Chapter 8

Hell's fire


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TITLE: Hell's fire

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own the characters. Well, seeing as how I thought of Trin, Shin, and Tatsu, they would be mine, but everybody else is certainly Disney’s. I promise.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3480

Trin and Shin were not known for plotting. It just was not something they were interested in, which probably helped them in not becoming serious criminals. So, when Trin started pitching an idea to Shin, he could not help being bored and wonder where she was going with things.

Now, Shin knew that his evil twin would only think of some scheme for a few people on the planet and the one that she just hatched could only be for her little sister for the sheer danger involved. He was glad that Kim was making Trin do something, whether it was directly or indirectly, he could care less. It was just that he was bored out of his ever-loving skull and ever so thankful that Trin had something fun in mind.

“Shego!” Drakken bellowed in his usual voice.

“What?” Shego huffed in annoyance. She wondered why the man found it necessary to holler her name to the mountains when she was sitting less than five feet away from him. It was not like she was deaf and if she felt like it, she would ignore him, even if he was screaming directly in her ear.

“I have a brilliant plan,” he declared.

“How are we defining brilliant?” she quipped. His last few “brilliant” plans were not even worth getting out of the bed for her. Kim Possible did not even know about a couple of them because Drakken managed to ruin those all his own, which angered her because she was really only sticking around to see her girl. Yes, Kim was her girl and she would crush anybody that tried to argue otherwise.

“I need you to kidnap a woman,” he told his sidekick.

“Kidnap a woman?”

“She’s developing something top-secret that the military is trying to purchase,” he informed the raven-haired woman.

“And you want this technology, even though you don’t have a damn clue as to what it does. Why not just snatch the technology?” Shego suggested, not that she even cared anymore. Drakken had sucked all the fun out of being evil by being a failure that refused to recognize that he was a failure.

“Well…” the cerulean scientist trailed off.

“You don’t even know what it is, let alone what it does,” Shego sighed.

She could not believe the man anymore. It seemed like her employer was just getting dumber by the day. She doubted that she would be able to take him much longer. Someone with half a brain and a tablespoon of common sense probably would have given up on Drakken a long time ago, she thought. She knew that she would have bolted on him the first time he actually foiled himself by building a rocket that exploded and damn near killed him, her, the heroes, and everybody else in the lair, but she could not leave. Being with him was the only for her to see Kim. If only she could be like a normal person and invite Kim out to the movies or something, she would have walked out on the mad scientist months ago.

“Just go out and bring me Trin Possible!” Drakken ordered.

“Trin Possible? Is she related to your arch foe by any chance?” Shego asked curiously. Unlike Drakken, she knew that Possible was a very rare surname.

“No one in the chat room knew.”

Shego’s head hurt from that answer. “You heard about this in a chat room?” she inquired in disbelief.

The conversation was actually getting stupider by the second, just like everything was lately, she realized. He had to be running out of ideas, which she believed was very plausible. He used to have a new scheme at least once a week, so he probably tapped his imagination dry after trying to take over the world for about two years now.

“Look, are you going to question me on this all day or go get this woman?” the inventor huffed in anger.

“You didn’t tell me where and you didn’t say if she’s related to Kim Possible,” Shego pointed out. She would go in second if he confirmed that she was a relative of the teen hero. She was willing to do anything to get away from her employer and to go see what her girl was up to.

“From what I’ve seen she’s got no family. She’s developed some kind of top secret formula that the military is looking to buy. I want that formula, but it seems that she’s the only one that’s got it.”

“Yeah, it would be easier to get it from a woman than from the military,” the green-skinned woman commented.

“Well, go get it!” he ordered.

“Where the fuck is she?” she inquired. God, she would go kidnap the Pope if it would get her away from Drakken. He had been working her last nerve for weeks now. If she did not get away from him soon, she knew that she was going to have to kill at least one of them, probably him.

Trin was walking a path in the woods right on the edge of Middleton. She had nothing better to do with herself. Kim was at school, Tatsu was actually working on Trin’s car, and Shin had decided to be adventurous and leave the apartment without his phone. The blonde was left to her own devices for a couple of hours because of those things; she refused to waste away in the house and she could not take the stares from the townspeople, especially without her sister.

The townspeople’s eyes burned holes in whatever soul that Trin had left. She could not take being looked at as if she was not only an “it,” but also a disgusting, evil it. They were eyes that swore they were better than she was based on the sole fact that they had not been abandoned in a shopping mall and adopted.

Trin realized that she was thinking negative thoughts, letting her demons crawl out of the coffins that she locked them in. She willed her consciousness to close the door on those thoughts before they led to the notions that she loathed above all others. She detested when her demons reminded her that she was a charity case for the most part, a creature always to be pitied and exploited by the masses. She was a miserable thing.

“Shut up,” Trin ordered her brain aloud.

“Nice to see that even geniuses are crazy,” Shego commented as she stepped out from behind a tree. She did not see the point in being stealthy with a brainiac. It would be a cold day in Hell, she thought, when she lost to a lab geek.

“As long as you recognize my genius,” Trin retorted smoothly. She had seen Shego before, but television did not do the woman justice. It was nice to see that her little sister had an eye for beauty.

“Right. Now, if you don’t struggle, I won’t have to ruin that pretty face of yours,” Shego threatened the blonde.

Trin craned a sun-colored eyebrow. She studied Shego for a moment and then made a decision. She gently plucked her glasses from her face and reached into her purse for her case. She secured her eyewear in their case and then replaced the case in her bag. She put the bag down off of the path and then turned back to Shego.

“You may not know it, but you shouldn’t let the blonde hair, blue eyes, and thousand dollar suit fool you,” Trin commented.

“A thousand bucks for that?” Shego scoffed. She was looking at blush pink pinstripe suit with a canary yellow vest and golden tie. She could not see why that thing would cost even ten dollars.

“It’s tailor made from the best cotton that money can buy,” the blonde replied. She was going to hate it if her suit was messed up and Shin was really going to be angry since the suit was a gift from him.

“Your pimp buy it for you?” the super-powered woman remarked.

“I pimp myself, so no. Now, you were going to come at me, were you not?” Trin asked in a bit of a curious tone.

“Do you really want to chance this?” Shego knew that Kim was getting to her just because she was developing a for real conscience. She actually did not want to go at the geek in front of her that she was so certain that she would destroy. What would she tell Kim if she did such a thing? It was not like she could lie and say “Hey, she was like that when I found her.” Kim was not an idiot after all.

“I suppose so. Try not to scuff my shoes. I have only worn them twice,” Trin said dryly.

“Hey, it’s your health plan.” Shego shrugged. Who was she to argue if a geek wanted to get beaten up?

Trin remained with her usual apathetic expression, even though she had no clue as to what she was stepping in. She was merely curious as to what type of person her sister had fallen for. Besides, she was not too worried about Shego since the woman was underestimating her, which she could very much understand. She was a blonde woman that wore glasses and she was dressed in a pink pinstripe suit for crying out loud. She would not be surprised if a gang of second graders thought that she was an easy mark.

The green-skinned female crouched into her fighting stance for a brief moment. Trin studied the stance for the second that she saw it; the woman had a solid defense while in her stance, the blonde knew. She could see why her little sister was hitting much harder than she recalled; it had to be Shego that was toughening her up. She hoped that the raven-haired woman was not influencing her sister in any negative way; that was her job, after all.

Shego went directly at the blonde before Trin even thought to get into her own fighting stance. The college student backed away and Shego kept coming. Trin dodged and blocked everything that she could while trying to decide who was the better fighting, Kim or Shego. She was leaning toward Kim; after all, her little sister had almost broken her jaw a few days ago. But then again, Shin always told her that she liked to believe Kim was always better at something than anyone else.

Then Trin was suddenly taken by surprise as Shego changed styles. She almost gut-checked the blonde with her fist, but Trin flipped back just time to miss an undoubtedly bruising blow. Maybe Shego was better, Trin thought for a moment.

Shego stared at the blonde for a moment in disbelief. What the hell was a science nerd doing with moves and reflexes like Trin’s? The raven-haired woman did not understand it; the college student should have been on the floor three seconds after she attacked her.

“What the hell do you do in your off-time?” Shego asked in a slightly curious tone.

“Collect stamps,” Trin replied.

Shego smirked; she just had to go up against a smart aleck nerd. She went back at the blonde, determined to be her on her back. She wanted to rip the student’s suit too, just for having the nerve to wear it outside.

Trin remained defensive and hoped that Shego did not think to step up her game. The blonde acted like she was fighting with Kim to keep herself from going at Shego in return. She was seeing some openings in the super-powered woman’s style and if she dared to try for them and possibly connect, she was certain that Kim would hate her forever and always.

Trin could see that she was a different type of warrior from Shego, just like she was different from Kim. Kim fought for the good of people, to save people; Trin and Shego could understand why she did something like that. Shego seemed to fight for the fun of it, which was something both Possible sisters could identify with. Trin was not like either of them when her primary reason for fighting came out.

The blonde fought to hurt those looking to hurt her; the demons inside of her came out when she battled. Her demons came out full force when she was offensive in combat because she did not want to suffer anymore. She was not beautiful like her little sister in a fight. She was not graceful like her little sister and she damn sure was not merciful like her little sister. So, she reminded herself that Kim would not forgive her any time soon, if ever, if she even thought to injure Shego, even if she had one of her zoning out moments.

The villainess was becoming annoyed with Trin. She was sick of the nerd actually avoiding her attacks. She ignited her hands to scare the blonde and it did get Trin to back up a bit. Kim had told her that Shego had such an ability, but it was still surprising to see in person. Shego then decked Trin right across the face with a plasma-charged punch; she hit her on what seemed like a bull’s-eye on the blonde’s cheek. It was the bruise that her little sister left her with when Shego hit her and the thought that went through her mind was that Shego’s punch hurt much more than when Kim kicked her in the same spot. She staggered backwards from the punch.

“She’s Kim’s girl,” Trin reminded herself as a voice roared in her, demanding blood for her pain. She recalled back before she or Kim could seriously fight. She recollected all of the names, insults, and the beatings that came her way from schoolmates. Boys that left her with horrible physical scars and girls that left her with even worse emotional scars and how back then all she could do was cry, but now she could fight back. Dark voices in her mind always ordered that she react to someone to inflict agony on those that would stand against her now, the stronger her, the new her that refused to cry for anyone. But, she did not listen to those voices for once, which she guessed was a good thing because it showed her that she could ignore her demons.

Shego continued after Trin with devastating combinations. The blonde tried to dodge as best she could and she did avoid a good deal of the blows, but she never did see the one that got her; she would later blame it on her lack of glasses. Whatever the reason, she hit the dirt as blood oozed out of her mouth.

The thief looked down at the science the geek, thinking that she might actually get back up. She did not see how it was plausible for the blonde to rise again, but she would not put it passed the nerd. Trin considered getting up, but she decided against that since she was going to have to go down at some point to get things rolling. Besides, there was a chance that she might get hit again and she had enough bruises for the day. There was also the chance that she might want to fight for fun like Shego and they would never get out of the woods, which would not do either of them any good.

“You put up as much fight as a kid, you know that?” Shego remarked.

“Just don’t forget to grab my purse. I need my glasses and my wallet,” Trin replied. She really needed her glasses to make out anything three feet in front of her or less.

“You don’t make any orders around here, pointdexter. This is a kidnapping and everything,” Shego informed the blonde.

“That’s all well and good, but my glasses and my wallet,” the college student reiterated.

Shego frowned, but she grabbed the purse because Trin would be useless if she was blind. She then yanked Trin up by her precious suit jacket. The blonde balled her hand into a fist, but chose not to do anything, even though Shego was ruining one of her favorite suits.

Trin was tied to a chair in the mad scientist’s lair. It was not the first time she had been in a lair, but compared to her little sister, it might as well have been her first time since she could count the number on one hand. She was not awed by what she saw; it was probably the typical megalomaniac insane inventor’s hole in the ground. She had seen much better labs, she knew that much.

The blonde focused her eyes on Shego, who was busying herself by going through Trin’s purse. The thief called dibs on any forms of currency that the college student might have. Trin would have told her to take it if she was certain that Shego would spend it on Kim since they both would have been wasting it on the hero anyway. The blonde’s debit card instantly became Shego’s when she came across it.

“Hey, nerd, what’s up with your phone?” the villainess inquired when she pulled out Trin’s communication device. It did not look much like a cell phone, but it did look something like a Sidekick, which made Shego guess that it was phone.

“It was a project. If someone named Shin calls, answer it and just tell him I’m tied up at the moment and to ask himself what I would do before he acts,” Trin answered.

“Fuck you. You’re not my boss,” Shego replied.

“No, that would be this genius,” the blonde replied while turning her attention to Drakken.

The blue doctor was pacing in front of Trin. She thought that he looked rather tired. There were bags underneath his eyes; he had been up several nights trying to think of some new scheme only to come up with nothing. He hoped that whatever Trin was hiding was big, powerful, and destructive.

“Don’t remind me,” the green-skinned woman replied. Poor Doctor D, she thought. That man had obviously run his course and he just did not seem to want to believe it. She could see it in his beady little eyes that he was done, but he did not want to give it up. He had burnt himself out.

“Miss, I don’t think you appreciate your situation,” Drakken said to the college student because of how calm she was.

“No, I don’t really appreciate it, but then again, I’m not very much into bondage,” the blonde replied.

“Wha?” the scientist said, the remark clearly going over his head.

“And he remembers to sign checks and everything?” Trin asked Shego.

“That’s the one thing I make sure he remembers,” the thief replied with a smirk. She came across two golden hoop earrings that were clipped together. She held them up and felt the weight; it felt like they were real gold. “I’m going to sell these,” she decided.

“You’re just going to sell my earrings? What if I want them back?” Trin inquired.

“Come get them,” Shego dared the blonde with a smirk on her face. They both were very aware that Trin would not be getting up without some assistance; Shego knew how to tie a knot.

“Excuse me! Remember me? Evil doctor that had you kidnapped,” Drakken called attention back to himself.

Trin turned her eyes to the sky-colored scientist as if it pained her to do so. “Right, you were going to rant or something a second ago?” she reminded him. “Let’s skip it. What is the point in kidnapping me? I’m merely a humble college student,” the blonde said modestly; the words were as bitter as ash on her arrogant tongue.

“A humble college student with technology that the military has been trying to purchase. You will give me this technology,” Drakken demanded.

“And if I don’t?” Trin asked in a very bored tone.

“Shego!” Drakken bellowed.

The blonde cut her eyes to the other female, who was done rooting around in the student’s purse. Shego stalked over to the pair like a tiger and ignited her hands. She glared down at Trin and arched an onyx eyebrow because Trin did not appear frightened in the slightest. They were interrupted for a moment when the blonde’s phone went off.

“I strongly urge you to answer that,” Trin suggested.

“I think you should tell Doctor D what he wants to know,” Shego replied.

“You’ll both feel a bit sheepish if you don’t answer my phone,” Trin stated, but no one moved to answer the call. She shrugged; fine, they did not need to listen to her. They would just have to learn the hard way.

Next time: The rescue…well, it’s something like a rescue. Well, Kim shows up anyway.

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