Walking the Line

Problem Seventeen

Mental slips


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TITLE: Mental slips

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own the characters and I don’t own the premise. Once again, characters go to Disney and premise goes to Yayoi Ogawa.

SUMMARY: This is AU like a mug. Shego is a cop and Kim…well, you won't believe what Kim is.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Ron, Shego/Drakken, Other, Friendship, Romance

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: Two chapters to go after this one.

Words: 4076

Shego caressing her pet.

To err is human, does that count with pets?

Kim rotated her right shoulder; she had just been worked, thoroughly worked at that. It was not a mission for once, nor was it a pet-related injury; hey, she had those thanks to the way her owner swung pillows and the way she was always sliding to get under her cardboard haven. Cheerleading had just been all out intense. The routine was hard enough, but there had been more to it than that; she had been dropped a couple of times and failed to recover in time during the second fall. It was not too bad; her shoulder was only sore because that was the body part that she fell on. She supposed that it could have been worse; she could have landed on her head for example.She blamed herself more than anyone else because she was supposed to be able to right any mistake that her team made because she was Kim Possible; that had not stopped many of the girls from apologizing over and over again.

The other extreme, damn-near-off-the-freaking-wall part of cheerleading was the fact that she got into an altercation with Bonnie and it was not their usual exchange. She had not really felt like listening to Bonnie when the girl started up, considering the fact that she had just fallen about eleven feet,and she tried to walk away, but it seemed like some divinity somewhere desperately wanted to see Bonnie get her ass whipped that day. The teen hero generally tried to ignore the gods when they seemed to be begging for her to bust someone’s ass, but it seemed her resolve decided to waver a bit that day.

Bonnie had gone on about Kim being a worthless bum that her parents did not even want, which the redhead could have taken because it was not like the brown-haired girl really knew what was going on in her life. Besides, Bonnie had said worse things to the hero through out the agonizingly long amount of years that they had known each other. It was just that she did not stop there.

That nasty tongue in Bonnie’s head had to keep going and continued to speak very slanderous things about the teen hero. The vulgar aforementioned body part practically begged to be torn out by hand after Bonnie called Kim a house-whore, meaning she would sleep with someone for a place to stay. Kim had actually swung at the brown-haired girl for saying such a horrible lie. After all, what kind of thing was that to say?

Okay, so she had not actually hit Bonnie, but she had almost hit her; it had been close enough for the whole squad to look very frightened for Bonnie and some of them had gasped in shock. Her fist had been near enough to Bonnie’s face for her to feel when the girl inhaled in fear and surprise, which showed how slow Bonnie was compared to her because if she actually hit the girl, she would have been pulling her fist back by the time Bonnie reacted. But, now, she was ashamed of herself for such distasteful behavior; it was the first time that she had ever nearly punched Bonnie.

“I damn near hit her just because of some words, words that weren’t even near true…” Kim muttered incredulously. She shook her head. “All I want to do is lie in Shego’s lap and forget this day ever happened.”

Kim made it home and showered. She got out of the shower just in time to hear Shego coming into the apartment. She ran out of the bathroom in a short towel that stopped at mid-thigh and hugged Shego while welcoming her owner home. And then, she noticed Drakken; well, she had been wondering how the day could get worse and it seemed like she just found out. Damn it, she would never ponder how a day could get worse again.

“I should get dressed, right?” the girl muttered.

“Yeah, you really should,” Shego concurred and the redhead trotted back to the bathroom. The pale woman glanced at Drakken, who appeared to be in shock. Well, at least she could be certain he had not been looking at her pet’s body; it would never occur to him to do such a thing. She wished that she could say the same thing about herself.

Shego hardly ever thought about her pet as anything more than a pet. She washed the girl’s hair sometimes while Kim was in the bath and she never bothered to look, but at the moment, she had actually looked at her pet’s legs. The redhead had nice legs and Shego thought about the teen being pressed against her for that crushing embrace.

“She hugged you,” Drakken pointed out, as if his girlfriend had somehow managed to miss that fact. Hello, she was not only there, but she had been the one embraced.

“Yeah,” the pale woman answered as if it was nothing.

“She ran out of the bathroom to hug you,” he added in disbelief. He almost thought that it was not real, but she did confirm that it happened. It stilled seemed surreal to him.

“Uh-huh. What’s your point?” she asked.

“Why would she do that?”

“She’s an affectionate brat, that’s all,” she tried to assure him while waving him off.

“And you let her hug you?”


“And she’s still staying with you?”

“Why? Would you like her to move in with you?” she countered. He balked at the suggestion and that shut him up, which was what she was hoping to do.

When Kim came out of the bathroom a second time, fully dressed in house clothes, she found her owner on the couch with Drakken. The redhead frowned and climbed up to her loft. She really wanted to relax on Shego after the day that she had, especially with the idea of her stinking decision still eating away at the dark corners of her mind and then the fact that she had almost hit Bonnie. It seemed that the gods were just messing with her that day.

The redhead figured that she would be all right as long as that blue dolt left sometime soon. If he left, then she would at least be able to share her mistress’ bed, which would be just as good as resting in her lap. But, the cerulean scientist did not leave. Damn it, Kim screamed mentally. All right, she definitely thought that some divine figure was just screwing with her, she considered now. What gods had she pissed off? She would apologize and make as many offerings as the deities if it would get her into her owner's bed.

The teenager smelled cigarette smoke not even a half hour after Shego and Drakken retired to her bedroom. Kim noted a long time ago that her owner smoked a lot more since the year began. She knew that it had to do with sleeping with Drakken, but she was also aware that it was not for the same reason why most people smoked after sex. Shego did not smoke out from satisfaction.

Kim tried not to think about her mistress with Drakken, but when she smelled the smoke, she often found her mind bringing up things that should not have been in her head. Her mind liked to point out, quite evilly in her opinion, that she would never leave Shego unsatisfied. She would do whatever the pale woman desired and then after that, she would do more. But, when those things entered her mind, she had trouble sleeping because she worked herself up. So, she tried her best to not think along those lines.

Shego sat up in bed, finishing off her cigarette. She glanced down at Drakken, who was sleeping and sucking his thumb yet again. She shook her head; yes, she certainly was attracted to some odd, yet very pitiful creatures. What had she done in life to be where she was and why the hell was she not moving on? She was not even sure and she tried her best not think about it.

(New day)

The teen hero was wandering down the street late in the afternoon. She was dreading going home. Drakken had come over the past few days. He was monopolizing her mistress and he did not even bring the woman any joy. At least when she was with Shego, the woman was content and at peace; the look in her emerald eyes said that much. All Drakken did was make her smoke more often and take her side of the bed; the redhead did not know about that latter part, but it was one of the things that irked her owner quite a bit.

“What’s there to do?” Kim wondered.

The teenager was frustrated. She would love to get a crazy mission, but apparently, all was right in the world. Well, not all because her life was not going so great thanks to the blue blunder, also known as Drakken. Kim sighed and tried to figure out what she could do to kill time. Then, as fate would have it, something weird happened. A velociraptor ran by; Kim arched an eyebrow.

“Miss, was that a dinosaur?” Kim asked a woman that was on the street to be sure. Her answer was the woman fleeing in terror in the opposite direction that the creature was headed. “I’ll take that was a yes,” the girl commented.

The redhead took off after the dinosaur on her rocket-powered inline skates. She caught up with the raptor in no time and pulled out her grappling hook. Something in her mind was telling her that she was having a bad idea, maybe even a terrible idea, but she ignored that thing in her head and shot the hook around the dinosaur’s legs to tie him up; hey, life was made up of trial and error in her mathematical opinion. The creature faltered for a moment before clawing at the cable and shredding it. He then jumped at Kim, who leaped back just in time to avoid losing her intestines. Obviously, she tried and it was an error; math was power.

“That could’ve hurt,” the teen muttered while the dinosaur continued on his rampage down the street. Not that he was doing much aside from scaring people, but eventually, he would get hungry and what would happen then seemed obvious.

The girl was going to follow the creature, but she had to get out of her street or the police would have flattened her into road-kill as they sped by, looking to apprehend the dinosaur also. She made it safely to the sidewalk and sucked her teeth. It was enough to almost be killed by an animal that was supposed to have died out completely over sixty five million years ago, but then to be nearly mowed down by people that were supposed to protect citizens was too much even for her.

“I’m not letting go of this gift from the gods that easily,” Kim said to herself with a laugh. The redhead went and borrowed a bike from a boy that was a few feet away from her. She took in the same direction as the police.

“Did I just almost run over Princess?” Shego inquired, speaking to Doctor Director. She was driving a black car and in pursuit of the dinosaur. They had been called in, they guessed, in case the creature ate anyone, the regular police had them to blame. They were good scapegoats; well, they would be if they did not do their job as well as they did.

“That did look like her, but I am the woman with one eye,” the boss replied casually.

“I hope she’s not hurt. What’s she doing out this way anyway?”

“She’s your pet.”

“You want me to run this car into a wall? You know you’ll be way more injured than I will,” Shego pointed out since her friend just felt the need to be smart all the time.

“Just follow the damn lizard,” Betty commanded.

“I hate science,” Shego sighed because she just knew that some smart aleck scientist was the reason behind the extinct carnivore running the streets. There had better be some kind of nefarious plot involved in the situation, the super-powered woman hoped. If the animal was just a prank or just escaped from some lab, Shego was going to be beyond pissed. In fact, she would fry the scientific marvel with her full power if there was no real reason behind it running the streets.

“No one likes science. It ruins everything,” the chief remarked.

The younger woman laughed a bit and then she noticed a bike in the background along with the police vehicles. She stared into the side mirror, wondering what insane biker was trying to interfere with police business. That redhead certainly looked familiar, she thought.

“Damn it, that is Pumpkin!” Shego realized with a huff. Her pet could not possibly be so stupid as to be chasing after them while they were going after an animal that devoured flesh.

“Where?” the brown-haired woman inquired and then she looked out of the rearview mirror to see what her employee was going on about. “She certainly is peddling the hell out of that bike. Maybe she saw you driving the car,” she offered as an explanation behind why Kim was traveling with the police on a bike.

Shego shrugged because it was possible. She just had a hard time believing that her little pest was actually as dumb as she seemed at the moment and it did not matter if the teen was chasing her or the velociraptor. What the hell was she supposed to do with that kid?

Kim was peddling the bike as strong as she could, hoping to catch up with that monster that tried to disembowel her. She would teach that dinosaur a thing or two about messing with her on a day that she did not feel like going home to deal with something even more annoying than it was. She pulled up to a police car and grabbed onto the side mirror. She stopped peddling and caught her breath along with a ride.

“Girl, what the hell are you doing?” the officer driving inquired.

“Shut up and floor it!” Kim replied.

“Go home, kid!”

“Catch that damn velociraptor before someone gets hurt!” the teen hero commanded.

“The what?”

Kim rolled her eyes. “The dinosaur! What, you never been to a movie or a museum?” she asked because of his question. God, she thought the raptor was one of the most recognizable meat-eating dinosaurs thanks to the movies.

“Leave this to us, kid.”

Kim scoffed; she was really aggravated now. She let go of the car and then used her rockets in her skates to go faster. They hit the top of a hill and Kim was launched into the air while the cars just went down the mound. She leaped off of the bike and sailed through the sky. She went into her pocket while she was airborne and caught sight of the creature. She pulled out three objects that looked like yellow gumballs. She flung the yellow spheres at the raptor and then grabbed the peg in a telephone pole to avoid crashing into the pavement. The sun-colored balls exploded on impact with the dinosaur and covered the animal in what looked like glue. The raptor could not move, though it did struggle to do so.

“That’ll teach you to try and bite me,” Kim commented with a smile, still hanging from the pole.

The police gathered around the immobile creature to collect it. Shego remained in the car since there was nothing for her to do now that her pet had done all the work. She watched her girl, dangling from the telephone pole like it was nothing. She saw Kim hop down with any difficulty and land with ease and grace, like a feline. Kim strolled away as if nothing happened. Shego frowned slightly.

The green-skinned female arrived home and expected her teen to tell her all about the exciting day that she had, but that did not happen. The teenager was just out on the sofa like she was about a third of the day as far as Shego knew. The older woman could not help wondering what the teen was all about.

Shego went and changed into her house clothes. She sat down on the sofa and lifted Kim’s head into her lap. The younger female smiled in her sleep and moved to nuzzle her face in Shego’s abdomen. The teen realized that she was very comfortable, so she opened her eyes to find out why.

“Shego?” Kim muttered.

“Yeah, who else is going to let you sleep in her lap and rub your face in her stomach?” Shego replied.

“No Drakken?”

“Don’t jinx it.”

Kim laughed a bit. “Good call.”

“You slept all day, didn’t you?” the pale woman asked while shaking her head slightly. She tried to ignore how her pet was rubbing her nose in her stomach. It left a strange tingling sensation through out her whole torso.

“I wandered around a bit because I thought you’d be with Drakken,” the younger female answered while holding in a yawn. Shego wondered why her pet would not lie to her, but would not tell her the truth either; it was not like she did something wrong.

“Anything exciting happen?”

“Nothing really. I almost got run over by police. Oh, and I found ten dollars,” the teenager replied with a smile.

“Yeah?” Shego said to humor her pet like a person would do a child.

“Yeah, I used the money to buy these kids in the park some ice cream.”

“What a day,” the pale woman deadpanned.

Kim muttered something that her mistress did not understand before drifting back to sleep. Shego caressed the girl’s head and stared off at the wall. Her pet was keeping things from her and she did not like it for some reason, even though it did not seem to be something disreputable or terrible.

The raven-haired woman pointed out to herself that she never knew much about her pet and that never bothered her before. She guessed it was because her teen had seemed so inept, but she was starting to see that she was very wrong about that. The girl obviously could do a lot, but she seemed to pretend that she could not do anything. Shego made a decision right then and there.

(New day)

Shego knocked on an apartment door. She was not sure what she was doing, but she had to do something or the curiosity would drive her mad. So, she got an address and went to go check it out. She was about to knock again, but the door opened to reveal Yori.

“May I help you?” the resident ninja asked.

“I’m looking for Ron Stoppable,” Shego answered. She recalled her pet going on about how the boy was her best friend and they hung out all the time at that horrible fast food place. He would have answers and he had better give them to her or there were going to be some serious problems.

“All right. You are Miss Shego, are you not?” Yori asked. She remembered the woman, of course, but she felt the need to ask.

“Yes,” the emerald-eyed woman confirmed.

“Please, come in. I will retrieve Ron-kun,” Yori said. “But, may you answer one question?”

“Yeah, what?”

“Kim is all right?” Yori inquired because she believed that the only reason they would get a visit from Kim’s owner was if something was wrong with the teen hero.

“She’s fine,” Shego assured the Japanese girl.

Yori nodded and then ushered Shego into the apartment. The ninja shut the door and then hurried to the back. Shego knew that she had met Yori before, but she could not recall where; mostly because she was trying her best to wipe all memories of Kim’s cheerleading from her mind. Shego was not a fan of cheerleading, even if it did give her a chance to see how graceful and flexible her pet was.

“What?” she heard Ron yell in shock.

The blonde charged to the front of the apartment and stood face to face with Shego; well, not literally face to face because he was taller. He gulped despite his height because Shego was freakishly scary in a way that he could not put his finger on. Part of him told him that it was stupid to be intimidated by the woman; he had spent his whole life around amazing and talented women. There was no reason to freak out when facing yet another special female.

“What can I do for you?” Ron asked.

“Tell me about Princess,” Shego ordered.


“Tell me about her.”



“Who’s that?” he asked in a confused tone.

“My pet.”

“Oh, you mean K.P.”

“Damn it, you know who I meant,” she growled.

“Well, whaddaya wanna know?” Ron inquired.


“Why?” he asked curiously.

“Because I do,” she snarled. She was sick of asking questions and people beating around the bush. She wanted answers and she wanted them now, if not sooner.

“Hey, don’t get snippy with me. Why not just ask her?” he inquired curiously. Would it not be best to go straight to the source to know about Kim? Hell, it would have been much closer than coming to his house, he bet.

“Because I’m asking you.”

“Why?” He really did not get why she would ask him about Kim instead of just asking Kim. It seemed like she was making things harder than they needed to be.

Shego growled again and ignited her hands. Ron yelped; he could not believe that Kim had been telling the truth about the woman being able to plasma charge her hands. He decided it would be best not to test any other things his best friend informed him about in regards to Shego; after all, he did not have a box to hide underneath like his best friend did.

“Calm down. Look, take off your shoes,” the blonde conceded with a sigh.

“Why?” Shego inquired.

“Because you need to come in the back for us to have this talk and Yori will flip if you come in the house with your shoes on. You don’t wanna see her when she’s angry. It’s not a pretty sight,” Ron explained.

The green-skinned woman did not argue with the blonde. She stepped out of her shoes and then followed Ron to the back of the apartment. The room was clean thanks to school being over with, for the moment anyway; they were going to do a summer session because Yori insisted on it and then the room would be back to the way it usually was. Ron flopped down into the chair at the desk and got on the computer.

“What’re you doing?” Shego inquired in an irked tone; she felt like she was being jerked around.

“Ruining things more than likely. The easiest way to get to know K.P is to go to her site,” Ron answered.

The blonde knew that what he was about to do would upset his best friend. He was not doing it because he was scared of Shego, but because the truth needed to get out. They needed to move forward, Kim especially and that would not happen if Shego did not know who her pet was. She might even be the person to get Kim to stop floating around and acting like she was going to be a vagabond for the rest of her life. Somebody needed to set the girl straight and Shego might be the person to do that, he figured.

“Her site?” Shego echoed.

“Yeah, her website. Boo-yah,” Ron said with a smile as he moved the monitor to where his guest could see. The raven-haired woman turned to read everything and then she noted that the website looked very familiar.

“This isn’t possible,” she muttered.

“Sure it is. It’s Kim Possible,” he remarked.

Next time: Shego gets pissed and confronts Ron and then confronts Kim. Hopefully, nobody’ll throw any punches or at least nobody’ll get hurt.

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