The Fallen Eden


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TITLE: The Fallen Eden

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Well, except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu. But, you guys know that everybody else goes to Disney.

This chapter contains suggestive scenes and suggestive language. Do you really need this warning? This is going to be a nice, long last chapter.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 5296

“Why do I get the heavy things?” Shin whined as he entered the new apartment with a big box in his arms. He could barely see over the box because of its size. He wondered what the hell was in the thing.

“Because you’re the only guy around here,” Trin replied as she stepped in behind him with a couple of boxes in her grip. Her two boxes did not equal half the size of the box that the young man was carrying.

“You’re close enough to one where you should have to carry a heavy box too. I’m sick of this double-standard crap. You all act all tough and you act all independent and whatnot like you can do anything, but let a heavy box show up and that’s all me for some reason. If you’re so butch, why don’t you carry some of the heavy stuff?” Shin argued.

“Why don’t you stop crying like a little bitch?” she countered in a civil tone.

“Are they going to have this argument with every trip to the truck and back?” Shego asked Kim as they came in behind the best friends. They were also carrying boxes.

“Probably,” the hero answered. She had seen Trin and Shin argue over the smallest things for hours with little breaks in between; they seemed to enjoy pretending to hate each other.

Shin and Trin were helping Shego and Kim move into their new apartment. They now lived right down the hall from the “evil twins,” which Kim liked. Shego was not too keen on the idea because she believed that Trin might continue to be overprotective of her little sister and try to get into their business. The blonde had promised to mind her own affairs unless Kim came to her; Shego had come to understand that Trin’s word was always good enough and she also had her hands full worrying about Shin, so she probably would not have time to worry about Kim and Shego’s relationship.

Before the group could make another trip down to the moving truck, Trin’s phone went off. She put down the boxes that she was holding to answer the call. She glanced down at the screen to see who it was that was hitting her up and she nearly smiled when she saw who it was. Instead of smiling, she kept her composure and answered.

“Hey, baby,” Trin said and everyone stopped what they were doing. Shego, thinking the fastest, yanked the phone away from the blonde before she got into a conversation with Tatsu. Kim and Shin breathed a sigh of relief that the green-skinned woman had gotten to the phone.

“No, you can’t talk to Trin right now, Tatsu. She just isn’t free. She’s helping us move in and we’d like to finish it before the month ends,” Shego informed the mechanic.

They had all recently discovered that Trin and Tatsu could talk on the phone for hours, despite the fact that Tatsu did not like to speak; she changed much her usual behavior for the blonde, they all noticed. Shin had a vague idea of how the couple could be when they were separated from each other for a while; they had a habit of seeing each other about every four days if Tatsu was not swamped with work. Unfortunately, they had not seen each other for over two weeks with Trin taking summer classes and Tatsu getting all sorts of work. They might stay on the phone for days with that kind of time between them, the crew thought and they just did not have that sort of time to spare.

“Oh, yeah, I’ll give her the message,” Shego assured the light cerulean-eyed mechanic and then she disconnected the call, much to Trin’s chagrin.

“Damn it, Shego,” Trin growled in pure anger. She had not seen her baby in a fortnight; how dare someone interfere with her chance to talk with Tatsu.

“What? She said that she’s on her way. You don’t need to talk to her if that’s the case, so get back to work,” the green-skinned female replied in a dismissive tone while tossing Trin her Partner back.

The blonde college student made a fist, but told herself not to get into a fight with Shego in the brand new apartment. She and Shego actually got along rather well, as well as anyone could get along with either one of them. The super-powered woman learned that Trin was not as bad as she seemed. She did lack proper social skills, but then Shego did not have much of her own. She was not as bossy as the emerald-eyed female had first assumed, which made her easier to stomach. Shego saw that Trin could be close to normal if given the right conditions, namely no plots and relatively no people around her.

The group continued on with moving things in. Any large furniture was already in the place, brought in by moving men earlier that day. Trin, Kim, and Shego had gone shopping for days to find the perfect things to put into the apartment; they had gotten into arguments in a lot of stores over things because they all had different tastes when it came to colors. Shin had wisely stayed away from all of the shopping trips; he pitied any sales clerks that had gotten near the trio.

“Is this apartment bigger than ours?” Shin asked his best friend as he looked around the place when they were done moving everything in.

“Shin, you swear that anything new is somehow better than what we already have,” Trin commented.

“But, it seems bigger.” New always did equal better in his mind. He did not see how anything used could contend with something that was new.

“Well, it’s not and you know that. It’s just your mind swearing that what we have is inferior because you want something new. You’re so spoiled. This only a two-bedroom apartment while ours is a three-bedroom apartment. You also know that all corner apartments are bigger and we have a corner apartment,” she pointed out.

“But, still,” he said.

“Come on, let’s let them get settled in,” the blonde suggested.

Shin shrugged and he left he apartment with his evil twin to allow the couple time to get settled into their new home alone. The new home that Kim all but had to get down on her knees and beg for; her parents were not very enthusiastic about the idea of her living with Shego. The only reason that they allowed her to live with Shego was because they were right down the hall from Trin. Kim did not mind because she knew that her sister would not act like a parent if she lived near her. Trin would only offer up her opinion or advice on the relationship if asked.

“Well, Kimmie, let’s get settled in like your maniac sister suggested,” Shego said with a devilish smirk on her face. Kim actually blushed because of the suggestive nature behind the words; she knew what was on her girlfriend’s mind.

The couple had actually never done anything behind groping, most of which Shego handled. Kim was a bit too shy or nervous it would seem to touch the former thief in any sort of provocative manner unless they were fighting, but Shego planned to break her right out of those now that they had their own place. Kim had expected as much, but she had not prepared mentally for it. She did not back down when Shego advanced, though.

“That’s my girl,” Shego smirked. She knew that Kim was nervous, but she was still fearless. So, she would show Kim that there was nothing to be anxious about and, with luck, the girl’s natural “Kimness” would force her to act.

The former criminal leaned down and kissed the redhead deeply while her hands gently, but amatively wandered Kim’s body to get her used to the idea of being caressed in intimate places. Shego had been trying to memorize every part of Kim and she was succeeding so far. She was also learning the sensitive parts of the redhead’s body, which there were quite a few of.

The hero eventually gave into the delightful sensations that the ex-thief was causing and she began moaning, low at first, but they did get louder. She grabbed for Shego, who smirked mentally. The pale woman had longed for that moment and she was going to savor every second of it while making sure Kim thoroughly enjoyed herself and would never be timid when it came to being intimate again.

Shin retired for the night while Trin stayed up; it was getting late. She was sitting on the warm blue sofa in their neat living room with polished hardwood floors. She was waiting for Tatsu. She was not going to go to bed until her lover came in, even though the mechanic had the keys to the apartment. Shin did not mind Tatsu having keys; in fact, he was the one that suggested it because he hated sitting up with Trin, waiting for her ebony-haired girlfriend. He thought that it was stupid that she still waited, even though the mechanic could let herself in now.

Trin doubted that she could ever make her best friend understand why she waited for her lover to show up. She doubted that she could put it into plain words and it did not help matters that he did not have someone like Tatsu in his life to help him comprehend what she meant. She just knew that she would not be able to sleep until she knew for sure that Tatsu was there and safe.

The blonde rose to her feet when she heard keys in the door. She walked to the hall that led to the door and watched Tatsu enter. The mechanic locked the door back once she was in and then she walked soundlessly down the wooden hall. She smirked when she noticed her blonde bombshell at the end of the hall, leaning against the wall and looking mighty sexy clad in her pink pajamas.

“What have I thought you about waiting for me?” Tatsu commented while standing on her toes to greet her girl with a soft kiss on the lips. She did not find it fair that Trin was taller than she was.

“I don’t have to listen to you. Are you hungry? I didn’t make dinner, but we had some good takeout and I saved you some,” Trin informed the mechanic.

“I don’t want any food.”

“You never do. Come on, I know you’re tired.”

Trin took Tatsu by the hand and lightly tugged her toward their bedroom. She figured that Tatsu just wanted to go to bed because that was typically the case. While Tatsu loved to work on cars, she thoroughly detested driving, especially for hours; she would only do it for her blonde bombshell. So, generally, when she came to stay with Trin, she wanted to go to sleep as soon as she arrived.

The couple entered the bedroom and Trin was about to retrieve Tatsu’s pajamas for her; the mechanic did have plenty of clothes and things in the room, which was why Trin considered it their bedroom and not hers alone. The blonde stopped her actions when Tatsu clicked the light off. She turned to face the shorter woman to get an explanation.

“What are you doing?” Trin inquired.

“I’m more hungry than tired. Feed me,” Tatsu replied in a forceful whisper.

“Help yourself.”

Tatsu smirked and went to help herself, stalking over to Trin like a woman on a mission. She grabbed the blonde around the waist and kissed her passionately. Trin wasted no time in returning the kiss with just as much fervor as her lover.

After a few seconds of kissing, Tatsu decided to move things along and with agile, skilled fingers, she quickly opened Trin’s pajama shirt. Once the shirt was open, Tatsu put her hands on Trin’s abdomen. She teasingly touched her girl’s smooth flesh, causing Trin to moan into her lover’s mouth. Tatsu continued her exploration of the blonde’s soft skin and came across two dents in her girl’s perfect makeup; the scars from her final GJ mission. Tatsu was not put off by the two marks and continued on her journey because she just carved more and more of Trin’s flesh. She reached the blonde’s breasts and touched the bra that was covering her girl.

Tatsu stopped for a moment, much to Trin’s dismay. The blonde whimpered a bit when her lover halted and Tatsu had to look down at her girl’s chest, which was heaving a bit because Trin was trying to catch her breath now that her lover had gotten her started up. The ice blue-eyed female pushed the shirt off of Trin’s body and exhaled slowly to stay in control of herself when she saw what Trin was wearing.

“The blue lace,” Tatsu muttered. Trin was covered in a sky blue lace bra; it was her girlfriend’s favorite. Obviously, Trin had other notions in mind than to let Tatsu go to sleep in the first place. Now, Tatsu could not wait to see the rest of the lingerie.

“Yes, the blue lace,” Trin replied.

“Oh, you look so sexy,” Tatsu whispered while placing light kisses on Trin’s creamy neck.

“Why thank you kindly, but now, you’re over dressed.”

Tatsu only smirked. Trin reached for the mechanic’s tee-shirt, but Tatsu stopped her. The mechanic peeled off her all white tee-shirt to reveal that she was wearing a white tank top underneath it. She pulled that off and was left in a white sports bra, which showed off her well toned abdomen.

“Baby, one day we’ve got to get you some sexy lingerie,” Trin commented. Her baby had a beautiful, muscular body and she would not mind seeing it in something more flattering than a sports bra just once.

“One day,” Tatsu scoffed. She could not see herself in the undergarments that her lover wore. It seemed a bit ridiculous to have lace or something underneath oil-stained overalls. She loved seeing Trin such things, though.

Tatsu went back to kissing the blonde, touching the blonde. Trin was just as active, caressing the shorter woman rather eagerly. Trin was just fortunate that Tatsu did not rip her out of her remaining clothes because she was not playing around.

Trin was taken from her sleep by the sound of the phone ringing. She groaned while opening one eye, which was pointless she realized seconds later. She grabbed the phone from memory.

“Hello?” Trin asked in a groggy tone.

“Hey, sis,” Kim greeted the blonde in a much too happy tone for the time of day, not that Trin even knew what time it was. She just knew that it was early; therefore her sister should not sound as happy as she did. There just was no excuse for it.

“Kim, what time is it?”

“Seven-ish,” the redhead practically chirped.

“Oh. You’re looking for breakfast,” Trin guessed. She did not even want to assume why her sister sounded so peppy.

“Please and thank you.”

“You have got to learn the rules around here, Mini-me. When we’re free, like weekends or just no school, breakfast is at nine, not at eight.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“It’s okay. So, come on by at about nine or so,” Trin informed her sister.

“All right. Bye.”

“Bye.” Trin hung up the phone and settled back into her pillow. She was about to go back to sleep, but a kiss on her bare shoulder garnered her attention. She turned around to see that Tatsu was awake. “What are you doing up?” the blonde inquired curiously because Tatsu habitually slept late if she could.

“Having breakfast,” Tatsu replied and she kissed Trin’s shoulder again. It was a long, wet kiss.

“You’re mighty frisky.”

“It’s been too long,” the mechanic stated. Not seeing her girl for two weeks was torture, just pure, uninterrupted torture.

“So much for sleep,” Trin commented as she leaned in to kiss her lover. She would always merrily forsake sleep to be with her baby.

Trin was working on breakfast by the time that Shin woke up. He wandered out to the dining room table, which was occupied by Shego, Kim, and Tatsu. They all glanced at him as he sat down while yawning loudly and scratching the top of his head; his hair was going in every direction possible.

“You look like hell,” Shego noted. She, on the other hand, looked rather pleased and close to being visibly happy. He could guess why, but he would rather not.

“I had a horrible sleep,” Shin replied.

“Why, what happened?” Kim asked. She was practically glowing too. Shin had a feeling that he was the only person that had not been laid last night.

“Nothing much, except someone was yelling ‘ay, Dios’ the whole night,” Shin answered while glaring into the kitchen.

Trin seemed to feel his chocolate eyes gazing at her as if he was trying to burn a whole in her side with his hard eyes. She turned to glare back at him. The pair stared at each other intensely; it was shocking that lightning did not shoot from their eyes. Everyone knew a battle was set to arise; they just hoped that it did not interfere with the morning meal.

“Maybe you should stop listening at the wall,” Trin suggested.

“Tell me, why is it that you only seem to believe in God when Tatsu is making you climax?” he countered.

Shego and Kim were a bit surprised by that line because they really did not see it coming. The shock showed on Kim’s face while Shego coughed to avoid laughing; she did not want to interrupt the dispute. The former thief noticed a while ago how entertaining the best friends were.

“Are you jealous that I have someone that cares enough to make me climax?” Trin retorted.

Kim was now a bright scarlet color all the way up to her ears. Tatsu did not appear affected by the argument and grabbed a biscuit from a pan that was there to tide everyone over until breakfast was done. Shego was now chuckling because, hey, she thought they were funny.

“I’m merely vexed that you must shout like a wanton whore to the ceiling every time that she does,” Shin riposted.

“At least I don’t act like a wanton whore,” Trin retorted.

“Oh, no? Then is it someone else that likes Tatsu to smack her ass and call her a bitch?”

Trin frowned; apparently, she was going to have to slay Shin that morning because she lacked a decent comeback. She reached down by the stove and pulled out a katana. Shin knew what she was going for and was armed with three narrow shuriken in each hand by the time she unsheathed her blade. They stared each other down.

“These two take their arguing very seriously,” Shego muttered in an amused tone. She had seen the pair argue a few times since joining the crew and they did not pull any punches and once one of them was at a lost for words, they tended to hit each other. Shin did not seem to pull punches literally with Trin and she did not pull any with him; they just did not hit in the face.

“Come on,” Shin dared his best friend.

“Cut it out, you two. We all know that Trin isn’t going to risk harming her furniture,” Tatsu pointed out. She was calling their bluff on the battle really. She had never seen them fight in the apartment nor had she ever seen them go at each other seriously with weapons.

“She makes a point. We’ll settle this is the park after breakfast,” Trin informed her evil twin.

“Bring it on, whore,” he replied, obviously pumped thanks to the tiff between him and Trin, especially since he knew that he had gotten the better of her that time around.

“Oh, that’s it. I was making you a traditional Japanese breakfast because I knew we’d kept you up, but screw that,” Trin declared and she unceremoniously dumped everything that she had made into the trash. Shin and Shego looked hurt, as if she shot them, by the fact that the food was now in the garbage. Kim and Tatsu were not surprised seeing as how Trin needed to have the last word in everything.

“You uppity, demonic, bride-of-Satan, whore to the damn devil,” Shin hissed. He loved nothing more than to have traditional Japanese food and she had just dumped a whole meal into the trash as if it was nothing.

“What he said,” Shego concurred because she was hungry.

“I believe you have just learned not to anger the cook,” Kim remarked.

“Especially Trin. They lucked out because she could have always just poisoned the meal,” Tatsu commented.

“There’s always the next meal,” the redhead pointed out.

“I’d like to see her try,” Shego said while holding up a plasma-charged fist. She would beat the crap out of Trin if the blonde ever tried something so underhanded.

After a new breakfast was prepared and devoured, the clique made their way to the park. Apparently, Shin and Trin were serious about continuing their battle. They entered a meadow and the evil twins stood to face each other in battle. The pair was not armed, which Tatsu expected.

“So, loser gets our papers along with the butt kicking,” Trin proposed.

“Fine, since I’m going to destroy you as always,” Shin replied. The blonde arched an eyebrow to show that she was skeptical on his statement.

“Since when do you destroy me? You have been doing our papers these past couple of terms,” Trin pointed out.

“What are they fighting for?” Shego asked Kim because they were going on about something beyond the argument that morning.

“Every term they fight to see which one of them is going to do all of their papers. The loser does their papers while the winner tackles doing other people’s papers for a profit. They think it’s easier to do other people’s papers because other people have lower standards,” Kim explained.

“Oh, so, they can do your papers and we can relax?” Shego asked with a smirk for her girlfriend to get what she meant when she said “relax.”

“No, I think that I’m on my own with that. Unless I bribe Shin anyway,” the redhead answered. She knew that Trin would never do a paper for her; she might help, but she would never write the paper. Shin was a bit easier to work with since he was not her sibling and he would do almost anything real international candy; he had a thing for anything from another country for some reason.

“I just remembered that Trin owes me a fight,” Shego said and she slipped in between the two best friends, who were posed to fight. “Shin, let me in here for a second,” the green-skinned martial artist stated.

“Oh, yes. Shin, do let her in for a moment. It’ll just be a second,” the blonde insisted.

“All right, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go win some money from Tatsu by betting against you,” Shin remarked.

The young man trotted over to Tatsu and Kim, who were parked against a tree. Shin pulled out a couple of twenty dollar bills and waved them at Tatsu. The mechanic offered him a bored glance and pulled out her own money.

“You’re so gullible. You think your baby….no, wait, what is that utterly ridiculous name that you call her? Oh, yes, your blonde bombshell. You think your little blonde bombshell can beat anybody, but if she can’t seriously injure someone in a battle, she sucks,” Shin proclaimed.

Tatsu did not respond; she knew that Shin was just trying to goat her into a verbal dispute. She turned her attention to the two fighters. Trin had come ready to fight with her contacts instead of her glasses. She was wearing sweat shorts instead of her usual form fitting pants. She was also wearing a tank top instead of her usual button-down style shirt.

Trin and Shego went at each other in a flash. The first few seconds, they both tried to feel each other out, figuring out how the other fought. Trin recalled how Shego came at her when they first met, so she believed that she had a good feel for the green-skinned woman. So, she went at the former thief with the first real offensive strike.

Trin lashed out with a palm strike and caught Shego directly in the abdomen. The older woman fell back, but she went right back at Trin as soon as she got her balance back. The blonde ducked an aggressive slash attack and tried to counter by sweeping Shego’s legs out from underneath her, but the raven-haired woman jumped. Trin righted herself and launched a side kick that Shego managed to block with her forearm. She pushed the blonde away while silently noting how strong the college student actually was. Trin’s geek style belied what she was capable of and Shego knew that, but it was still hard to get over the fact that she seemed to be a regular nerd.

“So, Kim, who are you rooting for?” Shin asked to be annoying. He even had his best irking smile on his face.

“I’m not rooting for anyone,” Kim replied. Her sister versus her girlfriend? Of course, she was not rooting for anyone.

Shin nodded to show that he understood what she meant. “Trin, Kim said you’re going to lose! Her girl is going to murder you!” he called while sticking his tongue out. Oh, give him the chance around people that he knew and Shin seemed to think he was a toddler with no sophistication at all.

“What?” Trin asked and that almost got her clawed in the face by her opponent. She backed away just in time.

“I didn’t say that! Shin’s lying again!” Kim promised her sister.

“I’m not lying, merely making things as usual. I like to tell a good story,” the young man remarked with a mischievous smile.

Trin decided to ignore Shin, as things were always less stressful that way. She focused solely on Shego because she knew that was the best thing to do. She waited to spot an opening in the former thief’s assault. She found her moment and seized it a millisecond too late. She kicked for Shego’s ribs and Shego caught her leg. The green-hued woman smirked, thinking that she had the blonde.

“Not as good as you think, huh?” Shego teased Trin.

The college student shook her head, not answering the question, but disapproving of having her leg held. She jumped to hit Shego with her other leg. The former thief released the blonde and backed away to avoid getting kicked in the face.

Trin landed on the ground perfectly and launched herself at Shego in split second. Shego was not caught off guard and defended against the attack. The battle continued on. Shin glanced at Tatsu and bragged with his expression alone, claiming her forty dollars with his cocoa eyes.

“I told you, Tatsu, your blonde bombshell is crap in a sparring match. In any fight where she can’t seriously injure someone, she’s dead buns. She’s just no good. She doesn’t know how to spar like us normal people do,” Shin stated.

“That’s your word?” Tatsu asked as Trin kicked Shego again. Shego blocked, but the kick still pushed her back several feet. It seemed that the blonde woman was stronger than she was letting on.

“Kim, make your sister lose, so I don’t lose my forty bucks,” Shin pled.

“Can’t help you there. You always jump ship too early,” Kim replied. She knew that he was playing around usually when he acted like a baby or craven because he was a person that liked some trouble.

“You’re pretty good, Possible,” Shego said to Trin.

“I get better. I just need some time to adjust,” Trin replied. She had to remind herself that it was a friendly match and prepare mentally for that. Her demons had to be locked away and ignored. She was good to go at the moment and she felt that she could battle with Shego all day as they were. She doubted Shego had a problem with that and she would not mind at all.

Shego only laughed a bit; Trin certainly was full of herself, she thought. She ran at the blonde, coming at Trin with a swipe move, which Trin dodged. The ex-criminal then went into some kick moves, which the blonde avoided until she caught Shego’s leg, something like how the former thief did to her minutes ago.

Shego growled as Trin flipped her onto the ground. Trin was going to come in with a punch, but the green-skinned female attacked first. She nicked the blonde with her foot. Trin backed away to miss getting hit with the full force of Shego’s leg. The former thief then hopped up and they continued to go back and forth.

“All right, that’s it,” Shin decided after watching the fight much longer than he liked; it went on for over five minutes and he suspected that it would go on for much longer if no one stepped in. He was becoming a bit annoyed by the match. First of all, he thought that he might be out of forty dollars and second of all, he was supposed to be taking on Trin. The latter concerned him much more than the former, not that he was say so out loud.

“What are you going to do?” Kim asked.

“I call cheats!” Shin shouted and he ran right into the match. Kim arched an eyebrow.

“Call cheats?” the redhead echoed.

Tatsu motioned to the fight for Kim to understand what Shin was going on about. The young man joined the match and went right at Trin. Kim could not believe her eyes; Shin was cheating.

“What are you doing?” Shego demanded to know, speaking to Shin. She was upset that he was interrupting a quite entertaining battle.

“I called cheats,” Shin replied as if that meant anything to her.

“Well, I think Tatsu called cheats too,” Trin commented.

“Why do you say that?” Shin inquired.

“She’s about to pile drive you,” the blonde answered casually.

“Huh?” Shin was grabbed around the waist from behind and before he could even grasp what was happening, Tatsu had him flipped over and his head was in the dirt. He groaned. “Damn it, Tatsu. You have to call cheats loud,” he muttered in pain.

“My blonde bombshell heard me,” Tatsu replied.

“You are so dead,” he stated.

Tatsu only laughed as Shin stood up and went at her for revenge. They moved in on Trin and Shego’s fight, which Shin did not mind because it gave him an excuse to go against his best friend too. Kim continued to watch and Tatsu noticed her on the sidelines.

“You might as well join in,” the mechanic informed the teen.

Kim shrugged; Tatsu had a point. She knew that they all could fight for hours and she did not want to sit there for hours just watching them enjoy themselves. She dived into the fighting too.

Well, that’s the end of that. But, if you’d like to see Trin and Shin again, let me know. I’ll write another story with them in it, probably explaining their history together. Let me know what you think of this story and the possibility of a sequel of sorts. Well, more like a prequel.

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