Chapter 6

The demon and the dragon


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TITLE: The demon and the dragon

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: You know the drill, the characters belong to Disney, except for Trin and now Tatsu. Everybody else is totally Disney.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2437

Kim thought that her eyes were lying as they remained wide open from shock when she caught sight of her big sister with her mechanic. She just could not believe the scene in front of her. It was just too completely and utterly outrageous for her to believe the information that her eyes were feeding her brain. It was…it was…it was just plain, downright insane.

Trin was sitting on a low counter in the garage and her mechanic was cupping her right breast, slightly massaging the soft globe. To stun Kim even more so than she already was, Trin had her tongue practically down the mechanic’s throat with her legs wrapped around the shorter woman’s body. Yes, Trin’s mechanic was a woman. Trin turned to the door when she heard the gasp.

“Mini-me,” the aqua-eyed woman gasped herself when she saw her little sister and the expression on the girl’s face.

“Busted,” the mechanic whispered against the blonde’s lips. She was shorter than Trin with wild, short ebony hair. She had a tan complexion with strange very pale blue eyes, like thick ice. She was dressed in a black jumpsuit, which was half way open to reveal a white tee-shirt underneath. She moved away from Trin to allow the blonde a chance to get down and run after Kim if necessary, even though the teenager seemed to be cemented to the floor at the moment.

Trin slid off of the counter and marched over to her shell-shocked little sister. She gently took Kim by the shoulder and led her out of the garage. She took Kim to the side of the building and stared down at the redhead to get a feel for how Kim had taken the scene that she just witnessed. As far as Trin could tell, her little sister was in a state of complete and absolute shock.

The blonde sighed; she could practically sense her little sister shunning her for not only her sexual orientation, but also her taste in women. She knew that Kim really had no problem with homosexuals because Kim got along with Shin and they joked that if he got any more homosexual, he would come around full circle and like girls. It was just that Shin was not Kim’s sister, pretty much her role model.

“Kim,” Trin said to try and bring the teen out of her daze. She reached out and took her sister by the chin. “Mini-me,” the blonde said in a soft, but firm tone.

“Sis…I think I’m seeing things,” Kim muttered.

Trin considered lying to her little sister, but that was just too low in her opinion. She would take whatever the teen hero had to dish out. She was not too sure what she would do after that, but she knew that if she did not tell the redhead the truth, she would hate herself even more so than she already did.

“You aren’t seeing things, Mini-me,” the elder sister replied.

“But, I thought that you were…” Kim could not even get the words out.

“Kissing Tatsu?”


“I was,” Trin confirmed.

“But, sis, Tatsu is, well, she’s the serpent for crying out loud,” Kim pointed out.

Tatsu the serpent; that was what people called Trin’s mechanic and obviously more. She was one of the town’s forgotten souls. She made her money mostly by working on illegal street racing cars; business was actually pretty good. She had not even graduated high school; she had dropped out at sixteen, not that many people noticed. She had left home at sixteen too; she did not like to talk about that much, except for with Trin. She had wandered Middleton for the most part before getting works thanks to her skills at fixing cars, which progressed into what she did now. Kim could only wonder how her sister got involved with Tatsu.

“Sis, this is the serpent,” Kim repeated for emphasis.

“Don’t call her that,” Trin ordered.

People called Tatsu “the serpent” because they were mocking her name, which meant dragon. They always said that she was about as trustworthy as a snake; there was a rumor going around that her touch was poisonous. It was just nonsense spouted about a person that was different from the majority of the population, a person that did not quite fit into the society around them. The blonde would not allow Kim to say such things about Tatsu; she could not let her little sister be like everyone else.

“Sis…you’re a… a….” Kim could not even get it out.

“I’m a lesbian, yes,” Trin confirmed as if it was nothing. It was something, though. Every secret that she kept was something heavy, especially when it was something that she kept from Kim.

“Talk about being just like Shin,” the redhead muttered. She could not believe how alike two best friends could be.

“Are you all right, Mini-me? I mean, I know that this is a shock.”

A shock? It was much more than that. It was something totally out of left field. She had never considered that Trin even had a sexual preference, making everything even more bizarre. Trin always seemed so focused on work; she never seemed to make any motions toward anything other than being extremely talented and skilled in everything. There was also the fact that she seemed to loathe the idea of human contact to a large degree and tried not to interact with anyone, male or female. In some sense, she seemed asexual.

“Well, I guess this is okay. I mean, you’re no different now than you were yesterday. Of course, yesterday I didn’t know you were a…a…” Kim still could not get the word out.

Trin casually rolled her blue-green eyes. “It’s not such a big deal, Mini-me. It doesn’t change me. It doesn’t change anything.”


“Of course not.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me, Trin?” Kim demanded to know. “I thought you told me everything. You say it’s no big deal, but you never told me! You kept it a secret! How long?” the teen inquired in a forceful tone.

Trin did not crumble because of the yelling, even though she was not used to it from her sister. Her brain told her to stand strong and to remain calm like always and she complied with the command. She knew how to be patient and Kim deserved her patience more than any other person on the planet in her opinion.

“How long have I known I was a lesbian or how long have I been dating Tatsu?” the blonde inquired.

“You’re actually dating her?” the redhead asked incredulously. Well, she supposed that was better than just having casual sex, but the whole point of the matter was that Kim had not been told about anything.

“I am,” Trin replied.

“How long have been with her?”

“For about a year.”

“You kept this thing a secret for a whole year?” Kim was shouting loudly. She could not believe that her sister had never mentioned her relationship; she hated to think about how long her sister had known that she was attracted to the same sex.

“Mini-me—” the elder sister tried to explain herself.

“Don’t ‘Mini-me’ me! I don’t want to hear it,” Kim declared and she tried to run off, but Trin grabbed her. Kim turned around and tried to yank her arm away, but discovered that it was one thing that she could not do. “Let me go,” the teen ordered.

“Make me or listen to me,” Trin stated.

The cheerleader decided on the poorer choice of the first option. She lashed out at her sister with a roundhouse kick. The aqua-eyed female could not believe that her little sister had seriously attempted to strike her and if she had not moved back slightly, she was certain that Kim would have broken her jaw with such a powerful move. She was shocked that her little sister had even tried to significantly injure her.

“Mini-me,” Trin said in a stern voice.

“Let me go,” Kim demanded once again.


Kim took another kick at her elder sister. Trin did not let her little sister go as Kim mounted an offensive assault against the blonde. The college student dodged the hero’s attack with a very disturbed look on her face; Kim might as well have been coming at her with a knife from the expression in her eyes. And then, Kim landed a hit and knocked the elder Possible’s glasses off of her face. Trin’s head snapped to the side.

“That’ll leave a nice bruise,” Tatsu commented from the doorway. Her voice sounded a bit sinister and snake-like because she spoke in a whisper.

“You’re next,” Kim threatened the mechanic. How dare that woman make her sister lie to her, her mind screamed! Apparently, the redhead could not be angry and logical at the same time when it came to her big sister.

“Scary, but how’re you gonna get me if your big sis is still holding you back?” Tatsu remarked.

“Let me go, Trin!” Kim commanded when she saw that the blonde was still holding onto her tightly. She pulled on her limb, but found that Trin was not close to letting her go. She was a bit astonished by her sibling’s strength and will because she had given Trin her best shot; technically, her big sister should be laid out on the ground, seeing stars for about an hour after such a hit.

“I won’t let you go,” Trin replied and then she turned her eyes to Tatsu. “Might I have a moment with my sister, please?”

“But, I was so looking forward to see somebody kick your ass,” Tatsu commented.

“You’ll have to wait much longer than this. If Mini-me truly wished to kick my ass, she would need both arms. Now, if you would,” Trin replied.

Tatsu made a dismissive gesture with her hand and went back into the garage. Trin then turned back to her prisoner. Kim considered going at her sister again, but she did not see the point now that she had a chance to think about her actions. She did not want to seriously battle with Trin, not because she was frightened or anything, but because she thought that would make her like everyone else. She was the one starting with Trin after all while the blonde was merely attempting to explain herself.

“Are you calm now?” Trin inquired.

Kim nodded and the college student released her younger sibling. She waited to see if the cheerleader would try and run, but once she was sure that Kim was going to stay put, she leaned down. She picked up her spectacles and inspected them. She placed them back on her face once she saw that they were all right. She then turned back to Kim while trying her best to ignore the throbbing pain in her cheek.

“Now, state your gripe,” the aqua-eyed woman ordered. She knew that her sister’s outburst had nothing to do with her sexual persuasion, but the fact that she had been keeping secrets. There might be some problem with who she was seeing also.

“You didn’t tell me. Why didn’t you tell me?” Kim practically begged to know. She looked so hurt and Trin felt like scum for wounding her sister as deeply as it appeared that she did.

“I wasn’t sure how you would take it,” the blonde replied in a slightly ashamed tone.

“You think I’d hate you over something like this?” the redhead inquired.

“I feared that you would,” Trin admitted in a low voice. She had very little of the intangibles that made up life and she cherished what she did have. If she lost just a bit of Kim’s respect, she was certain that she would whether away like a rose in the desert. She would lose herself if she lost her little sister.

“Sis, I’d never hate you. I mean, you’re my big sister. Come on, I can’t believe someone as smart as you would think something so stupid,” Kim remarked.

“Fear makes even the most logical beings irrational,” Trin muttered.

“I wish you would’ve just told me. But, I guess this explains why it looked like you went shopping for three people yesterday,” the teen commented with a slight laugh.

“Well, like Shin, when Tatsu dresses herself, it’s a scary sight.”

“So, a whole year, huh?”

“Yes, a year. I…I…” Trin ground her teeth together for a long moment, which let her little sister know that she had an apology coming her way. Trin detested apologizing; it was a sign of imperfection and she was perfect. “Sorry,” she sort of spat the word from her mouth like it was bitter.

“Excuse me?” Kim said.

“Kim, don’t try to drag this out anymore than that.”

“But, I didn’t hear you,” the teen hero said with an angelic look on her face.

“Sorry, and I won’t say it again,” the elder sister grumbled.

“Okay,” Kim conceded. She had gotten two “sorries” out of her sister; that might have been a record, especially since they were not followed by snippy words like “that you’re an idiot” and things like that.

“Look, Kim, I’ll tell you all about it at home. I’ll tell you anything that you want to know later on.”

“Anything?” Kim asked.

“Yes, anything. Like you said, I tell you everything. I wanted to tell you about this, but it is actually hard to bring up in a conversation,” the blonde replied.

“If you say so. I always thought that if you had something to say, you’d say it,” the teenager commented.

“That’s with the rest of the world. I don’t care what they think, but you know I value your opinion more than anything else.”

Kim smiled. “Even more than Shin?” she teased.

“Much more than Shin. After all, Shin’s an idiot.”

“So, can I stay here or should I go home?” Kim asked. After all, she had interrupted a rather intimate moment, so she thought that her sister and Tatsu might want to get back to that.

“You can stick around, but just be polite to Tatsu. She likes to take her anger out on my poor car,” Trin remarked.

“Some girlfriend,” Kim scoffed.

“No, some mechanic. Come on,” Trin invited her sister back into the garage. She was actually relieved to have been busted and she was able to get all of that off of her mind. She did not like keeping secrets, but she did keep them well.

Next time: Kim and Trin have a long talk, which leads to some plotting.

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