Chapter 15

Shinichi's Japan Adventure


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TITLE: Shinichi's Japan Adventure

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters, except Shinichi and Shinichiro. Everyone else belongs to Disney.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Pariah. There is a Possible clan get together at the Lazy C Ranch. Insults fly while problems arise. Shego never knew that Montana could be so interesting.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3147

“Poppa, I cannot stand this walk,” Shin groaned as they hiked up a mountain. He knew that complaining was not going to get him anywhere, but it gave him something to do while they took the horribly long walk that they were on. He actually did not even mind the walk.

“You should’ve stayed with your mommy, then,” Shinichiro replied, teasing his son. He knew that his boy just liked complaining more than anything else. He believed that came from the fact that Shin used to get babied when he complained when he was little.

“Yeah, I’d rather gouge my eyes out with my chopsticks than stay with Mommy while she’s with her friends. She is such a woman,” Shin said. It was the closest thing that he would ever say to insult his mother; it was actually something that he picked up from his father.

“That she is,” Shinichiro agreed. By saying that Tashawna was such a woman merely meant that she was having fun, gossiping with her friends while shopping or having lunch. It was nothing something that the father and son enjoyed mostly because she did not give them the attention that they wanted from her while she was with her friends.

“Besides, you know I’ve got folks to check on, just like you,” Shin pointed out.

“You probably should get some practice in too, so your wife would stop beating you up,” his father taunted him.

“Okay, first of all, the shrew doesn’t beat me up. She’s only still alive because I need someone to make meals for me and do my laundry. Second of all, I don’t need the practice. Third of all, I could take down like everyone there,” the younger male declared.

“You can’t take me down.”

“Well…no,” Shin admitted. He wondered sometimes if he ever would be a match for his father. He worked and worked to get to his father’s level, but it seemed that no matter what, he always ended up below the mark. He sometimes feared that he would always be looking at his father’s back.

“Then you can’t take down everyone here. You should also come with me and show Sensei some respect,” Shinichiro suggested.

“Screw him and his ‘no foreigners’ policy. That’s why I can kick his school’s ass,” Shin replied.

“He’s only upholding the traditions of the school,” the older man argued.

“Screw that. Some traditions should be left out in the desert, bleeding, so they can die. I mean, if we’re going to uphold tradition for no real logical reason, then hey, let’s take away women’s rights to vote. Oh, let’s put Black people back into chattel slavery. And most of all, let’s go back to killing people that don’t convert to Christianity,” Shin proclaimed sarcastically.

“You done, kid?” Shinichiro asked.

“Yeah, I’m done,” the younger male replied while waving his hand as a gesture to dismiss the issue.

“Good to know. While I can see your point and I agree with you for the most part, not to mention understand your anger, you should still show the man some respect just because of how great he is.”

“I only respect those who respect me and he doesn’t respect me,” Shin argued.

“He does,” the father insisted.

“Then why didn’t he let my evil twin join this stupid school with me?” Shin inquired with a bit of an attitude, which did not surprise his father. The kid held onto things if they truly offended him.

“He’s upholding the tradition.”

“He’s being an asshole.”

Shinichiro decided to stop arguing with his son, who he knew would not change his opinion. They came to their destination at the top of the mountain; the top secret ninja school known as Yamanuchi. They were both disciples of the school; Shin had been forced to go there by his father as a part-time student. Shinichiro had to really fight just to get his son in since Shin was only half Japanese and they had a strict policy against outsiders. Shin had not wanted to go because the school would not accept Trin and why should he want to be somewhere that his evil twin was not welcomed? So, when crying did not work, he half-assed his way around the school. The only time that he really put in some work was when he was given a ninja mission and that was because he brought Trin along with him; damn the fact that it was supposed to be a secret and he could be killed if it was found out that he not only told an outsider about the school, but was taking her with him on missions. He trusted her to not tell anyone; out of the two of them, she was better at keeping secrets anyway.

“Try not to blow anything up while I’m gone,” Shinichiro told his son. He was being half-serious with his words considering who his son was.

“Sure, no problem. I’ll just go set fire to the main building,” Shin replied as if he was serious. He was actually always thinking about it when he was at the school.

“Just don’t be inside the building when you do,” his father quipped.

“Good plan,” Shin laughed.

The father and son parted ways. Shin was searching for someone. He figured that she could help him in buying a kimono for his evil twin. His father had jokingly told him that he had better remember to get his wife’s outfit or he was going to be in the doghouse forever. He had to admit that Trin would be damn mad if he did not replace the kimono that he had ruined. He doubted that it would be hard to find a pink kimono with a flower print, but he would like some company while hunting for one.

He turned the corner and went around a building’s back. He gasped as soon as he hit the corner. The person that he was looking for was hidden behind the building and sharing a gentle kiss with some blonde. Upon closer inspection, it was not just some blonde. Shin frowned; he knew that blonde.

“Yori-chan!(1)” Shin barked as he stalked over to the couple, who pulled away from each other.

“Shin-senpai!(2)” Yori gasped. She could not believe that he had just caught her in the act. It did not reflect well on her as a ninja.

“Shin? What the heck are you doing here?” the blonde, one Ron Stoppable, inquired.

“Yori-chan, what the hell do you think you’re doing with this guy?” Shin demanded to know as he stood before the pair.

“Hey, you can’t talk to her like that,” Ron objected.

“You, shut up! I’ll start with you in a second,” Shin declared and Ron gulped. Shin turned his attention back to the little kunoichi(3). “Well, Yori-chan, I’m waiting for my explanation,” he said.

“Oh…um…well…Shin-senpai…this is Ron Stop—” Yori nervously started, but she was cut off.

“I know who he is. I know who he is all too well. I know him well enough to tell you to stay away from him. He has no honor,” Shin stated.

“Senpai, Ron-san is very honorable! He saved Master Sensei and the lotus blade—” Yori tried to explain.

“So what? I’ve saved Sensei before. It’s not something to brag about considering how many people come after the guy. Hell, my mother saved his ugly hide once and she didn’t even get any gratitude for her trouble. This man doesn’t respect others and I won’t allow you to shame yourself by being with him,” Shin told the well-trained ninja.

“Hey!” Ron protested.

“Shin-senpai, I am not ashamed,” Yori argued.

“Do you know how the harpy would react to this if she knew?” Shin asked while grabbing his hair in frustration.

“Trin-neesan(4)? Is she here?” Yori asked in a somewhat hopeful tone. If Trin was around, it usually meant that she would get gifts and it was rare for anyone to give her gifts, so she looked forward to that. Of course, she enjoyed seeing the blonde too, even though she knew that Shin broke school rules with Trin.

“No, she had to go through Hell on the other side of the world. She wouldn’t let you do this, though,” Shin informed the kunoichi.

“Why not? I like Ron-san,” Yori stated.

“Yeah, she likes me,” Ron said with a smile. He was happy because of how easily Yori admitted that she liked him. It felt good.

“She likes you because she doesn’t know that you’re the type of man that would throw away a life long and important friendship just because it turns out that his best friend is a lesbian,” Shin proclaimed.

“It isn’t like that!” the blonde boy argued.

“Wait, Kim-san is also a lesbian?” Yori asked in a puzzled tone.

“Yeah, and laughing boy blamed it on Trin while accusing Kim of betraying him,” Shin replied.

“Is it not usual for both sisters to be lesbians, though?” the kunoichi asked. She was not too sure on how a person became a lesbian. She was stuck on a closed off mountain most of the time, so she did not know much about the outside world. The only reason she knew what a lesbian was was because she knew Trin.

“All right, Yori-chan, so you’re going to side with Ron on the matter?” Shin countered because of the way that Yori was questioning things.

“I am not choosing sides. I just do not understand what’s going on, Shin-senpai. Please, it would be your honor to explain the situation clearly to me?” Yori requested.

Shin sighed and rubbed his forehead. “Fine, make me the rational one. Where’s that screeching harpy when I need her?” he wondered out loud.

Shin calmed down and the trio went to find a spot to talk. Shin would rather just do what he usually did, namely just freak out over the fact that Yori had been kissing Ron. If Trin had been there, she would have taken over the role of being rational and explained to Yori why she could not date Ron.

Shin and Trin had sort of taken Yori under their wing and she was doing something like Kim, namely managing to only take away good lessons from being with them no matter what outrageous thing that they did in her company. It seemed that they could not corrupt anyone except for each other; they were not sure how that worked, but it was the way things went.

The pair had met Yori when she had first come to the school and Sensei, either in a moment of a drug-induced stupor or he had been hit in the head the moment before, decided that Shin would be responsible for the little ninja-in-training when he was around to help her adjust; it was probably to help Shin in someway too, but he missed how that might have been. He thought that it was funny that he was given someone to help her adjust; it was almost laugh-out loud funny. It was a good thing that he sneaked Trin in for missions because she helped with Yori since she had a little sister and just better understood females. He knew how to be a crazy big brother figure, but Yori did not need that much of the time, so it was very good that he came with his own shrew, he always thought because that gave Yori a fairly understanding big sister figure.

The trio went and sat underneath a shady tree. Ron frowned while eyeing Shin, who, in turn, frowned at how close the blonde boy was sitting next to Yori. Yori was just bewildered; she could not understand why Shin did not like Ron. Ron was very honorable, as she had said, and he was very friendly. Yet, Shin had objected and did not seem to like Ron at all, so she was very confused.

“So, what are you doing here?” Ron asked Shin again.

“I’m a graduate of this school, smart guy,” Shin answered.

“You?” Ron asked in total shock. And there it was he had always assumed that Shin was just crazy when he went around polishing his swords.

“Yeah, me. I’m also in charge of watching out for Yori-chan, so I get to disapprove of any and probably all suitors, you especially, buddy-boy. She deserves way better than a jackass willing to throw away his best friend just because she’s gay,” Shin declared.

“I didn’t throw Kim away because she’s gay. She picked Shego over me. She decided to be with Shego,” Ron argued.

“You said that Trin corrupted her,” Shin countered.

“She did,” Ron agreed.

“You threw your friendship away. You’re the one throwing the tantrum. You’re the one that doesn’t pick up the phone when she calls. You’re the one that’s not talking to her. You’re the one being a jackass,” Shin stated.

Ron opened his mouth to argue, but he found that he was out of ammunition to fire back with. He had stopped talking to Kim; she tried to call him and he would not take her calls. He had stopped hanging around her because he did not want to be around Shego too. She had not really picked Shego over him; he had walked away. It was all on him, he realized. He was the one throwing their friendship away and for what? Just because she was a lesbian and dating Shego? Was he really that freaking stupid?

“I know that face,” Shim commented as he watched Ron’s expression drop. He knew that he had gotten through that thick skull of Mister Stoppable.

“Huh?” the blonde boy asked.

“That’s pretty much the same face I had when the harpy started dating Tatsu. We had a problem with that whole thing. Well, I had a problem with it anyway. Look, kid, I don’t have anything against you. I mean, you’re Kimmie’s best friend and I’ve always sort of liked your crazy style. Act like you’re Kimmie’s best friend. Accept her decision, like I accepted the shrew’s decision,” Shin said.

The half-Japanese male was not lying. He did not have anything against Ron and he had always liked the kid, even though he was very aware that the boy had a problem with him and with Trin. But, Ron did not mean much to them. He was Kim’s best friend and, at the moment, Shin was only looking out for Kim’s interest. Well, that, and he knew that deep down Ron was not the jerk that he was acting like and he wanted the boy to straighten up and make a proper boyfriend for Yori if that was how things were going to be.

“So, Ron-san was acting like Shin-senpai?” Yori asked to see if she was following the problem.

“A little, yeah. Remember that time when Trin and I came here and we weren’t talking to each other?” Shin reminded Yori.

“Right,” she nodded.

“I was mad at her because she was so freaking in love with Tatsu. I felt like Tatsu stole her from me. My harpy and I nearly ruined over friendship over it. It’s not a fun thing to think about, Ron. It’s not a fun thing to watch either. Having a best friend is a special thing, especially for so long,” Shin said.

“I know,” the blonde boy sighed.

“So, don’t be a moron. Call Kim sometime, like when you get back home. See if she wants to hang out or something,” Shin ordered.

“All right,” Ron agreed.

“So, Shin-senpai, is it all right for me to continue seeing Ron-san?” Yori asked because it seemed like the fellows had worked through their issues, but she still was not totally sure, especially when it came to Shin and his strange behavior.

“I guess. You are old enough to make your own decisions. Just know that Trin-neesan isn’t going to be happy with you starting to date. After all, you are little Yori-chan,” Shin commented with a small smile.

“I’m sure she won’t mind. It sounds like she has her hands full with Kim-san right now and you will have to return home to take up her time,” Yori replied with her own smile.

“You know she’ll make time for you. I guess I’ll let her deal with you when she gets the chance. Oh, one more thing,” Shin said and he turned his attention to Ron. He slapped the blonde boy in the head.

“Ow!” the younger man groaned.

“Don’t kiss Yori-chan at the back of some building like she’s some tramp. You take her some place nice. I know you’ve got money, taco-boy, so use it. Geez, what kind of simpleton are you?” Shin scolded the blonde male.

“Okay, okay, sorry! Just don’t hit me again,” Ron replied.

Yori giggled. “You and your American-style overprotective behavior,” she said to Shin.

“My style isn’t American. It’s pure Shin-ese, you know that. Look, kid, you don’t let him treat you like that. You make him take you to nice places and buy you nice things. He’s good for it. And if he does something stupid, you call me or Trin-neesan. We’ll slap him around a bit and make him fly right,” Shin declared, which made Yori laugh more while Ron cringed.

Shin then spent the rest of his stay in Japan shadowing the couple. He wanted to make sure that they did not do anything more than kissing. He did not care that he was not only getting on Ron’s nerves, but Yori’s also while hanging around them. He was not going to let them out of his sight while he could and he planned to tell Trin about everything when he got home to set up proper surveillance to make sure that Ron did not take advantage of Yori. After all, they had already lost Kim to temptation of the flesh, so he doubted that Trin wanted to lose Yori so soon too, especially to a boy. He knew that he was completely against it; Yori needed to stay innocent…at least for a little while. He was not looking to do the impossible and keep her chaste for the rest of her life, but just for a little while. She was like a little sister to him, after all.

The end…for now?

1: -chan: used after a person’s name to express affection.

2: Senpai: senior; predecessor.

3: Kunoichi: female ninja

4: -neesan (oneesan): elder sister; used to address women around the age of 20 or such.

Well, we've come to the conclusion of another crazy story dealing with the evil twins, Tatsu, Kim, and Shego. If you guys still want to see them get into trouble let me know and I'll try to do another story with them in it. If you missed anything with these guys, they're in: Pariah, Memoirs of the Malcontent, and Forsaken.

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