Chapter 10

Battle cry


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TITLE: Battle cry

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney owns most of them. I got the usual suspects, Trin and Tatsu.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Pariah. There is a Possible clan get together at the Lazy C Ranch. Insults fly while problems arise. Shego never knew that Montana could be so interesting.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3108

“This wasn’t too hard,” Shego commented while looking around at their handiwork. She, Kim, and Trin had dropped three griffins and a pair of minotaurs. She thought that the struggle was going to much more difficult, but they were not even scratched. She was starting to consider that the day might actually be boring.

“You guys go ahead and make sure everyone is all right,” Trin said to the couple.

“What about you?” Kim asked her sister.

“I need to get a few things, in case this gets sticky,” Trin replied while glancing over at the closet.

The couple did not argue; the family would more than likely need their help way more than the blonde would. They charged out of the room and did not have to go far to see that they were correct in their thinking; the Possible family were trapped between an angry griffin and a growling chimera. The couple did not care about the animals or how dangerous they looked; they were going to take them down, just like they had done to the beasts in the room.

“You take the ugly one and I’ll take the uglier one,” Shego said to Kim.

The redheaded hero nodded and without another word from Shego on her vague description, they both went after a different monster. Kim let out a loud yell as she delivered the most powerful dropkick that she possibly could on the rhino-sized griffin, hitting the animal directly in the center of its skull. Shego let out a similar battle cry as she went after the chimera. The super-powered female hit the lion/goat/snake creature with a plasma-charged double-fisted punch right on the chin. Both creatures groaned before collapsing. The couple thought that the affair was said and done with now; after all, both of the monsters were unconscious.

“Shego!” Kim called in an alarmed tone.

The pale woman turned to see the snake part of the chimera launching toward her with its jaws wide open. Its fangs were dripping with light lime green venom that it planned to inject the emerald-eyed female with. Shego did not have time to react to the surprise attack. She hardly had time to gasp.

Thankfully, the former villainess did not have to do anything against the striking serpent. The snake’s head fell to the floor at her feet and Trin was suddenly standing next to them, staring at her bloody katana; the weapon had gone through the snake like it was cutting through water. Shego rolled her eyes.

“Could you be a little more dramatic?” Shego inquired, speaking to Trin because the blonde seemed posed to her. No one was taking pictures or anything, so she thought that Trin was just acting stupid.

“You’re welcome. You should’ve realized with a chimera, the snake is supposedly independent of the lion,” Trin replied in a smug tone as far as Shego was concerned. It was actually just her usual voice and Shego knew that.

“Excuse me for not being a total nerd,” the ex-thief riposted.

“Well, what did you think the snake was there for? Show?” the blonde countered.

“I had it under control,” Shego argued.

“What control? You were standing there, frozen in time about to get a strong dose of more than likely lethal venom,” Trin stated.

“I had it under control,” the moss-hued female insisted.

“You two, we’ve got a serious problem here,” Anne reminded the pair to get them to focus.

The pair was set to agree because the neurosurgeon had a good point, but they did not even get the chance to utter a word. A griffin flew through the space ahead of them. The creature ripped through the whole house and left the family gazing into the outside yard. They got to see the dragon that Shego had been going on about earlier. It was a four-legged reptile with an impressive set of leathery wings. There was someone riding on its back, but they could not make the figure out because of the shadow brought on by the wings.

“Give me that baby Sasquatch!” a familiar voice demanded to know. Shego and Kim looked at each other and then turned their attention to the rider. That could not be who it sounded like, they both thought.

“DNAmy?” the couple said in disbelief.

“What the? Kim Possible?” DNAmy said in a shocked voice as she moved from the shadows to get a good look at her foe. She was the rider of the large dragon.

“Well, this is starting to make a little sense,” Kim commented.

“As much sense as it can when this chick is involved,” Shego quipped. As much as she hated to admit it, things were starting to make sense and she did not think that anything as stupid as the day that they were having should make sense.

“I take it you two know this woman in desperate need of a diet,” Trin remarked, speaking to her sister and Shego. It seemed that DNAmy had turned herself back to normal, favoring her human form to the gorilla body that she had given herself in order to impress Monkey Fist; Monkey Fist was probably still running and screaming to get away from her.

“Do you think it’s a good idea to be insulting the woman riding on the gi-normous dragon?” Joss asked the blonde.

“Why? Is she going to sit on me if I continue?” Trin countered. She wished that fat woman would think to get off that dragon because she would bring an end to the chaos and trouble brought on by the blimp as soon as she touched the ground, provided she did not cause an earthquake when she hit the floor.

“Hand over my cuddly, little baby Sasquatch,” DNAmy commanded the group.

“I told you it was a big-foot,” Trin informed everyone. She might not be a zoologist, but she knew an unidentified ape creature when she saw one.

“Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. Amy, you made a big-foot?” Kim asked in a very puzzled tone. It really did not fit DNAmy’s modus operandi to create a big-foot, not to mention a bunch of other mythological animals. What happened to her very creepy obsession with cuddle buddies? Or her even creepier obsession with Monkey Fist? Why was she not off bugging him? The Possible family had enough problems without her showing up.

“I didn’t make that Sasquatch. I found him. So, give him back to me now,” DNAmy demanded.

The genetic scientist put her hand out, silently demanding that they hand over the hairy creature. The alleged big-foot, still in Tatsu’s arms, whimpered and cling to her while turning back to hide in her shoulder. Tatsu looked down at the ape-like animal and noticed that the critter was crying. The Sasquatch obviously did not wish to go back to the weird woman.

“Go to hell,” Tatsu said before anyone could open their mouths about returning the beat. DNAmy looked deeply offended by the response.

“What are you doing? Just give her that little hair-ball, so she’ll stop wrecking the house!” Jen commanded the mechanic.

“I won’t give you this baby big-foot,” Tatsu stated soundly.

“I told you that you were going to be a daddy,” Shego teased Trin since the mechanic was going to let the big-foot clutch onto her.

“Tomorrow, when all is well, I’m shoving this sword right up your ass,” Trin replied in a dry tone.

“Give it back to me! He’s mine, he’s mine, he’s mine!” DNAmy told Tatsu like an angry child throwing a tantrum. Trin and Shego glanced at each other to share the fact that they could not believe the so-called villain was acting like a five-year-old that had been denied her toys.

“Was your employer anything like this supposed woman?” the blonde asked Shego.

“Something like her,” the ex-sidekick answered.

“And yet you didn’t kill him in all of the time you worked with him. I suppose you do have some self-control. That or you’re a masochist,” Trin remarked dryly.

“Money makes you do stupid thing. And you’re the last person here that should be pointing fingers at masochists,” Shego retorted.

“Gimme, gimme, gimme!” DNAmy continued on. It was as if she believed that since Tatsu had refused the first time, but there was chance that she might agree the twentieth.

“If he was yours, he’d go to you. I won’t give him to you,” the mechanic declared once again. And though her voice was low, it was rock solid to tell just how serious she was.

“Are you insane? Just give her that thing!” Rocky commanded the mechanic, who ignored him.

“Yes, give it to her, so she’ll go away,” Liz concurred with the order.

“Fine, I’ll take him from you. Get my baby back!” DNAmy ordered her minions.

The dragon that DNAmy was riding on roared and a griffin flew in at the family. Trin swiped at the bird-lion with her sword, which caused it to back off just enough for Shego to get a clean hit with her powers, knocking the creature back with a plasma blast. The family charged off as other critters filed into the house, seeking to help retrieve the Sasquatch from Tatsu.

“Just give her that thing,” Liz ordered Tatsu as a minotaur came in to block their path of escape.

Trin and Shego went into action. Trin hit the minotaur low with a pair of kunai in its legs while Shego delivered the knockout blow of a plasma blast. They continued on as the minotaur fell. Tatsu continued to ignore orders from a few Possibles that she should give up the big-foot.

The mechanic could not in good conscience give up anything, human or not, if it was seeking protection from her. The baby Sasquatch was using her to hide and was crying on her, so it seemed to her that the animal wanted her to save him. The tiny ape-like creature wanted protection from her and she would try her best to deliver. So, the last thing that she was going to do was give the animal to the very person that it was frightened of. DNAmy could have the big-foot if she pried from Tatsu’s lifeless hands.

“How many of those things do you think there are?” Shego asked the Possible sisters.

“You guys were in charge of recon,” Trin replied. She felt that they should know how many creatures there were since they were the ones that first spotted them all.

“Do you ever get tired of being annoying?” Shego countered.

“Do you ever get tired of doing a half-assed job?” the blonde said.

“You two!” Kim barked at them. She hated that they could go at each other no matter what was happening. They needed to focus for crying out loud, not taunt each other.

“Right, right, right. We need to get some place where we can stop and think in how to approach this situation,” the farsighted female suggested.

“We should just kick all of their asses and call it a day,” Shego said.

“We don’t even know how many there are,” Trin objected. They could go back and fight, only to find out that the fat woman had created hundreds of those monsters. They would be slaughtered through numbers alone.

“The barn,” Kim realized.

“The barn?” the arguing pair echoed.

“Kim’s right. The barn is pretty much like a panic room. We could get in there and lock it down. These critters wouldn’t have a chance at getting in,” Slim explained.

“Okay, now we’re going to be holed up in the barn?” Shego said and Kim knew that a smart aleck remark was going to follow that question, so she cut her girlfriend off.

“We can sit down and safely think on how to approach the problem without risking anyone getting hurt,” Kim interjected.

“Fine, we’re going to the barn,” Shego sighed.

“You guys go ahead. I just remembered something,” Trin said.

“What do you mean ‘go ahead’? You need to come too. We all know you’re too blind to do anything on your own,” the former thief remarked.

“Oh, how sweet, Shego. You’re worried about me,” Trin teased and the ex-villainess balked at the idea.

“To hell with that! I hope you die! I hope you die a horrible, horrible death and one of those things eats your body,” Shego insisted. She did not give one damn about the farsighted woman, even if she was Kimmie’s sister.

“So, like I said, go ahead,” the blonde stated.

“Trin,” James and Anne objected to their daughter’s plan of splitting from the rest of the group with all of those deadly animals wandering the grounds.

“Don’t worry, Mom and Dad. I have half of a plan,” Trin tried to assure them.

Half of a plan was better than no plan at all, they supposed; they also knew that there was no talking one of their daughters out of it once the girl got something in her head. Trin turned around while the rest of the group pressed on, hoping to make it to the barn in one piece and with all of the group members. They only made it a few feet before they were cut off by another chimera. It roared at them with its lion head, flashing them a large mouth full of sharp teeth.

“I hate what DNAmy does in her spare time,” Shego commented with a sigh as she charged the creature.

“I’m no fan myself,” Kim agreed as she ran right with her lover.

They made short work of the animal, making sure to watch out for the snake tail; the house was not fairing well, though. They were getting a good view of outside because there was no front wall anymore. They could see DNAmy glaring at them back from near the living room.

“Give me back my Sasquatch!” the dragon rider hollered to the fleeing family.

“Come and get it!” the twins dared her since they could see that the only way she was getting that big-foot was to pry it from Tatsu’s cold, dead hands.

“Boys, don’t taunt the super villain,” James scolded his sons.

“Aw,” they pouted in disappointment.

The family pressed on and they made it out of the house; with some luck, they would make it to the barn. Kim and Shego held off any monsters that attacked as the family kept moving. A griffin came around behind the couple while they were holding off a chimera. The griffin took a swipe at Shego and its claws ripped right through her back like scissors through paper. She hissed in pain and then turned to hit the eagle-lion with a powerful, flaming punch. It fell down immediately and did not get back up.

“Shego, are you all right?” Kim asked when she saw her lover’s pained face.

“I’m fine. Let’s get to the barn,” Shego replied while trying her best to fix her expression.

The moss-hued woman was hit pretty good by that damned bird-beast. She could feel the four deep gashes on her back that had been caused by the claws. Her blood was oozing out of the wounds like crimson waterfalls, but she and Kim did not notice for the moment. Their main concern was making it to the barn alive with the group and everything else was secondary.

The couple entered the barn behind the family and Slim quickly locked the whole place down. Kim and her brothers did not like how everything was being locked down; after all, their big sister was still out there. They turned to their Uncle Slim to protest.

“You can’t just shut us in here like that. Trin still needs to get in,” Kim objected.

“Don’t worry about Shorty. That gal ain’t dumb enough to let a little thing like some locks keep her out of some place that she wants to get into,” Slim replied and he truly believed that. The siblings conceded with a nod.

“Oh, my goodness. Shego, what happened to you?” Anne inquired when she noticed the blood staining Shego’s green tank-top, not to mention dripping down her back.

“Nothing, it’s just a scratch,” the former thief tried to dismiss her wounds. She had had worse through out her short life. She would live; she was halfway certain of that anyway.

“Nonsense. We have to take care of that. Slim, where’s the first-aid kit?” Anne asked.

“Oh, boy,” Slim muttered while scratching the top of his head. “The first-aid kit is still in the house,” Slim realized.

Kim glanced at her lover’s wounds to see if they were really nothing to worry about or if the first-aid kit was necessary. The wounds appeared angry, slightly deep, and in need of stitches from her point of view. She wasted no time pulling out her Kimmunicator and she called Trin.

“I’m on my way,” Trin informed her little sister, thinking that she was being called for her location.

“Can you get the first-aid kit? Shego’s cut,” the slim hero reported.

“Damn it, it’s always something with her,” the farsighted female huffed.

The call was disconnected and Trin sucked her teeth. She was right at the barn; well, she was a few feet from the barn anyway. But, she turned around to go back into the house; she could not let Shego just die, after all, no matter how tempting it was. She bolted into the place, which was filling with fresh monsters bent on her consumption. She began to search for the first-aid kit as quickly and thoroughly as possible. She then remembered that it had been used in her room, which was well on the other side of the house. She took off to her room, battling through a few mythological creatures along the way. She thought that it would not be so bad and then she was surrounded by a group of beasts; she had to learn to stop being optimistic since she was not very good at it, it seemed. She gripped her katana tightly in hand while assessing her situation.

She was encircled by deadly beasts. They were ordered to destroy her more than likely, despite the fact that she was not the one with the big-foot. She should have packed heavier, she scolded herself. But then again, what weapons would she have packed to take on such fiends? Well, she was just going to have to make due.

Next time: there is half-a-plan to get out of their current mess. What’s the plan? And why are the tweebs involved? Oh, man, the plan can’t be too good then.

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