Chapter 7

Fallen angels


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TITLE: Fallen angels

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters, Disney does. I did however think up Trin, Shin, and Tatsu, so I guess that makes them mine, but everyone else is all Disney.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3620

Kim watched her sister interact with her mechanic, Tatsu. They did not look close enough to be girlfriends, but the teen guessed that was because she was intruding on their time. She figured that when Trin came to get her car looked at by Tatsu, it was also their time together.

Kim could not believe that her sister had been seeing Tatsu for about a year. Dating seemed like such a foreign concept when it came to Trin; after all, the blonde was about as social as a pit bull on cocaine. As far as she knew, the same could be said about Tatsu. She figured that she would have to rework her opinion of Tatsu and base it on some facts instead of hearsay.

“You’re going to keep the car, aren’t you?” Trin asked while watching the ebony-haired woman stare at her car. She had that look in her pale blue eyes that Trin dreaded to see because it meant that her legs would be her means of transport for at least a day. Walking was so overrated in her opinion.

“Yes,” Tatsu answered plainly.

“I knew you would. Don’t do anything too outrageous to the car. I’m the one driving this thing, after all.”


“You’re so predictable. Unfortunately, you’re not practical. I’ll see you tomorrow. I have to have a long talk with Mini-me.”

Tatsu nodded. “Understood.”

Trin gave the mechanic a lingering look before just touching her hand. Kim figured that her sister was being reserved because she was there; she knew from the way that she discovered the couple that they were much more physical than they were showing at the moment. Tatsu glanced at Kim and shook her head in amusement; it was something that Trin did. Kim could not help wondering which woman had picked the head motion habit from the other.

“Come on, Mini-me,” Trin beckoned as she started toward the exit.

“Bye, Tatsu,” Kim said to be polite as she followed her elder sister. The mechanic did not reply in any way.

The sisters got comfortable at home. They settled in Trin’s room, believing that they had a talk ahead of them. Trin was going to have to explain her relationship with Tatsu to her sister. Kim would have plenty of questions and comments, of course. Little did the blonde know, but the teen might even have a topic that she wanted to bring up.

Kim flopped down on the bed while Trin took a seat at her desk. Before anything, Trin checked her phone, which she typically referred to as her “Partner” since she always had it with her. She made sure her best friend had not called; missing a call from Shin could mean not having a home to go back to or not having a best friend to go back to. Kim wondered if Shin and Trin were working on their next money-making notion because of the way that they were playing phone tag; Shin generally did not almost murder himself more than once a week when they were not working on something.

“Are you and Shin developing something?” the teen inquired.

“No, we actually just finished something. We haven’t tested it yet, though, but he’s bored as hell now. I fear he’s going to try and alleviate his boredom on his own,” Trin replied dryly.

“You make him seem like such a moron.”

“He is.”

“No, he’s not. He’s a very smart guy. He’s your other half. You should be nicer to him. I mean, you know you wouldn’t be able to function without Shin,” the hero argued. She was also slightly teasing Trin by bringing up her dependence on her best friend.

Trin stood by her statement. “He’s a moron.”

“Fine, he’s a moron,” the redhead conceded easily. “So, how’d you get hooked up with Tatsu?” she asked as if that was the most logical thing to inquire after agreeing that Shinichi was a moron; Trin bet that her best friend’s ears were burning like there was acid being poured in them.

“How’d I get hooked up with Tatsu? It was a strange thing. She was testing me, trying my patience, only to discover that I liked it.”

“Meaning what?” Kim asked; her sister’s words sounded so dirty.

“The first time I took my car to her, she refused to service it. She thought that I was so prim and she didn’t like that. She didn’t like me, not because I was Trin Possible, but because she thought I was a high-class snob. After a lot of pushing on my end, she did the job just to me away from her. The second time, though, she wanted me gone as soon as possible. So, she tried to beat me up. Tatsu is tough and I know she’d beat a lot of people in a street fight. I’m sure she has beaten plenty of people in street fights, but she had no form or style at the time. She couldn’t touch me and I think it still bothers her a bit that she can’t beat me in a fight. And then there was the third time, where she came at me again, but with a different tactic.”

“What did she do?” the younger sister inquired.

“She molested me. Hell, she damn near raped me,” Trin reported in a slightly amused tone.

“Why?” Kim asked in disbelief. She could not believe that her sister sounded so entertained about almost being raped, but then she thought about how Trin said Shin liked abuse.

“As I said, she disliked me. She wanted to frighten me away, but she did such good work on my car that I had to return. I mean, you know how I am with that car. I won’t ruin your innocence with grubby little details about that time around. Needless to say, I eventually invited her out to straighten a few things out—”

“Straighten things out? Interesting choice of words,” the teen remarked.

“I’m sure. Anyway, my inviting her out evolved into us dating.”

“But, sis, this is Tatsu. She’s got no future, no brain, no anything,” Kim pointed out. As far as she knew, Tatsu lacked everything Trin valued in a person, namely intelligence and talent.

“She has me,” Trin replied, making sure to keep an even temper. “Mini-me, you don’t know Tatsu. She might not have graduated high school, but she is by no means stupid. She has common sense and she is knowledgeable about what interests her. She is a fantastic mechanic and has quite a head for machines. She’s doing what she likes.”

“You?” Kim joked.

“And to think, I was trying to save your innocence, but apparently, you have none,” the blonde said dryly.

“Do you see her more often than you see us?” the cheerleader inquired.

Trin glanced away because she knew that her sister was not going to like the answer to that question. “I do,” she confirmed, but she quickly went into explaining why that was. “She drives out to see me most of the time. She tends to spend the weekends with me. She claims that if it were up to me, we wouldn’t have a relationship at all. She says I’d spend all my free time with you if she waited for me to come back to Middleton. She needs to get out of town sometimes anyway and I think she has a point.”

“And here it is I was ready to say that she was the one getting all of your time. You never let me come to your place,” the teen pointed out with a pout.

“You’re always so busy saving the world or something like that. I’d rather that you not tire yourself with coming to see me and Shin hacking systems and things.”

“I didn’t know you two still hacked. I thought you claimed that you out grew that and were working on things that had to do with natural science.”

“We do have to make sure our security system is still the tops in the biz, so we have to make sure we’re still at the top of our game. After all without the security system, there is no money coming, and there would be no more shopping sprees and Shin would have to find a real job. Can’t have that, can we?” Trin commented.

“Shin at an office? It is kind of a whacked thought. You two would either get fired or start a socialist revolution,” Kim joked.

“Shame on you, Mini-me. You know Shin and I aren’t socialists. We refuse to share and we don’t play well with others.”

“That you don’t.”

“Are you satisfied with everything so far?” Trin inquired. She hoped Kim did not want to know about where she and Tatsu went for dates or when their anniversary was or something else very personal. It was not that they did anything that some might consider repulsive; it was just that it was very personal information.

“How long have you known you’re….?” Kim asked curiously.

“Quite a while actually. While I can’t stand most people, females especially, I find that I’ve always appreciated the beauty of the female form much more than the masculine form. In fact, the only male I’ve ever found attractive is Shin,” the college student confessed.

“Shin?” the redhead asked in disbelief.

“I find him to be beautiful in a bizarre, almost creepy manner. Don’t ask,” Trin requested. There was actually nothing very effeminate about her best friend that should attract her to him, but for some reason that she could not put her finger in, she thought that he was beautiful.

“I thought you weren’t sexually attracted to Shin,” Kim pointed out.

“I’m not. Finding the moron beautiful isn’t the same as wanting to jump into bed with him,” Trin riposted.

“You never wanted to jump into bed with a guy?”

The blonde thought on it for a moment. “No, not really. But, I have to admit that the idea of sex did not really appeal to me until fairly recently.”


“No, too much touching for my liking,” Trin answered in a dry tone. “Why, are you looking to jump into bed with some guy?” the elder sister inquired with an arched sun-colored eyebrow.

While it was known that Mr. Possible was not very keen on the idea of his daughters dating, it was not as known that Trin did not take much to notion of her little sister dating either. It used to be when she got wind that some boy had a crush on her sister, she went and straightened that right out; Kim always attracted bad boy types to make matters worse. It was always some jerk that thought he could tame Kim or some scumbag that wanted to see if she was a natural redhead. Trin was not about to let such boys around her little sister and decided to be hated more so than she already was to protect Kim’s chastity.

In the blonde’s opinion, what she did worked; no boy that was bragging about taming the younger Possible girl ever thought to talk to her after a few moments alone with Trin. It was amazing what a person could accomplish after bruising a boy’s wrist or going as far as to breaking his finger; yes, she broke a boy’s finger once. It was really his fault for boasting about things that he would do to Kim if he had five minutes alone with her in a closet. Instead, he got five minutes alone with Trin and then crossed the street whenever he saw Kim after that.

Trin was not particularly hard on all boys that were around her little sister. Obvious Ron was still around and she had never assaulted him. She just wanted to make sure people that might bring Kim down did not get close to her.

“No, I don’t want to jump into bed with a guy,” Kim answered. “You’d probably kill me if I did.”

“No, I’d only kill him,” the blonde replied. She had little problem with Kim finding a boyfriend now, as long as he was a proper lad. Her little sister deserved the best things in life, including boys if she was considering going out and getting a steady boyfriend.

“Trin…how…do you…how do you know that you’re…um…”

“Do you think you’re one?” Trin inquired, almost sounding curious. Her sister had always shown an attraction the simpler sex. Well, no, she supposed it was not fair to call them simpler because she was certain that she had met more air-headed women than men.

“Well…I just…” Kim was not sure how to explain it.

“What’s made you consider that you might be?” the college student asked.

“Can I get the computer for a second?”

Trin obliged and gave her seat at the desk to Kim. The redhead hopped in the chair and got online. She accessed her email account and pulled up several emails from one GradeABadass. Trin could not help arching an eyebrow as Kim motioned for her to read the letters.

The blonde adjusted her glasses and began to read the many correspondences. Whoever the person was certainly was pining over her little sister while being sure to make it appear otherwise; the wording reminded Trin slightly her girlfriend. The writer was blunt, crass, and about as romantic as the bottom of a shoe, but still managed to come off as truly caring about Kim.

“They’re from Shego,” Kim informed her big sister.

“Ah, the woman that you’re always fighting with,” Trin commented. From what Kim told her about the woman, the letters sounded just like her. She was surprised that her sister would fall for a person that was supposed to be enemy, but it was oddly romantic in a classical, mythological sense.

“Yeah,” Kim confirmed.

“She is taking the ‘love thy enemy’ thing a bit far. She is the one with all of the nicknames for you?”

“Yeah, that’s her.”

“I was suspicious of her for a while now from everything you told me, but this is mere confirmation. When did this start?” Trin inquired.

“A few months ago. She calls me sometimes too. What happened was that we were in one of Drakken’s lairs and it sort of spontaneously combusted, I guess,” Kim started to explain.

“It sort of spontaneously combusted?”

“Well, we hadn’t even done anything yet and it started blowing up. I’m guessing it wasn’t his best work. Unfortunately, we were in some mountains when the lair surprisingly self-destructed. I got Ron out okay, but I didn’t make it quite in time and ended up being buried alive.”

“I shall slay Ronald and salt the earth where I bury him if he left this Shego woman to find you,” Trin growled.

“Calm down, Trin. Shego happened to find me, but Ron didn’t leave me. He just wasn’t looking in the right place.”

“There are hamsters living in that boy’s skull,” the blonde commented while pinching the bridge of her nose in annoyance. If she did not have the utmost faith in her little sister, she might actually fear for Kim’s life with her being out on missions with Ron. Sure he came through in a pinch, but he was usually the one that helped the situation get as bad as it was.

“Well, like I said, Shego found me and helped keep me alive. She found shelter in this cabin and took care of me for a few days. I think I grew on her in that time. Maybe she was surprised that we could get along without trying to take each other’s heads off.”

“Perhaps she thought about how she would feel if you died and she did not like the feeling,” the college student proposed.

“I didn’t think about that,” the cheerleader admitted.

“I’m sure she was stunned when she found you and the emotions that washed over her were not the ones she expected.”

“Was it like that when Tatsu attacked you?” the redhead asked.

“Kim, we both know I don’t have emotions. I shed those wretched things years ago,” Trin commented while adjusting her glasses.

The younger female laughed a bit. “Right, whatever you say, sis.”

“I’m guessing that you believe that you like her in return?” Trin asked. She doubted that her sister would come right out and say it. She bet that Kim even tried to repress the feelings because they were not the norm. Her little sister probably worried about what the whole world would think about her liking a woman. It sort of irked the older sister when she thought about how Kim gave into peer pressure sometimes and thought about what the world thought of her. She hoped that one day her little sister would learn that the world was not the one that would make her happy at the end of the day.

“Maybe,” the teen hero muttered her noncommittal answer.

“Tell me what you want, little sister. You know that I’ll help in the least and at the most, I will try my best to make your desire reality,” the college student said.

“Well, you read the letters. You know what she’s been saying. She’s been promising me so many things that no one ever thought to say to me and I want to believe her so badly…” Kim whispered.

“And the problem is?” the blonde asked.

“What kind of future would we have? Shego is wanted in about fifteen states at this point,” Kim informed her older sister.

“Do you believe her?”

“I want to…”

“Do you?” Trin pressed.

“I do,” Kim answered with conviction. Her elder sister was impressed with how strongly the redhead replied to the question.

“Well then, what would you like me to do?” Trin inquired.

Kim knew that she had to consider her words very carefully lest her sister try to help her. Now, there was nothing wrong with Trin attempting to help because she got great results. But, along the way of getting splendid results, she did some very questionable things.

“It’s all right, Trin. You really don’t need to do anything. I mean, this has only been going on for a few months and who knows where it could go. It might not lead anywhere and I wouldn’t want you to waste the energy on something that just gets messed up in the end,” the younger sibling stated.

“Kim, you never know what might work out. I mean, I am dating a high school dropout mechanic. From the little you’ve told me about Shego in the time that you’ve been matched against her, I think you’d enjoy being with her. I have heard you go on about her. You already talk about her like a lover,” Trin remarked.

“I do not!” Kim objected, knowing that her sister was just teasing her. She wished that she was still on the bed because there would be a throng of pillows going at the blonde’s head, even though there were only four pillows on the bed.

“No, you don’t, but you respect her greatly. You get this tone in your voice and this look in your eyes when you talk about her. I never thought much on, just that you had a rival and friend in an enemy. But, now it makes sense. Mom and Dad would love this,” the college student commented sarcastically.

“You’re not—”

“Going to tell? Let’s be serious, Mini-me,” Trin replied. Besides for the fact that she was a lesbian, her girlfriend was a high school dropout, social outcast involved in illegal activities. Damn, now that she thought about things, Tatsu sounded a lot like her, except for the dropout part. She definitely was not going to be sharing that news anytime soon if it could be helped.

“I just wanted to be sure. I’m glad that I finally got to say something about this. I was going to talk to you about it last night, but damn it, if Shin wasn’t monopolizing your time,” the redhead complained.

“It’s what he does. I need to call him later, just to check on our poor apartment. If he threw a party, I’ll be cleaning for years to come,” the blonde muttered while shaking her head.

Trin lay in bed, staring at her ceiling. She had been thinking for a while and had come to a decision. She reached for her phone, also known as her Partner. She dialed up her evil twin. Shin answered the phone in a drowsy voice, promising to kill the blonde in a gruesome manner the moment that he saw her.

“What do you want, Satan?” Shin inquired.

“The vampire is sleeping?” she asked in a slightly stunned tone.

“I was up early. You don’t even want to know that story.”

“But, you’ll tell me anyway later on. Right now, when you get up, find out everything you can about a woman called Shego. She works for some megalomaniac known as Drakken. And don’t, under any circumstances, ask Wade for assistance in this search.”

“Why do I always get the hard, boring jobs?” he whined.

“You think making you breakfast is easy and exciting?”

“You haven’t made me breakfast since you left,” he pointed out.

“And I won’t make you any ever again if you continue to be a baby about things. Now, are you going to do this or not?” she inquired.

“Yeah, whatever. I’m not talking to Wade anyway. That little egghead keeps beating me in Crash.”

“Too much information. You’re too old to be playing games anyway. Get back to me after you’ve found all you could.”

“Roget that,” he replied.

Next time: one word: Shego. Believe it.

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