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Problem Nineteen

When the problems end


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TITLE: When the problems end

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Well, I still don’t own these characters and I still don’t own this premise.

SUMMARY: This is AU like a mug. Shego is a cop and Kim…well, you won't believe what Kim is.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Ron, Shego/Drakken, Other, Friendship, Romance

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: I wanna thank everybody for sticking through this fic. I really appreciate all of the support, especially the reviews. Thanks bunches. Now, enjoy the end of the fic and don’t come after me because of the ending, please.

Words: 3369

Shego caressing her pet.

You find a pet, you keep it for a long time, and then you find out that the pet already has an owner. You decide to do the right thing and give the pet back. But, why? You put just as much effort into the pet as the previous owner. The pet is as much yours as theirs…right?

Kim and Shego loaded the teen’s things into the back of the rented car. They then piled into the mid-sized car; Shego on the driver’s side and Kim on the passenger side. The ride started out tense with an uncomfortable silence because neither of them knew what to say to the other.

Shego could not help wondering, what does a person say to a girl that used to be her pet and also happened to be a genius along with a hero? There was not much to say, she thought. It was hard to think of the girl as a simple-minded pet now that she knew that truth, but it was also hard to believe the truth considering how long she looked at the girl as just a pet. She figured that if she did not say anything, then she would not be reminded that the teen was not how she thought the girl was. As long as she was silent, she could continue to think of the teen as her idiotic pet.

Kim felt ashamed for some reason, like she had done something dreadfully wrong to Shego for being who she was. She did not even feel that way because she had not said anything about who she was, but just for being the person that she was. She was aware that she could not help being who she was, but it seemed like it angered Shego and it was not how she was used to upsetting the pale woman. She was used to being screamed at, not treated as if she was not there. She was used to only irking her mistress, not seriously pissing the woman off to the point where she was not speaking to the teen. She decided to break the silence if only to release some of the tension in the car.

“Shego…could I ask you a question?” Kim inquired.

“Aside for that one?” Shego countered while trying to sound like she was teasing, but she sounded a bit exhausted.

“Why don’t you like your family?”

“Because there’s nothing to like about them. Everyone’s a lunatic in their own special way and they’re into being their own brand of crazy.”

“But, your mother is cool,” Kim said.

“She’s not your mother,” Shego pointed out. She had met so many people that thought it was great to have the mother that she had and all she could do was point out that her mother was not their mother. Just because a woman was cool to the public at large did not mean that she was fit to be a mother.

“And what about your father?” the teenager asked.

“He’s an ass.”

“Why?” Kim inquired.

“Because he wanted five sons.” That was the start of him being an ass anyway. She doubted that she enough time on the trip to explain the whole issue to the redhead.

“So, what did he do with you?”

“He couldn’t make his mind. Depending on the day of the week, I was either one of the boys or didn’t exist at all. At least there was no in between. I knew what I was to him the moment I saw him in the morning and didn’t have to guess if I was going to be acknowledged or not.”

“So, you’re one of those people…” Kim was not sure what she wanted to say and she hoped that Shego finished her sentence.

“I would say I’m a person that only my father could fuck up this much, even though my whole family had a hand in it. I think if it was just my mother, though, I’d have probably been a bit more balanced. What about you, Princess? Would you say that you’re a person that only both parents could fuck up?” the pale woman remarked.

“I wouldn’t say they fucked me up…” Kim argued. She thought that she had two very great parents and she did not think there was much wrong with her. Most of the things that were wrong with her, she believed were of her own doing. After all, she was the one that wanted to do everything and kept trying to do everything. Her parents wanted her to focus on one thing, which she supposed was for the best, but it did not seem to be something that she could do.

“You just can’t take the pressure. I know how that is.”

“I’m glad somebody does. Most people tried to act like it wasn’t there, like they weren’t asking me to practically hold the damn world up. I never realized there was pressure in life for a long time, though. But, when I graduated college, it hit me like a ton of bricks,” the redhead commented with half a smile. She had never told anyone that she just could not take the pressure; everyone had a breaking point, but no one knew that she had one and she tried her best to hide that fact because she still wanted people to believe that she could do anything, just like the website declared. She felt safe telling it to the raven-haired female, though. She did not might Shego knowing that about her, especially since she knew so much about the elder woman.

“So, Pumpkin, what do you want to do with your life?” Shego asked curiously. So much talent in one person, it was hardly believable, she thought.

“Live,” Kim answered with a laugh because that was the best she could offer. There was so much to do in life and she wanted to do it all, even though she was aware that there was not enough time in life to do it all. Right now, she just wanted to try. Even more than that, she wanted to do it all while staying with her mistress.

“I know how that is too. I noticed that you have all of those science books, though. I figured that you’d want to be a scientist or a doctor of some kind. You just can’t figure out which one?” Shego asked.

“No, I can’t really. There’s so many subjects and I’m interested in a lot of them, but I think only as hobbies. I’ve screwed myself up so badly,” the teenager stated with a laugh. She shook her head a bit in amusement.

“How so?”

“I was born a Possible with a sense of adventure.”

“And that’s a bad thing?”

“Well, I can do anything,” Kim pointed out.

“It says so right there on the website,” the raven-haired woman commented. She was starting to see how Kim could be confused; there were really too many possibilities for her and it appeared that the girl could not narrow it down to a workable number because she just liked to experience things.

“The Possible family creed doesn’t help much either. They say anything is possible for a Possible and I have been taking that seriously since the day that I was born. I’ve been trying to do everything possible in the world. I like a good adventure. I like helping people. I like damn near everything about the world, aside from the evil anyway. Monique says I’m like a five-year-old. You know, no sense of danger and curious about everything,” the teen hero replied.

“Why not continue doing that? You sound like you like it and you can get paid for doing something like that.”

“It’s not about being paid. It’s about having the word ‘doctor’ in front of your name to make the family reunion even more confusing,” the redhead remarked with a small, amused smile on her face.

“Pumpkin, let me tell you one thing life has taught me.”


“Screw what the family wants. It’s one life per user and you’re using yours. It’s your life; you’re the only one living it.”

“You need to remember that too,” Kim said.

“I know I’m going to regret asking this, but why do you say that?”

“Look, you’re not happy with Drakken. I don’t know why you stay with him and really I don’t want to know because I’m screwed up enough as it is. You can’t be happy with Drakken because he can’t even be happy with himself. You have to keep that in mind. One life, one chance at happiness.”

Shego only smiled a bit and then she reached over to caress the top of Kim’s head. She tried to tell herself that she would not miss doing such a thing, yet she did it whenever she had an excuse to for the whole ride; Kim seemed to like the attention at the moment just like she had when she first started being a pet. The older female told herself that she would not miss having a pet. She would not miss Kim.

Shego pulled the car up to the Possible residence. Kim glanced at the house; it looked exactly how she recalled it. She was stunned that she did not have overwhelming feelings to run inside and see her family again; it had been a long time since she had seen them in person. She felt a bit guilty about not being more eager to see them; she knew that the feeling was not going to come up because her body was being overwhelmed by a sullen emotion because she was about to leave someone that she truly wanted to be with forever and always.

She then turned her eyes to Shego, who was staring straight ahead with a very serious look in her emerald eyes. Shego was ordering herself to stay indifferent and to not be emotional; she told herself not to care because she was doing the right thing and she was just getting rid of a freeloader, nothing more than that. Neither of them moved for a long while and then Kim let out a nervous laugh.

“You know, they probably haven’t seen me yet. You can turn around, we can go home, and I can just keep being your pet,” the teenager suggested with a chuckle to make it seem like she was joking.

Shego shook her head; she did not trust herself to speak yet. She had been considering do what Kim proposed for the whole drive there. She was usually so selfish; it was her nature to survive. She wanted it, so she took it because if she waited for something to be handed to her, she had come to believe that she would have to wait forever. She wanted her pet; after all, she had kept the teen for over a year, so she obviously wanted Kim. But, for just about the first time in her life, she desired to do right by an individual with nothing in for her. She just could not allow Kim to throw her life away as a pet; she just had too much potential and too much goodness to be a simple pet to someone like Shego.

“Princess, get out,” Shego ordered in a cold tone.

Kim nodded. “Yeah. Than—”

“Don’t thank me. Just get out,” Shego commanded in an even colder tone.

The redhead was aware that Shego was attempting to make it easy on both of them, but it was not working because they both knew that the frosty demeanor was merely an act. Kim glanced at the house and then back to her former owner. She leaned over to Shego and slowly, deliberately kissed the older woman on the lips. It was warm, passionate, just all out intense, like Kim was touching Shego’s soul. The best thing about it was not that Shego allowed it, but that she returned it.

The raven-haired woman discovered that Kim’s mouth was hot, but comforting like a blanket on a cold day. She melted into the redhead like wax from a burning candle. She could not recall the last time or even if there was a time when a kiss was so sweet and scrumptious, like a soft plum, to her. She kept it going for as long as she could, but after nearly two minutes, they pulled away from each other; both of them were flushed from such a fervent show of affection.

“I’m setting you free,” Shego muttered, trying to assure herself and Kim.

“You’re letting me go, like a sick dog in the woods,” Kim replied.

“It’s for the best. You can’t just waste away on my sofa.”

“I tried.”

“Now go,” Shego commanded.

Kim opened the door and got out of the car. She gathered her things on her own without a problem and then just stood on the walkway that led to her house. She knew that Shego would not leave until she went into the house, which was very true. So, she went to the door and knocked, actually hoping that no one was home. She just wanted an excuse to get back in the car with Shego, but the chance did not come because the door opened.

Shego sighed and pulled off as Kim disappeared into the house. The teen hero was greeted by tight, overzealous hugs from her parents while her brothers tore through her bags, thinking that she might have something interesting in there. They found a book and ran off with it; Kim could only hope that it was not her book on explosives or her mother was going to go hoarse from yelling at the tweebs later on.

“Kimmie-cub, it’s about time you’ve come home,” her father declared with an overjoyed grin.

“We were so worried,” her mother said while wiping away tears; yes, Mrs. Doctor Possible was crying because she was happy that her daughter was finally back home.

“So not the drama, Mom,” Kim proclaimed to try and downplay how long she had been gone.

“Same old, Kimmie,” her mother commented while trying to cease her tears.

The Possible family sat down for a family dinner that was complete for the first time in almost two years. It seemed to be so special that Kim’s mother actually cooked; her mother usually only cooked on holidays and even that was rare. She made lasagna, much to Kim’s delight.

“I can see your love for pasta hasn’t diminished,” Mister Possible commented while watching Kim dive into her meal.

“Still love it,” the teen replied with a smile.

“So, do you want to tell us about your time away?” Missus Possible asked. She could imagine that Kim had to have dozens of stories from leaving to be on her own for so long.

“It was sort of like being here without being here. I did what I always do, but I slept some place different everyday. It was all right, I guess. Um…I think I’ve made a decision,” the teenager replied because she knew that was what her parents really wanted to know. It was the reason that she left after all. They would probably be disappointed if she had not figured out what she wanted out of life after being gone for so long and she would not blame them if that had been the case.

“You have?” her parents asked as if they were in shock. They both looked so anxious to hear her answer, she noted. She thought that it was nice that they were at least trying to conceal their eagerness, but she could see it in their eyes; oh, how they both wanted her to follow in their footsteps.

“I have,” Kim confirmed. She thought that it was plausible for them to still be a little disappointed when they heard the decision that she had come to.


“I’m going to keep doing anything and everything. That’s what I do and that’s all I can do,” the teenager reasoned. At the present time, it would just be downright unfeasible for her to focus on one thing because she just was not like that. She just had to do everything; well, she had to try to do everything anyway until she figured out where her niche was in life.

“But, you don’t have a career,” her father pointed out.

“I know, but I just can’t narrow anything down right now. I want to do so much that I can’t focus on one or two or even three things. I’m all over the place, that’s how I am. I’m so like that that I can’t even pick a science that I like best. I like dozens of sciences. I just want to do things right now while I can,” the teen explained.

“So, you’re not going to be a rocket scientist?” her father asked in a slightly saddened voice.

“Not at the moment, no,” Kim answered and then she turned to look at her mother. “You’re awfully quiet, Mom.”

“I really want you to be a medical doctor because I think that you could do so much good walking that path, but I think that you’ve made the best decision for you and not for us, which is good. I want you to be happy and I see how you are. You are all over the board. You’re an adventurous person and you need to try a whole bunch of things. You’re not going to be happy doing one thing yet, especially one thing that doesn’t allow you to move around as much as you like to do. So, I agree with your decision. Spend your youth wisely, Kim,” her mother replied.

“You rock, Mom,” the girl proclaimed with a smile. “Dad, are you okay with this?” she asked just to be sure.

“I suppose…I mean, you can always be a rocket scientist when you’re done with everything else,” he answered.

“She’s going to be a medical doctor,” Missus Possible informed her husband.

Kim laughed; she guessed to make it fair, when she finally could only do one thing, she was going to have to do something that neither of them wanted since she could not do what they both wanted. She could only wonder what she was going to do now. It was such a big world out there and there were some many options. She almost felt overwhelmed by the sense of freedom that she had just gained.

Shego returned home. Her apartment seemed so much larger now that she was there alone. It seemed quiet almost to the point of being creepy now that she was there alone. It did not seem that way when she had first moved in.

She told herself that it was good to be alone again. There would be no more annoying hugging, no more sharing her bed, no more cooking, no more baking, no more grooming more than just herself, and no more having to put up with a lazy good-for-nothing. Everything could go back to the way it was, which was good. Yes, that was good and that was the way she wanted it, she told herself.

Well, there you go; the end of act one. Not every romance has a happy ending or is it the happy ending that makes it a romance and not a tragedy? Well, this isn't really the ending of their lives, just this part of it.

I am working on the sequel, believe it, and that’ll be out in a few of days. You’re still welcome to put in your bid in regarding what you might want to see in the sequel and I’ll try to fit in.

What to look forward to in the sequel-- More characters, Shego family moments (I had fun with this), Kim will choose a career, there will be jealousy, there will be denial, and, of course, more precious pet and mistress moments. To make you guys hate me more, though, there will be Drakken. Don't let that keep you from checking it out, please.

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