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TITLE: Pariah

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: “Kim Possible” and all characters within © The Walt Disney Company and its related entities. Kim Possible created by Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley. All rights reserved. All other Characters not related to Kim Possible belong to their respective owners and creators. Original and ideas Characters are the intellectual property of their respective authors.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: I started this story and lost my motivation to write it as I started two other stories while I was supposed to be writing this one. I figured I’d post the first chapter and see what everybody thinks. If you guys wanna see more, I’ve got no problem with posting the rest of it.

Warning, bit of an AU here as I have created the person that Kim looks up to. It’s probably been done before too. Just give it a chance by reading through the whole thing before deciding to hurt me.

Also, this has nothing to do with my other fics. It’s standing on its own. And none of the characters belong to me, except for the one I made up.

Words: 2583

Sometimes, monsters and geniuses are developed, built up, cultivated rather than being born and created from scratch.

Today was a good day. Kim had decided that it was a good day long before it arrived and it did not matter what happened, it was still a good day. She figured that it was a good day about four months ago. Now that it was there, she decided that she needed to amend her previous thoughts. It was not a good day; it was a great day.

Yes, it was a great day. It was fantastic day to the power of infinite. No one on the planet would ever have a day as good as hers and the good part had not even come yet. She was still waiting for the best part of the day, but that was one of the things that made it so grand. It left like it was her birthday and it was like she was all too aware that she had a pyramid of presents to open. The fact of the matter was that she only had one gift and it could not even be opened whenever she felt like it. She had to wait, but that did not matter a lick to her. She knew that by the end of the day, her favorite thing of all time was going to happen.

What was so grandiose that it had Kim Possible on pins and needles just anxiously, eagerly waiting for the day to come to a close? Well, her big sister would be coming home from her university. Yes, she had an older sister, who she adored and admired like no one else on the planet. Why? Because her sister was just about the greatest human being of all time; in fact, she had been tempted to make her motto “I can do anything, but if I can’t, my sister definitely can.”

Trinket Possible, Kim’s elder sister of three years. Whenever they were in school together, they were known as the “Perfect Twins” and that was meant as a taunt, not a compliment. They thought that was stupid because first of all, they were not twins and they did not even look anything alike. Trinket was pale and blonde. She had eyes the color of topical sea water, yet they were nowhere near as inviting as the warm waters of an island that they mimicked. Her eyes, the eyes of a monster many seemed to think, were hidden behind wire-framed spectacles. She was always the taller sister, but never by much. Still, they had been dubbed the “Perfect Twins” from the time that Kim started kindergarten in the same school as Trin, which was the name her sister went by.

The sisters agreed that it was the mark of a imbecile when someone called them the “Perfect Twins” not because they were not perfect; hell, Trin would never admit to being anything less. They believed that only a true idiot would call them “twins” to make fun of them. Kim and Trin were rather opposite in many things, but they were also rather similar in some things.

Kim and Trin were definitely opposites when it came to their personalities and Kim knew that; she acknowledged that difference. While Kim was friendly, Trin was completely closed off, almost curt to everyone that she had ever come in contact with. Trin was frozen while Kim was warm. Trin never encouraged people, except to stay away from her, while Kim was supportive. Trin hardly smiled while Kim hardly frowned. Trin was typically apathetic while Kim was optimistic.

As far as the sisters being similar, they were both very intelligent; Kim would say that Trin was a genius and Trin would agree. They were both athletic; Kim with her cheerleading and the swim team, which she had joined because Trin had done swimming when she went to Middleton High. Trin was often found in any individual sport, finding teamwork often to be overrated, especially if she was the best on the team. Trin had done swimming, tennis, and fencing when she was in high school. They were both martial artists; Kim got into it because of her big sister, believe it or not. The redhead openly admitted to most of the things that she did that were somehow due to her elder sister.

Through out the years, many people, adults and children alike, tried their best to shake Kim’s faith in her big sister. She did not waver from her feeling, though. Her faith stood stronger than a castle after a failing siege attack. So many people detested Trin; Kim sometimes thought that she was about the only person on the planet that liked her sister.

“Hey, K.P,” Ron called for what felt like the hundredth time to Kim.

“Huh?” Kim said, coming out of her daze, still thinking about what a great day it was.

“What’s up? I’ve been in your face for like five minutes,” the blonde boy informed his best friend.

“Really?” she asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, where’s your head at?”

“I was just thinking about something, that’s all,” she replied.

“What could you be thinking about that hard?” he inquired curiously.

“Nothing important,” she assured him with a forced smile.

“Yeah?” he asked in a skeptical tone and then he shrugged. “Ah, well,” he dismissed her daydreaming.

“So, what did you want?”

“Nothing much. I was just hoping that you’d spot me like three bucks for Bueno Nacho today,” he requested.

“Today?” she echoed.

“Yeah, today, like everyday, you know,” he reminded her.

“Right, like everyday,” she repeated in a slightly nervous voice and then nodded for no reason.

“We’re still on for that, right?” Ron inquired because she seemed a bit distracted.

“Uh…sure, totally,” she answered while giving him a thumbs up to completely guarantee him that they were on for Bueno Nacho like they were everyday.

“Okay, then. So, you got me on the three bucks?”

“Of course.”

“Okay, I’m gonna go grab us a table for lunch before the only one that’s left is the one with that stain that looks like Mister Barkin. We don’t need his likeness staring at us with that crazy gaze when we’ve got the real thing,” he informed her.

“Right,” she replied.

Ron trotted off, leaving his best friend to her thoughts. Kim was not sure if she was really still on for Bueno Nacho with Ron. There were two possible problems that she could face thanks to her daily routine with her best bud. There was the very plausible issue that her sister might not want to go. Kim was aware of how her sister felt about fast food; it was too low brow and in her own words “God probably doesn’t even know what’s in that junk.” If her sister did decide to go with Kim to Bueno Nacho, and Kim would have to do some fierce pouting for that to happen, there was still the other problem. Ron might not want to be around her sister; no, Mister Stoppable was not fond of Trin either.

Ron was not ashamed to tell Kim that Trin was a snob; he just would not say that to Trin’s face. Most people had learned it was best to keep their ideas of Trin to themselves because unlike Kim, Trin did not take insults lightly. To insult the blonde Possible was to invite pain into one’s life. Kim guessed that she could take an insult without violence because she usually had to desperately talk her sister out of seriously injuring someone. Trin tended to stand up for herself and for Kim, so one of them had to be the reasonable one or Trin would have gotten arrested a long time ago, the teen reasoned. Well, the police would have at least attempted to arrest Trin, but it would have taken quite the feat of force to make Trin do something that she did not wish to do, even arrest her.

Because Trin was known for her violent streak, many people wondered how a girl like Kim, a hero and all-around sweet person, could look up to such a sister. Trin was not known for doing kind deeds like Kim was. Trin probably would not go out of her way to spit on a person if they were on fire, most people believed. There was a reason behind that and it was that Trin knew if she was on fire the most people would do for her was point and laugh, which Kim believed to be very true. Most of the world just seemed to be against her big sister from the start.

Kim recalled why her sister had started taking martial art classes; she used to get bullied very badly in school. Trin used to come home with cuts and bruises from being pushed off the jungle gym or thrown from a swing or hit with all sorts of things. Their parents always freaked of course, but nothing was ever done about the kids that picked on Trin. The kids seemed to know to hate her from the very beginning and Kim, being very young at the time, never understood why. She misunderstood a lot of things in the beginning.

One of the things that Kim did not comprehend at first was when her Nana came over for the first Christmas that she could recall. She was three at the time and her Nana kept calling Trin “the other one.” Kim did not see why her grandmother would call her by both of her names, much to her dismay, but would not call her sister by her name at all. Little Kimmie thought that their grandmother, being old, had just forgotten Trin’s name and she would always correct the woman.

Nana Possible, even to that day, always called Trin “the other one” or “that girl” or so many other things that just were not her name. Why could Nana not recall Trin’s name, Kim always wondered. Why did she always call Trin something other than her name? Kim found out when she was about eight why her grandmother treated Trin differently when the woman came right out and referred to Trin as “the adopted one.” Trin was adopted and it seemed like the whole town knew it and ridiculed her because of that. It seemed like not only did the whole town know it, but they told their children about it and children being cruel by nature most of the time, took Trin’s difference and slowly tried to kill her because of it.

As far as Kim knew, the story went that one day the doctors Possible were out in the mall doing some shopping for their rapidly growing one-year-old baby girl and they came across a little blonde girl, who appeared lost. Mrs. Possible noticed the child and decided to approach her to find out if anything was wrong. The child assured Mrs. Possible that she was just waiting for her mommy to come back. The doctors continued on their way once they were sure that the girl was waiting for her mother, but when they went back that way, hours later, the child was still there, silently weeping. The doctors offered to wait with her for her mother to return, not that her mother ever did and the doctors did not expect her to. They could tell that the girl had been abandoned; Trin once informed that her mother used to leave her places often, but she came back. It just took days sometimes.

The Possible couple turned the girl over to the proper authorities. When they heard that she was going to be put into foster care, they volunteered to hold onto her. Trin seemed to know that she would rather be with the Possibles than with her own parents because she never offered up her parents’ names or even her family name to help the police locate her parents, who never did surface. So, the doctors Possible adopted the child and she seemed to be getting grief for it ever since. Kim could not understand why people were always tearing into her sister for being adopted and for being abandoned by her birth parents.

Kim thought that it was the apex of childish vindictiveness when people taunted her sister for being abandoned by her birth parents. What kind of thing was that to use to make fun of a person, especially when Trin had been little? That was just evil in Kim’s opinion. It was even worse when Trin got to high school and people were still saying such things to her. Kim thought that teenagers would be more mature than that and know that it just wrong to tease someone about being discarded in a mall.

The worst of it all, as far as Kim knew anyway, was that her sister remembered being disregarded and she recalled her birth parents. She had never said as much, but Kim had clues; mostly from when she was younger and she used to read her sister’s journal for entertainment. She did not read much on her sister’s parents because there was not much. There were just random pages with their names written on them followed by curse words and other pages with Trin’s name and a different family name. Apparently, her last name used to be Bane. How ironic, Trin once wrote, for her to have such an appropriate family name.

The redhead thought that Trin made sure to recall who her birth parents were to later on confront them and rub her genius in their faces, to show them how successful something that they thought so little of had become. Kim thought that her sister excelled in everything that she touched and she thought that she knew the reason behind that, namely that her sister was overcompensating to prove her worth. She did think that there might be another reason that her sister was trying too hard aside for using her achievements against her birth parents one day; after all, she knew who the pair was, but Trin did not seem to be rushing to gloat over anything to them.

Kim considered that her sister might be trying to prove that she was as much a Possible as any other Possible. It might be because she was all too aware that Nana did not accept her or she just wanted to her best to fit in. Trin always got the top marks where she was, no matter what; taunting did not stop her, abuse did not stop her, ghosts from the past did not stop her. Trin did what she did and she did everything well.

The teenage hero never did look at her big sister and think that she was adopted or that she did not belong in their family, like her grandmother always seemed to suggest. Trin was her big sister, nothing less than that. She did not even think about how mean her sister could be to the public at large because her big sister was still great to her and she could not wait for her to show up.

Next time…if there is a next time: Meet Trin, or the antichrist as Ron affectionately calls her.

The next time depends on if anybody wants to see where I’m going with this, you gotta let me know. And if anybody’s wondering I’m not slacking off from writing the sequel to Walking the Line, believe it.

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