Chapter 13

Cupid needs glasses


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TITLE: Cupid needs glasses

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney does. I do lay claim to Trin and Tatsu.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Pariah. There is a Possible clan get together at the Lazy C Ranch. Insults fly while problems arise. Shego never knew that Montana could be so interesting.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 4205

Trin was in the living room with her sister and Shego in what was left of the Lazy C Ranch. They were physically worn out and they had the bandages to prove that they had worked hard to get that way. They were all sporting some heavy bandages because of their battling with DNAmy and her mythological, cuddle-buddies. Tatsu joined them after taking a shower to get rid of the smell of the bigfoot on her. She sat down next to Trin and the blonde curled right up next to her baby. Shego frowned; she wished that Kim would snuggle up next to her like that. And the rest of the Possible family came in.

Trin and Tatsu made no move to hide that they were cuddled up together. Tatsu even put her arm around Trin’s shoulder, pressing the blonde closer to her. Most of the family frowned at the move, but no one whose opinion mattered to them seem to care. The couple stared at those that would were angry with them just because they were together. Trin waited for them to start up while the mechanic seemed to be looking to provoke them. She leaned over and kissed Trin on the side of the head.

“Don’t you have any shame at all?” Nana demanded to know, speaking to Trin. The old woman had silently decided that Tatsu was not even worthy of her attention and she now refused to speak to the mechanic. Tatsu would have been glad to know that because she did not want to hear from the close-minded old coot anyway.

“Not typically, no,” the blonde answered as she slung her arms around Tatsu’s waist. It felt so good to be able to just be with her baby as she was. And it was irking her family, so that was a plus.

“Don’t you have any respect? We’ve got children around here,” Jen pointed out as if they had done something completely and utterly inappropriate to do in public.

“Well, let’s see, Jim and Tim don’t care because they’ve seen us do more than this. Joss is a teenager, not a child. And Larry is such a geek that he should feel privileged to see two women point blank,” Trin remarked.

“Hey!” Larry objected. Most of the time, he just allowed Trin to insult him because he knew that he could not win arguing against her, but even he had his pride.

“You calling someone a geek? He must really be a geek,” Shego commented with an amused smile.

“Trust me, he’s like two geeks in one,” the blonde said. If Larry ever got as much as a peck on the cheek from a girl, Trin would pay him a million dollars because of the accomplishment.

“Hey!” Larry protested again.

“Don’t talk about Larry. At least he has a bright future,” Liz argued.

“In what, saying ‘do you want fries with that’?” Trin retorted.

“At least he’s not worthless,” Rocky said.

“Hey!” Kim, Jim, and Tim hollered in anger while their big sister remained calm.

“Yeah, Larry isn’t worthless. I’m sure he would fetch a pretty price if he was sold by the pound,” Trin riposted.

“Only a vampire like you would think of something so grim,” Rocky countered.

“Can I hit him?” Tatsu asked her beloved because of the fact that out of everyone, Rocky was irking her the most. Maybe it was because he was so hostile to Trin and he was not even really a member of the family. He had married in the Possible clan, so he really had no right to talk to Trin like that.

“No, you can’t hit him. My mom and dad would get upset with us,” Trin replied.

“I’d like to see her try,” Rocky dared Tatsu. The mechanic was about to move to get up, but Anne stopped her.

“Tatsu, don’t even think about it,” the neurosurgeon halted Tatsu, knowing that she was about to take Rocky up on his offer. Everyone from Middleton was fairly certain Tatsu would all but destroy the man if she squared off with him.

“This is all your fault anyway,” Liz accused Anne.

“Hey, leave Mom out of this. I’m sick of you trying to blame everything on my mother. Who I go to bed with isn’t even any of your business,” Trin stated.

“First of all, it’s her fault that you’re here in the first place,” Jen said.

“And it’s Uncle Slim’s fault that you’re here, but I don’t kick him in the mouth every time you say something,” Trin commented, but it was like she did not even say anything as Jen tried to keep going.

“Secondly, because she’s such a horrible mother—” the auburn-haired woman was cut off that time.

“Take that back,” Trin warned her aunt in a dangerous tone while pulling out a kunai. She would take any and all insults that came her way, but she would be damned if she was going to let some corny, jealous wench talk about her mother when Jen was not even fit to lick the ground her mother walked on.

“Trin, put that away,” James ordered his daughter. He did not come to Anne’s defense because his family’s feelings toward her were so old that he had grown tired of arguing with them years ago. Just thinking about going back and forth with them now made him fed up, especially since he knew that it was all going to be the same thing that they always went on about. He just ignored them, like Anne usually did because they believed that no one’s opinion matter when it came to their relationship.

“Fine,” Trin sighed and the kunai disappeared as she hid it somewhere on her person.

“You’re just a demon child that nobody wants. That’s why you’re real parents didn’t even want you,” Nana Possible declared and that shocked the entire crowd. It just was not something that anyone in their family had ever said to Trin’s face.

The blonde stiffened for a moment and then she reminded herself that the old hag’s opinion did not matter. Her current parents were her real parents and they did want her; that was why she was there. Her real parents did want her and that was what mattered.

Anne and James were too shocked to even say anything. How dare that woman tell their daughter such a thing? Trin was not a demon; she was their beloved child. There was nothing wrong with her; her birth parents were more than likely very messed up individuals to just abandon a small child, but that did not even matter. They loved Trin just like they loved their other children, so she was their daughter.

Jim and Tim were not too sure on how to react to the declaration about their eldest sister. They still had trouble believing that Trin was adopted. They tended to doubt that because their parents never said anything about it nor did their sisters. They did not care either way, but it just did not seem to them that their eldest sister was anything less than a blood relative.

Kim began to tremble with fury; it seemed that she was the only one in her family that was able to act. Shego had no doubt that the hero would have actually attacked her grandmother for her words if she was given the chance. Shego pulled her fiery little redhead into her lap before Kim could charge the old woman. Kim struggled against her lover, trying to get away because she was not going to let her grandmother get away with such harsh words.

“Let me go! I can’t forgive anybody for saying something like that! She’s our sister and we want her! That’s good enough! We want her!” Kim proclaimed as angry tears began to fall down her face. Why did people always try to hurt her sister? Why did everyone treat Trin so badly? It was not right and their grandmother definitely should not be at the top of that list.

Their nana should love Trin, just like her parents and siblings did, Kim believed. Trin had never done anything to warrant their grandmother’s hatred. She hardly looked at the woman going back to when she was little, as if she was scared of the old woman or nervous about her, yet their grandmother hated her since then. She loathed Trin since the girl was a toddler and that just was not right. A toddler did not deserve hatred and she definitely did not need it.

“Mom, that was unnecessary,” Slim objected for his little brother, who looked too hurt to even speak.

It seemed that their family always forgot that Trin was James’ daughter, Slim thought. They seemed to forget that Trin was his little sunflower. Trin was the child that was supposed to grow up and follow in his footsteps, until it was clear that she so awestruck by her mother that she had to do something close to what her mother did somehow; hey, medical school was even still being pondered for Trin. But, she was James’ little girl, his sidekick for a while when Kim was too small to walk, so Trin had yet to have a sidekick of her own. Yet, the family seemed to think that James did not love her, did not feel pain when they insulted her. How could they actually think that, though; Slim could not help wondering how the family believed that James did not care for Trin.

“I suppose I’ve overstayed my welcome,” Trin commented when her voice returned to her. “Not that I wanted to be here anyway.”

“No one wants you here, especially if you’re going to act like such a degenerate and do filthy things with your high school dropout of a girlfriend,” Liz snapped.

“What the hell have we done that was filthy, aside for save your sorry asses from a bunch of monsters?” Trin inquired in a bit of a heated tone because now they were attacking the love of her life.

“This doesn’t look saved to me,” Jen pointed out as she motioned around the destroyed house.

“You should’ve just given her the monkey,” Rocky said.

“I would’ve, but she didn’t want you,” the blonde remarked. “We haven’t done anything to you that any logical being would deem offensive. Okay, Joss saw us kissing, so the hell what? The tweebs have seen us kiss and they’re no more crazy now than they were before that.”

“You let them carry on right in front of the boys?” Nana, Liz, and Jen asked Anne in disbelief.

Anne ignored the three women; it had become a fine art with her. Trin and Tatsu hardly “carried on” in front of anyone, especially the boys. Trin was rather against public displays of affection beyond some innocent touching. Jim and Tim had merely seen them kissing because the boys were being mischievous as usual and spying on the couple, probably looking to pull a prank or something; the boys did regret their action because it was hard for them to fathom Trin touching a human being. If any couple was going to scar the boys; it would be Shego and Kim since Shego was not shy in any way and she liked to get her way.

“You shouldn’t treat Trin like she’s a bad person just for being a lesbian,” Kim jumped into the argument.

“There are so many other reasons to treat her like a bad person,” Shego remarked.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a lesbian,” Kim declared, which caught the attention of most of her extended family. Slim was not too interested in the conversation.

“It’s immoral,” Jen argued.

“No, it isn’t,” Kim said vehemently.

“It’s disgusting and goes against nature,” Liz added in.

“No, it isn’t,” Kim insisted. There was nothing wrong with her relationship, she told herself. Despite everything that her family was saying, there was nothing wrong with her relationship. She liked being with Shego more than she ever liked being with some boy. Shego, although purposely difficult, treated her better and respected her more than any boy that she had ever met. She felt strongly for Shego and there was nothing wrong with that, her mind promised her. There was nothing wrong with it.

“What do you know,” Rocky scoffed to dismiss Kim’s opinion.

“I know because I’m a lesbian!” Kim informed the room.

And that left the room shocked for a second time. It was the first time that Kim had ever said such a thing out loud. She was astonished herself that she managed to say it, but she decided not to waver now. It was a freeing experience. She was a lesbian and there was no reason to deny it. She was what she was and that did not change the type of person that she was. Her eyes began to water again, and once again it was because she was upset, not because she was overwhelmed.

“You’re a…” Nana could not even finish her question.

“I am. I’m a lesbian and I’m in a relationship with Shego,” Kim stated with more confidence than she ever thought imaginable. It was like nothing could touch her from the tone of her voice. “And there’s nothing wrong with that. We like being together and we like each other. We’re happy.”

Shego was speechless now. She could tell from the emotion in Kim’s voice alone that the redhead cared very deeply for her and that was something that never consciously entered the ex-thief’s mind until that moment. She changed her hold on Kim to embrace and she just held Kim as lovingly as possible to show that she felt the same way. Her affection for the little hero had actually grown in that instant.

“That’s pretty ironic, eh, Squirt?” Slim asked his brother in an amused tone.

“I suppose so,” James admitted with a slight smile to show his amusement. He had not really thought about it, but it was a bit ironic.

“This is all your fault! You corrupted my granddaughter!” Nana yelled. Now, a few people expected her to be screaming at Trin like a banshee, but that was not the case. She was hollering at Anne again surprisingly enough.

“Why is she yelling at your mother and not blondie?” Shego asked Kim curiously.

“I don’t know,” Kim replied and she was just as perplexed as her girl. Why was her grandmother yelling at her mother and not at Trin? Not that it would make much sense for her to yell at Trin, but it would make more sense for her to yell at the blonde than at the doctor.

“Don’t go yelling at Mom like that. It’s not her fault,” Trin objected.

“It is her fault! I’m sure she just happily encouraged both of your disgusting and wrong lifestyles!” Nana declared.

Before the sisters could ask about that one, their aunt just let them know way too much information in their opinion. “Yeah, since you’re nothing but a filthy, carpet-eating lesbian yourself,” Liz said to Anne.

The youngest generation of Possibles and guests were in shock for a third time. Anne was a lesbian? But, she was married with four kids; three of which she had actually given birth to. She was deeply in love with her husband; it was the only thing that explained why she put up with him. No, it just did not make any sense for her to be a lesbian. They had to be making that one up.

“All right, all right. You guys have gone too far now. Mom is not a lesbian,” Trin objected. Now, there was nothing wrong with being a lesbian, of course, but she felt like it was wrong to call a person something that she was not. Their mother was not a lesbian and she did not like that people who thought that it was immoral to be such a thing would put an untrue label on their mother.

“Oh, you haven’t told them about how you were a lesbian until you suddenly had a change of heart when you met James, so you could use him?” Liz said to Anne.

The neurosurgeon did not say a word in her defense. She did not have anything to say. She did not need to justify herself to the Possible family anymore, especially since she knew that they did not listen. She had tried so very hard in the past to explain herself, but she had failed because they were hardheaded. They could just think whatever they wanted to think now as long as they left her alone.

“Do you think it’s appropriate to bring such a thing up now?” Slim asked the rest of the family. They had been so concerned for the kids seconds ago, but they were the ones doing all the damage, not to mention behaving immaturely. They were the ones probably scarring the kids.

“Why not? After all, everything is out, why not Anne? She is the girl that was openly gay until she met a prominent young graduate student who she knew was going to the top of his field and she should sink her talons into him to go along for the ride,” Liz stated.

Trin and Kim really wanted to ask, but they really did not want to know at the same time if that was even partially true. There were just some things that a child did not want to know about a parent. There were just some things that needed to stay in the past or at least out of the minds of the offspring. They could be implied, but never spoken out loud, things like parents and intimacy. Now, they probably still did it, but children did not need to know about it.

“It wasn’t like that, Liz, and you know it,” James finally argued. He was so sick of them accusing Anne of using him. Most men would not care if she was using them from just her looks alone, but he was not that type of man. It was just that he loved her and he refused to believe that she was using him. She loved him in return and he was certain of that.

“It is like that. She’s suddenly straight when she meets you, yet everyone on campus knew that she was a lesbian. She only wants your money,” Liz stated.

Anne laughed and Trin could guess why. The blonde could not help laughing too. So, the source of all of the hostility toward Anne was not the intellectual snobbery, but because they assumed that she was a gold-digger. Wow, that was pettier than what she had been assuming had been their reason. It was way stupider too.

“They’re kidding, right?” Shego asked Kim because she had never heard of something so stupid. How could such smart people really be that stupid?

“I don’t know. They look pretty serious,” Kim replied while looking at everyone’s expressions. She hated to admit it, but wow, her family was full of idiots.

“Even I know your father doesn’t make more money than your mother,” Shego commented, which was why she thought that the accusation was so stupid.

Anne was one of the top neurosurgeons in the country, maybe even the world. People did fly in from all over the globe to have her operate on them if they needed surgery. Those small hands alone had to be worth millions of dollars, yet she was with James for his money? She was taking all of their crap for his money? Shego wanted to know what drugs the Possible family could be on to think that one. James needed to count himself lucky to have bagged a woman with both brains and beauty, and obviously a deep attraction to him. She had to hold deep affection for him just to be with the man.

If anything, Shego thought that the fact that Anne was with James, it showed that the doctor loved the rocket scientist deeper than anybody else would be able to match. Anne could have probably had a more handsome man, a man without as many neuroses as James, just any man that was normal and making money. She could have been ambitious, but instead, she settled for James; Shego looked at it as settling anyway. Anne could not explain it, but she just loved the sometimes scatter-brained, head-in-the-clouds rocket scientist.

“To be truthful I will concede that, before I met James I was, in my own mind, a lesbian,” Anne stated. She could not consider herself a lesbian in retrospect because she had fallen for a man. He was the first man that she had ever fallen for and she fell hard for him. She could not explain it and she doubted that she ever would, but he was the one for her. Cupid had strange aim.

“I’m not hearing this,” Kim protested and she covered her ears with her hands. She did not need to know anything about her mother’s sexual anything.

Trin was not sure if she wanted to do the same or if she really wanted to hear the story. She chose to cover her ears; she did not need to know her mother’s past sexual preferences. The twins fled the scene. It was just way too much information was being shared in all of the siblings’ opinions.

“James was the first man I ever dated, but that doesn’t make my love any less sincere,” Anne found herself arguing an old issue. She had said those words or words similar so many times in the past and they had no affect on the Possible family. She used to feel like she was stuck in rewind because of all of the times that she tried to convince them that she loved James until the couple decided that she did not need to prove anything to the family.

“You don’t have to defend yourself to them,” James told Anne. He knew where her heart lay and that was enough for him. He believed in her and her love and that was all that mattered since he was the one married to her.

Tatsu gave Anne an amused look. “You know, you’re like me in reverse,” the mechanic commented and Anne smiled at her.

“I did it first,” the surgeon remarked. “You’re like me in reverse.”

“Hey, this is not an issue to bond over!” Jen huffed because the pair seemed to be amusing each other.

“It’s not an issue at all. Our marriage is none of your business and our daughters’ relationships are none of your business,” James informed his family in a surprisingly forceful tone.

He was sick of his family swearing that they knew everything. They knew space and that was it. They needed to let everyone live the lives they decided on and stop being so judgmental and cynical over things that had nothing to do with them.

“Squirt’s right. What we need to focus on now is cleaning up this mess and wondering why a bookworm like Shorty can use a sword,” Slim remarked.

“Stop calling me Shorty,” Trin pretended to complain.

“What? You’re spawn of the Squirt, so you’re Shorty,” Slim teased her.

Trin appeared slightly offended. Slim walked off to collect some tools for the clean up to begin. He was sick of the argument and was looking to get everyone busy to keep them from going on about things. He did not see why his family swore to the heavens that everything required their loud, uppity opinions on things. They needed to start thinking about others feelings rather than swearing that everything they said was right and anything opposed to that way of thinking was wrong.

Of course, Slim was going to have to do some serious rebuilding with the house considering the fact that quite a few walls were now piles of rubble, but the place still needed whatever they could give it at the moment. It would be a good distraction, hopefully. Everyone else began to chip in, but the tension remained through out the group. The arguing and nitpicking ended, though.

“So, do the skeletons ever stop coming out your closets or should I just expect stuff like this?” Shego remarked, speaking to both Kim and Trin.

“If you expect stuff like this, you’re better than us,” Kim commented. It had definitely been a long day.

“I had no idea people went on for their whole lives being attracted to one sex and then suddenly they could flip-flop like that,” Shego said.

“It’s not a flip-flop. You just meet the right person,” Tatsu said while looking at Trin.

“Ah, don’t you two start,” Shego groaned, believing that Trin and Tatsu were about to go into their vomit-inducing, lovey-dovey mode.

Trin and Tatsu dismissed Shego. They continued working and then Trin noticed Tatsu staring out into the woods. She walked over to her lover and looked at her.

“Are you all right?” the blonde asked her beloved.

“When we go home, will you take me to see my mother?” Tatsu requested.

“Of course,” she promised.

Next time: the end.

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