “What the hell were you doing touching me like that?” she demanded to know.

“Don’t take that tone with me, Kimmie. After all, you’re the one that cuddled up to me and fell asleep. If I felt like it, I could’ve propped your ass up in the hallway with a cup like a begging wino and you’d have been none the wiser,” the moss-hued female pointed out.

“Yeah, right!” Kim scoffed. As if she would ever snuggle up to someone like Shego, a demented, frigid woman on a good day.

“It’s way too early for this crap. Get out if you’re going to be bitchy about things,” Shego said in a dismissive tone as she sat up. She yawned again. She was just going to go to her bed in a moment and let Kim be loony on her own.

Kim was affected by the order and it showed on her face; she looked like a cross between hurt, offended, and angry. She froze in her space and Shego stared at her. The thief dismissed Kim once again; that time she used a flick of her hand, as if the little hero was not even worth her words. Shego decided that she did not care about the shocked and wounded look in those olive eyes. She was not the one that made Kim freak out after all.

“Shego,” Kim started to speak.

“Bye,” Shego said as she started toward her bedroom. She was not going to take Kim’s madness so early.

The redhead stood there for a moment before going to put her shoes on. She exited the apartment while wondering if that was the end of them getting along. No more sparring, no more dinners, and no more comfortable, warm person to lean against when that tired feeling from running around the globe started overcoming her.

“Wait, do I really fall asleep on her?” Kim asked herself as soon as the thought hit her.

The redhead realized that she did nod off on Shego a great deal of the time. She fell asleep on the pale woman and often woke up in her bed. She never really thought about it until now. Shego never freaked out about those things and yet she had totally flipped for no real reason. She sighed; why was she the one that was always going overboard when it came to her reactions and Shego? She was not sure why, but she knew that she always overreacted.

Kim sighed again and rubbed her forehead in frustration. She treated Shego rather badly, she considered, especially after the way the pale woman had been acting lately. Shego had been rather good to her for no real reason and even before that, Shego had not fought her to the point where Drakken could have actually won one of their many scrambles. Sure, a few times Shego had come close to seriously injuring her, but she tended to come out unscathed, and even though she now knew that Shego could have probably killed her whenever she felt like it, she had to concede that Shego had not done that and did not seem interesting in doing such.

The slender adventurer then thought about her time with Shego lately and how the moss-hued thief cooked dinner for her several times, allowed her to fall asleep on her, and the fact that Shego was more than likely the reason she woke up in her bed instead of on the floor. Shego was being rather kind to her and they were getting along fairly well. She supposed that she owed the older woman an apology because Shego had not done anything that warranted Kim getting an attitude with her.

So, later that evening when Kim’s day was done, she slipped into Shego’s apartment, much like Shego had been doing with her apartment. The pale woman was not home, so Kim made herself comfortable. She even fixed a sandwich and had some orange juice to go with it; it was either orange juice or beer. She sat down at the table to eat her food and wait for Shego.

“Should I call the cops now or later?” Shego inquired from her hall, which caught her uninvited guest by surprise.

“Shego!” Kim gasped and she then began choking on her sandwich.

“Oh, dear, sweet, merciful lord,” Shego sighed and she went to give the little hero a hand. She patted the girl on the back while Kim gulped down her entire glass of juice. “Are you all right?” the older woman inquired.

“Fine,” Kim answered while sucking in air.

“What am I going to do with you?” the pale woman wondered out loud in an amused tone.

“Accept my apology?” Kim requested with a bit of a hopeful look on her face.

“You have to apologize first,” Shego pointed out.

“Sorry for being such a jerk on more than one occasion,” the redhead stated.

“Oh, that is a good apology. Can you add in ‘unforgiving cow’ somewhere in it?” Shego inquired.

“Can you accept my apology?” Kim deadpanned.

“I’ll think about and let you know. For the moment, let’s go back to reading that journal and see what mess your ancestor got mine into,” the raven-haired female commented. She was a bit surprised that the great Kim Possible had apologized to little old her, but she was not going to let that be known.

“What? Sheshona started it,” Kim argued.

“Like hell she did. Doc Kim should act more professional. What kind of doctor kisses her patient?” Shego retorted.

Kim was caught speechless there. She really could not defend the doctor’s actions. The woman that she shared a name with should have held off. Sheshona was probably just looking for a reaction, if she was anything like the woman that was named after her anyway.

The pair returned to the journal and the sofa to find out what happened to the doctor and Sheshona, even though they really could guess by now. Well, no, they could not guess too much. They had no idea how things were going to play out and any scenario they pictured seemed unlikely.

…She made me a promise that the devil inside of her probably will not allow her to keep. I would very much like to believe that I do not want her to keep the vow. I wish that she would just go away and my life would somehow return to normal. I can live a lie, but I truly doubt that I could live with the truth. The lie does hurt, but the truth is a knife wielding maniac as far as I can tell. I am just damned. The devil inside of her has awoken a demon in me.


Sheshona kissed Kimberly for what seemed like an eternity to the redhead. Kimberly had never felt anything so sweet and delicious; Sheshona would concur. Why did it have to be so heavenly, they both wondered. Why did it have to feel so good, so right, so perfect? Oh, why were they both so very damned?

The pale woman’s tongue snaked out and brushed against Kimberly’s lips, seeking entry to paradise, but was denied. Kimberly was ignorant of the signal, having never been given an open-mouth kiss. Sheshona persisted and Kimberly was prepared to ask why Sheshona continued to lick her, but as soon as she opened her mouth, Sheshona went in for her prize. Her eager tongue entered the doctor’s mouth, much to the redhead’s surprise. Kimberly pulled away because of her astonishment.

“Sheshona,” Kimberly said.

“Just let me give you what I can,” Sheshona replied. “I won’t hurt you. I will treat you like royalty,” she vowed.

The physician nodded and Sheshona kissed her again, once again trying to coax Kimberly into opening her mouth. Kimberly obliged after a few seconds and Sheshona’s enthused tongue invaded her mouth again. Kimberly merely melted into a boneless, liquid puddle just from the wonderful feeling of having Sheshona’s tongue brushing up against hers; she had never felt anything so incredible. After a while, she shyly returned the action.

Sheshona was encouraged by Kimberly’s attempt to be more active and used her free hand to caress Kimberly’s body through her clothing; her other hand was still against the doctor’s face to help keep her calm. Now came the hard part, the raven-haired woman thought. She was going to have to get Kimberly out of her dress and who knew how many pieces her clothing could consist of. She hated women’s clothing and personally tried never to wear them, but she was somewhat of an expert in getting women out of them.

The emerald-eyed female first made sure that Kimberly was comfortable with what was going on, so she could move her hand from the doctor’s soft face. Sheshona began to lower herself more so; she was still standing up and the doctor was sitting in her chair. The pale woman wanted to touch her physician’s legs before she made moves to do anything else. She bet those legs were ridiculously attractive, so she just wanted to feel those limbs, maybe memorize them.

Sheshona pulled the dress up to massage the limbs that she so desired. She made sure to keep her mouth on Kimberly’s as she began caressing the exposed legs. They felt like she was touching Eden and she bet that they tasted as the same, but she doubted that she was going to get the chance to find out. A first time was not to experiment and she did not think that they would get to make it to a time for her to experiment. They were probably only going to have that one time where she would get to try the forbidden fruit and that would be it; she secretly regretted that.

Sheshona gritted her teeth as she heard the doctor let out a small moan from the attention that she granting the redhead’s legs. It would probably be a treat to have those legs on her shoulders, Sheshona thought. It would probably be worth any punishment if she could explore those limbs at great length with any part of her body that she chose.

The pale woman did not focus on the legs for too long and she began to undress Kimberly because the moaning was practically ordering her to take the doctor out of the restraining gown. Kimberly was a bit curious about what they could possibly do if Sheshona did strip her; it was not like they could copulate. They lacked the necessary tools to properly link in any physically intimate manner. She just did not understand what they could do. Whatever it was, she doubted that it was appropriate to do in her office.

“Sheshona,” Kimberly said while pulling away from the green-skinned woman’s lips.

“Yeah?” Sheshona replied without becoming distracted from her task of getting her doctor naked.

“What will we do?” the redhead inquired.

“I’m going to love you in only a way that I can,” Sheshona promised. She was the only one that could love Kimberly properly, she was certain of that, but a place in her mind believed that her statement had to do with the fact that she believed that she could only love Kimberly physically.

Kimberly could only nod and Sheshona went back to kissing the olive-eyed female while helping her out of her clothing. Kimberly hardly noticed the cool air hit her skin because she was so hot from kissing Sheshona. The raven-haired woman easily lifted the small doctor out of her chair once she was nude. She placed Kimberly on the desk and began to gently feel all over the redhead’s soft body; she had definitely discovered paradise. Pretty amazing feat for a damned woman.

Kimberly began moaning as Sheshona came into brief contact with her more sensitive areas. The pale woman made note of the noises and mentally told herself to return to any place that brought forth a noise from Kimberly, but for now, she wanted to explore all of the heaven before her. She wanted to touch every inch of paradise just once.

Sheshona had to a bite back a moan of her own as she came across Kimberly’s ample bosom. Well, the tour was over for one of her hands because she found a place that she was going to stake her claim for the moment. She kneaded both fleshy mounds with one hand while the other marched on to further explore Kimberly’s perfect form. She felt like rich, fine silk, Sheshona believed. Oh, how she wished that she could touch the doctor every day for the rest of their lives.

Kimberly cried out into Sheshona’s mouth as the raven-haired woman made her feel more and more like she was going to combust. She broke the kiss in favor of panting and hissing in low tones. She had never felt so fantastic before; it was a bit scary.

Sheshona was actually glad that Kimberly broke the kiss; now her mouth was free to taste every piece of paradise that she could see. Her first stop was the doctor’s neck. She greedily sucked at Kimberly’s neck as if it held the key to immortality. She wanted to savor the taste and remember it for the rest of her life, which actually made the flesh a bittersweet flavor.

She made sure not to leave a mark on Kimberly, not looking to get the redhead into any trouble with her husband. Usually the pale woman would not have cared, but with Kimberly, she did. She slowly kissed her way down the beautiful torso of her dear doctor and stopped at the redhead’s twin treasures. She placed gentle, wet kisses around the right treasure while her hand attended to the left like a faithful servant.

“Sheshona,” Kimberly hissed in pleasure. Tears began gathering in her eyes; dear lord, she had never experienced anything nearly as incredible as what was happening now.

The emerald-eyed female said nothing and latched on to the pink pearl crowning the entire gem. Kimberly hissed louder and grabbed onto the edge of her desk. Sheshona played with the fleshy jewel using her tongue and lips and the tears in Kimberly’s eyes began to fall because of the ecstasy that was washing over her like river rapids. She cried out louder and louder, forgetting that they were in her office, as Sheshona switched treasures.

“Sheshona,” Kimberly moaned deeply.

The raven-haired woman smirked a bit; she liked hearing her name like that coming from her doctor. She had to hear it again, perhaps louder than before. She released the mound from her delightful grip and kissed her way down Kimberly’s abdomen. Kimberly seemed to get worried as Sheshona went lower; her body stiffened a bit.

“Wha…what are you doing?” the redhead asked, her concern evident in her voice.

“What I just did, but right here,” Sheshona answered once she made it to her destination. She could see that Kimberly was on her way to ruining the desk with her own essence and she wanted to help that along.

Kimberly was going to ask for clarification because she truly did not understand, but she did not get that chance. Sheshona pulled the doctor by the hips toward her head. She ignored the fact that Kimberly was not groomed and went in search for the greatest treasure in paradise; the seed of the forbidden fruit of knowledge. She made sure she held Kimberly’s legs open while she was probing the area; she had learned early on that it was a good way to get a head injury by leaving the legs unattended. She found quickly the lock that seemed to open her doctor right up.

Kimberly fell back on the desk as soon as Sheshona captured the gem that she sought out. The doctor would have sworn that things could not get any better before, but now, she was close to seeing white because of the rapture that she was in. She feared that she might even die from something so intense and blissful, especially since her heart was now racing.

Sheshona kissed Kimberly below the waist with the same enthusiasm as she kissed Kimberly’s mouth. Her hands held Kimberly in place; the doctor would have rolled right off of the desk a while ago if she was not being held. Sheshona moved her hands from the redhead’s sides and placed one hand on Kimberly’s abdomen to hold her. The free hand came along to accompany Sheshona’s mouth to explore the secrets of the good doctor.

Her hand kept the outlawed gem occupied and stimulated while Sheshona moved to allow her tongue a chance at investigating the rest of Kimberly’s cache. It was at that moment that Kimberly learned why Sheshona had once bragged about having a long tongue.

Kimberly brought her hand up to her face and bit hard into her knuckle to avoid screaming in sheer delight. Tears continued to roll down her check and she hardly realized that she had gone over the edge because it had never happened before; she just knew that it felt like she exploded on the inside in nothing but euphoria. She did realize that her heart was finally calming down and she began to relax, thinking that she was going to get the chance to recover. She was even about to sit up, but was halted by the hand pressing on her stomach.

“Stay there,” Sheshona ordered as she stood back up.

“What are you doing?’ Kim asked curiously as she watched the pale woman began to shed her clothing.

“It’s not over yet,” Sheshona stated.

“What’s left?” Kimberly wondered out loud. And how on Earth was she going to survive more?

Sheshona did not respond. She just rid herself of her attire and crawled over Kimberly. The redhead was confused because in her mind, it was as if Sheshona was mounting her like a man would and she did not see why Sheshona would do such a thing. She did not say anything because she was well aware that Sheshona knew what she was doing.

Sheshona leaned down and kissed Kimberly on the mouth deeply. She then moved her hips and began a whole new kiss. Kimberly was astounded by the sensation and cried out into Sheshona’s mouth. The redhead embraced Sheshona and clung to her as she continued moving. Sheshona mentally smirked; she always got her way.

Next time: tears are shed while Kim and Shego contemplate the nature of the relationship they are reading about, as well as their own relationship.

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