Chapter 9

Starting trouble


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TITLE: Starting trouble

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: So, you guys all know this, but I don’t own these characters, except for Trin, Shin, and Tatsu. Other than the three characters I just named, everybody else belongs to the Disney folks.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: Just out of the blue, I wanna thank everybody that's reading this. Well, go ahead and keep reading. There's still story to read.

Words: 3509

Kim yanked her Kimmunicator out of her pocket as she heard the familiar beeping. She greeted Wade when he came on the screen with her usual smile and typical question of “What’s the stich?” He doubted that she was going to be smiling once he revealed what the stich was.

“Um…Kim, have you seen your sister lately?” Wade asked.

“No, not since this morning. I’m still in school, Wade,” she answered. “Why?”

“Well, Shin contacted me and asked me to trace her Partner signal because she’s not answering his calls,” the computer genius explained.

“Really? I don’t know what to tell you about that. I mean, she always takes Shin’s calls. Did you trace her Partner?”

“I did,” he confirmed.

“That’s cool. So, where was the signal?” she asked.

“It’s coming from one of those timeshare lairs,” he answered.

“Timeshare lairs? Really?” Kim inquired. She did not see what her sister might be doing near those places.

“Yeah, and I found traces that the place is active. Her Partner hasn’t moved since I did the trace a couple of hours ago. So, there’s a chance that she probably hasn’t moved,” he replied. He was not about to come right out and say what he thought happened; he was going to allow Kim to come to that conclusion.

“Are you hinting that it’s possible that Trin was kidnapped by some villain?” the redhead asked in disbelief. Her sister being kidnapped was hard to imagine and more than likely impossible to pull off. Her sister knew some of the most deadly moves in self-defense. Who would be alive after tangling with her to kidnap her?

“Well, anything’s possible,” Wade replied. He and Shin wasted about an hour trying to figure out the probability of a person kidnapping Trin. Still, no matter how unlikely it was, it was the only reason that they could deduce from Trin not answering her phone and the phone being immobile for so long.

“Well, give me the location. I’ll leave right away,” Kim declared.

“To rescue your big sister?” he asked incredulously. He bet that they would need to call medics for the people that Trin probably injured for life for even thinking to touch her without her permission.

“Don’t say that out loud. It makes it sound even stranger than it is already,” she replied. Rescuing her big sister was just about the most bizarre notion that she could ever think up, hearing it out loud certainly did not make things any better. She hated to think about the problems that came up if her sister had been kidnapped and if she did have to save the blonde.

Trin was sitting, still tied to a rather uncomfortable chair, with a look of tedium in her aqua-colored eyes. There was a giant gun pointed at her, a threat to make her talk about what she had that the military was looking to purchase. She could only think about how she wanted to adjust her glasses before they slid off of her nose. She barely looked at the weapon in her face.

Shego had only worked on Trin for a moment when Drakken had yelled for her that first time. She found it boring and downright wrong in beating up a bound nerd; yes, she even had standards. She did stick around to see what her employer was going to do with the huge gun that he wheeled out. There was a possibility that he was going to blow her head up, but there was a bigger possibility that it would just blow up, like most of his recent work.

Drakken was marching in front of Trin; she guessed that he was trying to make her nervous. If that was the case, it was not working. He did not seem to notice that she was not scared of his weapon.

“Well, Miss Possible, are you going to talk or will I have to fire this baby up?” he asked while motioning to the gun.

“Forgive if I feign ignorance,” she replied.

“Do you know what I can do with this weapon if you don’t tell me what I want to know?” he hollered in a huff.

“Make ice cream?” she guessed.


“I doubt that you can do much with it being unplugged.”

Drakken turned to see if his machine was unplugged. Trin could not believe her eyes; and people thought that blondes were dumb, she thought. She figured that she had to teach the teal-colored man not to fall for such a cheap trick, not to mention teach him to always bind the legs of a captive, even if she appeared to be relatively harmless.

As Drakken turned back around to point out that his gun did not have a plug, Trin kicked him in the crotch so hard that even Shego grimaced for the man. He squealed in pure anguish while his eyes crossed and then he collapsed. Trin did not seem affected by the vicious way she had apparently seriously injured the doctor.

“That was pretty malicious,” Shego commented. She might grow to respect the geek if she kept doing things like that. Shego had wanted to kick the man in the nuts for about a year now; Trin had just lived the thief’s dream.

“I know. I doubt he was using it properly anyway,” the blonde remarked.

The raven-haired woman did not have a chance to respond as the doors to the lair burst open. Several guards fell into the room and Shego knew exactly what was happening. She was wondering when Kim was going to show up. Kim and Ron stepped into the lair, walking over the bodies of unconscious henchmen.

“Where’s my sister?” Kim demanded to know. She looked like she was ready to slay someone, but on the inside, she felt a bit awkward. She was coming to rescue her sister, a woman that she had seen take down the entire Middleton football team once because they were whistling at her and making some very inappropriate gestures at her.

“You’re kidding, right?” Shego commented. She could not believe how angry the cheerleader appeared. She thought that she might be in for an actual fight from the way her girl looked.

“Calm down, Mini-me,” Trin said to her little sister. No sense in there being a fight when nothing happened to her that she did not plan on.

“You okay, sis?” the redhead asked.

“Perfectly fine,” the blonde assured the hero.

“Hey, where’s Drakken?” Ron asked while looking around. He was expecting lasers or bombs or something, but definitely not nothing.

“Crying at my feet,” Trin answered the boy’s question as she noticed that the scientist was weeping.

“Oh, man, she made the bad guy cry. See, Kim, she’s the antichrist,” Ron declared. He felt safe making that statement since Trin was tied up.

“Maybe if she made Shego cry, but not Drakken. Trin, what did you do to the guy, though?” the hero asked as she went to free Trin, much to Ron’s dismay.

“Kicked him,” the college student answered dryly, as if it was nothing. “Mini-me, get my Partner, please.”

Kim nodded and finished with untying her sister. Trin stood up and rubbed her wrists; Shego really did tie a mean knot. She glanced down at Drakken, who looked like he was trying to move a bit. She glanced up and noticed that Kim was not facing her, so she kicked Drakken in the ribs. The scientist coughed and then cried out in pain, which caught Kim’s attention.

“Sis,” the redhead scolded her older sister because she knew that Trin was tormenting the poor doctor.

“What?” Trin asked innocently.

“Don’t abuse him like that. He’s down for the count and he’s not a fighter,” Kim pointed out.

“Well, he should watch who it is he kidnaps next time,” the older Possible countered.

“What are you doing here anyway?” Kim asked in a suspicious tone. It was too much of a coincidence that just a few days ago she and her big sister had been discussing Shego and now here they were in Drakken’s lair with Drakken incapacitated and Shego looking perfectly fine.

It did not add up, the redhead thought. Shego did not leave a battle with Kim looking perfectly fine and they fought for the fun of it now. Trying to kidnap Trin should have meant a battle of mythological proportions and while Kim did not know who would win, she knew for a fact that they would not make it a lair. Trin would make sure that she went down where she was attacked and she would never allow an assailant to get away from her unmarked. Shego would not stand for being marked, so she and Trin would have had to rumble until at least one of them just fell unconscious or died. There was no way that they both should have made it the lair.

“What are you doing here, sis?” Kim repeated her question. Trin sighed in annoyance; her little sister always wanted reasons and she always wanted them immediately if not sooner.

“I’m helping you. As if I would be kidnapped by such an ass without having an ulterior plan of some kind. Also, Shego, if you would return my debit card,” the blonde Possible requested.

“Hell, no,” Shego replied. While she might grow to respect the blonde woman, she doubted that she could ever like her, even if she was Kim’s sister. Trin was a rather bossy bitch in the thief’s opinion.

“Shego, give her back her debit card. She uses that to buy me things,” Kim remarked.

“Fine,” Shego sighed and she flung the card at Trin, who caught it easily. Shego turned her attention back to the hero. “Why didn’t you ever tell me that you had a sister?” she inquired.

“You never gave me a chance. I would’ve filled you in sooner or later,” Kim replied. Trin turned her attention to Shego, breaking up any chance that she and Kim might have had in starting a conversation.

“Shego, I’m going to give you the chance to make my little sister very happy. Try not to screw it up,” Trin ordered.

“Could she be any more of a bitch?” Shego asked.

“I could,” Trin assured her. One reason she did not take part in save-the-world missions and things of that nature, aside for hating most of the world, was that she knew she got into a very bossy mindset. She did not think that she was really like that and she disliked it when she got into that role. It was due to her mostly antisocial nature and basic view that she was always right.

“Um…what’s going on?” Ron asked.

“Ronald, you were not here today and you certainly never saw me,” Trin informed him.

“Why not?” the boy inquired in a confused tone. What in the hell was going on, his mind screamed. He did not understand why Trin, Kim, and Shego were all standing around instead of fighting. Where was the doomsday device? What was going on with the mission?

“Because I said so,” she replied in a “duh” type of voice, as if he was supposed to get that reason right away. She then got on the phone and dialed up her best friend. “Yes, Shin, you can run the program now,” she told the young man.

“What program?” Kim asked because things were sounding shady to her. It was like every time Trin and Shin did something it started out in some mysterious and suspicious manner. She now knew that her sister was up to something. Her sister might actually be trying to help, the hero thought with dread.

“Nothing that you should concern yourself with, Mini-me. Shego, you had better take really good care of my little sister. I can be very malicious if she’s hurt,” Trin warned the thief.

“Hey, it’s done,” Shin reported.

“Well, let’s get out of here,” the blonde female ordered.

“Sis, what in the hell is going on?” the redhead sort of begged and sort of demanded to know.

“You don’t need to know. Come on, Shego too,” Trin commanded and she grabbed her purse. She started walking toward the door, leaving no opportunity for questions to come her way.

“She always this bitchy?” Shego inquired.

“No, sometimes she’s actually evil while she’s at it,” Ron answered.

Trin was well aware that she was going to have to explain what she was doing sooner or later. She had no problem explaining it all to Shego, but Kim was another story. She would rather that her sister be as ignorant of her deeds and setup as possible. That way Kim would not feel the need to be there or help when the time came and authorities would want a word with her. Things were undoubtedly going to get touchy and she would rather her little sister not be involved in any of it.

The sisters and Shego retreated to the Possible residence upon Trin’s insistence. The blonde young woman made Ron go home by threatening him; Shego joined in, whether for the fun of it or because she was trying to be of assistance was unclear. The sisters did not inform their parents that they had a wanted criminal in the house; they thought that their parents might not take that news as calmly as everybody else was taking it. Or there was always the creepy chance that their parents did take it calmly, which they would rather not see because it would be disturbing.

“Mini-me, might I speak with Shego alone for a moment?” Trin requested.

“Why?” Kim asked. She did not like how any of the day was going. She did not like that her sister was purposely keeping her in the dark. Her sister was supposed to tell her everything; that was the deal. They told each other everything…eventually anyway.

“Just trust me, Kim,” the blonde replied.

“Why won’t you tell me?”

“Kim, I can’t tell you everything right away. You know that.”

“But, you said you would. You’re supposed to tell me everything. You said so,” the redhead pointed out.

“You know I can’t tell you everything right away,” Trin repeated. She just operated differently from her little sister and telling her little sister things right away would put the girl in jeopardy. She could not do such a thing even if she tried to.

“Sis…” Kim bit her lip. They were at a moment were their differences were out full force. They were at the point where they were almost exact opposites because of the way that they operated. “Fine, I’ll go start my calculus homework,” the teenager conceded.

Kim left the area; they were in Trin’s room because it was easier to sneak into being on the second floor. Trin sat down at her desk and adjusted her glasses. She motioned for Shego to sit in the chair across from her. Shego shrugged and sat down because she wanted to know what was going on as much as Kim did.

“So, you’re the love of Mini-me’s life,” Trin commented.

“And you must be the black sheep of the family,” Shego countered.

“You have no idea,” the blonde concurred dryly. “But, then again, you do since you’re the black sheep of your family.”

“What the hell are you going on about?” the thief demanded to know.

“I suppose I should get right to it and inform you that I know everything about you. Well, I shouldn’t say that as it is rather misleading. I know data, facts, accounts, files, things of that nature. I know they don’t equal you because if they did, Kim wouldn’t believe in you so much,” Trin replied.

“Just what the hell do you mean by that? What’s this game you’re playing at, Possible?”

“Kim told me all about your little romance and your approach to her. I can under the hostile advance as my girl is the same way.”

“Your girl?”

“Yes, you’ll find that Kim gets any perceived bad habits from me. Although, I’ve never gone for the older woman.”

“I’m not that much older,” Shego defended herself.

“No, I didn’t say you were. You’re just older than she is and that was merely all I was saying.”

“Look, what the fuck is this about? You’re going to grill me about being four years older than your little sister?” the super-powered woman demanded to know.

“No, that was not my intention either. The whole thing behind this madness is to give you and Kim a chance to be together, even be normal if that’s your thing. She really wants to be with you, but being a felon makes it a bit difficult, especially with her being a big hero. Correct?” Trin pointed out.

“Yeah, me and Kimmie have gone through this shit already,” Shego countered.

“What would you do if you suddenly had a clean slate?”

“What do you mean?” the raven-haired woman inquired. She wondered just what it was the blonde Possible was trying to imply.

“Shego, let me tell you something, where my heart should be, there is nothing there for the most part. My heart died a long time ago, but a few people have been trying to piece it back together with their presence, Kim is one of those people. She is a big part of my heart and I want nothing more than for her eternal bliss and I will do anything for her, even deliver to her a woman to build a future with without a care about the means to which I do it,” Trin answered.

“Why can’t you just give me a fucking straight answer?”

“I’ve eliminated your computer records. My evil twin and I can set you up with a bunch of phony documents, but quality phony papers to start a new life. But, we probably won’t even need to do that.”

“What about all the paper files?” Shego pointed out.

“Now, this is where my whole statement about us not even needing to set you up with phony paperwork. I’ve got an ace up my sleeve.”

“How so?”

“Well, hypothetically speaking, your paper files are rather useless unless someone pulls them. If someone were to do that, it is very plausible that my friend or I could destroy them before they were ever used against you.”

“You said hypothetically, as in theory, as in you probably couldn’t do that shit in real life,” Shego pointed out.

“The fact of the matter is that I probably could do it in real life. My friend and I can do a lot of things. But, the way that this whole thing is set up, it shouldn’t come to that. By the end of afternoon, our ticket to your serious freedom will arrive and all I want to know is, does Kim mean enough to you to where you might do something you hate for her?” Trin asked.

“Something like what?”

“Help people.”

“Fuck, who do I have to help?”

“Just would you do that?”

“To be able to live normally and do shit with Kimmie, I’d save the fucking world if necessary,” Shego answered. She hated to do favors or help people out without there being something in for her, but if what the blonde Possible was going on about was legitimate, then she was all for it.

“I hope things don’t come to that,” Trin sighed. If she wanted to save the world, she would join Team Possible.

“So, you broke the law for Kimmie?”

“I’m not done yet, either.”

“Well, sign me up for your party. I’ll help out any way I can to be with her,” Shego declared, especially if doing illegal things were involved.

“So, when you saw my little sister damn near dead, how did you react?” Trin asked. She was certain that Shego had either realized that she never really wanted Kim to die despite the fact that they were enemies or she knew that already, but realized that life was short and she needed to go for what really mattered as soon as she could.

“That’s none of your damn business,” Shego replied.

“You know, you’re not the first person to dislike me,” the blonde commented. She actually liked Shego. She had to admit that Kim surrounded herself with the right people; she liked that her little sister proved to be a very good judge in character when it came to her inner circle.

“No, but I’m the first person that could burn your room to the ground without any matches,” the thief stated.

“You just reminded me. When this is all over and everything is settled, we must have a rematch. I promise not to hurt you too badly since you are my sister’s girlfriend,” Trin quipped with a haughty look in her eyes.

“Bring it on, geek. I just hope you’ve got health insurance,” Shego remarked with an arrogant smirk.

Next time: Global Justice gets into the act. Will they make matters better or worse?

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