Chapter 10

To Repent


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TITLE: To Repent

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own these characters, except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu. Everyone aside for those three guys belong to Disney.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3347

Trin informed Shego that the stairs right next to her bedroom door led up to Kim’s room because she knew that the super-powered female did not want to spend any time with her and frankly, she did not want to be around Shego anymore. The thief crept up to Kim’s room and spied the teen on her bed; Kim was attempting to do her calculus homework like she said she was. The pale woman eased up next to Kim and pressed herself against the hero’s back.

“Shego,” Kim whispered.

“Just enjoy the moment,” the raven-haired female stated.

The cheerleader nodded and just took pleasure in having the older woman at her back. She had never lay like she was at the moment, with someone pressed against her; not to mention, rubbing against her. It brought a strange, warm feeling through her body and let her know that she appreciated not only having Shego with her at the moment, but she appreciated having Shego point blank.

The redhead recalled all those months ago when Shego had saved her life and she tried to make it seem like it was no big deal, but Kim knew otherwise. Anytime that Shego did something for no profit, it was a big deal. Kim did not know that when Shego found her, she realized just how much the hero meant to her.

The green-hued woman remembered when she came across Kim, frozen and unconscious. She had seriously considered leaving the teenager there for an extremely brief moment, thinking that the girl’s death was all Kim’s fault, but she just could not do it. She just could not leave the girl lying there in the snow, even if it was her own fault for not being able to protect herself. While helping the hero get back on her feet, Shego reflected on her relationship with Kim through out the whole time that they had known each other.

It was at that time that Shego admitted to herself that she respected Kim. She spoke to and got along better with the redhead easier and better than most other people. Kim was someone that understood her and someone that she enjoyed being around; there were not many people like that in the world. She thought long and hard about her life without the redhead and she did not like the way that things headed in her mind. Of course, she could not come right out and say those things, as that was not how she was, but she thought about them often.

From the time that she saved Kim, Shego kept thinking about she did not wish to be adversaries with the hero anymore. She did not mind getting on Kim’s nerves, but she certainly did not want be the reason that Kim almost died; after all, the teen would not have even been on that mountain if Shego had not stolen some blueprints for who-even-knew-what for Drakken. No, she would not be able to handle something like that and it was then that she realized that she might actually love the hero.

“I’ll take really good care of you,” Shego promised Kim in a low voice.

“How?” Kim inquired. “I mean, you’re still a wanted criminal. We can’t even go outside together.”

Shego kissed behind Kim’s ear. “We can and we will be together.”


“Don’t worry about it,” the thief replied. She could see why Trin did not want Kim to know about what she had done and possibly the fact that they would do more. Kim was light while Trin and Shego were not and they did not want to taint the redhead with a scheme. They knew that she would try to go along with everything or be a part of it because what was being done was being done for her and by some of her most beloved people.

The doorbell rang and Mr. Possible went to answer it. He opened the door without bothering to ask who it was and there stood Doctor Director, chief of Global Justice. Standing next to her was the young agent Will Du, who had insisted on accompanying her, even though she did not need any assistance with what she had to do. Will had actually objected to the direct approach that his supervisor was about to embark on for the dangerous Possible and her rogue, careless actions, but Doctor Director assured him that it was quite all right. Mr. Possible ushered the pair in

“Doctor Possible,” Doctor Director greeted the rocket scientist and pleasantly extended her hand. He shook her hand and smiled.

“Good day. So, what’s going on, the world need saving?” Doctor Possible inquired with a bit of a laugh, amusing himself.

“From your daughter,” Will replied in a mumble.

“Excuse me?” Mr. Possible asked, having heard some of the young man’s statement.

“We need to speak with Trin and it would be greatly appreciated if you and your wife were present,” Doctor Director explained in a very civil tone.

Mr. Possible sighed. “What’s Trin done now?” The reason that they actually knew Betty Director enough to easily invite her into their home was because of Trin.

“We have reason to believe that she commandeered a large number of government files,” the one-eyed woman answered and Will could not believe that his boss would divulge such information so effortlessly. Little did he know, but Doctor Director had dealt with Trin on several occasions and she knew that it was best to have the doctors Possible present to keep Trin calm and usually to get her to cooperate.

“Trin!” Mr. Possible called up the stairs.

Trin was never beckoned for by her whole name like Kim was when she was in trouble. Trin very much disliked the sound of her whole name, but for a much different reason than her little sister. “Trinket” sounded too much like a trivial object, something of little value or no importance and she had made it quite clear from when she was younger that she felt deeply offended to be called by such a name. Her parents were in agreement with her.

“Yes, Dad?” the college student replied from the top of the stairs.

“What’s Global Justice doing here?” he inquired.

“I’m not quite sure. Perhaps Doctor Director just wanted to check up on me,” Trin commented as she turned her eyes to the one-eyed woman. She noticed the young agent with the chief of Global Justice. “Who is this with you? He looks so very familiar,” the blonde noted with a demonic glint in her aqua eyes. Will actually cringed from the look.

“This is Will Du,” Doctor Director answered.

“The younger brother of Ken Du?” Trin asked.

“The very same.”

“Oh, how darling. How is dear Ken? I hope he’s out of the wheelchair by now,” the blonde stated.

“He is,” Will replied in a clipped tone.

“Excellent. Does he walk with a limp?”

Will frowned. “You sadistic bitch,” he snapped.

Trin had a look on her face that could be mistaken for a smile. The expression was probably the closest thing that they would ever see to know what a vampire looked like after feeding, just so very satisfied on human misery. In fact, they would not be surprised if Will dropped dead for some unknown force because of the way that the blonde was looking at him.

“Young man, I won’t have you using such language in my home, especially if it is directed toward my daughter,” Mr. Possible informed the rude agent.

“She’s not even your real daughter,” Will grumbled, but he luckily or wisely made sure the statement did not sound like English or any other known language.

“We need to talk to you, Trin,” Doctor Director said, just to get her employee focused again. She did not need for him to let his emotions run away with him or they would all be pulling the blonde young woman off of him.

“Well, my room is free,” Trin invited the brunette woman upstairs with a motion of her hand.

Doctor Director laughed a bit. “I don’t think so, Trin,” she replied.

“You want my parents present, don’t you?”

“It is standard procedure for anyone that has dealt with you more than once, I’m sure.”

Trin frowned because the older woman had a very good point. It always came down to people wanting to tell her parents about their devil daughter. She guessed that people were hoping that one day her parents would cut her off completely, forsake her like the rest of the world because they would not want to deal with her antisocial behavior anymore. Trin doubted that they would ever do that, but if they did, little did the world know that she just planed on being worse than she already was.

The group went to the dinning room and sat down at the table. They were joined by Mrs. Possible when she noticed that the director of GJ was in the house from the kitchen. Trin opted for leaning against wall rather than sitting down with everyone. The parents looked at Doctor Director, who eyed Trin, who found the floor to be extra fascinating at the moment. The blonde knew that the moment was coming the second that she started plotting, but she decided to give the one-eyed woman some satisfaction by appearing a tiny bit ashamed of actions that she was never going to admit to doing; in all truth, she would do everything all over again if given the chance.

“All right, what did Trin do?” Mrs. Possible inquired because she knew that the chief of GJ suspected that her daughter had done some sort of stunt.

“Trin and more than likely her partner in crime unleashed a computer program that managed to disappear all computer files on a very dangerous criminal,” Doctor Director informed the Possibles.

“How do you know it was Trin?” Mr. Possible asked. He and his wife were fairly certain that Doctor Director was correct in her suspicion. Trin was known for doing strange things and tended to only explain herself to a few people; those people being her parents, Kim, and her evil twin, even though he was usually involved in the certain almost 99.9 percent of the time. From what her parents could tell, she and Shin never meant to harm anyone and were “just being crazy kids” as Mr. Possible often put it.

“She practically signed her name to it when our monitors started flashing pink and said ‘greetings from Hell.’ Several other departments reported the same phenomenon,” Doctor Director replied.

“Come on, we all know that Shin signs things ‘greetings from Hell.’ Surely it was him,” the college student offered.

“Shin acting alone is like you acting alone. You two are joined at the hip,” the boss of GJ pointed out.

“Not since the surgery,” the blonde Possible remarked monotonously.

“Trin, we can put that information back up. We do have paper files—” Doctor Director started to say, but Trin interjected.

“I know that you can put that stuff back up, but it’s my belief that should you do that, it’s highly plausible that it would only get destroyed again. If you decide to just leave it all as paper files, well, I can see something happening to it all when you do try to bring out for a trial or something of the like. You know, evil twins can get so incredibly bored once they graduate college,” Trin commented and she took a moment to arrogantly smirk. Her expression was daring the one-eyed woman to test her and Shin’s abilities to be not only omnipresent, but also omnipotent.

“Trin, I can arrest you,” Doctor Director pointed out. Oh, how many times they had been down that dark, bleak threat. It had not even worked the first time she used it and that was about five years ago.

“Yes, you could, but you don’t have any evidence to convict me of anything. I haven’t confessed to doing anything, only telling you what could possibly happen. Besides, do you really wish to arrest me? Aren’t I on a tightrope at the moment and you wish to dump me in some place full of negative influences? Turn me from an antisocial malcontent to a serious sociopath criminal offender with a working brain?” the college student inquired.

“Look, all you and Shin have to do is put everything back the way it was and we can all forget your little joke ever happened,” the brown-haired woman compromised.

“I can’t do that,” Trin replied.

“Why not?”

Trin glanced at her parents. “I can’t say.”

“You’re not giving me much to go on,” Doctor Director said. They all knew, with the exception of Will anyway, that in situations like they were in either a compromise could be reached or Trin and Shin would openly admit that they had no intention of not returning everything the way that they found it; they tended to be playing with files in some way or another.

“Doctor Director, leave her to me. Surely I can get her to confess,” Will declared, earning a bored glance from the blonde.

“He’s serious, isn’t he? That is just utterly adorable,” Trin commented. She adjusted her glasses and Will flexed because she moved. He aimed his wrist at Trin.

“Agent Du,” Doctor Director reprimanded her employee.

“But, ma’am—” the young man tried to protest.

“You know, your brother pointed that thing at me. I was fifteen and weighted a hundred pounds. He was a giant compared to me and look at where it got him,” the blonde stated.

“Trin,” her parents scolded her simultaneously because they knew that she was threatening the boy.

“All right, Trin, you won’t give up your motives, you won’t confess, and you won’t compromise. What do we have to do to make this little matter go away?” the one-eyed woman inquired.

The best way to deal with Trin and Shin when they were together was to stay calm and Doctor Director knew that better than most. The pair was to be treated not like the nutcases they seemed to be, but like the geniuses they wanted everyone to know they were. She usually just reminded herself that they were not looking to be truly malicious when they did something wrong; she thought they were just two stupid kids that knew how to operate a computer too well and needed to go outside one day.

“Ma’am, you can’t seriously be willing to bargain with filth of this nature!” Will objected. All of the Possibles in the room frowned.

“Trin, what did you do?” Mrs. Possible inquired because she wanted her daughter to admit to it, apologize, and then they could get the uncouth, discourteous agent out of their home before she was forced to tell the boy off.

“I did nothing,” Trin replied. Technically, Shin had done all the work of the day. All she did was give the signal, which was really nothing at all in her opinion.

“Trin, I can make your life very difficult,” Doctor Director promised.

“And I can return the favor,” Trin countered.

“Is this the example you wish to set for your younger siblings?”

“I’ll answer that when my parents ask me that question. Mom, Dad, I can assure that I’ve done nothing morally wrong,” Trin told her parents. It was illegal as hell, but she felt that she and her “evil twin” had done the decent thing.

“Letting a dangerous criminal have a clean slate is very wrong!” Will pointed out in a huff.

“Is it past his naptime or something?” Trin inquired because the agent seemed very worked up.

The blonde was close to smirking at the young man. Will was certain that he could see the fires of Hades blazing behind those aqua eyes that would be attractive on any other woman. She was glad to get a charge out of him because she disliked him and she had only just met him. The thing was that he was just like his older brother.

Trin could see in Will’s eyes that he was just like his brother and the few sentences that he spoke only confirmed her thoughts. He had that look in his onyx eyes and that air about him, crying out how superior he believed himself to be. She knew that if she felt like it, she could reduce him to a mere puddle at her feet, bawling like a newborn babe at her feet, pleading with her to cease.

“Trin, if you had done this, why would you do it?” Mrs. Possible asked because she was sure that Trin had taken all of the files, but she could see that the girl was not going to admit to it. She wondered why Trin was being so secretive now.

“If I were to do something of this nature, it would merely be because certain parties have changed for the better,” Trin replied.

“And you know this for a fact?” her mother inquired.

“I do,” the blonde assured her mother. She trusted Kim’s judgment and from what she learned about Shego through some very high powered snooping, she would not even consider Shego a “dangerous criminal.”

To Trin, a dangerous criminal was someone that either had at least one body on them or at the very least, tried to have a body on them; that could not be said of Shego. Sure, the woman could harm someone badly if she chose to, but plenty of people could do that. Most of the population in fact, could in theory, seriously harm someone else if the urge ever overcame them. Shego, like many other people, seemed to decide against critically injuring someone. A person with her talents and abilities could have left a high body count on every crime that she committed, but she did not even have a body on her. She went for stealth instead of wholesale slaughter. She was a mercenary that did not kill, making her a flop as a “dangerous criminal” in Trin’s opinion.

“Trin, what information have you stumbled upon?” Doctor Director inquired because of the blonde claiming that Shego changed for the better.

“Nothing much. She is just tired and looking to retire for her current occupation. She’s found out that joy doesn’t always have to come at the expensive of others, making her vastly more intelligent than Agent Du,” Trin quipped.

“Why you—” Will snarled, but he was halted by his boss.

“Can you prove it?” the one-eyed woman asked.

Trin had been waiting for that. She suspected that Doctor Director actually liked when she and Shin did something that she could grab them for. If they did not do anything illegal, they would never get roped into doing something for Global Justice.

“I can prove anything. What trial do you wish to put us through?” the blonde inquired.


“You want her to do something, no?”

“I do.”

“I will accompany her. Call it penance,” Trin commented. If she did not go along with Shego anyway, Doctor Director would be back later on, pointing out that the matter had never truly been settled because the files were still gone and it did not matter if Shego had changed. It would be an open excuse to get Trin and Shin to risk their hides for a world that they did not like very much.

Doctor Director considered the offer. Trin glanced at her parents, who did not appear happy with the proposal. They remembered the last time that the organization had used Trin; they seemed to think of her as an extra finger to be chopped off if she got in the way of a mission that they sent her and Shin on. The parents would rather not have to go through Trin being out on another GJ mission, but it seemed like their daughter would not have it any other way.

Next time: What will Doctor Director have Shego and Trin do to prove that Shego is looking to retire?

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