Chapter 5



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TITLE: Crushing

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters, Disney has them on straight lock. I, however, did come up with Trin and Tatsu and the little annoyance of the chapter called Lily.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Pariah. There is a Possible clan get together at the Lazy C Ranch. Insults fly while problems arise. Shego never knew that Montana could be so interesting.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3100

“So far, this is the worst vacation I’ve ever had in all of my life,” Shego complained as she escaped with Trin to get out of doing the dishes.

Yes, Nana and Liz had attempted to grab them up to do the dishes. They had offered the older women similar looks, questioning the older women’s sanity, before walking off. They had not helped with dinner, so what made anyone think that they were going to do the dishes? The Possibles were starting to show signs of stupidity in Shego’s opinion; it was the only reason that she could think of as to why someone would try to recruit her and the blonde banshee to do anything.

“To think, I could be in Japan right now buying my pink kimono with the flower print,” Trin sighed. She hoped that Shin remembered to get her kimono. She did not bother to call him and remind him; he would not listen to her over the phone most of the time, especially when he was on vacation. He would be having too much fun, so she knew that he would not pay her any mind unless she was physically there.

“You and this crappy pink color. What is with you and pink? Could you be any more of a wimp?” Shego commented.

“Oh, yes, green and black is not only so original, but the height of fashion,” Trin remarked sarcastically.

“My outfit is way better than yours,” the green-skinned woman riposted.

Trin only scoffed. She glanced down at her watch to see what time it was and she sighed. She needed something to do for a few more hours or she was going to settle on throwing Shego out of a window, just to get a real rise out of the former thief. At least if one of them ended up in the hospital, it would get them out of the house. Also, whatever led to one of them needing to be hospitalized would undoubtedly be interesting.

“Hey, Shego, you want to go to a bar?” the blonde suggested. It was not like they had anything better to do.

“Now?” Shego hoped, even though it was not even eight in the evening yet.

“Yes,” Trin confirmed.

“Yes,” Shego answered. She was close to cheering Trin on for proposing that they leave, even if it was only for a little while.

“All right, I’ll go get the keys to the car and you go get Kim and Tatsu,” the farsighted female said.

Shego did not argue and trotted off to retrieve their girlfriends. Trin went to her father to get the keys to the car. James was with Slim, looking at some new equipment that the older brother had purchased for the ranch.

“Hey, Dad, sorry to interrupt, but may I get the keys to the car?” Trin requested.

“Sure thing. Where you going?” James asked as he went into his pocket for the rented minivan’s key. He handed it over without a second thought.

“Into town,” the blonde answered. She knew better than to say the word “bar” near her father, so saying it to him was out of the question. He would freak for the rest of the night if he knew that his little girls were going to a bar, even if they did not drink.

“All right. Be back by ten,” the rocket scientist ordered.

“Dad,” Trin objected. She was a grown woman, close to drinking age, as was the trio that she was going out with; one was just beyond drinking age, in fact. They could all vote, so they should not have a curfew as far as she was concerned, especially since there was almost no chance of something happening to them individually, so as a group they could probably conquer the state of Montana if they chose to.

“By ten,” he repeated. He liked his girls to be in the house and safe at a decent hour, so they could avoid any troublemaking young people that stayed out on the street all through the night.

“Uncle Slim, help me out here,” Trin requested as a joke.

“You should do what your daddy says, Shorty,” Slim replied.

The blonde had to fight with herself to avoid laughing; there was something about her uncle that she truly liked and he made coming to Montana worth it all on his own, even though he insisted on calling her “shorty.” She did not mind his teasing her because she knew that it was all in good fun. He was the only Possible that made her feel at ease outside of her immediate family.

Trin agreed to the ten o’clock curfew because she knew that there was no fighting it. It was either be in by ten or stay in all night and go stark, raving mad; she would always take the former over the latter. She informed the other ladies what time they had to be in as they went to get into the automobile.

“You’re kidding, right?” Shego asked the blonde about the curfew.

“No, she’s not,” Kim assured her lover.

“Well, we don’t really have—” the green-skinned female started to say, but Kim cut her off.

“Trust me, life is so much easier to just come in at ten,” the redhead promised her former foe. Her father would go on all night if they came in a minute after ten.

“Damn it,” the emerald-eyed woman huffed.

“Don’t worry about it. The bar isn’t so spectacular that we would want to stay past ten,” Trin commented dryly.

“It can’t be as bad as the ranch,” Shego stated and Trin could not argue that one.

The group took the nearly half-hour drive into town and went to the bar that Trin knew about. She was aware that had she entered with Shin, all hell would have broken loose immediately; one time, they did not even make it into the bar before getting into a fight. She was stunned that the town did not have “wanted” posters of Shin. It was a small, traditional American town, so they logically were not too happy when the openly gay Shin blew into town. It did not help matters that he and she started their “spot the homosexual” game and Shin, as usual, had to see how accurate they were. It was so easy to hate Shin in such a small place with the way that he acted.

“Oh, yeah, this place is popping,” Shego commented sarcastically while looking around the tavern.

“It’s as jumping as the rest of the town, so just shut up and have a drink,” Trin replied.

“Don’t make me start a bar fight,” the former thief threatened her “new nemesis.”

Trin waved the older female off. She turned to Tatsu and asked the mechanic if she wished to play some darts. Tatsu accepted; there was nothing better to do. Shego took the chance to crack jokes on Trin and her eyesight, saying that she needed to just stay where she was before she injured someone with a dart. Trin ignored Shego and went to get some darts for the game. The blonde returned and took her eyes off as she stepped away from the dart board.

“She’s going to kill us all,” Shego remarked since Trin had removed her spectacles.

Trin went first in the game and she threw the darts as if they were needles used as weapons. She was exceptionally good; she could hit a target with shuriken of all types, so it made sense that she could hit a target with a dart. Tatsu was good too, which was also expected with the way that she was always throwing things. The unexpected part of the whole game was while Tatsu was taking her turn, some woman came out of nowhere and hugged Trin.

“What the hell?” Shego said what Kim was thinking while Trin merely made a very irked and outraged noise as they watched the woman embrace the blonde.

The young lady appeared to be about in their age-range. She had on plain blue jean shorts that were hugging her curvy legs and showing off the long limbs to the world. She was wearing a tank top that put her top half on display and it was a better sight than her legs, which were great in their own right. She had chocolate brown hair down her back with some light brown highlights. She had deep hazel eyes and a cute face. Her figure was impressive and warranted staring from everyone that was into women. She was also shorter than the blonde in her grip.

Trin had to toss on her glasses to see who it was that dared to touch her. The others wondered why the blonde had not thrown the girl to the ground yet, as they had seen her do to other people before. It did not seem like reality to them for that girl to not be on the floor yet and crying after she grabbed the farsighted female. Trin could finally make out who it was that she might have to kill.

“Lily?” Trin asked in an astonished tone.

“Of course,” the young woman answered with a bit of a carefree giggle that made Shego cringe.

Trin made a small noise while managing to gently pry the young woman off of her. Tatsu eyed the pair, but continued to shoot her darts. Trin glanced at her lover and then turned her attention back to the newcomer, Lily, who did not seem too offended at being removed from the blonde’s person, but she did pout a bit.

“I win,” Tatsu informed her lover in a clipped tone and then she started back to the booth that they were all occupying.

“What?” Trin asked in disbelief and then she turned to look at the board. “Wait, I want a rematch,” she requested because she hated to lose, even to Tatsu.

“Why? You can’t beat her without your seeing eye dog,” Shego taunted Trin.

Trin rolled her tropical-colored eyes, but before she could shoot anything back at the green-skinned annoyance, she was being embraced again. The blonde frowned, knowing that her current condition really did not look good; it also did not help matters that Tatsu was possessive of her. She decided to introduce Lily before she got into any trouble with her baby. After all, with the way that Lily was clinging to her, she would even believe that there was something between them.

“Everyone, this is Lily. Lily, this is Shego, my sister Kim, and my girl Tatsu,” Trin said. She felt that making it clear that Tatsu was her girlfriend, then she should be off the hook because she was being very open and honest.

“I’m glad to meet your friends. It’s very nice to meet you all,” Lily informed everyone in a very polite and cheerful tone while making sure to not let go of Trin’s arm. Apparently, she either missed the fact that Trin was with Tatsu or she chose to ignore it; either way, it was not a good thing for the blonde.

“Yeah, it’s nice to meet you too,” Kim replied while giving her sister a look demanding an explanation as to who the perky girl was and why she was practically hanging on Trin.

“I met Lily the last time I was out this way,” Trin offered, even though that was not saying much. She was not totally sure how to explain Lily.

“When was that?” Shego asked curiously because with the way that girl was hanging on Trin and not getting clobbered for it, there needed to be an explanation and she believed that more questions would help them get to that explanation. She had to know why that girl was allowed to touch the blonde banshee.

“Four years ago,” Trin answered.

“And I’ve missed you in all that time,” Lily said in a sulking kind of tone while running her fingers along Trin’s arm. The trio with the blonde could not believe their eyes.

“Yeah, we can tell that much,” Shego remarked with a smirk.

Trin growled in annoyance at the former villainess while finally managing to get her arm away from Lily. The brunette girl did not seem deterred and took hold of the limb yet again. Shego appeared thoroughly entertained because she could tell that Trin was suffering. Trin was frustrated with not having control of her arm while Tatsu was busy scowling deeply.

“I’m really glad to see you again, Trin. You always take so long to answer my emails and I get so lonely,” Lily stated while continuing to pout and caress the blonde’s arm.

“Trin, you must’ve put it on this girl something wicked,” Shego commented while watching the whole scene like it was a movie because it was that unreal to her. Kim would have agreed, but she was speechless at the moment because she could not believe that the brunette was serious with the way that she was acting.

“What?” the blonde asked as if she was horrified by those very words while still trying to get her arm back without having to either gnaw it off or hit Lily. Every time that she freed the limb, Lily just took charge of her arm again.

“Shego,” Kim finally managed to say when she realized that her lover was implying.

“I’m just saying, you had to do something just all out freaky for this,” the green-skinned female said while motioning to the pair. Tatsu frowned deeper.

“Shego,” the teen hero said one more time when she noticed the mechanic’s expression. Tatsu looked like she was ready to lose it.

“What’s she talking about, Trin?” Lily asked, either playing innocent or actually being innocent; the others were not sure which it was.

“Don’t pay her any mind. And do you suppose I might have my arm back?” Trin requested.

“Oh, sure,” Lily replied and she finally released the blonde’s limb.

“Shego, why don’t we go play some pool with Tatsu,” Kim suggested because it looked like Tatsu was about to explode and Shego was not helping matters by trying to get to the bottom of who Lily was and what she was to Trin.

“If Tatsu plays for money, I’m in,” the ex-sidekick answered.

The couple got up and forced Tatsu away from the scene that was causing her such aggravation, much to Trin’s dismay. She was left alone with Lily and she knew that the brunette’s behavior was only going to get her into more trouble because now in Lily’s mind, they were alone. Trin was also not a fan of Tatsu being near Shego, who she knew was only going to make things worse with her mouth.

Shego did not know how Tatsu was. They only saw the quiet, laidback mechanic and they thought that she was like that all of the time, but Tatsu was easily angered when it came to Trin. She did not like the idea of other people even looking at her blonde bombshell in a sexual manner and she had gotten into several fights with guys who dared to eye her beloved. She also got into fights with girls that looked at Trin; sometimes, the girls were not even looking in a salacious manner, but they were indulging themselves in Trin in a way that Tatsu just did not like, so she made it stop.

As suspected, Shego was not making the circumstances better. She was just letting her mouth run away with her; she was so bored and it was something to do. She kept talking about how badly Trin must have worked on Lily for the girl to be clinging to her as she was. Tatsu listened to the ramblings while glancing over at her girlfriend every few seconds, who was speaking with Lily, but making an effort to not sit with her or even be within arm’s length of her.

Tatsu could not believe that her blonde bombshell had been with such a mousy, clingy tramp. She just got pissed off as she watched Lily reach out to touch her girlfriend, who kept trying to step out of range, but Lily would only close the distance. Tatsu began wringing her pool cue in her hands because of her anger. She really wanted to take that pool cue and beat Lily over the head with it for having the nerve to act like Trin was hers. And then she noticed Trin almost smile when Lily said something that struck her as humorous; she knew when her girl was close to smiling. Tatsu growled; her usual nonchalant demeanor was thrown to the wind.

“They’re probably reliving sexual escapades,” Shego remarked when she noticed Lily and Trin, who was on the verge of smiling while Lily was grinning up a storm.

Tatsu slammed down her pool stick, which caught Shego’s and Kim’s attention. They wondered what she was going to do from the way that she was staring daggers at Lily and Trin. Tatsu seriously contemplated just cracking the brunette’s skull open, but she doubted that her girlfriend would approve of that, which was why she had put the weapon down. Although she was not too happy with Trin either, it was not like she could beat Trin in a fight. The mechanic decided to just leave the bar before she hurt someone or did something stupid.

“Sis!” Kim called as Tatsu exited the bar.

Trin turned to Kim, who pointed to the door to direct her big sister’s attention to the fleeing mechanic. Trin only caught a glimpse of her girl and it was not even enough for her to know right away that it was Tatsu. She turned her attention back to Kim and noticed that Tatsu was not with the couple anymore. It was then that she realized that the person leaving was undoubtedly her upset lover.

“Baby,” Trin gasped and she ran off after Tatsu, unsure of what would happen when she caught her. She just knew that she had to catch her baby.

The blonde dashed off down the street to catch her lover, who she could just barely make out in the dark. She called out for Tatsu, who turned around at the sound of her name. The mechanic did not see anyone, though; the street was completely clear. She turned around and continued walking back toward the ranch, even though she knew that was going to be quite the walk.

Next time: Find out what happened to Trin and if she is in trouble with her baby.

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