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Recognizing a bad move


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TITLE: Recognizing a bad move

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Still not owning the characters or the premise of the story. Mad love to the people that did come up with the characters, though. And extra props to the woman that created Tramps like Us, which this story is based.

SUMMARY: This is AU like a mug. Shego is a cop and Kim…well, you won't believe what Kim is.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Ron, Shego/Drakken, Other, Friendship, Romance

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3490

Shego caressing her pet.

Is a mistake really a mistake if you’re aware that you’re making it? Why is it that knowing something is not going to workout does not help ease the disappointment?

“Did I tell you that I saw that Doctor Drakken guy recently?” Kim asked Ron as he pigged out on nachos at Bueno Nacho.

She guessed that no matter how old they got, some things would just never change, especially from the way Ron was still gobbling down the food. It was a bit harder for her to eat the food after they worked there for a couple of weeks back when they were younger; she actually knew what some of the food was made of. Now when she ate there, she was very picky about what she was going to have.

“No. Where’d you see that guy?” Ron inquired with his mouth full of nachos and cheese. He still did not discriminate on the food at Bueno Nacho, even though he knew what was in most of it; hey, it still was tasty snackage to him and his naked friend. Rufus was right next to him and also devouring nacho after nacho, making sure each chip was thoroughly covered in cheese before munching it down.

“He’s Shego’s boyfriend,” she informed her best friend.

Ron almost choked. “She’s got a boyfriend?” he asked in an amazed tone. Kim needed to wait for him to swallow everything in his mouth before dropping bombs like that on him, he thought. She nearly killed him right there after all.


“Wait, rewind, Drakken is her boyfriend? As in dating her?” he inquired for clarification. There might always be some other meaning to the term “boyfriend” when it came to a girl that was living as a pet.

“Yeah,” the hero confirmed to let Ron know that “boyfriend” was still a universal term for the guy that a girl was dating.

“Why? He’s got serious head issues. He was just all over the place when we met him. Did he remember you?” the blonde boy asked.

“No, he just said my name and face seemed familiar. He’s really bad with people,” Kim replied while waving her hand to show that it did not matter much to her.

“I guess so. When was the last time that we saw him? You couldn’t look too different, right? I mean, it’s not like you change your appearance,” he commented. He actually thought that it was rather boring to always look the same, but he guessed that Kim had enough excitement in her life.

“It was like three years ago at that big meeting of the minds science convention.”

“Oh, yeah. Boy, was that beyond majorly disturbing. It went way beyond sick and wrong,” he quipped.

“I don’t know…” Kim hesitantly disagreed. She knew that no normal teenager would argue that science was cool.

“Well, of course you liked it. You’re a Possible, K.P. It would have been sick and wrong for you not to like it. I mean, I know you’re weird even for a Possible, but you do have the whole Possible brain thing going on. The convention people knew that and that’s why they invited you,” Ron stated.

“Ron, they invited my whole family,” she pointed out and by whole family, she seriously meant her whole family. She had met cousins that she never knew she had there.

“That’s because you’re all Possibles. That place was like a Possible family reunion, making it all the more freakish. They should put an age limit on that guest list,” the boy remarked.

“Doesn’t matter, each invitation allows you to bring along three guests,” she reminded him. “You invite one Possible, you really invited four anyway.”

“Hey, I just think that it is totally sick and wrong for a four-year-old to seriously talk about making a mini-helicopter from parts found around the house and a broken down car. That’s not just pimping your ride, that’s bizarre. He shouldn’t be allowed to rub in that he had a formal invite too while I was just a tag along. Hey, wait a second, Drakken’s Shego’s boyfriend, so do you hate him now?” Ron asked and it seemed random with the way that he had been going. There was too much going on for him to stay focused now that she brought up that creepy science convention.

“I never liked him much in the first place. Why would I hate him, though?” she inquired curiously.

“Because you like Shego, duh,” he pointed out.

“I like being around her,” Kim corrected her friend.

“Come on, K.P, be serious.”

“What? Yes, she’s gorgeous, a kick ass fighter, and she likes having me around with no strings attached, but she’s not into me. I’m just her pet and I like it that way,” Kim declared quite proudly and it would have been unsettling weeks ago, but now it was like talking about anything else to her friends.

“You’d like it more if she’s let you sleep in her bed without getting yelled at,” he teased.

“Well, who wouldn’t like that more? Why does it seem like every time we get together we’re talking about me?”

“Um, hello, you’re somebody’s pet. That’s gotta be worth a few hundred hours of talk time where you’re the main subject. I mean, what do I got to talk about? I got parties, classes, and Yori, that’s it. But you, you’re somebody’s pet. Come on,” Ron argued.

“Point taken. But, it’s so not the drama,” Kim stated and then they heard that familiar beeping. She looked at Ron and smiled. “Say, you up for a mission?” she asked while going in her pocket.

“Just like the good old days, boo-yah,” Ron declared.

Doctor Director navigated the website of Kim Possible after reading the home page that cautioned everyone that the site was under some construction, which the site always was, but it was still running. She and Shego finally understood why the name had been recognizable; it was the name of a semi-famous teen hero. The site offered a list of missions that had been carried out by the wonder teen and brief summaries on each mission to help people understand what she was capable of. It informed users that they could get Kim’s assistance through the website. The reason that the ladies had not recognized the name sooner, they realized, was because the teen hero was not really needed in Go City; she had no missions to account for in the area.

Go City was able to take care of itself for the most part with it came to criminals. For almost every type of criminal, there was a division of law enforcement to take care of it. For the city’s special brand of criminal sociopaths, they had their own sociopaths on the side of justice, as odd as that sounded.

“This can’t be Princess,” Shego decided while looking at the mission list.

“Why not?” Betty inquired.

“Simple, I know that Kim Possible is a martial artist. We know she can get out of almost anything. Hell, look at her motto ‘I can do anything.’ She has an assortment of gadgets to help her out—” Shego was about to keep going.

“Your point?” the one-eyed female interjected.

“I found Pumpkin beat up in a damn box. She was dazed and confused. She was taken down by three guys that she said she was trying to run from. She didn’t have anything on her, except for a wallet, which had been completely empty. She didn’t even have a driver’s license,” Shego explained.

“Maybe she’s not as quick to fight as you are,” Betty countered.

“Doesn’t explain why she didn’t have anything on her.”

“That’s true,” the boss conceded.

“Besides, just look at some of these missions. Stopped a plane from crashing after the pilot and co-pilot were knocked unconscious, captured a giant anaconda in a village by herself, saved a city from mutant bugs, fought with modern day pirates.” Shego then just pointed to the screen because the mission list went on and on.


“Now, you’re just playing around. Princess gets scared when we watch b-horror movies in the dark. She closes her eyes and goes ‘tell me when the scary parts over.’ I’m shocked she doesn’t believe in the closet monster or the boogeyman. They can’t be the same person because my pet just doesn’t have the guts to do any of this,” the raven-haired woman pointed out.

“Fine, you’re right on that matter. Oh, here’s some personal information on the girl wonder. She is eighteen like your pet,” Betty commented.

“That’s about the only thing they have in common so far.”

“Yeah, it appears that the girl wonder graduated high school at fifteen and has a degree in both biology and mathematics from a top school. That’s rather impressive. Now, I’m inclined to agree with you. That spoiled brat you live with is not this impressive. It’s weird that there would be two Kim Possibles in the world, though.”

“There’s no pictures on the site? Not that I think she and Princess are the same person since they’re total opposites,” Shego said. She thought that theywasted their time with the site now that she saw who the Kim Possible was that the site was in reference too.

“No, no pictures. Maybe your pet just offered up a fake name.”

“It’s possible,” Shego conceded.

Kim trudged into the apartment feeling completely worked for the first time in a long time. That mission was crazy, her mind shouted. She wondered if Ron would ever come with her on a mission again after that one. It was not that it had been more dangerous than anything else they ever did, but it had been really weird.

She had a gash on her forearm, which was totally her fault as far as she was concerned and one of the reasons that the mission was peculiar. She should have reacted faster when that guy came at her swinging that pipe, she berated herself. She cleaned the wound before it got infected or worse, she bled on the carpet. Shego would probably nuke the whole place if she discovered blood on her carpet, Kim thought.

So, the redhead cleaned her wound and bandaged the cut. She then went to catch a nap on the sofa; she figured sleeping would help the stinging in her arm and, hopefully, it would help erase that mission from her mind. She still could not believe that she had not seen that dummy with a pipe coming, she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

Shego came in and was surprised not to be mauled at the door. She considered that her lazy pet might have actually gone outside like a normal teenager. She went into the living room and shook her head when she saw the girl sprawled out on the couch in a dead sleep. She was going to ignore the redhead and go about her business when she noticed something about Kim’s arm. Upon closer inspection, her pet had bandages on most of her forearm. She decided that she would find out the reason for it later; she would just let the girl sleep for now.

Kim groaned in a dazed tone as she woke up. She smelled food cooking; it could not be dinner time yet, she quietly told herself. She had only just fallen asleep, she was certain of that. She glanced over at the clock on the wall; okay, she had just fallen asleep three hours ago. She sat up and yawned.

“It’s about time you woke your lazy ass up,” Shego commented the corner that led to the dining room. She was coming to wake inactive teen up for dinner; she also did not think that it was right for someone so young to sleep so much.

“I didn’t mean to sleep for so long,” Kim replied with a sheepish laugh.

“What happened to your arm?” the apartment owner inquired.

“Huh?” the teen said.

“Your arm is bandaged. What happened?”

Kim looked down at her arm and laughed. “I was just being careless and got scratched,” she informed the older woman.

“You used all of that wrap for a scratch?” Shego inquired.

“Yeah,” Kim answered with a light laugh.

“You’re so damn hopeless,” Shego commented with a sigh and the girl only smiled again.

Yeah, her pet was just way too incompetent to have been some legendary teen wonder girl, Shego figured. Her pet could barely operate the toaster, so there was just no way that she could be the Kim Possible from that website. Shego felt stupid for even considering such a thing for even a brief moment.

(New Day)

Kim sighed; she had the apartment all to herself. Her mistress was out and planned to be out all night because she had counted on spending the night with her boyfriend, provided that he did not freak out for the hundredth time. She had thrown an ultra-tantrum before Shego left, letting her mistress know that she would be so much better company than Drakken and because of that, she reasoned that Shego should stay home. She had fallen to the floor and even held onto her owner’s ankles while the woman was going to the door to leave. Obviously the tactic failed and now she was all alone.

The redhead flipped through the television channels without really paying attention to what was on in any of the programs; watching TV was not so interesting without having Shego there for her to lay her head in the officer’s lap. She wondered why Drakken kept freaking out about sleeping with Shego. It was not like there was something wrong with her mistress; well, nothing that she could see and she thought that she saw more of Shego than anybody else. She would more than willingly provide what her master craved if Drakken wanted to continue acting like he was some deranged type of monk, if only she was given the chance.

She recalled Drakken pretty well from when she briefly interacted with him three years ago at a huge science convention. He had been her father’s roommate back in college, so her father had introduced him to the whole family. She remembered the look that crossed her mother’s face when her father introduced Kim as a future rocket scientist; her mother had practically scoffed at the idea with her expression.

Drakken had not been particularly interested in meeting their branch of the Possible clan or any other branch of the Possible family. He had gotten her mother’s name wrong the next time he saw her during the convention and then had the audacity, though it was plausible that he simply made the mistake of getting into a discussion on the brain as if it was an area that he specialized in with the neurosurgeon. Kim learned that day that it was very important to only talk to experts about their area if she was an expert herself. Drakken looked so lost when her mother had started to go into full detail about certain sections of the brain and nervous system that interested in; Kim almost felt sorry for the guy when her mother started up. It was a sad sight, but she stayed for the whole thing because it was like a car accident that she was not involved in.

She then recollected how the blue-skinned man had thrown a temper tantrum because her little brothers walked out of his lecture; the convention organizers gave certain scientists a half hour of lecture time, the scientists charged admission fees and everything. Her brothers had gone to Drakken’s because they were fellow inventors, and walking disasters waiting to happen might she add, but he bored them about ten minutes into his speech. They wasted twenty dollars each to go some place that she told them they would not be able to make it through; she refused to divulge what lectures much of her money went to. Drakken had stopped in the middle of his speech to complain about the tweebs trying to walk out. What did he want from them? They had been nine years old for pity’s sake. It was impossible to keep a nine-year-old’s attention for more than a couple of minutes without video games or explosions being involved; he was lucky to have gotten ten minutes without them testing an invention out on him.

Kim respected Drakken’s work, the work that he got finished anyway. But, she still could not figure out why her mistress would be with such a man. She thought that Drakken was a bit immature and slightly emotionally disturbed. Her owner did not need something like that in her life; she had enough stress in her life as it was. She considered that Drakken might act differently around Shego; hey, the teen was a firm believer that anything was possible.

To get her mind off of Drakken and Shego, Kim grabbed one of her books, which she finished a few hours later. She then went to the microwave and heated up her dinner; Shego cooked before leaving because Betty refused to make another meal for Shego’s brat, as she had kindly put it. Kim ate and then went to read another book. She was about to go bed, but something quickly caught her attention.

Kim leaped down from her loft space as the front door opened. She attached herself to Shego as soon as the older woman was inside. She waited for the usual yelling that did not come.

“Not now, Pumpkin. I just want to take a shower and go to bed,” Shego informed the girl in a tired tone.

Kim released her mistress and let her go about her business. He must have freaked out again, Kim concluded. The wage for being a genius was insanity and that was a little too obvious to Kim because Drakken had to be completely loopy to not jump into bed with Shego the moment the opportunity presented itself.

(New day)

Kim was sitting on Shego’s bed while watching the older woman pull out a suitcase from her closet. She continued to watch as Shego began going through her dresser draws and pulling out clothes. The redhead smiled, thinking that they were going on a trip.

“Are we going somewhere?” Kim asked.

“I’m taking my vacation,” Shego answered.

“Where are we going?” Kim inquired eagerly.

“I’m going to the coast.”

“And you’re not taking me?” the redhead whined once she noted the singular individual mentioned in the simple response. She should have known that she was not going along. Her mistress was so mean!

“No pets allowed,” Shego replied.

“You’re taking nutty blue-guy, aren’t you?” the teen asked with a pout. She recalled that her brothers kept referring to Drakken as “old blue-y” when they met him and she was tempted to call him that now. She really wanted to call him some other things, but she suspected that such words would really anger extremely her tense owner. As she thought about it, Shego deserved a vacation, but it should be with her and not that blue lunatic.

“His name’s Drakken.”

“Really wouldn’t his name be that first initial?” the teenager pointed out to be a brat.

“You want to keep being smart?” Shego countered.

“Well, you’re taking him, aren’t you?”

“It’s none of your business.”

“I would be so much better company! I want to come,” Kim cried while beating on the bed with her fists.

“Yeah, well, so do I,” Shego remarked.

“Is that what this is about?” the redhead asked with a mocking smirk on her face.

“Just shut up,” Shego huffed. Where was a ball or something for her to make the girl go fetch and get her out of her sight?

“You’re not taking me just so you can jump him. Come on!” Kim protested.

“Princess, it’s none of your damn business. You’re just a pet and you can’t come. So, just drop it already,” the raven-haired officer commanded.

“He’s just going to freak again,” Kim commented smugly. She thought that it might help her mistress reconsider who she wanted to bring with her on vacation.

“Shut up!” Shego hollered and her hands ignited.

Kim yelped and decided to sit quietly while her owner packed for a romantic getaway at the coast. She would not mind going along and spending the whole week on a beach with Shego. She wondered how angry her mistress would be if she managed to get to the coast too.

Next time: Kim has the house all to herself, what will she do with her time? Will everything go according to plan with Shego on vacation? And what could Kim possibly do to prompt Shego to seriously hit her?

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