A History of Yesterday

Chapter 10

T-minus one…blast off


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TITLE: T-minus one…blast off

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney owns them all!

SUMMARY: It starts with a honeymoon and ends with an affair. Or does it start with an affair and end with a honeymoon? Whichever.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: Well, folks, this is it. I hope you have enjoyed the weird ride.

Words: 4114

Kim dropped down into an abandoned factory from the ceiling. Ah, she did not feel like doing the mission that she was, but she was the one chosen because she was an expert on the perpetrator. Damn, Drakken and his screwy, all-around-crappy timing, she silently cursed. She just did not feel up to dealing with anything right now, especially not Drakken and his special brand of insanity.

But, she could not let the world down because she was having a bad…past few months. Yeah, the past few months certainly had not been kind to her. She got pissed off just thinking about everything. She growled in anger and then she got kicked in the shoulder.

“That was too easy, Pumpkin,” Shego commented as the slim hero slid across the ground from the force of the blow.

“You caught me by surprise is all,” Kim argued, as if that made things better. She had not been paying attention; she had been being too busy being upset.

“I figured after four years of doing this, you’d always expect me,” the pale woman pointed out.

Kim did not respond to that since it was the truth. She just went at the thief like she usually would; well, almost like she usually would. She was trying anyway, but she just was too upset to focus properly on anything, even her most deadly and competent foe. She really did not feel up to do anything at the moment.

Shego noticed immediately that the younger woman’s movements were way off from what they generally were. She was being erratic at best and Shego ended up just grabbing her. She figured that she needed to stop Kim before she hurt herself. The redhead, of course, did not appreciate being grabbed and it showed on her face.

“Princess, what the hell is this you’re doing?” the green-skinned sidekick inquired.

“Saving the world. It’s what I do,” Kim answered.

“Yeah, it’s your thing, but you’re doing it badly,” Shego pointed out.

The redhead grunted because that observation was rather on point for the moment. Her anger flared because of the point and she tried to kick Shego away from her. The pale woman caught the leg rather easily; it was like the hero telegraphed that move to her opponent. She forced the younger woman to the ground and held onto her leg to keep control of her. She pressed Kim into the cold floor of the factory.

“This is just pathetic. What’s wrong with you?” Shego asked. She could not believe that she stopped reading her magazine to go fight such a pitiful battle. She had been reading a rather intriguing article on nail care and it was proving to be more entertaining the fight so far.

“There’s nothing wrong with me!” the slender hero hollered in her own defense. She was fine. There was nothing wrong. There was…Kim began tearing up; okay, maybe there was something wrong.

“What happened? Why the hell are you crying?” the thief asked in disbelief. What the hell was she supposed to do with a weeping opponent?

“I’m not crying!” Kim replied. That bastard, he was interfering with her duty now. The bastard!

“Yes, you are. You need to get your ass together. You want Drakken to when this round?” Shego asked.

“He won’t!” Kim objected while wiping her eyes. She needed to stop crying, especially in front of her rival/foe.

“He will if you keep asking this. Now, fight back,” Shego commanded.

Look, the pale woman did not get out of bed every morning and listen to Drakken ranting to only end up bored when Kim finally showed up. Thanks to Drakken’s constant failing, she stopped thinking about him ruling the world a very long time ago; she gave up on things easily because she was lazy for the most part. She just focused on staying in shape to go at it with the little hero when she showed up because Kim was one of two things that still held an interest to her.

Shego was rather fickle by nature and she lost interest in things with little difficulty. She needed a challenge to remain interested in something, which was why stealing never got old to her. There was always something new to steal and some new way to get to it. Kim was still very interesting because she offered up a challenge by always winning in the end. Shego could win the little battles against Kim, but she had yet to win a war, so that was fascinating to her.

Kim pushed Shego off of her and flipped up to her feet. She went at her raven-haired opponent with a kick that was full of rage; it was another one of those telegraphed blows. The green-hued woman had no problem with dodging the attack and eventually she swept Kim’s feet out from underneath her. The redhead yelped as she hit the ground again. She growled when she was on the floor; she also wiped her face again as the tears finally stopped falling from her eyes.

“You’re distracted,” Shego commented. The only good thing that she had to look forward to when it came to work and that was screwed up. She sighed; she was going to have to find a new way to waste her time if things continued as they were.

“I’m fine,” Kim huffed. What the hell did Shego know anyway? She was fine. There was nothing wrong with her at all.

“This isn’t any fun at all. I might as well had gone out. Tell you what, you beat me and I’ll listen to your little problem without making fun of you,” the emerald-eyed villainess bargained.

“I don’t have a problem and even if I did, why the hell would I tell you?” Kim inquired.

Shego only smirked and waited for the redhead to get back up. The hero did not disappoint and she climbed back to her feet. She told herself that she had to focus. The world was depending on her. She had to put her personal issues aside for the time being and she had to stop Drakken and whatever nutty scheme he had going. She took a deep breath and then went at Shego. Her movements were finally normal and it was no longer like she was phoning her moves in before she did them. It was good to know the real battle had begun.

Shego sat on a building edge; she was just watching the moon, which was full. She did not move as a person sat down; she did not even bother to glance at the uninvited guest. The guest leaned back a bit.

“You don’t flee far after everything goes down, do you?” Kim remarked.

“I know how to disappear when it’s necessary. What are you doing here?” Shego countered.

“I know you probably think this is pathetic, but you did say you’d listen to my problem and not make fun of me,” the redhead answered.

“I did say that, but don’t you have friends and shit for things like this? What happened to the buffoon?”

“Ron is not going to want to hear this. It would just piss him off and then he’d come from school and do something unnecessary,” the hero answered. She found that a guy’s thinking was different from a girl’s sometimes when it came to the problem that she had and Ron would want to resort to violence once he heard everything, especially since he was a martial arts master.

“And you don’t have other friends?” Shego inquired.

“I don’t really want to tell them.” She really did not want anyone to know because she believed that she would be looked down on because of the way that she was handling things; or because of the way that she was not handling things.

“Fine, what the hell is your big problem? Too perfect?” Shego taunted the younger fighter. Sure, she said that she would not make fun of Kim, but that was after she heard the problem.

Kim smiled slightly; it was hollow expression. “Yeah, way too perfect. I’ve been dating the perfect man. He’s smart, handsome, sweet, just everything you’d want in a man.”

“So, what’s the problem?” the pale woman inquired. It sounded like Kim should be celebrating and getting married if the guy was so great.

“He’s everything you’d want,” the redhead stated.

“So?” Shego asked, not understanding what the hero was trying to get at.

“I’ve been sharing him because of that.”

“You’re sharing your boyfriend?” Shego asked incredulously. She did not think that the goody-goody was into polygamy.

“Well, it’s hard to explain. He’s been cheating on me for a few months now and I know about it, but I haven’t confronted him about it. So, doesn’t that pretty much mean I’m sharing him?” Kim elaborated.

“Yeah, I guess so. So, if he’s been cheating on your for months, what’s the fucking problem? You act like you just found out,” the green-skinned thief pointed out.

“You know, he was the first guy that I ever dated that didn’t mind my odd habits. He was all right with me rushing out to save the world or some other important thing no matter what time it was or where we were. Everything didn’t have to be about him. He was just so understanding. It didn’t bother him to be with Kim Possible. It was a nice change from the usual guys I date,” the adventurer commented.

“So, you’re in love with this asshole or something?”

“No, but I thought I could be. I figured that I could fall in love with him.”

“Is that why you put up with his cheating?” Shego inquired.

“Probably. Stupid, huh?”

“Um, hell yeah. So, what’s your problem? You’ve known how he’s been, so why are you acting all pissy now?”

“Knowing and seeing are two different things.”

“You saw him with a girl?”

“Yeah, right before I got the call to come and stop you and Drakken. I saw him, I saw David having dinner with some blonde girl. She was really pretty, better looking than I am. It put a face on the whole thing and all I could do was wonder why I’m never enough. Why do guys always do this to me? Just why am I not good enough?” Kim pondered aloud as tears gathered in her eyes.

Shego could not believe that she was seeing the great Kim Possible in tears for the second time in less than a day. She hated that some part of her was moved, touched, sympathetic, and even upset to see the tears, but not in a way that she should be. She was outraged that someone had hurt Kim. How could one simpleton have hurt Kim Possible enough to make her cry? She had been going against Kim for four, almost five years and she had not made her cry before, why? Because Kim Possible was tough, just like she was, Shego thought.

“You shouldn’t think like that,” the pale woman said in a low voice.

She was just looking to boast Kim’s spirit because someone like her should never measure her worth through the eyes of some foolish boy. She especially could not allow Kim to falter because of some young idiot or else she would not have a point to get out of bed anymore. It was not like Drakken was actually going to rule the world some time soon, so all she had to do with her time was steal and fight Kim for the mad doctor.

“But, every guy that I’m with does this to me. It must be me,” Kim argued. After all, it happened to her more than once and she figured that she had to be doing something wrong since it continued to happen.

“You’re a fucking moron, you know that?” Shego commented.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because how the hell are you blaming yourself for an asshole being an asshole? I didn’t think you were this stupid. I mean, it’s not like you made him an asshole. You shouldn’t act so stupid just because you keep meeting assholes.”

“Have you ever had a guy cheat on you?” the redhead inquired.

“No,” Shego plainly answered.

“No?” the hero asked to make sure that she heard right. She had expected that to be the answer, but she asked again to be certain.

“No. I don’t date guys.”

“Oh,” Kim said in a mumble. She was getting too much information for one day, but she supposed that she was putting a lot out there for one day. She was too worn out to be shocked by learning that her rival was a lesbian.

“Oh? That’s all you’re going to say?” the pale woman asked in a baffled tone. She did not usually come out to people, unless she was going out with the person anyway. She did not think that her sexuality was anyone else’s business.

“Why? Should I say more? Congratulations to you for figuring out how to cut through all the bullcrap?” the redhead remarked.

“It would be a good start,” Shego quipped with a small, amused smile. “So, that’s your how damn deal? You saw him with a cute blonde and you just can’t function anymore?”

“Like I said, it put a face to it.”

“You took it to heart too much. Just leave the bastard if it bothers you that much and let him have his cute blonde. Hell, cheat on him back if it makes you feel better. It probably would make you feel better. You’re making too deal a big out of it,” Shego stated in bored tone. She had expected a more dire problem than the one she was getting.

“You just lack any and all forms of compassion, huh?”

“It’s a stupid emotion anyway. It overrides your common sense, just like love. See, you’re lacking common sense at the moment because you’re in love.”

“I’m not in love,” Kim objected. “At least I don’t think I am.”

“There’s a reason someone like you is putting up with his bullshit. He probably knows he’s got you wrapped around his little finger and that’s why he does the shit that he do. You think the world of him, so he knows you’re not going to go out and cheat on him back or leave him for this crap,” Shego reasoned.

Kim sighed; she hated that Shego had a point. She was just a sucker when it came to David it seemed. He was the kind of guy that every girl wanted and maybe that was why she wanted to keep him and maybe he did know that. Maybe there was a reason that she put up with all of his crap, but was it really because she loved him? She highly doubted that, but she thought that if she stayed around, she could love him and maybe he could love her. Maybe he would stop sleeping around and he would be faithful to her.

Kim returned home after another mission. She had expected to be out longer than she was, but it turned out that Professor Dementor had miscalculated the power needed for his doomsday device and accidentally blew his lair up, cutting the mission short. Kim was a bit injured, but she just wanted to curl up in bed next to David and go to sleep. So, she limped into the hallway of the apartment, intent on going to bed.

As soon as the redhead hit the hall, she knew that nothing was going to go her way. There were clothes in the hall and heavy noises coming from the bedroom. She already knew what was happening and she was fairly certain that it would not help her in seeing it, yet she pressed on. Never speculate, her mind told her. Always demand proof, her brain stated. So, she went and got her confirmation, despite knowing what that might do to her.

Everything that Kim was aware of when it came to David was affirmed that night. He was in bed with some brunette girl, who was moaning his name like a wanton whore. He was grunting behind her, much too focused on the pleasure to notice Kim at the door; he was at an angle that sort of prevented him from seeing the whole front of the room. The hero quietly backed away from the door and exited the apartment. She commanded herself not to cry. She just needed to get as far away from her home as possible.

Shego groaned as she was taken from her sleep by knocking at her front door. If her landlord was trying to piss her off, it was working. She had paid him already, so she did not see why he was bothering her at three in the morning. She supposed that the downside of having a landlord that was addicted to crack was that he always needed money; at least the rent was cheap. She went to answer the door and possibly punch her landlord in the mouth to remind him not to bother her until she opened the door and saw that it was not him.

“Princess, what the hell are you doing here?” Shego inquired when she opened the door and saw that it was Kim Possible bothering her late at night.

“I don’t know. I was hoping we could talk some more,” Kim offered lamely.

“Yeah, at three in the morning, I usually sleep,” the thief commented.

“Oh, is it that late?” Kim asked. She did not know what time it was; it was rare that she did know what time it was. She hopped around the globe so much that time was meaningless to her most of the day.

“Yeah, so how about you go home, like a good little girl?” the pale woman suggested.

Kim bit her lower lip; she could not go home. He might still be there in their bed with that female. He was actually in their bed. Kim’s legs wobbled at the memory and she fell against Shego, who caught the hero and rolled her eyes. Shego could not believe that the woman who could do anything was allowing herself to jerked around by some pretty boy. It had to be a low point.

The green-skinned woman pulled Kim into the apartment and then shut the door. She released Kim, telling herself that if the redhead fell, then it was her own fault. Kim stood up, which Shego thought was a good thing.

“So, what the hell happened?” the green-skinned female asked since she figured that she was stuck with the adventurer for the moment.

“He was…he was in our bed! Our bed! How could he…how could he do that?” Kim demanded to know with angry tears streaming down her face.

Shego sighed; she did not even know the guy, but she was learning to hate him. She was sick of seeing Kim cry, which was one of the reasons that she was starting to detest the bastard that Kim was with. The redhead was not supposed to cry as far as the pale woman was concerned. Kim Possible was supposed to be much too strong to cry. She was supposed to be too smart to fall for and stay with such a horrible jerk-off. Shego growled; Kim Possible was such a damn disappointment.

“You’re so weak,” Shego stated.

“What?” Kim asked.

“You’re acting like this is the end of the damn world. You’re just so weak. This guy is an asshole,” the raven-haired thief said. She did not see how she could say it any plainer to get through to her usual foe.

“But, he’s not,” Kim argued. David was typically very sweet and considerate. He made her breakfast in bed, he gave her backrubs, he bought her flowers, and he always wanted to know how her day went. He was just so sweet.

“Whatever. You believe whatever the hell you want. I’m going back to bed,” Shego dismissed the issue because she did not see the point in arguing over something that did not concern her.

“Um…can I stay here?” Kim requested.

“Do the words ‘hell’ and ‘no’ mean anything to you? Go home. He’s probably done by now. You’re sharing him already, so it shouldn’t be so bad sharing the bed if the girl’s still there,” Shego remarked.

Kim appeared rather indignant by the suggestion, but only cried more instead of saying something to the villainess. Shego sighed; she could not believe it, but she felt guilty for making the younger woman weep even more. She then decided to offer up a more pleasing situation, especially as far as she was concerned. She went over to Kim and kissed her; it was a slow and short kiss. It was just to put a thought in Kim’s head. The hero was stunned by what just happened.

“What was that?” Kim asked once the embrace was over.

“If you want to stay here, why not get back at that asshole while you’re at it?” Shego proposed. She had no problem with a night of fun, even if it was with Kim. She had grown into an attractive young woman anyway and she was actually Shego’s type. It was just a quick solution to the hero’s problem and a way for her to pay for being an annoyance.

“Shego, I’m not…” Kim trailed off.

“There are so many words that you could put there. Do you want to sit here and consider all of them or make this worth waking me up at three in the morning?” the green-skinned female inquired. She needed something to do with her time anyway and sex was always a great way to do that.

“You actually want to sleep with me?” Kim asked in disbelief.

“Don’t get me wrong, Princess. This has nothing to do with what I do for a living or what you do for a living. We’re both off the clock and it’s just one night to make this all worth it. It doesn’t have to mean anything once we’re back on the clock or anything like that. If you don’t want to, you know where the front door is and if you want to, that’s where I’ll be,” Shego replied and she pointed to the bedroom door.

The super-powered woman went back to her bedroom, leaving Kim to think about the proposal. The pale woman had left Kim alone for the simple fact that she wanted her to think about it and figure out what was best without any sort of pressure. She would not care about either choice. Hell, Kim could park herself on the sofa and fall asleep and that would be fine by her as much as the other two things that she mentioned. She was not looking to take advantage of Kim, only get something out of the deal for herself; hey, she was selfish and pretty much a hedonist.

Shego had no problem sleeping with a sort-of-enemy. They were more like rivals than anything else after so many years of battling each other. She just wanted to do something that would benefit the both of them and, maybe get Kim to stop crying so much, she conceded. She did not need to see the redhead’s tears anymore and she wanted to make sure that she did not. It was just that it was getting on her nerves and she disliked it when things got on her nerves.

Kim wiped her eyes. Could she really do what Shego suggested? The thief was her enemy first and foremost. Okay, she was not really an enemy anymore. She spoke with Shego just as much as she spoke to her closest friends; she even joked around with Shego while they fought. Shego was more like an acquaintance than an enemy.

But, what if she really did love David? She could never be able to forgive herself for even considering doing anything with Shego if she did love him. She should just go home, she told herself. Yes, she should just go home.

Although she had come to the conclusion that she should go home, Kim’s feet were taking her in the direction of the wrong door. She was not heading toward the front door, but toward the bedroom door. Well, what could one night do, Kim asked herself. It might be good to just forget about everything for one night and then everything would go back to normal. It was only one night, so what could come of it? It was just one night.

The Beginning (Cheesy, I know).

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