Chapter 8

Monster moves


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TITLE: Monster moves

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters, Disney does. Wait, as usual, Trin and Tatsu are mine. A couple of Possibles are mine too, Jen and Liz. Then there’s Rocky, mine too. I have all the sucky characters.

SUMMARY: Sequel to Pariah. There is a Possible clan get together at the Lazy C Ranch. Insults fly while problems arise. Shego never knew that Montana could be so interesting.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 3267

“Baby, are you getting up?” Trin asked a little while after she woke up. She checked her watch and assumed that breakfast was probably being served.

Tatsu’s answer was to turn over onto her stomach, which let her beloved know that she was sleeping in. Trin did not say anything and decided to just let her lover sleep. She leaned over and kissed the exposed tan shoulder blade of Tatsu and then she got out of bed; she was wearing a long tee-shirt. She went to go take a shower after grabbing the necessary supplies and then she got dressed in her usual semiformal wear. She then set off for her morning meal.

The blonde met Kim in the hall; the redhead appeared to be heading toward the shower now. Kim’s hair was going in every direction that physics would allow. Trin arched an eyebrow; she knew that Kim’s hair did not fair well through the night, but it never looked as it did now.

“Rough night?” Trin commented.

“You’re one to talk,” Kim countered.

“I merely needed to be relaxed for the troubled waters ahead,” the farsighted female remarked.

“Good luck,” the younger sister said.

“Sorry, but I have very little and refuse to use it here,” Trin replied in a bit of an amused tone.

“How can you take this so lightly?” the hero asked curiously. She did not understand how her big sister could treat being out-ed so trivially there, but when she was out-ed in front of their parents, she had practically broken down.

“They hate me already, Mini-me. This is only a drop in a large bucket. It is not so unnerving. It’s definitely not like coming out to Mom and Dad. So, this is nothing,” the blonde answered.

Kim could not argue that. Her sister did not have much, if anything, to lose with being out in front of their family. She probably did not come right out to avoid making their parents look bad, so to speak, Kim thought; she was completely right. Trin had not come out to save their parents the trouble of the rest of the Possible clan going on about her sexual preferences, but if it was going to come out, she was fine with that too. She was not going to deny it.

Trin went to make herself comfortable at the breakfast table and she looked around for clues as to who knew that she was a lesbian. The rest of the household was already at the table, excluding Kim, Shego, and Tatsu. She quickly gathered that everyone who did not know that she was homosexual yesterday, knew it today; Joss worked quickly it seemed. Perhaps it would make for an interesting morning, Trin considered.

“Trin, where’s Kimmie, Shego, and Tatsu?” Anne inquired.

“Kim should be along shortly. I do believe that it’s too early in the morning for the other two,” Trin replied while picking up a grapefruit. It was just about the only thing she was willing to eat at the table because she doubted that it had been fried in some kind of animal fat.

“They do seem more like night owls than early birds,” James commented about Tatsu and Shego.

Trin decided that it would be best for her to not respond to his remark. Her baby was sleeping late for a specific reason; she would have slept in too, but she just was not used to doing such a thing. She was willing to bet that the same could be said of Shego and Kim was probably only awake because she was accustomed to get up by a certain hour. But, Trin would rather not think about why Shego was sleeping in because Shego was her little sister’s girlfriend and she would prefer not to think about their relationship in such terms.

Trin tried her best to not think about Kim’s relationship with Shego. She was rather protective of Kim and had a bit of trouble realizing that Kim was growing up; she supposed that she got it from their father. She was learning to let go at least; she doubted that her father would ever realize that they had grown up.

The blonde began to slowly eat her grapefruit while waiting for one of her aunts or her grandmother to say something to her. As the table began to clear, she noticed that they were eyeing her as if she was some kind of criminal. Her parents and Slim went about their business as did Larry; it seemed that the geek was not let it on the news of the morning. Trin waited for what she knew was coming, but if they did not bite before the time that she finished her breakfast, she planned to go get some work done on her computer. She did have things to do, after all.

“So, girl,” Nana said, speaking to the blonde young woman as if she was lower than a worm’s stomach.

“Ma’am?” Trin replied with some intrigue in her voice.

“You were behaving repulsively on the floor in plain view?” the old woman inquired with distain.

“And if I was?” Trin countered. Sometimes, she wished that they could just take the bait and come at her physically to make for some real entertainment, but they never did and she doubted that would change.

“You’re a filthy pervert!” Jen declared. The blonde could care less than nothing about the outburst, but she guessed that Jen was particularly upset because it was her daughter that discovered them on the floor.

“Am I now?” Trin asked dully.

“It’s bad enough that you do whatever it is you do with that boy that you’re always with, but now with a girl too. You’re just a tramp. Could you be any more promiscuous and disgusting?” Liz inquired.

“I’m sure if I put my mind to it, I could,” the blonde answered. She did wonder why everyone assumed that she and Shin were doing anything aside from getting on everyone’s nerves, as well as each others. They could not sleep with each other before they knew that they were gay, so they definitely would get no pleasure out of touching each other now, unless they were hitting each other.

“You’re just a monster. A depraved, vicious, whorish little monster,” Rocky stated.

“Oh, please, like you don’t get off on hot girl-on-girl action. I would be willing to sell you a tape of me and Tatsu, but I’d rather not star in your wet dreams,” Trin remarked.

The group was stunned by her words. They were so easy to shock, she thought. They pretended to be so virtuous that she could say almost anything and they would need a moment to recover. She considered amusing herself and getting into what Shin referred to as “gay banter.” It was a sort of game that he came up with and the idea was simply to make people uncomfortable by spouting almost pure nonsense that implied doing homosexual things to the person being addressed. He seemed to get a big kick out of it, so she suspected that she would too considering whom her audience was. She would see if they would give her the chance to indulge herself in that game.

“Girl, we won’t stand for such behavior,” Nana proclaimed.

“You don’t have to. There are plenty of empty seats,” Trin commented.

The group did not find the remark funny and they continued to berate the blonde. They made it seem as if Joss found her on the floor, stark naked, with more than just Tatsu. It was only a kiss for crying out loud.

Trin remained calm through out it all, even though she had been called a whore more times than she liked in less than ten minutes. She did note that she got them riled up to the point where at least Jen looked like she wanted to throw down, but she held back. The blonde suspected that the fact that she could easily kill Jen with one hand was what held the auburn-haired woman back.

Trin’s attention was drawn from them when Tatsu wandered out, looking like she had been lost in the desert for years. It was clear that she just woke up and she stumbled over to her lover. She flopped down onto Trin’s lap and rested her head on Trin’s shoulder; those around were shell-shocked into silence.

“Yes, baby?” Trin asked. She wondered why Tatsu was up already, but she did not bother to inquire.

“Shower,” Tatsu requested. She had gotten up because she started grabbing for a body in the bed that was not there. It irked her that her beloved was not there to the point where she got up to seek Trin out.

“I’ve already had one,” Trin answered.

“Another,” the mechanic ordered. She wanted to take a shower with the blonde.

“No thank you,” Trin replied. She thought that they needed to exhibit some form of self-control. She did not want to do something that her uncle Slim might consider disrespectful to his house.

“Spoil sport,” Tatsu muttered.

Trin only smiled a bit as her girlfriend climbed off of her lap. The farsighted woman then did something that was more likely to be done by her lover, but she was just looking to upset her family; she playfully hit Tatsu on the butt as she walked off back to their room. The blonde turned back to her family with a cheeky expression in her blue eyes. They all but exploded from the display.

“There are children present! Restrain yourself!” Liz hollered the order.

“Is this the example that you want to set for you sister?” Jen demanded to know.

“This is all your mother’s fault!” Nana declared. All three women were red in the face from their outrage.

Trin craned a curious sun-colored eyebrow. How in the world was her being a lesbian her mother’s fault? Now, she was used to Nana blaming her mother whenever she did something “odd” or “bad,” but she did not see how her sexual orientation could be blamed on her mother because it was not like her mother was encouraging her to go out and date women. She was going to have to get her grandmother to explain that statement because she needed to hear the so-called logic that went into coming to that conclusion. How was her grandmother going to possibly pin her lesbianism on her mother?

“How, pray tell, is it my mother’s fault exactly?” Trin inquired. Before she could get an answer, her uncle Slim interrupted them.

“What’s all the hoopla in here?” Slim inquired because he could hear the yelling out in the living room, where he was whipping the “Squirt” at chess yet again. Really, his little brother might be a genius, but he certainly was no chess player. He could not even fake being a chess player.

“That girl is queer,” Jen informed her husband while pointing at the blonde.

“Queer?” Slim echoed and then he looked at Trin. “Well, I got to admit that she is a bit peculiar, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s queer,” he remarked, obviously going with the dictionary definition of the word queer.

“That girl with her is her…” Liz shuddered as if what she was going to say next pained her. “…her girlfriend.”

“No kidding,” Slim commented as if it was news to him, but not very shocking news. He glanced down at Trin for a second and then spoke in a low tone. “So, that’s the gal that’s got Shin feeling like a third wheel, eh?” he asked with a taunting smile.

The blonde was not surprised that her uncle knew about her relationship with Tatsu. She figured that her parents told him shortly after they found out, which was just what happened. Slim handled the news at the time with a bit of a shock, but since his little brother and favorite sister-in-law were all right with it, he eventually calmed down. They had expressed some apprehension about Trin dating a high school dropout who handled illegal street racers to make a living, but then again, they felt better about Tatsu than they did about Shego. They had informed him too that Kim was dating Shego, who he recalled, but the thing that got his attention was that his little brother kept going on about her being “circus folk.”

Slim was amused that his brother’s main problem with Shego was that he assumed that she was some kind of circus performer, even though he was very aware that she was once a dangerous thief and former arch foe to Kim. Anne assured Slim that it seemed that Kim was influencing Shego and not the other way around, which was why they were accepting of the relationship. Slim wondered what the chances were of Anne having two homosexual daughters; it seemed uncanny. Although he knew that the rest of the family would not think too highly of the situation when they found out.

“She was carrying on inappropriately in front of Joss,” Jen reported with a huff, hoping to get her husband was infuriated as the rest of them.

“Really, Shorty?” Slim asked Trin. He did not think it was like her to do something like that in front of anyone. She was a pretty private person and she usually carried herself well when other people were around.

“I was unaware that she was there and it was little more than a simple kiss. And don’t call me ‘Shorty,’” Trin replied to be annoying. Sometimes, she objected to the nickname just to let him think that it was bothering her because he liked to think that he was getting on her nerves.

“Hey, I can’t help it if you’re Shorty. You should be a bit more conscientious with young ‘uns roaming around here,” Slim scolded the blonde.

“Don’t talk to her like it’s a small matter,” Liz reprimanded her brother, who she believed was not taking things as seriously as he should, which everyone there would agree with, aside for Trin anyway.

Slim did think that it was a small matter. All right, Joss had seen Trin kissing Tatsu, but it was not like the kid’s eyes melted or her head exploded from the sight. He doubted that witnessing such a thing had scarred his auburn-haired little cowgirl. He guessed that he would change his mind if her long standing interest in Ron Stoppable shifted to a certain high school dropout mechanic. But, until that time, he would just worry about her fascination with a guy that could not seem to keep his pants up.

“All right, all right. This is serious. Joss, I understand that you might be confused,” Slim said.

“I ain’t confused. She’s queer, just like her boyfriend,” Joss replied, missing the contradiction of her statement by saying both Trin and Shin were queer, but then linking them as a couple.

“No, no one is queer like Shin,” Trin remarked and she was going with the dictionary definition of queer on that one.

“I’ll bet,” Slim concurred. That boy Shin was a piece of work and a half. He bet that kid’s parents never had a dull moment while raising him up and, boy, was he right on that one.

Now, Slim did not have much of a problem with Shin. He could tell for the most part that the half-Japanese young man was a good natured and fun-loving person, but he just took things too far. They had been told that Shin got his behavior from his father, who just liked having a good time and typically took things overboard. It was not that they were bad people or even looking to offend anyone; they just tried to get the most out of life.

“Well, the kid doesn’t seem to be scarred for life. I guess that’s the end of this,” Slim proclaimed, even thought he was aware that was not going to be the end of that. After all, nothing was that easy when it came to Trin and their family, especially if it gave them a chance to harp on Anne too. It was going to be a long day if their family had anything to say about it.

The sideshow was interrupted by the surprisingly loud shout of “what the hell” coming from Tatsu of all people; Trin had no idea that her lover could be so loud. Shego was the first one of the scene since she was close by and she repeated the “what the hell” inquiry just as loud. Well, they had the rest of the house’s attention and everyone had to see what was wrong.

“What the hell is that thing?” Shego inquired. She had asked the question that everyone was thinking; she was good at handling that.

They were all staring at a two-foot creature that appeared to be some kind of ape. It was covered in dark brown hair and it was sitting by the side of the bed with a bag that looked like it belonged to Trin. The whole household was staring at the creature.

“Is that a gorilla?” Jim wondered aloud.

“That’s a big-foot,” Trin realized as she eyed the beast. She had to take her eyes off and rub her eyes to make sure she was seeing what she was seeing. It definitely was not any ape that she had ever seen before.

“Big-foot doesn’t exist,” Kim argued.

“I know that as well as you, but that is no other ape that I have ever seen,” the blonde replied.

“And you’re an ape expert,” Jen remarked sarcastically.

“Well, I do live with Shin,” Trin joked dryly.

Tatsu did not ask any questions or say anything. She approached the creature while everyone else looked at her as if she was nuts. She had always had a weird relationship with animals, dating back to when she was a very little kid. She did not really fear animals, but she never had any real love for them either. She did not care if the animal was wild or not, they tended to like her or at least tolerate her.

The creature looked up at Tatsu when she was close and she offered her hand. There was suddenly a loud roar that was almost earsplitting. It sounded like something out of a dinosaur film. Everyone was stunned or scared by the noise; the creature looked exceptionally afraid. The small ape-like animal leaped into Tatsu’s arms and hid in her shoulder.

“What hell was that?” Shego inquired while looking around suspiciously.

“I’ll go see,” Kim volunteered. Frightening noises, she could handle those, but a probable real big-foot was crossing the line.

“I’ll go too,” Shego said and then the couple ran off to see who or what it was that was making that noise.

“Um, what should I do with this?” Tatsu asked her girlfriend. She was referring to the little creature in her arms that was clutching her bicep for dear life and trembling as if it was deathly afraid of something.

“Hell if I know,” Trin replied and then she noticed that the creature was bleeding, but she could not tell from where because of all of the hair. It seemed like today was going to be more interesting than the fact that she had been out-ed in front of her family. Who saw that one coming?

Next time: a bunch of uninvited guests stop by the ranch to help ruin the day even more than finding a big-foot does.

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