Chapter 3

The mall is a cemetery


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TITLE: The mall is a cemetery

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: As usual, I don’t own these characters, except for Trin, but other than her, they all go to Disney.

SUMMARY: AUish. Who does the hero Kim Possible look up to? Check it out.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2808

Trin drove Ron home; he all but ran out of the car when she pulled up to his house. Trin was stunned that the boy did not create a sonic boom with the speed that he used to leave the vehicle. Kim could not help laughing at her best friend; he seriously seemed to think that Trin hated him. She was going to have to teach him to read between the lines one day. He had to learn that if Trin truly loathed him, he would not have to guess about it. He would know if she hated him because he would have some kind of permanent, physical scar to attest to that fact.

“Did you tell Mom and Dad that I was coming home today?” Trin asked her little sister.

“Nope. It’ll be a complete surprise,” Kim answered.

Trin nodded; she always liked her arrival to be a surprise, even though she never said as much. They rode home in silence; it was a quick ride. The blonde parked on the street and grabbed a couple of bags out of the truck of the car. They marched into the house and noted that there were no explosions, so they concluded that their brothers had not arrived home yet. They did hear their parents in the kitchen and headed that way. They found their mother on her cell phone and their father was scribbling on a sheet of paper.

“Hey, Mom, Dad,” Trin said casually, as if she was home everyday.

“Hey, Trin,” both parents replied absently; they typically required a moment to realize who they just greeted.

“Mom, Dad,” Kim called them for them to take notice of the blonde sooner. She disliked that it always took them some seconds to acknowledge Trin.

“Kimmie,” her parents replied and then they turned their eyes to the door. They noticed both of their daughters. “Trin?”

“Mom, Dad,” the college student repeated.

The doctors rushed over to their eldest daughter and hugged her, welcoming her home. It had been about four months since they last saw Trin and that was very brief. To make matters worse, Trin was not known for calling and if they called her, she could only talk for a few minutes before she to get off the phone because she very well could not reprimand Shinichi and speak with her family at the same time. Shinichi garnered her attention more because he was always trying to kill them, in her opinion. Trin barely returned the embrace from her parents; once again, she did not hug. Her parents knew that fact and released her quickly.

“Trin, when did you get back?” Mrs. Possible inquired. Her phone call was forgotten for the moment, her daughters could only hope it was not an important call about brain surgery.

“I just drove in today,” Trin answered.

“No summer classes this year?” her mother asked in a stunned voice.

“Second session. I do have to see Mini-me graduate, right?” Trin answered. She usually took classes through out the year, even winter sessions. She was set for graduation along with her “evil twin” after the fall session and they had already planned out what graduate courses they were going to take since they were going to stay right where they were going to school.

“Wait, so you’ll be for like two months, then, right?” Kim asked with a smile.

“Yes,” Trin stated plainly.

“Well, that is good news,” Mr. Possible declared.

“I suppose,” the blonde commented in a bored tone.

Trin did not stick around to talk with her parents much and Kim ran off after her sister. Trin went to her bedroom, which was located right next to the stairs that led to Kim’s attic-like room. The younger sister did a belly-flop onto the full-sized bed while the blonde placed her bags in her closet.

Trin did not have to look around to know that Kim had been in her room while she was away. She could tell that Kim had worn some of her clothes; the things that she could fit into anyway since Trin was taller. They did wear the same shoe size, so she knew that Kim had definitely been digging through her footwear. Kim used her accessories and whatever else took her fancy that was in the blonde’s room to her heart’s content. Trin did not mind as long as everything was put back.

“So, we’ll hit the mall tomorrow?” Kim asked while making herself comfortable on the bed.

“Indeed,” Trin replied dryly.

“A shopping spree?” the redhead inquired with a hopeful smile.

“I suppose. Shin swears I turn into a spendthrift when I get into your company.”

“Speaking of Shin, you asked me a rather embarrassing question about my best friend. Can I ask you?” Kim asked.

“You can ask away, but you and everyone else on the planet knows the answer to that. After all, if he got anymore flaming, he’d set the house ablaze,” the blonde remarked.

Kim laughed a little. “You’re so mean to poor Shin.”

“Shin is mean to himself.”

“Does he have a steady boyfriend?”

“As I said, Shin is mean to himself. You haven’t seen the guy in action lately, Mini-me. I’m starting to think that he likes the pain and abuse.”

“Doesn’t he think the same of you?” the younger sister teased.

Trin only shook her head, but Kim could tell that a smile was tugging at her sister’s lip; Trin was on a crusade to stamp out giggles and she was not going to allow her sister to make her give up that cause. Their sisterly bonding was interrupted when the twins barged in.

Jim and Tim went straight for Trin; Kim would have been surprised if they even knew that she was there. The boys leaped on their eldest sister and knocked her to the floor. Trin yelped as she crashed to the carpet.

“Sis, did you bring the rocket fuel we asked for?” both boys asked at the same time.

“Sis, you’re not seriously going to arm them, right?” Kim inquired.

“You should know better than that, as should they,” Trin replied as she climbed to her feet, bringing the twins along with her. She held onto the two little boys as she stood up; she noted that they were heavier than she recalled.

The twins pouted, knowing that Trin had not brought their requested items. Pretty much the only thing that made Trin cool to the boys was the fact that she, unlike Kim, had explosives and combustible materials at her disposal at all times. On some occasions, she shared them with the boys, but those rare.

“Shin would give us rocket fuel!” Jim argued.

“And explosives,” Tim added.

“That’s Shin. I’m his evil twin. I don’t do what he does,” Trin pointed out as she put the boys down. She could not believe how much they had grown since she last saw them in the flesh.

“Because you’re a harpy,” the twins declared, showing their sisters that they either listened to Ron too much or spoke with Shin too often on their computer. Either way, they were not showing that they had the best influences in their lives.

“You know, I do know where you both sleep,” Trin reminded her brothers, causing the boys to dash off. Kim laughed again, amused at how easy she frightened their brothers; not that Trin dished out idle threats to the boys. There was always a girls versus boys prank war in the house when Trin came home because the numbers were even.

“This place makes me want to break out in hives,” Trin commented as she and Kim entered the Middleton mall.

“Makes you want to?” Kim questioned her sister’s choice in words.

“It would give the people an excuse to stare. They should be monstrous, hideous, pus-filled hives,” Trin explained while trying her best to ignore all of the glances that she was getting just for having the nerve to go outside apparently.

“Gross!” Kim declared with a laugh at the description of those hives. She had learned to ignore the looks that her sister got because acknowledging people tended to led to very bad places when Trin was there.

“I’m glad that I can entertain you,” the blonde said blandly.

“I know you are,” the redhead replied.

Trin shook her head while allowing Kim to lead her right to Club Banana; she was very aware that would be their first stop. Monique was working the cash register that day and noticed Kim as soon as the hero entered the store. Kim smiled since Monique was at work; she could introduce her good friend to her sister. She grabbed the blonde by the hand and walked over to her friend. With luck, Trin would like Monique and Monique with like Trin.

“Hey, Mo, meet my sister, Trin,” Kim introduced the two young ladies.

“Sister?” Monique echoed. She seemed a bit shocked. She had heard that Kim had a sister and the redhead did mention her sister every now and then, but it was odd to see what seemed like a fictitious creature in person. It was like seeing a unicorn, or perhaps a ferocious dragon, depending on whose story she chose to believe.

“Indeed,” Trin said in a very bored tone, as if she could care less than nothing about meeting her sister’s good friend. Personally, Trin had nothing against the girl. Kim had told Trin a great deal about Monique; it was just that at that point in her life, the blonde could not do good cheer without extraordinary motivation. Nothing that she had heard about showed in her unwavering expression of complete and total indifference.

Monique had never encountered such stoic eyes full of tedium like the ones Trin was sporting. She was leaning toward the rumors and legends about the college student being true because of the look in the blonde woman’s eyes. She did not want to judge the woman before she knew her, so she decided to just wait a while and see what Trin was really like.

“So, you’re here to do a little shopping?” Monique asked Kim.

“Heavy duty shopping,” the redhead corrected her friend.

“Heavy duty? How so?”

“It’s all on her,” Kim said while pointing to her sister. Monique was not following why everything being on the blonde meant that the shopping was going to be more extreme than usual.

“I’m rich,” Trin explained in a dull tone. It was not something that she typically bragged about. Her boasting was usually of her intellect or talents. She would boast about how she became she became rich, but never that she was rich.

“That’s sweet,” Monique commented.

Trin made a noise that sounded something like grunt of disagreement, but they could never be sure because she did not have a chance to explain it. Her attention was pulled away as her sister dashed off because a shirt caught her eye. Trin lingered with Monique for just a second before strolling off to discourage her sister from picking the top that she had her eye on.

Monique watched the sisters for a while. Now, she knew parts of the opposing views on Trin. She had heard Kim talk about her brilliant older sister, who was at the nation’s top college and living with some half Japanese gay guy that was just as smart as the blonde was. They were a pair of bio-chemists; well, that was one of things that they were. It was the subject that they went to college to study anyway.

Kim made it seem like her sister was antisocial while the rest of society made it seem like Trin was the devil on Earth. Monique had been told that the blonde Possible was the violent one that lashed out at people for no reason, getting happiness from making small children flee in tears from mere glances. She supposedly injured people, men, women, and teenagers alike. She had a tongue like a rattlesnake, venomous and poisonous; she was known for spitting wounding words like an M16.

Monique had also heard Ron’s take on Trin, which was far from flattering. He went so far as to proclaim with confidence that Trin was almost certainly the embodiment of evil. He could see it in her eyes, he always said. He swore that she had an evil soundtrack that accompanied her, like a whip sound when she turned her head or an ominous tone when she glanced at someone. He had told Monique that Trin was probably a vampire and somehow hypnotized Kim. She did look slightly harmless while shopping with Kim to Monique, though.

Monique stared at the pair and thought that they looked rather content while going through some pants; they were looking for Kim’s size. Trin found a pair and held them up to her little sister to get an idea of how she would look in the clothing. She craned a golden eyebrow.

“We’ll have to fit a shirt to go with these. The material is very nice, though,” Trin commented.

“Yeah, I’ve got a navy blue pair just like them. Cost me two week’s allowance,” Kim replied.

Trin was about to respond about her little sister’s expensive taste, but she turned around sharply, sensing that something foul was in the air. She turned just in time to be doused with a strawberry milkshake by two boys that could not have been any more than twelve years old. A look of murderous inclination sparked in Trin’s aqua eyes; Kim was very familiar with the look and knew that unless the boys were immortal then they had better start running and she had better hold her sister back. Kim grabbed the blonde while the boys ran off.

“Mini-me, release me,” Trin ordered a deadly calm tone.

“They’re just kids, sis,” Kim pointed out. She had actually never seen Trin injure a child, but she was not about to chance it since the boys had just ruined Trin’s favorite casual outfit; she had a strawberry mess covering her shirt and the top part of her pants.

“But, they’re not,” Trin replied as she watched the boys run to a group of teen. A teenage boy gave the little ones congratulations with pats on the back while everyone had a roaring good laugh at Trin’s expense.

“Trin, it’s not worth it.”

“Let me go.”

“Trin,” the younger sister begged.

“Let me go.”


The blonde frowned and raised her hand. She wiped away some of the shake that had gotten on her neck. She glared daggers at the group that was still laughing at her, pointing at her. She growled like a caged tiger that was being taunted by its prey on the other side of the bars. Kim was her cage; her compassionate, precious cage. Kim was the thing that prevented her from seriously injuring or possibly even killing someone.

“It’s all right, sis. We’ll just buy you some new clothes,” Kim suggested while hoping to calm the blonde down.

“Fine,” the college student conceded.

The redhead turned to look for some clothes that her sister might like while Trin pulled a tissue from her purse to wipe her neck and as much of her shirt as she possibly could. She cleaned her glasses also because they were dirtied with specks of strawberry milkshake too. As she went to put her spectacles back on her face, she happened to look down to see a blur about four feet tall near her. She placed her eyewear back on her face to get a good look at the blue, which turned out to be another little boy; he looked even younger than the other boys.

“You must want to die at a young age,” Trin commented with a frown on her face.

“No,” he replied in meek tone.

“Then don’t do whatever those people told you to do,” she informed him.

“They said if I don’t do it, they’ll beat me up.”

Trin frowned again; those people were really working her nerves. She glanced over at her little sister, who was very immersed in finding Trin a new outfit. The blonde turned her attention back to the child.

“Tell you what, I won’t kill you and I’ll give you five dollars to distract that girl over there while I go have a friendly conversation those people trying to get you killed, okay?” Trin offered.

“Sure,” he agreed. Hey, he would get five dollars to distract a cute redhead and the scary blonde would not murder him. It seemed like a sound business decision to him.

“Good.” Trin smirked like a demon.

Next time: Trin has bribed a child to distract a certain redhead while she goes to “have a friendly conversation” with some people. How “friendly” will the “conversation” get?

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