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TITLE: Stepping out on your own

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own the characters and I don’t own the premise of this story.

SUMMARY: This is AU like a mug. Shego is a cop and Kim…well, you won't believe what Kim is.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Ron, Shego/Drakken, Other, Friendship, Romance

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: Hey, I wanna thank everybody that's reading this, now keeping reading it please and enjoy.

Words: 6262

Shego caressing her pet.

When you let your pet out of the house without supervision, does it stop being your pet until you call it back into the house? If it doesn’t come back, is it no longer your pet?

Kim was laid out in her bed, sleeping on her stomach and spread out like a drown victim. There was a thick book in her hand that was opened in the middle of it. She groaned as she heard her alarm going off. It was strange being woken up by the alarm and not by her mistress’ infuriated screams. She wished that Shego was around.

The redhead had done some things to keep busy since her master had left a few days ago that she thought would be fun. She curled up in her owner’s bed the first night that she was home alone, but it just was not as much fun to do without Shego being there to be upset with her for breaking the rules.

She then went through her owner’s things just to be a naughty pet. She did not find anything interesting really. Well, it was just that everything she discovered, she expected, except for a pack of cigarettes. She had not seen her mistress smoke in all the time that she had been there, so she gathered that they were serious emergencies or possibly someone else’s. She was leaning toward serious emergencies because they were hidden in a box in the very back of the closet. She had put them back exactly where she found them and went about her business after that.

Kim crawled out of bed and went to get ready for the day that she had ahead of her; it was four in the morning. She grabbed a glass of orange juice as breakfast and brushed her teeth after that. She took a cold shower to insure that she was awake. She dressed in black capri pants and a magenta shirt. She grabbed a duffle bag and a backpack from her loft space, put her on slip-on sneakers, and exited the house.

“I hope she doesn’t get too mad when she calls and I don’t answer,” Kim muttered to herself as she started jogging down the street.

Shego rose from bed well into the afternoon. She was alone in bed; she had gone to bed alone, much to her dismay. She yawned and stretched before casting her covers away as if they deeply offended her; she was dressed in pajamas. She felt so tense, but that was all right because she planned on getting a deep massage anyway.

Shego went to the balcony of her hotel room and stared at the view. Her terrace had a spectacular view of the sparkling, breathtaking white sand beach below. The water was pure aqua in color and she would love to go for another swim; she had spent many hours on the beach already. She bet that she would feel a lot better if she went out there in a thin bikini and got some attention from men that she did not even want. She then shook the thought away.

There was no reason for her to think about something that she had already done so many times that it was becoming tedious. Her mind wandered to her home; she hoped that the place was still standing. She was not sure if her pet was capable of being on her own for a whole week.

“I wonder if Princess is all right. I hope she didn’t burn the place down. Nah, something like that would’ve been on the news or Betty would’ve called or something. I’ll call her later and make sure she’s all right,” Shego told herself and then there was a knock at the door. “Yo!” she called.

“Um…Shego,” Drakken whimpered meekly from the hallway.

The pale woman sighed. “What? You lost the key again?” she asked as she went to the door to let the scientist in.

“No,” he answered in an indignant tone as she opened the door. He got insulted over the dumbest things in her opinion.

“Then what’s the problem?” she snapped.

“I was just wondering if you’re still mad at me.”

Shego growled; of course she was still mad! They had already been there for three days and they had not done the one thing that she wanted to do. Every time she started something, he thought of some lame excuse to run out on her. She was prepared to do almost anything to get him to agree, but she was starting to doubt that he would respond to any sort of erotic maneuvers.

In a moment, she thought that she might have to threaten him to get what she desired. Yeah, she would light up her hands and command that he screw her or die. Unfortunately, knowing Drakken, he would cry if she did something like that, which would be the ultimate turn off.

“Why can’t he be more like Pumpkin,” Shego wondered and then she realized what she just thought. She shook her head, hoping to expel such a vile notion from her brain.

“So, you’re not mad?” Drakken asked when he saw her shaking her head.

“Huh? Oh, no,” she answered.

“Then let’s go get some lunch,” he suggested.

“I need to shower and things,’ she pointed out.

Shego grabbed her clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. She hopped into the shower and her thoughts drifted back to her pet. She hoped that the girl was all right. Everything was probably going to be a mess when she got back, she bet, but that was all right as long as her teen was not injured or ill.

Kim got off of the bus and looked at the strip of hotels going up and down the block. She inhaled deeply to catch the scent of fresh sea air, even though she smelled sea air almost on a weekly basis thanks to her mission. Still, there was something about salt in the air that just begged to be taken in upon arrival.

“K.P!” Ron called and waved to her from down the street like she was blind.

Kim waved back just to let him know that she saw him and he could stop waving like a lunatic. Ron was with Monique and Yori halfway down the street by Monique’s small red car. Kim held up on finger to signal to them that she would be with in a moment.

The redhead just needed to find out what the cheerleading squad was doing before going to hang out with her crew. Once she was told that after they checked in, they were free to go, she jogged down the block when everything was taken care of. She went and joined her friends.

“I can’t believe you still do this cheerleading crap,” Monique commented.

“Hey, Ron still does it too,” Kim pointed out.

“And you don’t think I made fun of him the whole drive?” Monique remarked with an amused smile.

“She did, K.P, and she was way harsh with my sweetie sitting right next to me, yo,” Ron complained.

“You know how Monique is. You took your chances in the car with her instead of riding the bus with us. You should’ve taken the bus,” Kim stated with no sympathy whatsoever. He knew what the ride was going to be like after all and shame on him if he thought otherwise.

“What, and have them make fun of me like this is still high school? No thank you, ma’am,” the blonde retorted.

“They were too busy listening to Bonnie bitch about Brick to think about you,” Kim informed the boy.

“She’s still dating him, even though he didn’t graduate high school yet?” Monique inquired.

“What Bonnie does is her business. I’m not trying to put reason to it because it has nothing to do with me,” Kim replied.

“Forget about them. Let’s go change and hit the beach, so I can see three fine ladies in bikinis,” Ron cheered.

“Watch it, Ron-kun,” Yori warned him.

“Ah, babe, you know I’m only playing. I’ll keep my eyes glued to you the whole time. My hands too if you want,” the blonde replied with a cheeky grin.

All of the girls rolled their eyes and the friends went to go check into their rooms. Ron and Yori shared a room while Kim shared with Monique. They wasted no time throwing on their swimsuits and charging out onto the beach as if it was the greatest thing they had ever done. They hit the water and then reality hit them.

“It’s cold!” they all wailed at the same time; Rufus was spared the frost that was like a thousand needles because he was sitting on Ron’s head for once and not in his pocket.

The friends calmed down and settled into the water to get used to it. Once it did not seem like they were hip deep in ice water, they started playing around. They had mock-battles in the water until Ron went too far. He picked Yori up and did something he knew that she disliked; he threw her in the water a couple of yards away.

She hated being tossed around in water and it would not have looked half as bad as it did if he was not a well-versed master of monkey kung-fu; people that witnessed the stunt gasped, thinking that she was going to be seriously hurt. It was a good thing that Yori was a ninja and she made the assault against her look like nothing at all by gaining control of herself and doing a somersault in the air. She landed gracefully in the water and then turned to glare daggers at her boyfriend.

“What?” Ron asked in an innocent voice.

“I shall have my revenge,” Yori vowed.

“Oh, yeah? How you gonna do it? I’m the mystical monkey-pull-pranks-on-his-girl master,” Ron retorted and then he had to top it off. “Boo-yah!”

Yori offered Ron a devilish smirk, which was an expression that he usually loved, but he knew that it was not a good thing there. She then began to confer with Kim and Monique. Ron had learned in the past that whenever his three favorite ladies got together to talk and he was mere feet away, he needed to get farther away. He started to move, but Kim was suddenly blocking his way. He yelped because she seemed to just appear out of nowhere.

“Ron, I hear you turned your six pack into an eight pack. Care to show me?” Kim requested in a seductive whisper. There was a hint of mischief in her olive green eyes.

“Nah, I wear the tee-shirt for a reason,” Ron assured her while tugging on his tank top. Suddenly he felt someone sneaking up on his back. He glanced to his side and saw Monique snaking her way up to his shoulders. He was officially a Ron sandwich and all of his escape routes were now blocked.

“Your back feels like it got bigger,” Monique commented while brushing her fingers across his lower back.

“It hasn’t,” Ron promised her in a nervous voice. He told himself to stay focused because there was a trap in the works. It was hard to stay focused with so much soft skin touching him, though.

“Ron, let me see you abs,” Kim forcefully requested while reaching out to touch his stomach.

The blonde knew that Kim and Monique were only a distraction and he tried to keep telling himself that mentally to stay on track. They would never just randomly molest him for no reason, especially with his girlfriend somewhere around. But, it felt so good that he did not think too much on it.

Rufus was not as easily tempted be scantly-clad females and he had done his math. He put the equation together that molestation minus Yori, as she had seemingly vanished from the scene, equaled compromising position for young Mister Stoppable. The naked rodent tried to warn Ron that Yori was missing in action, but Ron was trying to fend off Kim and Monique; he was not trying as hard as he should have.

Kim and Monique worked their way as close to Ron as human possibly while remaining decent about it. They were touching him with very enchanting fingers and very busty parts of theirs were pressed against him. Then they both leaned in close, Kim very near his mouth and Monique right at his ear. They both practically purred his name at the same time.

“Yeah?” he answered in a dazed tone.

“Don’t get out of the water,” Kim warned him in a low, throaty tone.

“What? Why?” he asked, very confused.

“Because you’re assed out,” Monique replied with a laugh.

Kim and Monique moved away from the poor boy and Yori came up out of the water directly in front of her boyfriend. She held up a pair of dark blue swimming trunks that looked suspiciously familiar to Ron. The blonde looked down; no, she did not do that, his mind screamed.

“Looking for something, Ron-kun?” Yori asked with a demonic smile. Hell really hath no fury like a woman scorned, he silently decided, especially when that woman dealt in stealth.

“Oh, man!” he groaned. He made a mental note to never piss off a ninja. “Come on, that is so not cool, babe!” he whined.

“You may be a mystical monkey master, but you are still such a boy,” Yori commented, still smiling in triumph.

“A boy with no pants!” Monique added with a laugh. It was clear that she was thoroughly entertained by the look in her chocolate eyes alone, but she was dying of laughter too.

“You’d think he’d learn to stop throwing her around in water,” Kim remarked.

“I’d be surprised if Ron Stoppable learned anything at all,” Monique quipped.

“Oh, yeah, that’s funny. Just pick on the pants-less guy,” Ron griped.

“Thank you, I will,” Monique replied.

Ron turned his attention back to Yori. “Come on, babe. I’m sorry. Gimme my pants back, please,” he implored her.

“I was under the impression that she liked him better without pants,” Kim commented.

“Oh, don’t go there, girl,” Monique said.

“I’m merely making an observation,” the redhead replied with a laugh.

After some rough water play, Kim and Monique decided to go sunbath for a little bit. They settled down on their towels and watched Ron and Yori for a few moments from the shore before realizing the couple was taking serious advantage of their absence. They turned away from the water while hoping that some poor little kid did not swim by the couple or that no one spoke Japanese on the beach.

“I told you, she’s like him more without the pants,” Kim remarked.

“That’s just sick and wrong,” Monique declared.

“I agree.”

“You agree? Didn’t you have the nerve to do it in a bathroom stall once at that club?” the chocolate-eyed girl inquired with a craned eyebrow.

“It was once. Why do you keep bringing it up? Weren’t you the one that did it in an open garage once?” Kim countered.

“Ew, don’t even remind me that happened. I’m trying to curb my bad habits as I grow up. You, on the other, seem to acquire new bad habits for every one you grow out of,” Monique pointed out.

“No, I don’t. I’m just adventurous. That’s how I am. I feel like I need to try everything once,” the redhead replied.

“It could get you killed one day,” Monique pointed out the obvious.

“Something will,” the hero commented with a shrug. It was hard not to be aware of her mortality considering most of her basic interests, but that never stopped her from doing something new.

“Sometimes, girl, I think you lack common sense,” Monique said.

“Maybe I do, but I’ve got enough street smarts, book smarts, and skill to keep my going. I’m not out to totally self-destruct. I just want the experience.”

“The experience of everything?”

“I know it seems crazy, but I just want the experience of something just as much as I want to help people. That’s why I take missions and that’s why I don’t charge,” Kim explained.

Monique nodded to show that she understood, even though she did not truly comprehend. She accepted that she would never fully understand her good friend, even if they both lived to be a million years old. There was too much of Kim to grasp; she was like a hundred people compressed into one. There just was not enough time in existence to completely comprehend such a person.

Monique was certain about one thing and that was that Kim always knew what she was doing. That was why she never worried about Kim, even when it seemed like the redhead was doing something crazy. Kim was always aware of her situation and her surroundings; she had yet to run across something that she could not handle.

The pair of friends relaxed in silence for a while. They were then interrupted by two fellows standing in front of them. The girls took the time to look up and from the looks of the guys’ wetsuits, they knew that they were being watched by surfers. The two girls then looked at each other and smirked a bit.

“Hey, how about you two ladies come back to the bar with us?” the blonde surfer suggested with a bright smile. He was not a bad looking guy, but he was not their type and neither was his friend.

“Mo, look another same sex couple. I told you wouldn’t be the only ones,” Kim declared with a sickeningly sweet smile; it looked like poisonous honey might drip from her mouth because of her expression.

“Same sex?” the two guys echoed. They then looked at each other and made disgusted faces. “Whoa! We’re not a couple!” they insisted.

“But, we are,” Monique lied with a smile similar to her friend’s.

“Not to mention you two look cute together,” Kim added.

“We wouldn’t want to come between you,” Monique said.

The surfers looked horrified by the suggestion that they were together. They stormed off while the two girls broke out laughing; obviously they found what happened to be thoroughly entertaining. They took a deep breath and turned to each other.

“That never gets old,” Monique commented.

“Yeah, you’re right about that,” Kim concurred.

“Yeah, but just to let you know, the moment a guy with a tongue ring comes by, you’re on your own,” Monique informed her friend.

“You’d leave me for a guy with a tongue stud?” the redhead asked in false shock.

“Fine, a tongue stud, a hairless chest, and a nice tan. Maybe a few muscles too,” Monique corrected herself.

“Now, that’s more like it,” Kim replied with a laugh.

“Do you ever wonder when we should stop playing around and start looking for Mister Right? Oh, wait, you’ve found him already, except he’s a woman.”

“Ha, ha, ha,” the teen hero said dryly.

“She doesn’t know about your looming decision, does she?” Monique asked, even though she could guess that.

“There is no decision to know about because one hasn’t been made. Are we going to talk about this every time I see you?” Kim inquired in a slightly irked tone.

“All right, I won’t bring it up for the whole weekend. We will chill, enjoy the great weather, and maybe pick up some guys. Well, you could help me put up a guy.”

“How do you know I don’t one too?”

“Because you have a woman at home.”

“It just seems like we give you ammunition every time we blink,” Kim sighed while shaking her head.

“You guys do some funny stuff. Stop acting silly and I wouldn’t have nothing to say. You see I don’t crack on Yori much. Why? Because she doesn’t act all weird.”

“She’s dating Ron,” Kim pointed out.

“And I throw it in her face every chance I get. It’s not as fun as you being the pet of some woman you’re into or Ron being a cheerleader. Speaking of your weird activity, what do you think of the competition? You guys have a shot?” Monique asked.

“Of course we do. We practice every day and most of us actually show up for practice on a daily basis. We’ve got a killer routine. Barring any accidents, we should be fine,” Kim answered.

“Independent cheerleading competitions. What will they think of next? Cheering with no sport or team to support just seems wrong.”

“Don’t hate. You don’t hear me bellyaching about those fashion designing contest you’re in, do you?”

“There’s nothing to bellyache about. Those are hot and most of them are legit,” Monique argued.

“Just like cheerleading competitions. Don’t try to get on my hobbies when yours are just as weird. I hope we win this thing.”

“Why? It’s not like you need the money, pet-girl,” the wavy-haired girl remarked.

“You’re really having fun throwing this in my face, aren’t you?”

“Loving every minute of it.”

“I thought as much. I’m glad I could bring such happiness into your life,” Kim remarked.

“Thank you kindly,” Monique replied with a laugh.

Shego strolled down the street with Drakken, who was caring a couple of bags. He was scanning the area for another souvenir shop. The fourth shop in that hour alone; she was lucky to still have the little bit of sanity that she was holding onto. The man had a thing for useless junk, like snow globes and dancing cactus toys with sunglasses. Shego considered picking up a gift for her pet, but was indecisive about the idea because it would only give her a weapon if she went back home and found that something happened.

“Shego, you’re not paying attention, are you?” Drakken asked.

“No, I heard every word you said,” Shego lied. She had stopped listening to him once he started talking about bobble-head dolls because all she could do was picture herself shoving one of those big-headed things down his throat or up his ass.

“No, you didn’t,” he huffed angrily.

“I didn’t know you needed me to listen. It seems like you like the sound of your own voice more than anything else,” Shego remarked.

“I’d appreciate a little respect.”

“And that’s just about as much as I give you,” she retorted.

Drakken frowned. “Don’t get snippy, Shego.”

“I’m always snippy,” she informed him.

“And I never appreciate it.”

“Well, use your phone and call someone that gives a damn.”

The blue-skinned male growled; his fury evident in his eyes. Shego met his anger with her own bothered feeling and decided that she could care less about how he felt. He opened his mouth and she waited for his irritation to be manifested verbally. Then his onyx-rimmed eyes suddenly softened.

“Oh, an electronic store,” Drakken said. “Come, Shego, we’ve got to go in there.”

“Of course,” she deadpanned.

Once it was night time, Shego decided to go to a club whether or not Drakken wanted to go and he did not want to do. Screw him, she silently declared as she put on her sexist green dress. She was not wearing the gown for its intended purpose, but she did not care. At least she could get drunk if she went out and pretend to have a good time, she told herself. She put on some black stiletto heels and left Drakken to count all of the useless crap he purchased.

The raven-haired beauty smiled to herself as she walked through the hotel and got a lot of recognition from guys before she even hit the street. She stepped out of the hotel and spotted group of teens across the street. She would not have given them a second thought, but one of them was a certain redhead that was supposed to be in Go City.

“Pumpkin!” Shego called.

“Shego?” Kim said when she heard one of her pet names being called. She looked across the street and there was her mistress. She turned back to her friends. “Guys, could you excuse me for a second,” she requested.

“Sure thing, K.P,” Ron answered for himself and the two ladies.

Kim checked up and down the street to make sure no speeding car would almost mow her down and then she trotted over to Shego. When she was standing close enough to see, she noticed the dress that her owner was wearing and it took all of her self-control to not whistle like a wolfish male. Her mind was screaming “damn!” because of the clothing. Then she thought about the reason as to why Shego would be wearing such an outfit and she bet that it had something to do with Drakken.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Shego demanded to know.

“Cheerleading competition,” Kim answered with a shrug, as if that would mean anything to her master.

“Cheerleading competition?” the older woman echoed like she did not even know what it was.

“Yeah, I’m competing tomorrow. You should come and check out. It’s at that hotel over there,” Kim informed her mistress while pointing across the street to the hotel that her friends were standing in front of. She also noticed that her friends were pointing at their wrists, as if any of them were wearing watches, to signal that they were running late.

“What are you even talking about?” Shego asked.

“It starts at four,” the teen informed the older woman, who still appeared rather bemused. She happened to glance at her pet’s feet and noticed the girl’s laces were untied.

“Princess, your shoes,” Shego said while pointing down at the teen’s feet.

Kim looked down. “Oh,” she muttered when she saw her shoes. Laces were so annoying, she thought.

“Stand still. I’ll get them.”

“No, it’s all right. I’ll get them in a moment. I need to get going. Oh, yeah, you look totally wicked in that dress,” Kim commented before dashing off back to her friends and leaving with them.

Shego watched her pet disappear down the street and she could not help thinking how odd her brief encounter with Kim had been. Her pet had not acted like she usually did. She was not unbelievably enthusiastic or sickeningly hyper. She had not tried to hug Shego at all. She had even said that she would tie her own shoes. She was almost normal, especially when she went back to her friends instead of trying to tag along with Shego. And since when did her pet have friends and cheerleading competitions?

“Kim, who was that?” Monique asked as the four friends walked down the street. They were dressed in their regular clothes, figuring that they would go check a movie instead of wilding out at a club like they would do back in Go City.

“That was Shego,” Kim answered as if it was nothing.

“I thought you said she was on vacation,” Ron said.

“She is. She must be vacationing here,” Kim reasoned. Wow, all that coast and they end up in the same city; the cosmos were trying to say something, she thought.

“It’s not a bad spot for a vacation, but it is weird for you and her to be in the same place by accident,” Monique commented.

“Freakishly weird,” Ron added.

“Excuse me, but who is Shego?” Yori asked.

“Kim’s owner,” Ron and Monique answered as if that was the most normal thing to leave their mouths all day.

“Her what?” the Japanese girl asked because she was thought that she had heard wrong.

“Her owner,” they repeated in just as a nonchalant tone as before.

“Your owner?” Yori asked while turning to Kim to get the full explanation.

“I thought Ron would’ve blabbed this a long time ago considering how much he goes on about it when I see him. I’m Shego’s pet,” Kim told the confused ninja, which did not help her understand.

“What do you mean you’re her pet? You’re a human being,” Yori pointed out.

“Not to mention Kim Possible,” Ron added just because he thought that it would add fuel to the fire.

“Does it not wound your honor to be some woman’s pet?” Yori asked.

“I made a decision and I can live it. Like I told big mouth one and big mouth two, I don’t expect you to understand. You’re pretty much normal. I know it’s a bizarre concept, but you’re not the one living the life I have. You’ll never get why I can stay being her pet,” Kim told her friends.

“You damn right,” Monique concurred. “No way in hell I’d just be some chick’s pet.”

“I learn the strangest things from you three,” Yori commented with a giggle.

“Says the girl that graduated from a secret ninja school,” Kim remarked.

“Hey, don’t try to get at Yori. At least she graduated at a regular age,” Ron defended his girlfriend.

“Fifteen is a regular age,” Kim argued.

“Um, yeah, to have acne, not to graduate high school. You Possible,” Ron said her name like it was an insult, but he was just teasing her.

“He’s right, Kim. You are such a Possible,” Monique joined in.

“Wait a second, who here isn’t tied down by their name? Come on, tell me,” Kim countered. There was a moment of silence.

“You’ve won this round, Possible, but we shall return,” Ron declared and they all had a good laugh.

Shego entered the hotel and looked around. It looked better than the hotel that she was staying, she silently noted. The lobby was huge with plush chairs shattered around the place and there was a bar area off to the right. She scanned for an employee and easily spotted one since he happened to be eyeing her body from five feet away from her.

“Yo,” Shego called and it took the young man a moment to realize that she was addressing him.

“Um…yes, ma’am?” he asked while taking his eyes off of her barely clothes body. She was showing off her toned abdomen by walking around in a black bikini top and she had on cut off black shorts. It was hot; all right, that was it and that was all.

“Where’s the cheerleading thing?” she inquired.

“Oh, it’s right down there through the glass doors,” he replied while pointing toward the back of the hotel.

Shego nodded as thanks and then marched off in the direction that the young man instructed her to go. He was kind of cute, she said to herself. She had left Drakken to his own devices, literally. He was getting a kick out of programming all of the electronic equipment that he wasted money on and she decided it was best to get away from him before she snapped.

Shego went through the glass doors and saw rows of chairs, most of which were occupied. She could not believe how many people were there to see a cheerleading competition. She looked directly ahead of her and noticed that there was a squad on stage going through a routine already. She searched the area for a chair.

“Ay-yo!” Monique called and waved, hoping to get Shego’s attention. She would give Kim one thing, the woman did stand out in a crowd. She was the only one that looked like she did not want to there with skin that was a light greenish tint, just like Kim said.

Shego noticed the girl waving, but since she did not know the teen, she thought that the signal was for someone else. She looked around and did not see anyone else standing. The girl continued to wave and then she started pointing at Shego. The raven-haired woman finally gave in and pointed to herself, quietly asked if it was her that the girl wanted. Monique nodded and Shego walked over to Monique, who was sitting with Yori.

“You Shego?” Monique asked.

“Who wants to know?” the law enforcement agent countered.

“I’m Monique, Kim’s friend. That’s Yori, also Kim’s friend,” Monique explained while pointing down at the ninja, who was holding Rufus in her hands.

“And the bald chipmunk?” Shego asked.

“Mole rat, ma’am. He’s a naked mole rat,” Yori politely corrected the older female.

“Yeah, whatever,” Shego scoffed.

“Well, we saved you a seat. Kim didn’t go up yet,” Monique informed her friend’s owner.

Shego scoffed again to show that she did not care. “Whatever.”

Monique already thought that Shego had a bad attitude and she was not looking forward to sitting next to the woman for the whole competition. Shego did not say much and Monique was free to converse with Yori, which they were all thankful for. Shego mostly grumbled complaints or insults toward the action on the stage; she obviously was not one for cheerleading.

Shego failed to see the purpose behind cheerleading, especially on its own. She did not see what they were cheering with no sports team involved. Maybe they were cheering their complete and utter stupidity, not that she saw it as something to celebrate. She could see how her pet and her pet’s friends would enjoy such a thing.

Monique and Yori paid some attention to Shego to at least try and understand why their friend would submit to being the woman’s pet. She just seemed like a grumpy woman to them. She scowled for the whole time that she sat there and she did not make any attempt to pay them some mind.

The raven-haired woman watched until her pet came out. She thought it would be the same useless jumping around as the other squads, but she turned out to be wrong. Her pet’s team, her pet especially, did some things that she would never expect a cheerleader to do. Some of the redhead’s moves did not appear as if they were rooted in cheerleading, Shego noted. She left as soon as her pet’s routine was over. Monique and Yori just watched her leave.

“Did she seem special to you?” Monique inquired.

“No, only cranky,” Yori answered.

“I thought it was just me. Would you want to be her pet?”


“Me neither.”

It was nightfall and Shego was sitting alone on some rocks that were on the beach. She stared into the darkness of the waves. She then sensed someone coming near her. She spun around to see her pet was less than ten feet away from her. How in the hell had the teen gotten so close to her? She did not know.

“I’ve been looking all over for you,” Kim said.

“Why?” Shego inquired, thinking that her pet was going to get all hyper, affectionate, and clinging like always.

“I wanted to thank you for coming to the competition,” Kim replied as she continued closer to her mistress. She noted how tense Shego seemed. She concluded that Drakken freaked out yet again. What a moron.

“I left before it was over,” Shego informed the girl in an irked tone.

“But, you came and saw me, so thanks for that much.”

“Yeah, so? You think I give a damn about your thanks? You’re just a pet,” Shego pointed out.

“I know. We won,” Kim said.


“It’s been a good day. You came to see me, we won, we all went out and celebrated, and Bonnie didn’t say anything because she was too busy on the phone begging on of professors not to fail her. It was a good day,” Kim said mostly to herself.

“What-the-hell-ever.” Shego scoffed and cast her emerald eyes back out to see.

Kim smiled and then she looked down at her master’s hands to see that they were balled into tight fists. The redhead did not even think about her next actions; she reached out for her mistress. She took the older woman’s hands in her own.

“Princess!” Shego shrieked and she tried to pull away, but found that her pet had a good grip.

Kim did not respond. She continued to hold onto one of her mistress’ hands. She put the hand to her lips and kissed her knuckles. Shego managed to yank her hand away from Kim, who did not appear put off. She stepped just a bit closer to her owner, who seemed to tense up even more so than before. Kim leaned in with a speed that Shego did not expect. Their lips connected and then a few seconds later Shego felt the girl’s tongue in her mouth. It was like sweet velvet against her own tongue and she relaxed for a moment before her mind pointed out what was going on.

The raven-haired female forcefully pushed Kim away from her. She punched the teen on the cheek in a rage and knocked Kim to the sand. The teen did not bother to back stand up.

“How dare you do that, you little bitch! Stay away from my house!” Shego commanded and then she started to storm off.

Kim nodded and touched her sore cheek. “I’ve got other places to go,” she muttered.

“Then fucking go!” Shego ordered; Kim had not anticipated being heard.

“Fine,” the redhead sighed.

For those curious about the use of the term “-kun,” it’s like “-san,” but used between peers and people like that.

Next time: Well, Kim has been kicked out, so where will she go now? What will Shego do without a pet?

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