Chapter 5

The devil's in the details


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TITLE: The devil's in the details

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own the characters, Disney does. Except for Trin and Shin, as I did think them up. So, Trin and Shin are mine, but everybody else is Disney. I also don’t own Prada.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2700

Kim lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling. She was going to talk with her sister about something that had been bugging her for a while. She thought that Trin should be settled in enough for them to have a seriously conversation, but her sister was on the phone with Shin. From what Kim could tell, Shin was not very trustworthy on his own; he seemed worse than Ron.

The redhead wanted to talk with her sister because the thing on her mind had been bothering her for a long time. She knew that it would have probably been safer to talk about it over the computer or the phone, but she wanted a face-to-face conference to see her sister’s reaction and for her sister to completely understand how much the matter meant to her. But then, as soon as she was about to open her mouth, that idiot Shin called and Trin had been on the phone with him for over an hour.

Trin was trying to prevent her best friend for blowing their apartment sky high. She did not care about him, she told him; it was all about their very nice apartment. The blonde had actually stated that she did not care what Shin did as long as it was not in the house to mess up her good and expensive furniture. He seemed to take special offense to that and started some name-calling, which he was always good for.

Kim hoped that her sister at least got some sleep since Shin was known to go for days on nothing more than spit as far as they could tell, so he could stay up for days, harping on Trin like a bratty toddler. There was always tomorrow for her to sit down and have a discussion with Trin. She just hoped Shin did not call again with whatever it was he was trying to do unsupervised.

(New Day)

School was almost done with and Kim was not sure if she should call Trin for a ride home or just walk with Ron. Trin had not contacted her, so she guessed that the blonde was still getting her car looked at. She wondered what Trin did while her car was being taken care of; she might have actually gone home, Kim considered. The garage was within walking distance; walking distance for Kim and Trin was, of course, measured in miles.

Kim figured that she could walk home with her best friend and then hang out with her sister. They could spar in the backyard or something, Kim considered. If her car was done, they could ride some place that had bungee jumping. It actually took a lot of talking to get Trin to jump from a high place for no reason; Shin usually just grabbed her and jumped while she was “being a bitch about things,” as he put it. She had lost a lot of glasses that way.

“Hey, K.P,” Ron called as he approached her from down the hall.

“Hey, Ron,” the hero greeted him with a smile.

“I heard Trin tried to kill a bunch of people in the mall yesterday.”

“She didn’t try to kill them,” Kim argued. Obviously if her sister was trying to kill those people, they would be dead.

“Did she look at them funny?”

“Ron,” the redhead groaned because she knew where the sidekick was about to go and she did not want to travel down that road yet again.

“I’m just saying, she does need souls to live on and she was probably trying to steal theirs,” the blonde boy pointed out.

“My sister isn’t a succubus,” Kim stated. Who in the hell even taught Ron what a succubus was, she wondered. And then she recalled that he was the king of video games and she knew that there had to be at least one game out there with a succubus in it.

“K.P, do you know where she goes at night?” he inquired in a suspicious tone.

“Yeah, to bed, like the rest of the house,” Kim answered.

“That’s what she wants you to believe. She waits until everybody’s sleeping and then she sneaks out to feed. I’m telling you. Did you notice that death rates increase when she’s around?” he pointed out.

“They do?” Kim asked curiously. She wondered where he got his data from, but she was banking that it was from the usual place that he got his figures from, namely out of his ass.

“Well, I actually dunno. I don’t read the papers and I’m not really a numbers guy. That’s more Rufus’ department. But, I bet if I did read the papers, I’d read that death rates are on the rise, especially in old people,” Ron replied.

“Old people?”

“Because nobody would really suspect her if she devours the souls of old people. They’d just think that the old people died of natural causes, but it would really be supernatural causes. You’ve got to think outside the box, K.P!”

“You need to step back into the box. Why am I even listening to this?” Kim wondered aloud.

“Because it’s the truth! Your sister is a succubus.”

“She’s not a succubus,” Kim stated in a dead serious tone. She could not believe that she was actually standing there and having such an insane and asinine argument with her best friend.

“Can you prove it?” Ron challenged the hero.

“You want me to prove that my sister isn’t a succubus?” the redhead asked incredulously. She had not heard anything so bizarre and fantastic in a long while and with Ron as her best friend, she was accustomed to hearing some pretty wild theories. He was taking things a step farther than he typically did with daring her to prove that her sister was not some make-believe demon. The worse part of it was that he was actually serious.

“You can’t, can you? Guess you can’t do everything,” he said smugly.

“I don’t need to prove my sister isn’t a succubus. She just isn’t.”

“Well, if she’s not a succubus, then she’s definitely the antichrist. Don’t deny it.”

“She’s not the antichrist,” Kim nearly screamed, but she caught herself just in time for the statement to just be forceful without being loud. It was very painful for her to hear Ron say such thing, especially since he meant them and her sister had never done anything to him. She did not think that he was giving Trin the respect that she truly deserved because she had actually done a lot of things for Ron; albeit, she did them while remaining snide toward him.

“Yeah, well, you know, I don’t even believe in the antichrist,” Ron recollected. He was starting to lose his stream on his rant.

“The drawback to being Jewish, huh?” Kim commented in a dreary tone.

“You know, just because I don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I mean, I don’t believe in Bigfoot, but he’s out there.”

“Ron, you do believe in Bigfoot and I’m pretty sure, he’s not out there.”

“Oh…well, I don’t believe that there’s a practical use for math, but I’m sure there is one on some planet out there,” he amended him statement.

“Like Earth?” she teased.

“Whatever. All I’m saying is Trin could possibly be the devil. She might have a tail.”

“She doesn’t have a tail.”



“Hooves?” he guessed.

“She would say that you don’t put Prada on hooves,” Kim replied.

“Well, just look at the way she acts,” Ron said, figuring that he could back that up.

“You mean giving us rides to school whenever she’s around? Taking us to Bueno Nacho even though she hates it? Paying for all our meals whenever we’re with her? Helping us with our homework when she used to be around all the time?” Kim pointed out.

“Not to mention, glaring icy daggers into my heart,” Ron added while pointing at him chest for emphasis.

“When?” the redhead challenged him.

“Like all the time,” the blonde boy practically shouted and Rufus hopped out of his pocket to offer a squeak as witness testimony.

“She doesn’t,” Kim argued.

“Possible, Stoppable, what’s all the yelling about? You’re polluting the hall with your noise,” Mr. Barkin pointed out in his general loud and pushy way of speaking as he walked up to the pair.

“We’re just talking about Trin being the antichrist,” Ron replied.

“Trin Possible is here?” Mr. Barkin demanded to know while frantically searching the hall for the aforementioned demon woman.

“She’s back in town,” Kim informed the brown-haired male.

“Well, she’s not allowed in this school again,” the ex-military man declared while breathing a sigh of relief.

“But, she’s already been in here,” Ron commented.

“Is she here now?” Mr. Barkin inquired with terror in his voice.

Ron thought the answer to that question was pretty obvious. There were no hordes of people fleeing the building in a panic, nor where there any football players bawling their eyes out. But, Kim decided to answer the question.

“No, but she might be by later,” Kim replied since she was now very much contemplating calling her sister for a ride and telling her to nudge Ron with the car, just to scare him a bit. Knowing Trin, she would probably do it.

Mr. Barkin walked off in a panic. When Trin had gone to Middleton High, Mr. Barkin had not escaped her wrath; in fact, he sort of threw himself right at her temper. When she first arrived, he went at her; they all guessed he thought that she was the weakest link in the freshmen chain. Hey, she was blonde, thin, and she wore glasses. She had “nerd” written all of her; many people thought so, but they all learned their lessons before high school.He had learned a little that day about Trin, but not enough it would seem.

The second time the ex-military man spoke to the blonde Possible, it was in regard to her behavior after she had broken a student’s nose; the student had groped her, obviously not a wise decision in life. Mr. Barkin said something along the lines of her not knowing how to act and that she would never hold a real job with her attitude, so she would be living with her parents for the rest of her life. Trin lit into the man like she was flamethrower, pointing out that the only reason he said such things and treated the student body as he did was because he was envious that most of them had futures while he was middle-aged, had not done anything worth noting with his life, was probably not married, probably had not been laid in years, and more than likely still lived in his mother’s basement. He had been in utter shock because no student had ever said such things to him in such a manner, so calmly and methodically, like she weighed every word to know what kind of damage it would have before she spoke it. From that moment on, the man swore that Trin was a demonic sociopath and she seemed to be trying to prove him right whenever she interacted with him.

“See, Kim, that’s proof that your sister is the antichrist,” Ron argued while pointing at Mr. Barkin’s retreating form.

“What?” Kim asked.

“Barkin is scared of her,” Ron answered.


“Barkin isn’t supposed to be scared of anything.”

“Why, because you’re scared of him?” the redhead inquired.

“I’m not scared of him. Look, we’re been through this before, he’s had it out for him ever since I gave him that funny look back in ninth grade. So, do you think Trin could tell him off for me and get him off my back?” Ron requested.

“Ron, two things. One, we’re only going to be here for like a month and then you never have to see the man again. Two, you’ve just finished calling my sister the antichrist and now you want a favor from her? Life doesn’t work that way,” Kim informed her best friend.

“No?” he inquired, sounding rather disappointed over that fact.


“Aw, man,” he groaned.

Kim rolled her eyes; that actually was not the first time that Ron had wanted Trin to do something for him right after he finished ripping into her. Kim thought that it was a bit amusing to watch her friend and sister interact when Ron did want the elder sister to do something for him. It worked almost like a formula because it always happened the same way. Ron would say something with Trin within hearing range, not that he ever knew that, and then he would follow up his insult with wishing that Trin would do something for him; something along the lines of wishing that Trin would drive him home. Trin would snarl at him, like she was deeply offended and upset, yet she would drive him home later or loan him money or whatever else if was that he requested. She just made sure to look as cross and insulted as plausible while doing it. Ron never seemed to notice that she was being nice to him in her own way and doing things that he wanted.

The teen hero was actually amazed by the image that her sister could hold up while being nice to people, most people still thought that Trin was a demon and evil. Most people thought that the blonde Possible was even demonic toward Kim when she was anything but that way toward Kim or even the tweebs. Trin pampered her little sister like no one else in existence. Trin made it clear to Kim that anything that was hers was also Kim’s, which let Kim know that she had a great big sister, especially compared to some stories she heard from other people about their siblings. Kim could hardly recall a time that her sister had ever done anything to her, especially in public, that would give anyone the idea that Trin was mean or malevolent to her in any way, shape, or form.

While thinking about Trin, Kim decided that she would walk home with Ron and then go and surprise Trin at the garage that she took her car to if she was not home yet. She figured that maybe she and her sister could catch a movie or something; one that Ron would never think to see with her, something girly or artsy with depth to it. Ron believed that no movie should ever make him cry or think; he did enough of that in real life, he often joked.

Kim knew that one day soon she was going to have to talk Trin into doing something fun. She bet that Trin would not mind going snowboarding. She could always call in a favor and get them a ride some place to swim with some sharks; while Trin might not jump from a bridge or cliff, she seemed to have no trouble diving in the ocean with no land around for miles and swimming with sharks. Kim could not figure that and Trin refused to explain it; Kim was actually in agreement with Shin, who believed that Trin was essentially afraid of heights.

At the end of the day, Kim said her farewells to Ron and Rufus and then went home. She noticed that Trin was not around, so she knew that the college student was still at the garage, babysitting her precious car. The teen trotted off in the direction of the garage with the plan of keeping her sister company, knowing that the mechanic that worked on Trin’s car was not much for conversation.

The redhead came to the building and passed a window before making it to the door. She saw her sister’s car, but she did not see any sign of life in the area. She went to the door and opened it without bothering to knock; she supposed that would be considered a bad habit whenever she was not in on a mission. Kim gasped when she caught sight of her sister.

“Trin,” the teenager muttered.

Next time: What Kimmie saw.

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