Chapter 13

Apparently, it is an unlucky number


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TITLE: Apparently, it is an unlucky number

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own these characters, except for Trin, Shin, Tatsu, and Prime, but other than that, you guys all know that Disney is holding things down. I also don’t own “Happy Bunny,” but man, I love that character.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3109

Time happened to be a strange concept to the human mind. It felt like an eternity had passed after the gun went off, a bullet came cutting through the air and sailing directly for Kim Possible. Her elder sister felt like she could have done a million things in the blink of an eye that it took her to react to the dilemma that they were in. It was as if she could have gone home, had lunch, and come back before she dived on her little sister to protect her from the danger that she was in. As the Possible sisters hit the floor, Shego threw a pumped plasma-sphere at Prime. He collapsed instantly while screaming in sheer agony; the sisters groaned as they hit the floor.

“Kim, are you all right?” the green-skinned woman inquired in a bit of a panic, believing that the redhead had been shot because she was the one that Prime had been aiming at. Her heart was in her throat of the second that the teen hero was silent.

“Sis? Sis!” Kim shouted since Trin had blood dripping down her mouth. Well, that answered Shego’s question.

“Mini-me, you okay?” the blonde managed to ask. Bloody hell, she had not thought it would hurt so much; not that she had ever thought to imagine being shot.

“Sis,” the teenager whimpered and then she began to cry. She sat up, forcing Trin to sit up too since she was resting on Kim. The blonde groaned in agony and coughed up more blood as she was moved. Shego came over to have a look at the pair.

“What’s going on? I’m just looking at back, people,” Shin informed them. He could not believe that they had positioned themselves in the one place where he could not see any of their faces.

“Shut up,” Shego ordered the surveillance man. “Where’re you hit?” she asked Trin.

“Who’s hit?” Shin demanded to know.

“Fuck, it hurts more than I though it would,” Trin forced out a bit of a laugh, obviously trying to make it seem like being shot nothing. She was breathing hard and starting to sweat from the shock of being wounded. She ordered herself to remain calm and conscious. She licked her lips as she went into her pocket and pulled out an adhesive bandage.

“What the hell are you doing?” Shego asked. A band-aid was not about to help a bullet wound and she figured a Possible would know something so obvious.

“Field testing our latest invention. It’s a special bandage and if we did everything right, it should slow the bleeding and help the healing start immediately, which I think I could use. Didn’t expect the first trial to be a gunshot wound and I didn’t expect that I would be the test subject, but life is about expecting the unexpected,” Trin remarked; apparently, the shot had released her sense of humor.

Trin lifted up her shirt and located her wound close to the side of her abdomen. She put the bandage on the wound and swallowed down a wince that was trying to escape her mouth as she came into contact with the injury. She made sure that bandage was secure and covering the puncture in her flesh. She sighed and then turned her attention to Kim and Shego.

“Come on, let’s get out of here before someone else wakes up,” Trin commented. She could see why people killed their opponents now. It was no fun to be shot and she would rather not have it happened again.

“Can you even stand up?” Shego asked.

“Yeah,” Trin lied. She was not going to be the one that held them back, even though she was having enough trouble sitting up. She was the one that got them into the mess, after all. Kim sensed her sister’s lie and quietly helped the blonde to her feet.

“Guys, GJ are on their way to the meeting place. I told them everything is secure,” Shin reported.

“Is anybody coming to pick up these assholes?” Shego inquired. She would be pissed if they had just risked their lives against a castle full of pricks that were actually going to get away.

“Should be. Can’t just let the bad guys go free, even if all of his data files, contacts, and every other goody that he had isn’t in his hands anymore. Why do you ask?” Shin countered.

“Your evil twin is leaking. She needs serious medical attention,” the green-skinned female replied, cutting a glance at Trin’s slumped form. The student was growing pale, which was a feat for her since she was already like a sheet of paper.

“Shit. Seriously?” Shin asked and it seemed like he was trying to control himself, but she could hear panic in his tone.

“Yeah,” Shego assured him. Trin did not even have the energy to waste lying to Shin that she was fine; she could not even try to think of a story to tell him to assure him that she was not doing all that bad.

Shin wanted to ask how badly the blonde was hurt, but part of his was too frightened to inquire. He just told himself that he knew that Hell would not want his friend yet while he made sure Global Justice knew his best friend required medical attention and quickly. He hoped those GJ bastards did not just let Trin die and consider it dodging their own bullet. He would make it his life’s mission to make them realize their mistake if they did something so foolish.

Kim had the same hope as Shin, but she did not have the same notion as him if GJ did not get there to save her sibling because she was not even thinking like that. She looked over at her sister, who was growing paler by the second. The thought entered her mind that her sister might die. She might lose her sister and she was not even sure what they were doing on a mission.

“Please, don’t die, Trin,” Kim begged while holding back her tears. She knew that if she cried it would worry her sister and she was aware that the blonde needed to focus on remaining conscious and composed.

“Me, die on you? Don’t be crazy. You know better than that,” Trin replied in a lower voice than usual. It sounded more like she was breathing than talking because the response had been so low.

The ladies continued their way out of the castle to avoid any more surprises. The blonde Possible made it outside before her body simply shut down and she just could not go any farther than right outside the fort. She collapsed into the tall, cool grass and swiftly lost consciousness. The last thing that she saw was her sister crying and she was certain that she had just broken her promise to not die.

“Trin!” Kim wailed as she dropped down to her sister’s side. “Please, Trin, come on. Get up. Please, get up,” she implored the unconscious blonde.

Shego stood back; what else could she do at the moment? It was not like she could dare suggest that Kim leave her sister; the idea had never even entered her mind to do so. She did not have it in her to say those words; she could understand and empathize with the redhead anyway. So, she just waited.

Shego had to meet up with Doctor Director to hand over the goods and prove that she was on the up and up now. Will Du was in the chief’s presence yet again, not that Shego knew who he was and she really could care less than a damn who he was. She just wanted to get back to Kim and be there for the hero because she definitely needed a shoulder at the moment. She hoped that the Possible family was as close as Kim made them seem because they had to hold each other together.

“Job well done,” Doctor Director complimented Shego as the green-skinned woman handed over the bomb and a jump drive containing all of the computer data that they had retrieved. She said the words as if the former criminal would be pleased to hear the praising.

“Whatever,” Shego replied. She had to fight the urge to roll her emerald eyes to the compliment and she had to ignore the strong desire to punch the head of Global Justice in her good eye.

“I suppose Trin told you the details surrounding this mission?” the one-eyed woman inquired.

“She told me that I’m free and you probably wanted what happened to her to happen to her.”

“I hope she was right about you,” Doctor Director commented, obviously ignoring the other end of Shego’s statement.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” the pale female said in a very dismissive tone. She did not have time to deal with the evidently unsympathetic woman.

“I don’t suppose you’ll mind telling me why you had the change of heart.”

“I’m fickle,” Shego snapped. Why in the hell was the blasted woman trying make conversation with her, her mind demanded to know. Was she trying to clear her unconscious of what happened? Knowing that she put a civilian, a damn college student who was not even old enough to drink yet in grave danger? What a bitch, Shego thought.

“You shouldn’t joke like that, Shego.”

“You make that sound like a threat,” the former villainess noted.

“Just advice.”

“Well, fuck your advice and fuck you while I’m at it,” the pale woman stated firmly and then she gave Doctor Director the finger to make sure she completely understood the message that Shego was attempting to convey.

Shego turned to leave, deeply hating the company that she was in at the moment. She was actually a bit offended to be around the pair. Three Global Justice agents came out of nowhere and blocked her path to prevent her from leaving. She turned back to Doctor Director with a tight look in her face.

“You’re more of a bitch than I gave you credit for. You think just three assholes can stop me?” the super-powered woman asked with a smirk. She hoped that they were trying to go back on the deal just so she had a valid reason to go at all of them and send them away crying with scorch marks.

“I didn’t authorize this,” Doctor Director stated.

“I did, ma’am,” Will admitted.

“Why would you do that?” the one-eyed woman demanded to know. She was going to have to reprimand her employees after the meeting it would seem.

“Ma’am, I thought that you would approve. Shego’s a dangerous criminal and I’m sure you agree that we can’t let her escape. We would put the world at risk if we gave her full freedom. We’ve gotten what we want from her and she no longer serves a purpose,” Will explained.

“Men, stand down,” Doctor Director commanded.

“Ma’am?” they all asked in a very confused tone.

“We made a deal and they held up their end. Besides, when the Possible girls say someone’s good, they tend to be right. They wouldn’t just vouch for anybody, the crazy one especially.”

“You can’t possibly trust Trin Possible! The woman’s a vile, unremorseful harlot!” Will declared.

“She may all of those things, but there is honor involved in what we do, Agent Du,” Doctor Director commented. Trin and Shego had honored their end of the deal and now she owed it to them to honor her end, especially considering everything that happened and everything that could have happened.

“Besides, you go back on this deal, Agent Du, and you will make some powerful enemies. Imagine how pissed Kimmie will be to find out that you betrayed her sister’s trust. Can you say ‘welcome to the dark side’? I’m pretty sure something like this is enough to make that happen with her and she’ll make you all her target. And, just on a side note, who is Trin’s partner in crime again?” Shego inquired with a smirk, having fun making the young agent very nervous.

Quite frankly, the pale woman did not much about Shin and Trin or their relationship with Global Justice. She could just pick up that there was something about the pair possibly being against the organization that genuinely frightened the agents. She was curious about the duo because of that fact. They must have been one wicked team.

“Who is this mythological partner?” Will inquired in a snippy tone. He had heard that Trin and some guy went hand and hand like they were glued together, but he had not met the fellow.

“Shinichi Toriyama. I’m sure you’ve read the files on him, Agent Du,” Doctor Director replied in a business-like tone, as if she was giving him respect from the sound of her voice.

“Shinichi…” Will gulped.

“He’s her best friend, her other half. They are known for doing everything together. I’ve heard they claim their bond is thicker than bond,” the one-eyed woman commented.


“It’s unclear when they first met, but they did meet and that would be where all the trouble began most likely.”

“From the look on your face, I don’t think you’re up to taking me in,” Shego said to Will, who looked absolutely terrified. “Learn to stay out of the deep water if you can’t swim, little boy,” she informed him before continuing on her way.

“Ma’am, how could you let this happen?” Will demanded to know.

“They did the job. We’ve caused that family enough trauma for one outing. Besides, she made a point. Betraying Trin at this point would cost the world a great hero in her little sister. She’d definitely go against us and Shin, well, I don’t even want to think about what he might do. You have to learn to see the bigger picture.”

Shego entered the hospital and stood off to the side of the waiting room, which was where Kim and her family were sitting. The green-skinned female noticed a woman standing opposite of her, watching the Possible family just as she was. The woman happened to be Tatsu.

Tatsu was dressed in a black jumpsuit; having banged the top of her head on the hood of a car that she had been working on and rushed over to the hospital after Shin contacted her with the news. She had not been able to approach Trin’s family and find out anything about her girl’s condition; she did not even know if her girl was still alive or not. she did not know how badly her lover might be hurt. From the way the family was bawling on and off, the situation appeared mighty grim.

Tatsu wished that she knew the Possible family, if only to make it less uncomfortable for her to go ask about Trin. She did not feel up to going over and explaining that she was a friend; the doctors Possible might assume that she was playing a very cruel joke since they were aware that Shin was the only friend in Trin’s life. She definitely could not go over there and state that she was Trin’s lover either. She would just have to wait because it was the least damaging thing that she could do.

“Hey, serpent, here to tempt Eve?” a voice asked from behind her. The voice seemed to be trying to sound humorous, but not quite pulling that off.

The mechanic turned around to a thick, tan young man standing directly behind her. His hair was jet black and fell to his shoulders, covering his left eye; he had some sandy brown highlights going through his straight, ebony mane. He had rigid, dark brown eyes like rocks. His face was smooth and oval-shaped. He was not tall for a guy, but taller than Tatsu. He was wearing a long, black leather jacket that happened to be missing a sleeve; the jacket helped hide the fact that he was wearing sky blue sweat pants and a “Happy Bunny” tee-shirt that had caption reading, “I know how you feel, I just don’t care.” He also had on black and yellow swim shoes. Tatsu hugged him lightly.

“How’s she doing?” he asked. He was a bit scared to think about it if Tatsu was hugging him.

“I don’t know,” she answered in a whisper.

“I’ll go find out for you.”

“Please,” she begged, which let him understand just how much she was hurting.

The young man laughed a bit for lack of a better thing to do. He knew that Tatsu was being torn apart not only from what happened, but not knowing what was going on. The tough girl sounded so close to tears that he was ready to break down right with her. He had never thought that there would be a time that Tatsu cried, but if she started at that moment, he knew that she had a very good reason. He was more than aware that Trin and Tatsu were lovers in every sense of the word.

He turned his attention to the Possible family and approached them. Shego wondered who the newcomer was. She had noted that he stopped to interact with the woman opposite her, so she now wondered not only who he was, but who she was too.

He stood before the family and noted the expressions, the twins were crying in their mother’s arms while Kim was busy weeping on her father’s shoulder. The parents seemed to be struggling to keep from breaking down with the kids; they had to be the strong ones. It did not appear that he was going to like the news. GJ would become his own special and personal nemesis and he would personally crawl up Doctor Director’s ass and never leave if Trin died, he silently vowed.

“Shin,” Mrs. Possible said as she took notice of the young man standing awkwardly in front of them.

“Sorry it took me so long to get here. My car blew a tire and I just rode on the rim,” he explained.

“At least you made. Good man,” Mr. Possible said. They all knew that Shin would have come if he had to walk from their apartment to the hospital.

“So, how’s my evil twin? She’ll be tap dancing in no time, right?” Shin asked with a forced smile. He could not, would not give up on her, even though her parents took a very long moment to answer him.

Next time: Find out what happened to the blonde Possible and see what else everyone can get into.

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