Chapter 11

Dealing with the Devil


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TITLE: Dealing with the Devil

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own the characters…except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu. Everybody else is Disney.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: I've just found out what life was like in about the 1800's. I don't know how they did it. But, I tell you what, I know I was supposed to update like yesterday as is my norm, so I'm willing to cut a deal with you all reading this. You give me three or more reviews before my usual couple of days go by and I'll try to update again tomorrow. This is a one time offering.

Words: 4085

“Come with me and I’ll brief you,” Doctor Director said to Trin. It would seem that the woman was going to take her up on whatever little arrangement that she could work out with them. It was like she was waiting for Trin to try and cut a deal.

The blonde knew that she could bargain with GJ as long as a logical, levelheaded person was in charge of the organization. Well, a logical, levelheaded person that was willing to admit that Trin was the lesser of two evils whenever the student did something a bit on the illegal side. Trin was aware that many of the things she and Shin did could be considered pranks, especially when put next to real threats against the world and for the most part the chief of GJ thought of their acts in the same way.

Trin followed Doctor Director out of the house; they had to go to secure location and the one-eyed woman did not want the doctors Possible to hear any part of the assignment that she had for their daughter. The last time Doctor Director had mentioned a mission in front of Trin’s parents, they grounded her to keep her from going. She did not give the blonde girl easy tasks. Will Du followed both ladies out of the house and to a black, unmarked van.

“Yeah, this is inconspicuous,” Trin commented sarcastically.

“It’s standard procedure—” Will started, but she did not let him go on.

“You don’t seem to get that I don’t want to hear from you. You’re no one on the food chain and, therefore, no one that concerns me. So, shut it before I shut it for you,” the blonde female warned the agent.

“Doctor Director, did you hear that? She threatened a top agent. Surely that is a punishable offense,” Will said.

The brown-haired woman sighed; she knew that she could not send Will out with Trin or there was a very slim chance of him coming back in one piece; hell, there was a chance that he would not come back at all. She had learned that Trin usually worked best with Shin and no one else. They did the job alone better than when they had agents “keeping an eye on them.” The pair had actually never run out on a mission if they were left to do it on their own, but when there were agents with them, all kinds of things went wrong and a couple of times they just quit in the middle of something very serious when they had agents breathing down their necks.

“Look, Agent Du, you’ll find that almost everything Trin says or does is a punishable offense in some way. Unfortunately, she’s useful,” Doctor Director admitted and it sounded as if those words pained her deeply.

“Vermin is only useful as fodder for serpents,” Will remarked.

“I’m sure that’s what she has in mind,” Trin commented. Doctor Director was no fan of hers, but she did not care since the woman was no one to her. She was fairly certain that the chief of Global Justice would not lament her passing for a moment, though.

“Well, you do want to prove an incredible thing. Now, what is it you scientists say again? Ah, yes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” the boss replied.

“Is it so hard to believe that a former hero might grow weary of madcap villainy?” the blonde young woman asked. Frankly, she did not see how someone of Shego’s intelligence put up with the bumbling failures of her employer; sometimes, money just was not everything.

“I don’t believe that she will go straight.”

“You might have me there,” Trin conceded only because of the pun made thanks to the use of the word “straight” while discussing Shego.

“Do you think that just because we picked up her employer that she’s willing to let it all go? She’ll just work for someone else,” Doctor Director stated. Someone, she was willing to bet that it was Shin, sent GJ the coordinates to pick up Doctor Drakken only minutes after Team Possible left. In fact, Drakken was still crying when GJ stormed the place.

“That is your opinion while I’m working with my own.”

“Trin, you’re playing with fire again,” the one-eyed woman stated. She wondered if Trin and Shin would not be happy until they just went too far and ended up dead.

“Then burn me, like you tried to do the last time,” the blonde challenged the older woman.

Doctor Director frowned; she disliked Trin immensely mostly for the girl’s cocky attitude. Trin seemed to think that she could get away with anything and nothing would happen. She did random things without thinking of the consequences it would seem. It was a troubling thing because of her intelligence and capabilities; not to mention she worked with someone equally intelligent, capable, and out of his mind.

The chief of GJ was bothered by the fact that she did not know what way Trin was going to go in life. She could see Trin turning to crime and the worse part if it was that if Trin did go the wrong way, she could easily take Kim with her. The Possible sisters could be very dangerous on the wrong side of the law and now they were associating with Shego for some reason. It was a strange affair, one that she did not like.

Betty guessed that much her disdain for Trin and her evil twin stemmed from the way that they met. The pair had hacked GJ’s computer system, just for the fun of it. When they were confronted about their actions and how many lives they put in danger for playing around with such an advanced system, the duo only shrugged; well, Shin shrugged and laughed. They genuinely had not cared that while they were toying with the computers, a major crisis could have come up and GJ would not have been able to address it properly. To get them out of trouble, their parents had ordered the pair to explain how they hacked the system and offer to help the agency improve it; the pair complied, but made sure to be extra snippy while doing it, especially Shin.

Doctor Director never forgot the lack of remorse that the duo had shown; the nonchalant look in their eyes through out the whole ordeal. And they were always like that; cold, unresponsive to wrongdoing on their part that could result in agony for others. In that sense, they were sociopaths.

“Fine, Trin, if you and Shego complete this mission smoothly, her clean slate will stand,” Doctor Director decided.

“Ma’am!” Will objected. “How can you make a deal with her?” he demanded to know.

“While Trin is a very puzzling creature that makes little sense to me, she is efficient and honest for some reason,” the one-eyed woman replied.

“You forgot perfect,” the blonde commented.

“I don’t think I’ll ever understand you,” Doctor Director sighed. She could not figure out if the girl was a criminal or just a showoff.

“I assure you, there’s a logical and simple method to my madness, but I doubt I’ll ever tell you. Now, what would you have us do?” Trin asked calmly, as if she had no problem with rushing to almost certain doom.

Trin returned to the house and her parents did not inquired about the compromise that she and Doctor Director had come to; they did not want to know. Even if they did have it in them to ask, they were aware that Trin would not tell or she was would use every word in her vast vocabulary to make it sound like the most trivial of matters, as she had done in the past. She did not want to worry them with details that were merely brought on by her being caught doing something against the law.

The blonde pulled out her phone as she started for her room. She called her friend as she ascended the stairs. She tried to think of their next move until he answered the phone.

“So?” Shin asked.

“We’re been busted and recruited as predicted,” Trin replied.

“Should I get over there?” Shin inquired.

“No, one of us is going to have to do surveillance and you are already home,” the blonde pointed out while going to Kim’s room.

Trin entered the room without bothering to knock, breaking up a cuddling session between her sister and Shego. She gained their attention when she came in and she pointed at Shego. She motioned for Shego to come with her while continuing her conversation with Shin.

“Aw, man. I don’t want to stay home. We could get Wade to do this,” Shin replied.

“No, I don’t want to get him caught up in this,” Trin replied as Shego sat up, but Kim grabbed her and would not let her go.

“What’s going on?” the redhead asked.

“I’m going to find out if you let me go,” Shego replied.

“But, why does Trin want you?”

“I’ll find out if you let me go,” the fugitive pointed out.

Kim nodded and let go of the raven-haired woman. Shego left the room with Trin while the cheerleader was left wondering what in the world was going on. She doubted that she would find out from her sister if Trin was going to tell Shego before her. Well, there was always another way to find out. She pulled out her Kimmunicator and contacted Wade.

“What’s up, Kim?” Wade asked as he answered the call.

“Well, my sister and Shin seem to be up to something,” Kim replied.

“Kim, you know it’s always better to stay out of things if Trin and Shin are keeping it a secret,” the computer genius stated. If Trin was not telling her little sister something, he knew it was because Trin and Shin were doing something that they probably preferred to just taint their souls and no one else’s.

“Wade, it worries me when they get like this. Plus, Trin has been doing weird stuff all day,” the redhead informed her friend.

“She can take care of herself.”

“I know.”

“Look, Kim, I like Trin and Shin and I worry about them too, but it’s better for us to leave them to their own devices,” Wade said.

The computer genius meant his words; he was one of the few people on the planet that actually liked Trin and Shin. In his opinion, they were not as bad as many people thought they were and he believed that they generally acted the way that they did to keep people away from them now. If they did not want people near them, it was something that Wade could completely understand because he did not want to interact with the masses either.

“Wade, I am my sister’s keeper,” Kim commented.

“I think you have that backwards,” he riposted. History showed that she had that statement backwards.

“I just want to have her back, Wade. I know you want to look out for Shin too. He’s about the only person that can actually challenge you in Crash.”

The shut-in laughed. “He’s not as much of a challenge as he’d like you to believe he is. He should give it up really.”

Trin and Shego made it Trin’s room without being found out. Trin motioned for Shego to sit down while she continued on with her conversation with Shin. The thief watched the blonde and the intense look in her eyes.

“All right, call me back as soon as you get all of that,” Trin ordered and she disconnected the call while turning to the older woman.

“So, what’s going on?” Shego inquired.

“Some very rough things. GJ just paid me a visit, which I expected. They didn’t like how everything on you suddenly vanished into cyber air. They really didn’t like that I seemed to take an interest in you,” Trin answered.

“What do they give a crap if you’re interested in me or not?”

“Shego, you’re a known criminal-for-hire. Believe it or not, I’m not as squeaky clean as my little sister is. GJ fears that one day I’ll go evil along with Shin as he and I share the same brain to a certain extent. They think I’ll take Kim with me when I go. It’s a valid fear, I suppose, given my history. But, the day that I taint my sister is the day I slit my throat.”

“You say that now,” the green-skinned woman commented.

“I suppose. I do believe in my heart that I would kill myself if I put Kim on the path to Hell.”

“Ah, so you’re religious,” Shego said as if that was an amusing fact.


“You’re a bit sick in the head with the way you obsess over Kimmie,” the thief pointed out and Trin adjusted her glasses a bit.

“I suppose,” the blonde conceded. Maybe she did go too far when it came to Kim, but her family did not seem to mind. Besides, Shego had met her under some special circumstances. Usually, her relationship with Kim involved activities that did not require hacking and espionage. They shopped, they jet skied, they went to spas with their mother sometimes, but every now and then something came up that did seem to indicate that Trin was overprotective and overzealous when it came to her younger sister.

“It’s not too late to back out if you’re not really up to this,” Shego said to the college student.

Trin looked at the super-powered female was if she was insane. “I don’t back out. When I start to screw with someone, I screw with them to the end. I screw with them until they’re dead.”

“So, you’re screwing with GJ is what you’re saying?”

“They’re willing to give you a completely fresh start, make everything you’ve done wrong go away forever, not to mention forget about me and Shin disappearing a lot of government files, I don’t think they’re screwing with us,” the blonde commented.

“Not yet anyway. What do they want from us for all that?”

“This would be the tricky part, where we hopefully don’t get screwed. I hope you’re as hard as you pretend to be,” Trin remarked.

Shego smirked. “Well, I don’t like to brag. Wait, yes, I do. I’m better than I pretend to be,” she replied.

“That’s good to know because we are about to embark on a deadly journey,” Trin informed the fugitive.

“How deadly?”

“All right, have you ever heard of Prime?”

“Yeah, he’s an insane douche-bag that makes money by being an insane douche-bag,” the raven-haired woman answered.

“Interesting definition. Well, apparently, he has a nuke.”

“What do I care if he has a nuke?”

“See, this would be the thing, GJ wants us to retrieve the small nuclear weapon that he stole from some of their top agents before he not only uses it, but let’s the world know where he got it from,” Trin explained dryly.

“Cleaning up their crap?”

“Yes, they always hand me such dirty work.”

“Why don’t they just go in and grab him? They know he’s got the nuke since he has the one they were transporting, so it’s not like it would be hard to justify crashing his pad,” Shego pointed out.

“Ah, yes, they knock on the door and in their most polite voices request their nuclear weapon back. I doubt it would work and there’s more to it then just getting the weapon,” the blonde informed her temporary teammate.

“More crap? What the hell else could they want?”

“All of the data on his main computer. If they touched that stuff, it would be considered stealing because it has nothing to do with the weapon that he yanked from them. However if it was delivered to them by a couple of concerned citizens, that would be quite all right.”

“This is a lot of crap. Why us and why this?” Shego asked.

“It’s to prove you’re a good guy now…well, that you’re at least not a bad guy. If you deliver all of this very expensive stuff to GJ, they’ll believe that you’re on the up and up to a certain degree because you didn’t use it for your own benefit.”

“And why you?”

“Oh, they probably just want me to get shot,” Trin said as if it was nothing.

“You’re joking,” Shego deadpanned. She would never think that a goody-goody organization would want the sister of Kim Possible shot, even if she was a bit of a nut-job.

“I kid you not. They don’t like me much. So, is Kim worth this little trip to you?”

Shego did not hesitate. “Yeah.”

“Well, then, it would seem that you’re going to do this. Shego, despite the fact that you think and might possibly be right that I’m obsessed with Kim, I think you understand why that is better than anyone else in the world ever would or will. I just want her to be happy because she keeps me human. She shows me that there is light in this world.”

“I do understand that. She showed me that life’s more than adrenaline rush.”

“Then after this, I’ll hand her main care over to you,” Trin commented. She was trying to joke, but she was very much out of practice.

“You make it sound so business-like,” Shego noted. The blonde was aware of how she sounded; she was that way on purpose.

“Rather than business, I prefer to think of everything as surgery. Messy, but with neat cuts and it takes precise handling. This mission is going to be surgery for us. Do you know anything about Prime?” the student asked curiously.

“Yeah, the cheese fell off his cracker a long time ago.”

Trin sighed; she wished that just one deadly person on the planet was half-way sane. But then again, a half-way sane person would probably find better things to do with his time than scare the world’s population with a nuclear weapon and they would not be in their current mess at all. She hoped that Shin got some good intelligence on the man that they had to go after.

Kim waited for Wade to get back to her with some information. He was investigating whatever Shin was looking into. She knew that her friend would be able to track Shin without alerting him as long as he was very careful. It took a while, but Wade got back to her.

“Kim, your sister is going after a guy named Prime as far as I can tell. Shin’s digging up some nasty skeletons on this one, Kim. Maybe you should just leave it to them,” Wade advised. He knew when the pair was trying to keep them out of something and they were in a classic case of that right now. Usually if they were doing something just entertaining and not very dangerous, they included Kim and Wade, but not when they were doing something that might end with arrests or even death.

“No way. Do you know why she’s doing this?” the cheerleader inquired in a bit of a bemused tone.

“I haven’t a clue,” he answered.

“Keep me posted while I talk to Trin.”

“Are you sure that’s smart?” he asked. He hated how the sisters got when it came to each other. They always did strange things. He understood caring about each other, but they needed to learn to act like the other was competent when things got a bit weird, especially since things got weird with them almost daily.

“She tells me everything,” the redhead replied confidently.

Wade did not bother to argue since he knew that the sisters tended to get very single-minded when it came to each other. He guessed that it was good to have someone care so much, but it really clouded their minds sometime. He disconnected the communication, deciding to let Kim do what she was going to do because she was going to do it anyway.

The teen hero marched out of her room and down the stairs. She went to Trin’s room and interrupted a conversation between Shego and Trin. She eyed them suspiciously for a moment and wondered what they could possibly be doing together; they had just met that morning after all.

“What’s up, Mini-me?” Trin asked.

“Tell me what’s going on,” Kim requested.

“I would if I could,” the blonde answered.





“Are you two done identifying each other yet?” Shego remarked in an impatient tone. As much as she was not for charging to her own death, she would rather get the stupid mission over and done with as soon as possible. Trin described it as if it would be a cakewalk; it was something that Shego would have to see to believe.

“Yes, we’re done,” Trin assured the green-skinned woman.

“Sis,” Kim huffed angrily.

“Kim, could you just accept this one thing and leave it alone?” Trin actually begged. She truly believed that her little sister could do anything, but she would rather not test that theory by bringing Kim along on a spy mission. If something went awry, Kim did not deserve a death were her heroics would not be acknowledged and a chance that her body would not be retrieved due to the nature of the assignment.

“No,” Kim said firmly. If her sister was at risk, then she wanted in to be there and protect her sister.

Shego wondered how Trin was going to handle her stubborn little sister. Shego did not want Kim to come along anymore than Trin did, so she hoped that the blonde had a good plan to get Kim to stay. She pondered what that plan might actually be.

Trin showed Shego just what her plan was and it was something that Shego had not expected. The elder sister hit a pressure point on the cheerleader’s neck and knocked her out cold without any change in her facial expression. She then calmly strolled to her nightstand and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. She casually handcuffed her little sister to her closet door.

“Let’s go,” Trin said as if she had not just rendered her little sister unconscious and then bound her to a door.

“I never thought I’d live to see a Possible do such a thing,” Shego commented. There was a possibility that she could learn to like Trin, as long as the blonde never tried anything like that again.

“That won’t hold her for long. Let’s not waste time,” the student said and Shego agreed. They left to get the mission out of the way.

Kim regained consciousness and immediately noticed that she was chained to Trin’s closet door, letting her know that she had fallen for one of sister’s oldest moves. She groaned; she could not believe that she had become a victim of her sister’s martial arts so easily. She hated to even consider what Trin and Shego might be getting into if the blonde had the nerve to handcuff her to the closet and Shego did not even object. They might need her help, her mind pointed out, so she had to get free.

Thankfully, Trin and Shin being a few cards short of a full deck, and Kim was fully aware of that, had taught her not only how to pick cuffs, but they urged her to always carry something on her person to pick the locks with. It turned out to be very sound advice because she often found herself bound in her line of work. She easily got out of the cuffs and pulled out her Kimmunicator.

“Wade, where’s my sister?” Kim demanded to know. She was going to punch Trin right in the mouth for having the gall to cuff her to the closet.

“Well, according to Shin’s call for a ride, she’s on her way to a small uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean,” Wade answered.

“Can you get me there?”

“Of course.”

“Then make it happen,” Kim ordered. She was both angry and worried about her sister and Shego. It was not like her sister would just knock her out for no reason at all and she wanted to be there in case they required her help.

Next time: On to the assignment. Will Kim make there in time and what will Trin do if her little sister does try to join the party?

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