Chapter 2

And the devil wore glasses


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TITLE: And the devil wore glasses

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: Okay, so, I don’t own these characters. Well, except for Trin and her friend Shin anyway, but everybody else goes to Disney.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: So, I got back into writing this fic now that I see folks are interested. I hope you stay interested. Please, enjoy.

Words: 3060

Ron noticed that his best bud seemed a bit spaced for the whole day. For some reason, her state of mind seemed very familiar to him, but he could not figure out why that was. Rufus was not helping either because he did not seem to be paying much attention to the redhead since the cafeteria was serving “pizza” for lunch; hey, the lunch lady called it pizza and it had something that tasted like cheese on it, making it edible to the junk food duo. Kim did not even bother to point out that the cheese probably was not real; hell, they would probably be lucky if it was not made from recycled shoelaces.

Kim and Ron went to cheerleading practice after school as they always did. The teen hero was eager for it to be over and done with before it even started because that meant that her sister would only be a half-hour away from her. She was planning on waiting right outside for Trin until the blonde young woman showed up. She hoped that Ron did not mind the wait, even though she knew that it was highly likely that he would mind a great deal. He would probably leave her in a huff.

The pair went to work at practice and a few minutes into the routine, Ron heard a familiar voice. He stopped what he was doing, namely jumping around and foaming at the mouth, and turned to look at the gym doors. Rufus popped up out of his pocket while Ron removed his mad dog head. The naked rodent made a noise that sounded suspiciously like “uh-oh” followed a couple of squeaks that sounded very much like “the beast.”

“Kim, it’s the antichrist!” Ron hollered in fear as he ran to hide behind his best friend. Kim wondered what had him so spooked, as she had been paying close attention to going through the routine to avoid getting kicked or someone landing on her, and then she heard that sweet, or scary (it all depended on who you asked) sound.

“No, Shin, you can’t do that. What do you mean, why? Because you’ll blow yourself up,” a low, monotone, indifferent female voice commented. Kim grinned widely as if it was Christmas morning.

A tall blonde woman stepped through the gym doors. She was dressed in a long powder blue skirt and a trendy yellow, button-down shirt; she only wore shades of pink, yellow, and light blue. Her clothes hugged her figure, showing that she was shapely and attractive; many people considered her look almost like a booby trap. She was on the phone, but Kim did not care about that.

“Trin!” Kim shouted with unimaginable joy. She charged her big sister and hugged Trin around the waist very tightly. The blonde looked down at her little sister and nearly smiled, but she controlled herself. She made sure to keep a neutral expression while not returning the embrace; she did not hug.

“Good to see you, Mini-me,” Trin said to Kim. Her voice was about as emotional as a block of wood.

“You’re early,” Kim sort of scolded her big sister.

“I know. Might you excuse me for a second?” Trin requested.

“Shin still attempting to kill himself?” the younger sister inquired in a slightly amused tone.

“Isn’t he always?” Trin sighed as if she was tired. “Would you like to say hello and maybe talk him into not blowing our apartment up?”

“Sure,” Kim agreed and Trin handed the phone over to her little sister without a problem. The redhead was aware that no one else was allowed to touch Trin’s phone aside for her.

The blonde turned her attention to her sister’s cheerleading squad while Kim went to talk with her friend on the phone. Trin almost immediately noticed a lone boy cowering behind the cheer line. She cocked a golden eyebrow into the air when she realized who the boy was.

“Dear lord, Ronald, I thought that Kim was telling me a joke when she informed me that you were a cheerleader,” Trin commented in a very dry tone. She spoke through her teeth, like she did not want to bother with opening her mouth all the way to talk to anyone.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a cheerleader!” Ron retorted while making sure to stay behind his protective shield of girl power. Trin would have to go through all of them to get him, which he would not put pass her, but he would run while she was taking out the girls, who he believe should know better than to stand between Trin and something that she wanted anyway.

“Only if you have breasts,” Trin remarked in a droll voice while rolling her sharp aqua eyes.

“Kim, hello, we’ve still got practicing to do,” Bonnie huffed. “You can take with your freak sister’s friend later.”

“My sister is not a freak!” the redhead snapped in pure fury as she stormed over to her cheerleading rival. She handed her sister back her phone while she got into Bonnie’s face. She put her finger in the cocoa-skinned girl’s face. “Never call my sister a freak,” the hero growled in an anger that Bonnie was very unfamiliar with. Bonnie was used to irritating Kim, not outright pissing her off.

“Can we finish this, please?” Bonnie complained while trying her best to keep her composer. Some people might be new to Trin and Kim, but she was not. She had just forgotten that the redhead was so sensitive about her sister because Trin made herself scarce now that she was in college.

“Trin, you’ll hang around?” Kim asked with hope in her voice.

“Of course. I’ll merely entertain myself by making fun of Ronald and saving Shin from himself,” Trin replied.

Kim smiled, even though she knew that Trin was telling the truth about making fun of Ron, while the blonde woman sat down on the bleachers. She cast a glance at Ron every now and then, making him tremble in fear, but she remained on the phone. Her phone was actually a special device, something similar to Kim’s Kimmunicator in the sense that it was more than a communication device and quite unique. It was a device that was developed by her and her best friend, Shinichi, who she referred to as her evil twin; the odd thing was that he also referred to her as his evil twin. They were quite unique creatures, many people would say a pair of evil twins and no one would figure out who was the lesser of the two evils.

“Shin, you can’t do that. How many times do I have to tell you that you’ll blow the apartment up? Sweet lord, you’re an idiot. I’m hanging up on you now. No, I’m hanging up and watching Mini-me work,” Trin informed her friend and she rudely disconnected the call.

Trin turned her attention to Kim and watched the routine without changing her expression in the slightest. She noted that glances where coming her way from every member of the squad, including her own sister. Kim was the only one that did not look at her elder sister like an oddity or some inhumane monster, which was something that Ron was guilty of. When the practice was over, Trin rose to her feet.

“I assumed that you would’ve gotten move lift on that last lift,” Trin commented, speaking to Kim.

“Hey, she killed that move,” Ron defended his best friend and that earned him a glare from the elder Possible that would have certainly slain a lesser soul. Ron gulped. “Please, don’t hurt me!” he begged while ducking behind Kim. He was almost certain that Kim would either protect him or that not even Trin would go through her own sister to get to him.

“I could’ve gotten more lift on that, but if I did, I wouldn’t land in time. It would ruin the whole routine,” Kim explained to her sister while ignoring her best friend’s outburst.

“An acceptable answer,” the blonde Possible replied in a dismissive tone.

“I figured as much,” Kim replied with an elfish grin. Trin glanced away for a moment; one day, Kim knew that she was going to crack her sister’s apathetic shell and make that woman smile.

“Well, go get dressed, so that the two of us might leave,” Trin said.

“Three of us,” the redhead corrected her sister, who rolled her eyes.

“I suppose I could drive Ronald home,” Trin conceded as if it pained her to do such a thing, even though Kim bet that her sister planned on taking Ron home no matter what.

“Actually, sis, if you could drive us to Bueno Nacho and then home, that would be great,” Kim suggested. Trin groaned in a very low tone.

“Please, Kim, like your devil-in-disguise sister would do anything for you,” Bonnie sniped from out of nowhere.

“Ah, that Rockwaller wit. Do you know that even you intelligent sister doesn’t know how to properly insult a person? Little Rockwaller, I wouldn’t expect you to understand the concept of a sister as you do come from a family of pit viper, wenches that haven’t been informed that Earth revolves around the sun and not them,” Trin commented.

“Sis,” Kim said to stop her older sister before things got out hand, as they often did when Trin was dealing with someone outside of their family.

“Fine,” Trin yawned slightly and waved the teens off. “Get dressed,” she ordered her little sister.

Kim nodded and trotted off with the rest of the squad. Ron was left alone with Trin for a moment for than he liked and then he ran off. Ron had nightmares of the Possible succubus, also known as Trin. Kim never understood the problem; she could not recall her big sister doing anything particularly horrible to Ron. Trin once made a comment about gutting Rufus and then waved a kitchen knife at Ron, but it was after Rufus had done a belly-flop into Kim’s birthday cake years ago. Ron claimed that his fear came from the fact that Trin had a look that she gave him that she used to try and murder his spirit and soul; Rufus was in total agreement.

“Kim, what’s with your sister?” Tara asked in a curious tone.

“Nothing. What do you mean?” Kim countered. She was being defensive and she knew that she did not need to be; Tara was nice first of all and second of all, she did not know anything about Trin really.

“She’s so mean all of the time,” Tara pointed out. She had not had the privilege of knowing Trin, but she had seen the young woman in action a few times. Those times were almost never pretty.

Kim craned an eyebrow to the platinum blonde’s statement, obviously missing where her sister was mean. Tara did not take the time to explain herself, feeling that it was overtly apparent that Trin was the embodiment of evil. Bonnie decided to jump in since Kim had not blown up at Tara.

“Her sister’s just an unwanted bitch. Her own parents threw her away like the garbage she is,” Bonnie informed the blonde squad member.

“Take that back!” Kim ordered with a snarl.

“Don’t try to deny it, Kim. Your sister is such trouble that her own parents didn’t even want her. Your parents only felt sorry for her when she was little and halfway cute. They probably didn’t want her after a while. They only kept her because you’re too stupid to see that she’s a worthless, heartless bitch,” Bonnie declared.

Kim considered that Bonnie must have taken a pill from the time practice started to now that made her immortal; there had to be a reason she would say such detestable things about Trin. The redhead was more than prepared to attack her rival in a fierce, animalistic rage, but a hand gripping the back of her neck stopped her from moving. She turned around and saw that none other than Trin was holding her back. Kim’s body relaxed as her big sister stepped forward.

“Bonnie, are you certain that you wish to into this again? I’ve made you cry on numerous occasions. Are you so simple-minded that you wish to travel this road again?” Trin inquired while adjusting her glasses a bit.

Bonnie stared at the twenty-year-old blonde for a long moment before grunting and walking away, as expected. Trin, unlike Kim, did not take putdowns well from anyone. She entered any and all verbal tirades with the gloves off and she did not retreat. Trin stayed in exchanges until her challenger withdrew or was in tears, even with teachers. Kim had seen it more times than necessary, in both her and Trin’s opinions. But, from what the redhead saw, her sister was never the one that started the trouble; it was always begun by some stonehearted person that looked to make Trin feel like worthless excrement.

“Don’t dawdle, Mini-me,” Trin told Kim before leaving the area.

Kim got ready as quickly as possible without having to hear anything else about her sister. The redhead realized how close she had been to battling with Bonnie as she got dressed; well, it would not have really been a battle. She would have been able to take her cheerleading rival down without a problem. She had had such encounters plenty of times in her life in school where she had nearly fought with some person, almost always over something said or done to her sister.

Trin was always the one that stepped in before Kim got to scrapping with people. Stepping in was how the blonde Possible got into most of her fights, which was about the only blights on her school records. Kim, having never been in battle on school grounds, had only one blemish on her school record, which was the time that she got detention for being late three times. Trin had a rather thick file, about the size of a phonebook, until she graduated and they were fairly certain that that record went authorities when she did graduate.

“I’m ready to roll,” Kim declared as she exited the locker room in her street clothes. Ron appeared from the boys’ locker room the second that he heard Kim’s voice.

“Then let’s go home,” Trin said.

“You mean, let’s go to Bueno Nacho,” the hero corrected her elder sister.

Trin merely waved her hand and the trio left the school. They walked the short distance to the school parking lot to Trin’s car. To the unobservant eye, Trin’s car looked like nothing more than a small luxury car that one would expect a college student would drive, especially from the outside. On the inside, it had as many switches and buttons as a fighter plane.

Kim rode shotgun, sliding into the front seat as soon as her sister opened the doors. She noted that her sister had new tan leather interior. Ron and Rufus both whistled when they entered the automobile.

“Ronald,” Trin said.

“Yes, ma’am?” Ron inquired.

“Should there be another incident, especially on my new leather, just say your goodbyes to the rodent,” Trin informed the boy and Rufus squeaked in pure fright.

“Yes, ma’am,” Ron gulped.

“Trin,” Kim sighed.

The blonde woman merely pushed her glasses further up the bridge of her slender nose. She started the car and took off like a shot. Kim calmly messed with her sister’s presets, noting that half the stations were rock stations; she did not recall her sister or her sister’s best friend liking such music. Ron thought that Kim might lose her fingers touching anything in Trin’s car, but such a thing never did happen. They pulled up to Bueno Nacho quickly and Trin frowned when her little sister told her to park the car.

“We have to go in?” Trin asked and she did not look happy with that knowledge.

“Yes,” Kim replied.

Trin sighed and Ron waited for an insult to go Kim’s way that never left the blonde woman’s mouth. She parked her car and they exited the vehicle. They sat at a booth in the restaurant, Trin by the window and next to her sister with Ron on the other side. Kim went into her pocket to spot Ron his three dollars for him to get his meal.

“What are you doing?” Trin asked her sister when she saw Kim pull some dollar bills.

“Ron needs money,” the redhead explained.

“Put it away,” Trin commanded.

“But—” Kim attempted to protest.

“Put it away,” the blonde ordered in a forceful tone. “One would think that Ronald would learn to support himself.”

“Sis,” Kim said while her best friend pouted, thinking that he would not be able to get the snackage that he desired.

The teenage boy folded his arms across his chest while mentally commenting that Trin was a harpy. Trin frowned and adjusted her glasses again. She went into her pocket and pulled out a bill. She held up the bill and turned her eyes piercingly at Ron, causing him to gulp again.

“Ronald, you will take this ten dollars and leave for a moment,” Trin commanded and she did not have to tell him twice. He yanked the money from her and went to the counter to go wild with his order now that he had ten extra dollars to waste.

“He’s so scared of you,” Kim commented in an amused tone.

“You haven’t slept with him yet, have you?” the elder sister inquired out of the blue and in a plain tone.

“Sis!” Kim blushed all the way to her ears thanks to that question.

“Just checking,” Trin said as if she was bored.

“You know Ron and I aren’t like that,” the redhead pointed out.

“As I said, just checking. So, what shall we do tomorrow?”

“We can go to mall,” Kim suggested with a wide smile.

“Fine,” Trin sighed as if it would cause her dire agony to do such a thing, but Kim knew that her sister loved shopping as much or maybe even more than she did. Club Banana was going to just adore them after tomorrow.

Next time: Kim and her big sister do some innocent shopping. Come on, what could go wrong with shopping?

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