Chapter 7

Busted again


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TITLE: Busted again

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters, Disney does. Trin and Tatsu were born in my head, though, so they would be mine.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Pariah. There is a Possible clan get together at the Lazy C Ranch. Insults fly while problems arise. Shego never knew that Montana could be so interesting.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3701

Trin marched into the den and noticed Tatsu lying down on the sofa. The blonde had to steel herself before walking deeper into the room and kneeling down next to her lover. Tatsu slowly turned to regard the object of her annoyance.

“What?” the mechanic huffed. She was still incredibly angry with her blonde bombshell and would rather not see that attractive face at the moment.

“Baby, you know I didn’t mean for any of that to happen. Lily is just…well, she is pretty much what you saw today,” Trin replied with a small shrug. Lily, the girl from the bar, was just a perky, clingy female that latched onto whoever she thought cared just a bit about her. Trin had come after a long line of men that Lily allowed to use her anyway that they liked as long as they pretended to care about her.

“Did you sleep with her?” Tatsu demanded to know.

“Baby, you know you were my first and only,” Trin answered in a deadpan tone.

Tatsu silently conceded that point. She believed that she was the only person that Trin had ever slept with. She remembered Trin’s problems with touching, all forms of touching. She recalled that Trin had been close to inconsolable after sleeping with her and she had tossed Trin away because sex was such a big thing for Trin, so it was not like she would sleep around. But, Tatsu was still upset, even if her beloved had not slept with that annoying little female.

“Did you go with her?” Tatsu inquired.

“I merely helped her realize that she is attracted to women,” the college student answered with a shrug to show that it was not a big deal.

“You kissed her?” the mechanic asked with a frown.

“Once or twice, I suppose,” the blonde admitted.

“Then you liked it,” Tatsu assumed with a low growl in her voice. How dare her lover enjoy the kisses of another woman! Trin was only supposed to enjoy her.

“Not particularly, no,” the farsighted female replied bluntly.

She held no fondness for kissing Lily or anything other female that she had kissed in the past. Kissing was so disgusting in her opinion; it was probably one of the worst forms of touching in all of existence. Who knew where someone else had been, she thought with a shudder. The only girl that she had ever took pleasure in kissing was Tatsu and she had to get used to that.

“Then why were you with her?” Tatsu huffed and her girlfriend did not appreciate her tone.

“All right, should I have just never been with anyone until I met you?” Trin countered. She was now a bit irked that she was being snubbed for having the nerve to have been with people before Tatsu.

Trin was also insulted that she was getting such heat for running into Lily, but she never acted the same way when she and Tatsu went to a street race and they ran into one of the mechanic’s former lovers. Oh, and did they run into former lovers when it came to Tatsu. It was annoying to see those reckless, irksome racers come over to her baby and try to hook up with Tatsu right in front of her face, but she did not get too bent out of shape because she knew who the blue-eyed female was going to go home with. She also trusted Tatsu, so she wanted some trust in return.

“So, you’re going to start bitching at me?” Tatsu inquired with a scowl. She was now getting pissed that Trin was getting pissed that she was pissed.

“Baby, you just aren’t making any sense. Just stop and be rational about for a second. I understand that you’re upset with what happened, but Lily doesn’t mean much of anything to me. Yes, I keep in touch with her, but it’s only because she is such a pitiful soul. I was her first lesbian experience and she’s just the type of person that puts her claws into a person, she has to stay clinging or she’ll think that she’ll die or something. She likes turning to me when her sexuality or others things get her down. But, you are my one and only. You are the woman I love, the one I want to grow old with, the one I want to be with until I die,” Trin stated soundly.

Tatsu frowned, trying her best to hold onto her anger. She decided to go down another road, though. One that had less to do with anger and more to do with her slight insecurity now that she saw what one of Trin’s ex-girlfriends look like.

“She was pretty…” Tatsu muttered more so than usual. “Better than me, nicer body.”

“Baby, you know to me you are the most gorgeous creature that was ever created. There is no body better than yours in my opinion. This is the body I like having underneath or on top of me,” Trin said in a purr while running a finger down Tatsu’s abdomen, making the mechanic flinch just a bit from the contact.

Okay, Tatsu found it impossible to hold onto any bad feelings that she had now; the purr had been her undoing. She leaned forward quickly and attacked Trin’s mouth with her own. They met in a passionate, rough kiss. Tatsu moved forward until she was off of the couch and crawling on top of Trin. The blonde halted the kiss as she realized what her beloved was looking to get to.

“Tatsu, we need to go to our room,” Trin informed her girlfriend.

The mechanic merely nodded. She stood up and pulled Trin to her feet. They marched off toward their guestroom, failing to notice Joss, who was hiding around the corner. She was shocked, having just witnessed the heated kiss. She took off down the hall and ran right into Kim, literally. The younger female hit the deck because of the collision.

“Whoa, Joss, are you all right?” Kim asked as she helped her little cousin up.

“I’m fine,” Joss answered.

“Okay,” the slim hero said and she was about to go about her business, but her auburn-haired cousin stopped.

“Kim,” Joss said, which stopped her relative for the moment.

“Yeah?” the redhead asked.

“Is Trin queer?” the younger teen inquired curiously.

Kim went rigid for a very quick second, but her cousin failed to notice that. “Why would you ask that?” the adventurer countered.

“Well, is she?”

“Shouldn’t you ask her that question?” Kim riposted for lack of a better thing to say.

“Um…” Joss hesitated at that suggestion. “I can’t just ask if she’s queer. I mean, it’s rude and she’s always so snippy. But, I guess, it does make sense since her friend is really queer, after all,” the younger female reasoned.

Kim almost cringed because of the way Joss continuously used the word “queer.” She was not saying it harshly or anything like that, but the fact that she kept saying it was hurting the redhead because it seemed like she was making an issue of it. She sort of knew how her family felt about homosexuals thanks to Shin and his outrageous behavior. While her family was not the “you are going to Hell for such sinful living” types, they did not think too highly of homosexual and they did view gays and lesbians as immoral and repulsive.

“Joss, why would you even say that?” Kim asked.

“I saw her tussling around on the floor with that friend of hers and they weren’t fighting,” Joss reported.

The older teen frowned; those two could not even hold off for a single day? It was unbelievable. Besides, were they not supposed to be upset with each other? They could not even be upset for a couple of hours to avoid getting busted on a room floor with each other.

“I’m going to talk to her,” Kim said. “Try and get to the bottom of this,” she added to make it seem like there was some other explanation for why their cousin had seen Trin rolling around on the floor with Tatsu.

“Okay, but you might not want to come right out and ask if she’s queer. She’s a mean one,” Joss commented.

The redheaded hero only made a face and set off to find her obviously horny sister and equally lustful mechanic. She marched to their room and found them engaged with each other; she had forgotten to knock and lucked out in not seeing anything too damaging to her psyche. Had Kim gone in just a little later, she probably would have gone blind though.

Tatsu was sitting on the bed while Trin was standing in front of her. The blue-eyed female was pulling Trin’s shirt from where it was tucked in. In the back of her mind, she was wondering why her blonde bombshell had changed her shirt, but at the moment, she really did not care. She just wanted to get to things.

“You two, you two,” Kim said from the doorway. The couple pulled away from each other to pay attention to her for a moment or so anyway.

“What’s up, Mini-me?” Trin asked.

“Were you two just getting it on out in the open?” the redhead inquired in a tone that showed she both was upset with them and could not believe their actions.

“For a moment, why?” the blonde countered.

“Joss saw you,” Kim informed them in a hiss to avoid shouting at them for being so careless.

Trin took a moment to think the new information over. Joss would undoubtedly tell someone what she saw and the house would be in an uproar because it was just good gossip and a great way to ostracize the blonde further. But, she would be out in the open, which she and Tatsu preferred compared to pretending that they were not together. So, she did not care that she had been busted.

“All right, Joss saw us,” Trin said in a very dry tone.

“Don’t you care?” Kim asked incredulously.

“Nope,” the blonde stated.

“What do you mean ‘nope’? She’ll tell her mom or worse, she’ll tell Nana,” the younger sister pointed out in a bit of a panic now.

“She will,” Trin agreed while turning most of her attention back to Tatsu. She began caressing the side of the mechanic’s face while Tatsu just wanted to get rid of the god-forsaken shirt that was hiding Trin from her. Tatsu wished that Kim would get out already, so they could get back to what they were doing.

“And you don’t care?” Kim asked her sister.

“No,” Trin replied soundly.

“But, they’ll—” the redhead attempted to argue, but she was cut off.

“They’ll do what they always do, try to make me feel two inches tall. It doesn’t bother me,” the blonde tried to assure her little sister. It did not matter if the whole world knew that she was with Tatsu now because their opinions did not matter. They could say whatever they wanted to say; it would not make her feel anything negative about being in love with her baby.

“But—” Kim tried once more to argue.

“She doesn’t care,” Tatsu stated. She was trying to kick Kim out of the room with that. She did not consider it being rude. She thought it was rude of Kim to see that they were in the middle of something yet she remained in the doorway and kept talking.

“Trin,” Kim objected.

“Mini-me, let me worry about what Joss saw and what will come of it. You know that I won’t say anything about you, but I don’t care if they know about us. So, just relax,” the farsighted female said.

Kim decided to stop arguing because she could see that they were not listening to her. She left the room, much to Tatsu’s delight. Tatsu had been close to just throwing Kim out because she really was not in the mood to be interrupted.

The mechanic turned her attention back to trying to get Trin naked. She quickly undid the blonde’s shirt, close to ripping the buttons to free up that creamy torso. She leaned in and began kissing Trin’s flat abdomen. Trin tried to remind herself that she was going to need to be quiet tonight, but deep down, she knew that was not going to happen. It was make up sex, after all, and that was all too good.

Kim sighed as she went to her room, where Shego was laying on the bed and staring at the ceiling. Lord, Shego was so bored that she did not know it was possible. The redhead stood at the door for a moment and then she made sure that it was closed before locking it since her sister had already been busted. She did not want someone to come in the room late at night for whatever reason and then discover her curled up with her pale lover.

“Why are you locking the door?” Shego asked curiously. They never locked doors, not even the front door to their apartment. If someone came in that they did not want, they pitied that person.

“Huh?” Kim replied.

“You locked the door, why?” the green-skinned woman said.

“Oh…well, I don’t want someone to come in and see us together,” the slender hero explained in a low voice. She did not think on her words before she spoke them; she was only telling the truth.

“Yeah, that would be a real drag there,” Shego remarked sarcastically.

“Look, Shego, I know you’re not into the fact that I’m not very open with our relationship—” Kim tried to say, but it seemed like she could not finish any sentences that night because she was interrupted again.

“No,” Shego interjected; she was still being obnoxiously sardonic. She just had to fall for someone that valued pretty much the whole world over her. And she figured that she was the stupid one because she put up with it.

“Shego, I’m not doing this to hurt your feelings—” the redhead argued.

“I’m not hurt,” the former thief insisted. To hell with being hurt since she was the one letting Kim get away with it. It would be stupid to be hurt while allowing the hero to continue on with her behavior. Shego was the type to say something if something displeased her, after all, so she was not hurt. Or, that was what she told herself anyway.

“Shego,” Kim sighed because she knew that she was being lied to. Shego was either trying to spare her feelings or the pale woman was looking to save her own pride, but Kim knew that she was hurting Shego’s feelings.

The trim adventurer marched over to the bed. She crawled on top of the ex-villainess. She planted a soft kiss on Shego’s mouth, but that did not seem to be winning the cranky female over. Shego was not even looking at Kim; there was a crack in the ceiling that was pretty interesting.

“I’m not doing this to hurt you. I just don’t want me family to look at me—” the younger female attempted to explain.

“Like they look at your sister and mother?” Shego inquired. Kim did not want to be an outcast in her own family. Trin did not seem to care about it and Shego wished that it was the one thing that would rub off on Kim.

“You’re just going to be angry with me, huh?” Kim pouted.

“Sounds like a good plan,” the emerald-eyed female answered while moving her smaller girlfriend off of her. She was not going to let Kim mope her way out of being a jerk.

“Why? What did I do? Are you just upset because I don’t want my family to know about us?”

“Yes,” Shego answered bluntly. She then turned to look at her girl to ask her a question. “Why do you have to hide us? Do their opinions mean more to you than I do?” she inquired with a bit of a frown, which masked the sorrow that she felt for the moment.

Sometimes, Shego found herself hating that she fell for Kim. She hated that she met Kim. She hated that she fought Kim so many times to be so familiar with her because it brought something that she hated having in her life. She hated feeling emotional distress and pain over a person. It was such a helpless feeling and she did not enjoy feeling helpless.

“Shego, they’re my family,” Kim pointed out, hoping that her lover would understand.

“So?” the moss-hued ex-sidekick asked.

The hero sighed; she doubted that her girlfriend would ever understand her reasons for wanting to remain in the closet if she did not comprehend that they were her family. But, as Kim thought about it, she did consider that it went beyond her family’s opinions. She was not really open with her relationship with Shego, as if everyone’s opinions mattered. She was willing to bet that Shego believed that Kim thought everyone’s opinions mattered, so in Shego’s mind, the whole world mattered more to Kim than she did, Kim realized.

“Shego, sweetheart,” the redhead said in a low, somewhat apologetic.

“What?” the pale woman said in a curt, annoyed manner.

“You know I care about you, right?” Kim asked and Shego loudly scoffed. “I do,” the teen hero insisted.

“Then why are you so scared to let the world see?” the green-skinned female inquired. She had a reputation to uphold and she did not care who saw her with Kim Possible, the world’s savior. Kim mattered first to her and she knew that and did not care who else knew it. She guessed that she knew it because she had nearly lost Kim, but that did not come to her mind at the moment. She was too busy being upset.

“Because I’ve seen how cruel the world can be,” Kim replied in a low tone.

The olive-eyed girl had seen more than Shego knew about in regards to evil. She had seen the dark side of humanity, and not the loopy, lunatic dark side. She saw the vicious, brutal, true evil side of humanity. She saw how people reacted to just someone different from the group, how they could and would injure a helpless little girl just because she was different. It did scare her to have to face the things that her sister went through and would always go through. She did not want that.

“You’re admitting that you, the girl who swears up and down that she can do anything, is scared?” Shego asked incredulously. She never would have thought that her girl would confess such a thing.

“I’ve just seen how cruel people can be,” Kim muttered.

Shego nodded. “And you’re against cracking the skulls of anyone that tries to disrespect you with their cruelty,” she commented. If Kim had different morals, they would be all right, Shego thought; but, she did consider that if Kim had different morals, she might not be as attracted to the redhead.

“Well…yeah,” Kim replied. She only lost her temper when it came to her sister and Trin tended to fight those battles for her, just like Trin fought battles for her when she used to get picked on for being the blonde’s little sister. From the way that Trin fought, Kim was inclined to be somewhat tolerant and forgiving toward people out to hurt her now; people out to hurt her sister, well, that was a different story.

Shego sighed; she had thought that Kim was at the most embarrassed by their relationship for whatever reasons. She did not imagine that her lover was frightened by the reaction that might come from being out. She wrapped her arms around Kim, as if she was attempting to physically assure Kim that everything would be fine; she was there. They would be fine. They had each other; not to mention, they had Kim’s crazy sister, who came equipped with her own evil twin and Tatsu. They had a strong corner to back them up. They would be fine.

“Don’t worry, Kim. You know I won’t let anyone hurt my Princess,” Shego promised.

“I don’t want you to hurt anyone on my account,” Kim objected in a mumble.

“Well, then, they need to watch what they say and do then, huh?” Shego remarked with a smirk.

“Sweetie,” the redhead protested.

“You can’t save everybody, Kimmie. Every now and then, not only do you have to be selfish, but you have to stop trying to save idiots from themselves. Let them be stupid and either learn for themselves like smart people do or let them do the rest of us a favor and destroy themselves,” the pale woman argued.

Kim actually did not debate the matter anymore. First, she doubted that she could win the match and, second, the more important reason, she believed that Shego had a point. It was stupid if people were going to judge her harshly because of who she cared about and who cared about her in return. It was not any of their business who she loved.

It was actually a good thing that Kim did not debate the issue because the discussion would have been cut short anyway. They began to hear noises from down the hall. They laughed a bit when they realized what the noise was.

“I can see why Shin can’t get any sleep when Tatsu stays over at their place,” Shego remarked.

“Are we that loud?” Kim wondered out loud. She had no idea that people could be that loud.

“Let’s find out and see if we can’t give them a little competition,” Shego suggested with a wicked smile.


Shego attacked before her girl could object to the new plan. She kissed Kim roughly while trying to pull off the redhead’s shirt. Kim attempted to resist, but she eventually gave in while hoping that no one walked through the hall that night or that person would be beyond shocked.

Next time: the aftermath of Joss finding out about Trin.

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