Chapter 12

Team work


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TITLE: Team work

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: You guys know the drill. I don’t own these characters. Disney has them. I’ve got a couple known as Trin and Tatsu though.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Pariah. There is a Possible clan get together at the Lazy C Ranch. Insults fly while problems arise. Shego never knew that Montana could be so interesting.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3073

“Do you ever get the feeling that this is a bad idea?” Shego inquired while looking at one of the monitoring screens in the barn.

A whole grid showed what was going on outside and they were pretty much surrounded by a mythological rodeo. The animals were circling the barn too, just waiting for their prey to come out. Pretty soon, they were going to get their wish.

“Are you saying that because it’s my idea or because you’re scared?” Trin inquired. She was also studying the monitors. They were both sporting fresh bandages on their bodies from earlier confrontations with the creatures.

“Because it’s your idea,” Shego answered the obvious. Her scared? Please, it would never happen and even if it did, the last person she would admit it to was that irksome blonde.

“Let’s just do it and be done with it. I’m not quite happy with the way things are going either,” Trin stated. She had to spend her day wasting her time, saving her family from some maniacal woman desiring a baby big-foot. She had other things that she would have liked to have been doing.

“Are you sure this’ll work? I mean, you’re relying on your mom to shoot the dragon. I know it’s big and everything, but come on,” the green-skinned female pointed out.

“I know my mom might not look capable, but trust me on this one. Look at me, look at Kim, and then look at her,” Trin instructed the ex-sidekick.

“You guys are starting to annoy me with this fake-nerd act that you all have going on,” Shego sighed. Like mother, like daughters, she guessed and she decided to give Anne some credit.

Trin only nodded slightly. Yes, Anne did not look it, but she was a world-class sharp shooter; she had medals from competitions and everything. Her father had been in the military and he was a force to be reckoned with. He used to worry about his little girl being out by herself and he always asked himself what if she ran into trouble. Well, he was not about to stand for that, so he taught Anne how to handle plenty of firearms and a couple of forms of martial arts. He had even brought her up with the hope that she would one day join the military, following in his footsteps; he was probably the only man on the planet that was a little disappointed to have a daughter that was a famous, trusted neurosurgeon rather than an invisible, infamous sniper. So, Trin was not too worried about her mother not being able to perform the task handed to her.

“Well, let’s go tame this circus, eh?” Shego proclaimed while clapping her hands together. At least they were not going to be bored like earlier yesterday.

“Mini-me,” Trin called.

“I’m ready,” Kim replied.

“All right, let’s do this,” Trin concurred and she was about to ask her uncle Slim to open the door to let them out, but Tatsu slowed her down just a little bit.

“I want to come,” Tatsu stated.

“Baby,” Trin sighed and the sound of the term of endearment made her extended family cringe, reminding them that she was now openly gay around them.

“I’m coming,” Tatsu insisted. She just could not sit by and let them do all of the hard work, especially since she was the one that refused to give up the tiny Sasquatch, so she sort of got them into the mess that they were currently in by her thinking.

“No, you’re not,” the blonde replied.

“Why not?” Tatsu inquired.

“Because you’ve got to watch the guest of honor. It’s not like he’s willing to go to anyone else. You have to watch him and make sure nothing happens to him,” Trin pointed out.

Tatsu yielded right there because her beloved was right. She had attempted several times to put the big-foot down or at least give him to someone else while they were locked in the barn, but he would not go for that. He had made his choice in whom to trust it seemed and he was not expanding on that or trading it in for someone else. So, now, Tatsu had to trust her lover, Kim, and Shego to make it all right, so that the ape-like creature could see that he was safe and could let go of her. Until then, she would just hold him and assure him that they would not give him up to DNAmy.

“So, planning on any other kids?” Shego teased Trin.

“Just shut up,” the blonde retorted.

“I’m just saying,” Shego continued.

“Shut up,” Trin repeated seriously.

Slim opened the doors to the locked down barn and the trio exited as if bullets would bounce off of them. Kim was armed with her collapsible, metallic staff and a pouch full of shuriken (throwing stars); everything was supplied by her sister, who always came equipped it seemed. Trin had her katana in hand and she was strapped with a load of kunai (throwing knives). Shego only had her hands, but considering what she could do with those, she might as well have been armed with controllable napalm. The doors remained opened, even after they stepped out; Anne was setting up to take a clear shot or two at the dragon that DNAmy was riding like a horse. The twins and their father were still attempting to assemble a net launcher from parts around the barn; considering that the barn was where Slim put together his mechanical horses, there were plenty of materials lying around for them to use.

“All right, Kim, you take the ugly ones. Trin, you take the uglier ones and I’ve got the big ones,” Shego stated with a smirk.

As vague as that was, they all went for different types of targets to attack. Kim went after the griffins coming at them and discovered that her sister might have been onto something with the metal staff. It allowed her to hit harder and cover more ground and the best part was that it seemed that the griffins were more eagles than lions; the bones seemed to be hollow. The griffins seemed to have hollow bones because once she struck them once with a good hit to the limb or so, they ceased using that limb and cried in pain.

Trin had the pleasure of fighting any chimeras that came their way. She was actually best equipped for that job; she wondered if Shego had stopped and calculated which one of them was best suited to take on what monster or if she had gone with her instincts. It seemed that Shego could think, she silently remarked to herself while holding off a chimera and then she flung a couple of kunai at the beast. A little voice in the back of her head brought up a topic that she really did not want the answer to at the moment. Her mind did ask, though; chimeras breathe fire in some myths, right? She hoped that DNAmy had not read those same myths.

Shego had to take on any minotaurs that dared to come near the barn. She took the minotaurs because they were bipedal and she was more comfortable with fighting something that stood on two legs, like a person. She had noted that she needed to use more of her power than she typically did in order to fight such large beasts; the minotaurs were the size of gorillas. She also had to avoid being gored by the pair of horns that the creatures were sporting and they seemed to enjoy using; they dipped their heads and charged like bulls, which they halfway were.

The trio held the monsters at bay, making sure that they did not get within twenty feet of the barn. They were not getting off without some injuries, considering the fact that the waves of monsters kept coming in. They were all bruised after a few minutes, but they also had injuries unique to them. Kim was clawed against the front of her shoulder and at the moment, she was trying to keep a griffin from impaling her with its razor sharp beak.

Shego noticed the trouble that her lover was in and quickly acted. She flung a high-energy plasma blast at the griffin, causing it to shriek in agony before collapsing. But, she was failing to notice a minotaur charging her with its horns pointed at her. Trin acted quickly and flung a kunai at the beast. She hit her target in the head and the beast dropped before it touched Shego. Meanwhile, a chimera’s snake tail was coming for the blonde and Kim hit it with a couple of shuriken to stop it.

“Well, are we done doing each other’s jobs?” Trin remarked.

“What’s the hold up in the barn?” Shego asked. It felt like they had been fighting for an eternity, even though she knew that it had barely been ten minutes. She just figured that the people in the barn would be doing their fair share by now.

“They have to build the net launcher, all right. It will take a little time,” Trin pointed out.

“Can they do it before we get killed?” Shego huffed. She could have sworn that they were close to done when the trio charged out of the barn.

Trin did not respond; she did not have the answer for that one. She focused her complete attention back on the beasts and ended up being slashed in the leg while she was trying to fend off two different critters at once. She hissed in pain and took out the two pests with one motion from her sword. She hoped that her brothers, father, and uncle got their act together soon because now she was working with one leg to add to her other wounds.

Shego was of a like mind in that thinking with Trin. She was not holding onto well. Her back injuries were throbbing and then a minotaur charged her. She dodged the horns enough to avoid getting gored, but one of the sharp spears still grazed her side; she was cut again. She growled in fury and blasted the minotaur with more power than she meant to. She sent the beast flying the length of a football field and when it landed, its body was smoking.

“That’s it!” Shego declared as her powers flared off of her hands.

The super-powered woman was angry. She ignited her hands farther, way beyond what people had ever witnessed her do. It looked like her plasma had engulfed half of her arms and she ran toward DNAmy and her dragon. Using her powers at the height that she was, it was draining, but she was planning on frying both of them before she exhausted herself. She was not about to die because of the mad scientist who thought Monkey Fist was attractive. Kim and Trin swore under their breath as Shego ran toward the villains.

“Kimmie, get her out of the way!” Anne hollered at her daughter; Shego was blocking her shot. She had almost fired and she would have pumped the green-skinned woman full of tranquilizer and she doubted that even Shego could survive that.

Kim went to get Shego and Trin was left with all of the remaining monsters. The blonde sucked her teeth and sheathed her sword. She pulled out a kunai and then began letting the knives fly everywhere that she could. She threw as many as she could as quickly as possible and as accurately as possible to hold off all of the animals. The redheaded hero tackled her extremely outraged girlfriend to get her out of the way their shooter. Shego grunted as she was hit as if Kim was a football player; they both grunted as they hit the ground.

“What the hell?” Shego demanded to know because of the hit. Kim did not answer and turned to look at her mother to make sure they were not in the way anymore.

Anne went into action as soon as the girls were out of the way. She shot twice, thinking that the pair of tranquilizers should be enough to stop just about anything. The dragon roared loudly as the darts connected. Kim and Shego stared at the giant reptile while DNAmy attempted to calm her creature down, so she would not be bucked off by the writhing dragon. Anne sucked her teeth in annoyance and fired again, hoping that she was not going overboard; she knew that too many tranquilizers could easily kill anyone or anything and she doubted that the reptile would be an exception to that rule. The dragon lulled to one side as the dart hit.

“It’s all right,” DNAmy tried to soothe the huge reptile, but that did not work.

The dragon roared loudly again and staggered backwards. The reptile fell to the side with a groan. DNAmy fell off of the back of the dragon as it crashed to the dirt. She grunted in pain; it had been a good distance fall from the top of that creature. She slowly climbed to her feet, only to be captured in a net that was shot at her by the twins.

“What’s going on?” DNAmy demanded to know while trying to tear her way out of the net, but finding out that it was not possible.

“Hoosha!” the twins hollered in triumph because of their direct hit.

“Get me out of here!” the demented scientist commanded her minions.

The animals, the few that were remaining, ran toward DNAmy to free her. The trio that fought with the creatures sprang into action. Trin threw more kunai, Kim flung shuriken, and Shego threw plasma. They hit the animals and eventually ended their actions. The trio then decided to take a breather and the police showed up within a minute. They all looked at each other and then back at the people in the barn, wondering how the police knew to show up.

“Slim called them,” Anne informed the three ladies.

They all nodded; they did not need the details now that they had the reason for the police showing up. DNAmy was freed from the net, only to be shackled with handcuffs. Animal control was contacted for all of the wounded beasts around the property. The Possible family exited the barn; Tatsu stayed behind and out of sight because she still had the big-foot in her arms and the critter was still hiding in her shoulder. DNAmy was still hollering for them to give her the baby Sasquatch, making the officers believe that she was even crazier than they knew that she was.

“DNAmy, what were you doing with these things, anyway? What happened to cuddle buddy thing?” Kim asked while limping over to the loopy scientist. She was also holding her wounded shoulder, which was throbbing in agony.

“Didn’t you know? This holiday season, they’re coming out with new cuddle buddies based on mythological animals,” she answered with a giggle.

“Figures,” Shego muttered.

“Hey, at least now we both know what to get Mini-me for Christmas,” Trin commented.

“You make a point,” Shego conceded.

DNAmy was taken away, still demanding her baby big-foot. The family just let the police think that DNAmy was completely out of her mind since she pretty much was just that. When it was all said and done, DNAmy was gone, her animals were gone, and the fighting trio received greatly needed medical attention. When everyone was gone, Tatsu exited the barn and walked over to her lover.

“You all right?” Tatsu asked Trin.

“I’m all right,” Trin assured the mechanic. She was no worse off than she had been a half-hour ago, except she had a limp now too thanks to her scratched leg.

“So, what’re we going to go with the big-foot?” Kim asked whoever would answer.

“Build it a crib,” Shego remarked.

“Since it is a wild animal, I suppose we could just release it into the woods,” Trin suggested while ignoring what the green-skinned female was implying.

“Will he be all right?” Tatsu inquired while glancing down at the tiny creature.

“You’re really attached to that little monkey, huh?” Shego asked in disbelief.

Tatsu shook her head as an answer. She was not attached to the little sasquatch, but she was not interested in abandoning the creature either. She just did not have it in her to leave something that was clinging to her as the critter was doing right now, especially if there was a chance that the something might die. She just could not do that.

“Hey, what’s that?” Jim asked, pointing toward the woods at the edge of the property.

“Whatever it is, it’s coming over here,” Slim commented when he spotted what Jim was pointing to.

The group did watch as a figure made its way toward them. They could not believe their eyes when they could finally make out what it was. They were looking at a second, completely adult sasquatch. The eight-foot creature came up to them and the animal that Tatsu was holding turned to the adult. The little big-foot put its arms out for the adult, so Tatsu put it down.

The little animal went to the adult and the adult quickly picked the small one up. The bigfoots embraced and then peacefully turned to leave the family. The little sasquatch turned around to look back at Tatsu and he waved to her. She half-smiled and waved back slightly.

“I’ll be damned,” Shego commented. She was going to have to get her eyes examined when they got back home because that was how unbelievable everything was that day.

“Bigfoot is real,” Kim said in disbelief.

“How cool is that!” the twins grinned.

“You think that was his mom?” Tatsu asked Trin.

“Probably,” the blonde answered.

“That’s nice,” Tatsu commented in a lower tone than usual.

Trin nodded and she put her arm around her baby’s waist. Tatsu leaned down and rested her head on Trin’s shoulder, which was injured, but Trin bit back the pain because she was aware that her baby needed some emotional support at the moment. The display did remind the rest of the family that the day was not over; there was still some unfinished business to take care of.

Next time: the clean up, but first, more family dysfunction.

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