Chapter 4

The demon's demands were silenced


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TITLE: The demon's demands were silenced

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Don’t own these characters, except for Trin. Disney owns everybody else; I mean, everybody in the world. They own us all, man! Wait, am I bugging out again? Probably. Well, anyway, I don’t own the characters.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2852

The little boy that Trin just struck a deal with to distract her sister while she went to “have a word” with some teenagers put out his hand; apparently, he wanted payment before service. In that sense, she believed him to be a very intelligent child and he could not be any older than ten. She paid him five dollars to do his job as a distraction. Trin marched off once Kim was paying the boy some mind.

“Watch my bag,” Trin ordered Monique as she left her purse sitting on the cashier’s counter.

“Wait, what are you going to do?” Monique inquired since she noticed the blonde’s eyes were locked on the group that was still laughing at her.

Trin did not answer; she merely bolted off into the group of teenagers that were still busy chuckling at her as if she was a clown sent to amuse them. She wanted to get as many of them as possible before they managed to escape like the cowards she knew they were. None of them would get away, though. She just would not allow that to happen.

Monique had never seen anyone move as quickly as Trin did, not even Kim. And then she winced when she saw what the blonde used her speed for; Monique could not believe that a Possible would do such a thing. She could not believe that the person she knew her friend looked up to would do such a thing.

“Kim!” Monique called while pointing out of the store. She thought that somebody needed to stop Trin before someone got….well, killed she guessed because saying hurt would have been understating what was going on.

The redheaded Possible was busy with the little boy, who claimed that he got separated from his older brother and was wondering if she might have saw him. Kim turned when she heard her friend shout for her. She saw the fashion guru pointing out at the door; she wondered what the problem was. She looked out of the store just in time to see her sister roundhouse kick a teenage male across the face; it looked very painful, but she bet that it felt even worse than it appeared.

“Sis!” Kim cried as she dashed off into the fray. “Sis, stop!” she begged.

Trin hardly heard her sister’s plea. The chain was off now; the tiger within her was free. There would be no more abuse for the day unless it was done from a safe distance because she refused to be something that was mocked now. She only had one reaction to violence against her and it was not to turn the other cheek. She knew that turning the other cheek just meant a second slap for someone like her.

“Sis, please!” Kim implored her elder sister to stop fighting. It was not even a fair contest; it was like a heavyweight champion going against a minute-old infant. Her sister was infinitely more powerful and skillful than the people that she was taking down.

Trin was nothing like Kim in a fight. Kim fought to stop people; Trin fought to hurt people. The blonde knew pressure points and weak points and she used them against whoever was against her. She knew where to hit in order to harm a person, badly. She had the knowledge on how to splinter bones, how to tear ligaments, and many other things and she had the power to do that. In short, Trin could blind and cripple most people if the urge ever took her. If given the right circumstance, the blonde was known to use her knowledge and strength. And though she had never crippled or blinded a person, she had broken a few arms and legs in her day.

Kim knew that once her sister was taunted, she only had one reaction now. To Trin, every attack on her no matter how big or small, it all entered the same category and that was someone was trying to hurt her and she did not want to be hurt. Kim could only think of one way to stop her sister when she was in her current mindset.

The hero put herself between Trin and her next intended victim. She gulped as she saw her sister’s foot coming toward her face. Trin halted before hitting her little sister, as hoped and expected. Kim still breathed a sigh of relief; her deepest fear was that one day her sister would be too far gone and fail to notice her, thus taking her head off with her deadly skills.

“Sis,” Kim pled.

“Mini-me…” Trin sighed and lowered her leg.

The group that the blonde had practically been destroying took the time that she was focused on her sister to get the hell away from the college student. Trin did not understand it, people knew how she was. They knew how she reacted. Why did they persist? Did they want her to accidentally kill someone one day? Maybe it was just that they did not know what she could do to a body if the urge ever came over her.

“Please, stop,” Kim whispered; she sounded near tears.

“Kim…” Trin did something that she usually would never think to do, especially in public; she grabbed Kim. She hugged her little sister tightly to assure her that she was back to normal. She was all right; she would not hurt anybody anymore.

The blonde felt like a complete jackass now that her senses were back. Why did she do such foolish, horrible things, Trin asked herself. She was all too aware that Kim looked up to her and she was even more aware of how her behavior affected Kim. It was times like now that Trin could understand why her birth parents did not want her. She could understand why the whole town tried to discourage her sister from being around her. She could understand if her sister and maybe even her family thought that she was a superfluous monster in their lives.

“Come on, Mini-me. Let’s keep shopping. I need new clothes and I must get Shin new shoes,” Trin said in a whisper.

“He’s such a baby,” Kim replied in an amused tone. Her elder sister released her.

“Oh, and Ronald is what?” Trin asked to defend her evil twin.

“Hey, I never had to buy Ron shoes,” Kim argued.

“You should. Your taste is vastly greater than his.”

Kim only smiled while they returned to the store. Trin retrieved her bag from the counter and they picked out an outfit for her to change into. Monique was kind enough to allow Trin to use the employee washroom to clean off any of the remainder of the milkshake that might have gotten on her skin or in her hair.

“Kim, what was the dealio on that?” Monique inquired, referring to the fight. Well, if it could be called a fight anyway.

“What? People pick on my sister sometimes,” Kim replied, trying to sound like it was no big deal, but her friend could see in her olive-green eyes that what happened bothered the hero.

“Does she always wild out on them like that?”

“Sometimes…” Kim answered honestly. It all depended on the age of the offenders and who was around to stop Trin.


“Well, she’ll take it sometimes. I’ve seen her take a lot actually; stuff I know would have set any other person off. I’ve held her back sometimes. If our mom or dad is around, she’ll do her best to not go at people. They don’t know, though. Those idiots have no idea what she can really do,” the redhead muttered, speaking more to herself toward the end of her statement. When she thought about the training that she and Trin went through for martial arts and the things that Trin knew, it kind of scared her to know the blonde could have easily slain so many people.

“Well, you did stop her from seriously hurting those jerks,” the chocolate-eyed girl pointed out.

“I stopped her? Yeah, I stopped her,” Kim scoffed. She had been late on that battle and the only thing that kept Trin from seriously injuring those teens was Trin.

“I don’t understand that, Kim. I mean, you sister looks high class. But, the way that she went out for them dudes, it was like she was…” Monique trailed off because she was not sure what she wanted to say. She thought that the elder sister of Kim Possible, who was supposed to be so highly intelligent and obviously sophisticated, could never attack anyone like some frantic animal like Trin just finished doing.

“Mo, don’t even bother trying to make sense of it,” the redhead said to her friend. It hardly made sense to her and she had been with Trin her whole life.

“I’m not trying to judge your girl or nothing—” Monique attempted to explain why she trailed off.

“Then just leave it alone. If you don’t, you’ll end up like everybody else because you don’t know what it must be like for her. I can’t… I can’t tell you why she acts the way she does because I can’t have you pitying my sister. She’s not a creature to be pitied,” Kim countered.

“I never said she was…”

The conversation was ended as Trin stepped back over to the friends. She was now dressed in a completely powder blue outfit, looking similar to Kim now, except that her shirt had long sleeves and did not show off her stomach. The redhead smiled when she caught sight of her sister, but Trin did not react.

“Spanking,” Kim declared.

“It’s adequate,” Trin replied in a clipped tone.

“Well, it’ll do until we make it pass Haven,” Kim told her sister because she knew that the blonde was used to more formal clothing.

“Haven? Whoa, that place is expensive,” Monique commented.

“It’s Trin’s favorite store,” the teen hero informed her good friend.

“It’s merely convenient. I can buy clothes for myself and Shin in one store,” Trin remarked.

“Shin?” Monique echoed.

“Her evil twin. I’ve told you about him,” Kim reminded the chocolate-eyed girl.

“Oh, right, the half-Japanese gay guy. So, you shop for your friend?” Monique asked curiously.

“You’d run in sheer terror if you’d saw what happened if I didn’t,” Trin replied dryly.

“You’re popping bills like that?” the wavy-haired girl asked while whistling.

“The bank roll is limited, but Shin is good for it. I get the clothes and he gets all of the high-powered computer equipment to make sure we continue to make money,” the blonde replied. Monique silently admitted that Trin was easy to talk to as long as she did not take offense by the monotone, apathetic voice that the woman had.

“Doesn’t seem balanced,” Monique said.

“We work it out. Besides, he and I don’t deal in fair, especially with each other. He detests me and I think his brain was used in a medical experiment that never gave it back. Come on, Mini-me, there’s still much shopping to be done and Shin needs his shoes,” Trin reminded the redhead.

“Mini-me?” Monique could not help it; she burst out laughing. Trin arched an eyebrow to the sound.

“Whoa, hey, timeout and stop right there,” Kim objected. “Doesn’t your brother call you ‘little grasshopper’?”

“And I’m shutting up now,” Monique conceded.

“I thought as much,” the hero replied.

The sisters bid Monique a farewell and continued shopping. Kim noted that some of the stores her sister went into were not her usual stores. She considered that Trin might be shopping for Shin, but the clothes were not his style nor were they his size and some of them were actually feminine. She doubted that her sister had changed her style, so Kim wondered who the other clothing was for.

“Mini-me, are we done for the day?” Trin inquired while looking down at all of the bags that they were carrying. She thought that Shin might have a point about her being a spendthrift when she got around her little sister.

“Let’s have dinner together too,” Kim suggested with a smile.

“Sounds fine. Shall we do anything tomorrow after this splendid day?”

“I don’t know. How do we top today?” Kim wondered aloud.

“Well, if you do think of something, call me and I’ll come get you from school. I’m going to have my car serviced tomorrow,” Trin informed her little sister.

“You mean to say you’re going to get your car souped up. You’re going to let that weird mechanic work on it, aren’t you?” the shorter female asked.

“She knows what she’s doing,” the blonde answered with a shrug.

“She’s going to ruin your car, Trin. She’s not used to working on regular cars that just do regular things. She does those illegal street racers.”

“She hasn’t ruined it yet,” Trin replied dismissively.

Kim only rolled her eyes. They went out for dinner and they returned home past ten, much to their father’s dismay. Trin was already in trouble before she got into the door, but breaking Kim’s curfew helped add to it.

“Trin, kitchen, now,” Mr. Possible commanded.

The blonde did not argue; she had anticipated such a greeting. She left her bags at the stairs and marched the designated area. She could guess what she was about to be scolded over.

“Kim, go to your room,” Mr. Possible ordered.

“Dad, I was with Trin. Come on, we shouldn’t get in trouble for this,” Kim argued.

“Room,” he repeated.

The redhead sighed and marched up to her room. Mr. Possible walked into the kitchen to see his wife sternly looking at Trin. The college student was sitting down and staring at the table, looking rather bored with the whole ordeal already.

“Trin, the police called us today,” Mrs. Possible informed the blonde.

“So?” Trin replied as if such a thing did not matter to her. She was not a little kid anymore, yet the police would still rather tell on her than confront her. She could not believe that they would be such cowards.

“You got into a fight at the mall. You injured several high school boys,” her mother pointed out.


“If we knew that this was what you were going to use all of those martial arts classes for, we never would’ve let you take them,” her father declared.

“Is that so?” the college student asked in a tone that showed she did not care much for the topic of the conversation. She knew that her parents were probably tired of the police calling the house.

Kim could guess what was happening in the kitchen since their parents only spoke to Trin alone when the authorities had given them a call. No one ever seemed to think to arrest the blonde or even press charges against her when she assaulted people. Their parents did always reprimand Trin, even though they knew she only fought when she was provoked. Kim could practically hear them going “you know better than that,” “this isn’t proper behavior,” “you’re an adult now, so you can’t keep doing things like this,” and the best one was “you have to act more like a grown up now.” It was always the same.

Their parents tended to speak down to Trin when reprimanding her, as if they could not grasp that she was older than six now. The blonde always kept her calm demeanor when being scolded; Kim actually never believed her eyes when she saw her parents chastising Trin because she did not understand how her parents could talk to a grown woman like a baby and she did not comprehend how Trin could sit there and take it. The blonde always looked at it as, yes, she was wrong and she knew her parents had to be parents.

Trin took her scolding like she always did. She then went to the stairs and picked up her bags. They were right as usual, she conceded. She hated how she acted, especially when her sister was around her. It seemed that she just could not help it anymore, but she did not want to allow her behavior to be chalked up to programming and habit. She had freewill and she had to start using that brain that she was so extremely proud of, especially around her sister.

Trin always silently wished that her sister stay just the way that she was. She never wanted Kim to copy her behavior in any way. It went beyond attacking people, but how she presented herself. She was not as perfect as she liked to boast and she knew that. She was a fraud in that sense and she did not want her little sister to be that way.

Next time: Kim thinks on what activity to do with her sister while Ron rants about his theory on Trin. Hey, Ron might have a point and she could be succubus…right? Well, maybe he can prove it or maybe he'll get distracted by other things; it could go either way with that kid.

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