Chapter 9

Lying eyes


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TITLE: Lying eyes

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters, Disney does. I probably mentioned the characters I thought up in previous chapters, but it also applies.

I also don’t own Godzilla.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Pariah. There is a Possible clan get together at the Lazy C Ranch. Insults fly while problems arise. Shego never knew that Montana could be so interesting.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3070

The morning on the Lazy C Ranch was proving very peculiar to say the least. The family had been informed that Trin was a lesbian and in a relationship with Tatsu. They had been ready to go on about that issue all day because they had opinions on the matter that they swore needed to be heard; the couple was willing to disagree because they did not give a damn about others’ opinions on their relationship.

But, they been distracted from the task of harshly admonishing the blonde by a loud shout and they had rushed to see what might have been a little big-foot. Then there was a loud noise that caused the possible big-foot to leap into Tatsu’s arms. Kim and Shego had gone to investigate the noise while Trin had noticed that the big-foot was bleeding. Shego could already guess that it was going to be a long day and Trin would have agreed with that.

“I think the little guy is injured,” Trin commented while going to inspect the animal that was clinging to her baby. She was going to search for the wound that was staining the wooden floor with blood.

The ape-like animal whimpered, much like a frightened child would, and tried to hide even deeper in Tatsu’s shoulder as Trin examined the animal. The ebony-haired mechanic made a noise in the back of her throat because she was surprised by the movement. Trin continued scanning for the wound that was causing the little critter to leak its life fluid. The animal hissed as she came close to the wound and then she called her mother over to look at the injury that was on the creature’s thigh.

“This looks like a claw mark from a cat,” Anne commented as she inspected the thick gash.

“That’s a big cat then,” Trin replied while eyeing the wound with her mother. It did look like a claw wound, but it would have had to come from a cat like a lion or a tiger. The closest thing to that in Montana was a puma and she had never heard of any ten-foot pumas. But then again, she had to take into account that just until five minutes ago, she had not believed that big-foot existed either, so now a lot of things were open for discussion.

“That’s for sure,” her mother agreed that a huge cat would have had to make that wound; she thought that it might even be bigger than a lion or tiger because of how deep the injury was. But, the cause of the cut was not as important as the injury itself. “I suppose I should take care of this if it’s going to be clinging to Tatsu as it is,” she commented.

Trin and Tatsu concurred; the mechanic did not need to catch some unknown disease from having a wild animal latched onto her like a clamp. Anne left to retrieve the first-aid kit. While she was gone, Kim and Shego returned to report that they had not seen anything that seemed out of order. They did not see what could have made the noise that they heard, but seconds after they finished stating such, they heard it again. It was a shriek of a roar.

“Whatever that is, it’s got to be big,” Slim commented because of the noise that the unknown thing was making. The walls were slightly shaking because of the house, so he gathered that the thing causing the sound was monstrous.

“Let me go get dressed because whatever it is doesn’t need to greet me in my pajamas,” Shego remarked with a little laugh; she was still in her pajamas because she had been sleeping before all of the commotion stated. “I swear, you Possibles even make Montana exciting. You certainly are something else,” she added with another laugh as she strolled out of the room to go put some proper clothing on.

“So, we don’t know what’s making that noise and we don’t know what that is. This isn’t looking good,” Kim commented as she weighed what they had going on. There was actually nothing on their end of things, so they were at a real disadvantage since they had no information whatsoever. They did not even know if that creature Tatsu was holding was some weird sort of ape or a real big-foot. They had nothing at all.

“Let’s go take another look around,” Trin suggested because that noise sounded so close, so maybe it did deserve another look. It had to be something that they could see as large as it sounded.

“Yeah,” Kim agreed because she could feel it in her bones that she was not going to like what was making that noise.

“Hey, you’d just get in Kim’s way if something is out there,” Joss informed the blonde in a matter-of-fact tone as soon as it was decided that the sisters would go together.

The farsighted woman ignored her little cousin because if she did not, she figured that she would only hurt the girl’s feelings. Joss believed that the outer shell of Trin, namely the blonde, lightly made-up, prime, well-dressed-in-pink nerd that was presented was the real Trin. She doubted that the blonde could do anything worthwhile like Kim could. She truly believed that Trin would only be a burden to the real hero, so she did not see why the blonde was even going.

The sisters trotted off to see if they could spot whatever was sounding suspiciously like a dinosaur from a movie. They were not ones to rule out that it was a dinosaur with the things that they often saw through out their days, especially since Kim had once actually seen a dinosaur; she had seen the creature rampage Middleton to be more exact. They scanned the whole area as thoroughly as they could with their eyes, but they did not see anything. The coast was clear; the countryside was calm, which did not make any sense to them.

“This isn’t right,” Kim said while staring around in disbelief. Something making a noise that loud and sounding that close should be in their view, so why the hell could they not see it?

“Indeed. Did you bring any gadgets with you?” Trin asked.

“Of course,” the redhead answered. She never left home without certain things; she had learned that from her big sister, Shin, and Shin’s father. It was best to always be prepared for something to happen because something almost always happened.

“Something to see distances?” the blonde inquired. She figured that there was something out there, even if they could not see it. If their eyes were not going to be of assistance, then they needed to give their eyes some assistance.

“I think so. Let’s go take a look,” Kim suggested.

The sisters returned to the house and Kim slid into her room while Trin went to check on her lover, mother, and whatever that ape-thing was. She went into her room to see her mother working on the creature’s thigh; it was a bit difficult to treat the wound with all of that chocolate-colored fur in the way. The animal was whining and crying into Tatsu’s shoulder; it was clutching her as if she was going to save its life. Trin was perplexed and she looked to Shego for a play-by-play on what was happening that she might have missed.

“Don’t look now, but you might be a daddy,” Shego taunted the blonde because of the way the little animal was holding on to Tatsu. The former thief was now dressed in regular clothes, an emerald-colored tank-top and some black pants. She figured that was the best that she could do since they were probably going to get dirty sometime in the day; she believed that because of how peculiar the day had started out so far.

“Has it been hugging her throughout the whole thing?” Trin asked while trying not to be disturbed by the fact that some random animal had taken to her beloved.

“Yeah, crying on her too,” Shego added.

“This is just weird, even for our standards,” the blonde remarked. She hoped that thing did not think that it was staying with Tatsu because she was not going to stand for that. She was not an animal lover.

“Yeah,” the green-skinned female concurred because it was weird, even for them.

“Sis, I’ve got them,” Kim reported as she came back into the room.

“What’s going on?” Shego inquired since it seemed that the sisters had something planned. She wanted in on it because she figured it was going to be interesting.

“We’re still looking for what’s making that noise,” Trin replied.

“I’ll go. You’re too blind to see anything,” the moss-hued female teased.

“Shego, I’m farsighted,” Trin stated.

The former villainess only waved the blonde girl off to dismiss her; to her, glasses equaled that the person could not see and she did not go any further than that. Now, it was true that the world four feet and closer was a bit of a blur to Trin, but she could see anything further than that. She was sick of Shego calling her blind.

Shego and Kim left the house again while Trin got to watch in bizarre curiosity as the ape-like creature clung to her baby. She continued to do her best to not look disturbed and she was succeeding. Tatsu was not doing as good a job, though. She did not appear too comfortable with the ape-like creature hanging on her, but she did not try to get him off her either.

Kim and Shego ran out to the front of the house and Kim threw on her goggles, which looked like trendy sunglasses. She searched the grounds and beyond for anything that could have been roaring. She did not see anything that had not been there earlier and nothing was animate. For a moment, they considered that they were overreacting and then they heard the roar again. It was so loud that Shego ignited her hands on instinct as she looked around to attempt to spot the source of the noise. She did not see anything, but she did not power down her hands right away.

“Okay, really, what the hell is that?” the super-powered female demanded to know because she was getting annoyed.

“I think I see something,” Kim informed her girl.

“What is it?” Shego inquired. She figured that depending on the answer, she would dispel her plasma.

“I’m not sure. It’s really far away. It looks like a bird, but it’s just too big to be any kind of bird that I can think of,” the hero answered.

“Are you sure? I mean, you’re not making any sense,” the pale woman commented.

If it was in the sky, which was where Kim was looking, it had to be a bird. Or a low flying plane and the former sidekick liked to believe that her very intelligent girlfriend knew the difference between a bird and a plane. So, what in the world was Kim looking at?

“No, this isn’t making any sense. Shego, that thing is a griffin that’s heading toward us,” the redhead reported to her lover in a stunned tone. It sounded like she did not even believe her words and she was the one looking dead at the thing.

“A griffin? You mean a half-lion, half-eagle beast of mythology?” Shego asked to be sure. The day was just getting weirder and weirder. And to think, she expected Montana to be less exciting than watching paint dry.

“Yeah,” Kim confirmed and then she saw that there was more than one. She then turned her attention to the ground to see if there were more than just the griffins to worry about. She saw that there was. “Oh, crap,” she muttered.

“What?” the ex-sidekick inquired. She wondered what could make her girl sound surprised after seeing griffins. She thought that Kim might have seen Godzilla to top the mythological monsters.

“The griffins have a lot of back up,” the slim redhead reported in a less than encouraging voice. The day was definitely going to get worse before it got better.

“Like?” Shego inquired, even though she really did not want to know. What could be backing up griffins after all?

“Chimeras and minotaurs,” the hero answered.

“Get the hell out,” Shego scoffed. Okay, the day was going extremely weird, even for them. She wondered when they got trapped in a Greek myth and all she wanted now was to know how to get out of it.

“Check it out for yourself,” Kim offered while handing over the goggles.

Shego had to see it to believe it, but even then, she was still incredulous to the sight. Hey, there was always a chance that her eyes were liars or she was dreaming, but there were mythological beasts heading toward them. The creatures were coming toward them, but they did not explain the noise because none of them ever screeching. And then the noise erupted and Shego got to see what exactly was making the noise.

“Kimmie, there’s a dragon flying toward us,” the pale woman stated in an even tone. She was in such disbelief that she could not even muster any emotions to make her report. It was just too amazing.

“A dragon?” It was Kim’s turn to not believe it, but who would believe such a thing? Dragons were not real.

“A dragon,” Shego confirmed.

“They are not going to believe this,” the valiant teen commented.

“I know. I barely believe it, but let’s go tell them anyway,” Shego said.

Kim agreed and they trotted off back into the house. The family was still huddled into Trin’s guestroom and pondering the ape-like animal that did not seem to plan on letting go of Tatsu. The animal was done with its medial attention, but was now resting against Tatsu’s shoulder like it belonged there, like she was a pillow. Everyone turned to the returning pair to see if they had any answers on the noise.

“You guys, I know this is going to sound downright bonkers and sick and wrong, but there’s a group of mythological creatures headed straight for us,” Kim informed her family members.

“Mythological?” Tatsu echoed in disbelief.

“Like what?” Trin asked.

“Well, we saw some griffins, minotaurs, and a few chimeras,” Kim answered.

“Don’t forget the dragon,” Shego added.

Kim nodded. “Right, and a dragon.”

“Seems like today is going to be real fun,” Trin muttered sarcastically. She had not expected much action for the week. Lots of drama, but not action; she should have known better, she thought. It was always something no matter where she and her sister went.

“I should’ve packed my uniform,” Shego commented with a smirk. She did not even care what was about to go on, as long as it was not boring.

“Do you really expect us to believe that?” Rocky asked the pair that just reported in.

Before either of them could answer, there was a loud noise, like something landed on the roof. They all looked up with curious or confused expressions on their faces as they continued to hear noises above them. Shego ignited her hands to be on the safe side while Trin began to inch her way toward the closet; she now regretted putting her bag away.

The blonde did not make it to her bag and Shego did not get the chance to use her hands as the wall exploded and the ceiling came down. Three griffins could be seen now, tearing the roof open with their claws and beaks. The wall had been brought down by a pair of minotaurs. The family could not believe their eyes; it seemed that Kim and Shego had been telling the absolute truth.

“Cool!” the twins cheered.

Well, the griffins explained why the little probable big-foot had been wounded, Trin thought. The ape-like creature was now trembling in Tatsu’s arms like a rabbit cornered by a pack of hounds. The mythological beasts were probably not there for a social call or to ask for directions from the little ape’s reaction.

“Shouldn’t we be running?” Larry suggested as the animals turned their attention to the family and they seemed to have a dangerous glint in their eyes.

“Sounds like the proper thing to do,” Slim concurred because it was not like they could mount a good defense in the enclosed area that they were currently in.

“Go, we’ll hold them off,” Kim said. “We” consisted of her, Shego, Trin, and probably Tatsu since the mechanic was always up for a good fight.

“We will?” Shego asked in a skeptical tone. She was all for a good fight, but she was used to the battle being against people. Fugitives from a circus freak show was another matter altogether; she did not know how to go about fighting a minotaur or a griffin. But, it seemed she was going to have to improvise.

“Yes, we will. Go!” Kim ordered her family.

“Baby, go with them,” Trin commanded her lover.

“But—” Tatsu tried to protest. She was not used to leaving her girlfriend when there was a fight going down and she did not like that idea either. She wanted to be with her beloved in case something happened.

“Go with them,” Trin repeated in a firm tone to quell any argument that might come up. She knew that her lover would not be able to do much with that animal hanging on to her and she did not want the mechanic to get injured because some weird monkey would not let go of her.

Tatsu did not argue, not only because of her girl’s tone, but also because of the fact that the animal that she was holding was still trembling in sheer, total terror. She fled with the ape-like creature in her arms, following the Possible family out of the room. They did not make it very far in the house before another wall came down and another griffin charged in. A chimera followed that creature and the family was caught been both amalgamated animals. They were trapped.

Next time: the battle begins. Find out if the Possible family make it passed the monsters that have them pinned down and learn who is behind this particular brand of madness.

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