A History of Yesterday

Chapter 4

T-minus seven


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TITLE: T-minus seven

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney does, but you already knew that, didn’t you?

SUMMARY: It starts with a honeymoon and ends with an affair. Or does it start with an affair and end with a honeymoon? Whichever.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3048

Kim came into the apartment looking completely wiped out; she was feeling just the way that she looked. Being a hero was tiring sometimes and that certainly was one of those times. She just wanted to soak in a nice, hot bubble bath for as long as possible and then cuddle on the sofa with the love of her life for the rest of the night. Those were the only things that would make up for the day as far as she was concerned.

“Shego, sweetie, you home?” Kim called as she shut the door.

“I’m in the living room,” Shego answered.

The redhead wandered into the living room and found Shego parked on the sofa, lounging and watching a rerun of a boxing match. The former thief was a big boxing fan, especially of the lighter weights; she claimed that the lighter the weight, the harder the fight, but her lover hardly ever stopped to watch and see if that was the truth. Kim leaned down and greeted Shego with a deep kiss. The green-skinned woman eventually tried to pull Kim down to her to take the kiss further, but the petite adventurer pulled away.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Shego playfully demanded to know.

“I want to take a bath,” Kim replied.

“Hard day at the lab not discovering a cure for anything?” the pale woman teased with a smirk.

“I had a mission and don’t knock my work.”

“A mission has you looking so tired?” Shego asked incredulously. She never thought that one simple mission could zap the energy of her hyperactive girlfriend. She wondered who the villain was that wore out her lover. Someone might need to give that guy an award, she thought as a joke.

“It was a really hard mission. The guy was actually competent and he had people working for him that were competent. They were actually creative and capable,” Kim answered as she started toward the bathroom.

“Want some company?” the green-skinned female offered.

“You’re not going to make fun of the mission tiring me out?” Kim inquired because she really just did not want to think about that mission ever again.


“Or my job?” the younger woman asked because her girlfriend seemed to get a kick out of making fun of her occupation. It was not like she was a clown or something. She was a chemist and she did noble work as far as she was concerned.

“No.” Shego actually just liked making fun of Kim’s job because she saw that it got to the younger woman and sometimes she was just obnoxious for no reason other than it entertained her to be that way.

“Then I’d love some company,” the redhead said and then she disappeared into the bathroom.

Shego smirked and paused the match that she had been watching after a few minutes; she figured by that time her Princess probably had things ready in the bathroom. She went into the bathroom and found Kim already soaking in their circular tub. The bubbles were covering most of the hero’s body and she had her long hair tied up to avoid wetting most of it.

The pale woman shed her clothes in a matter of seconds and tied her ebony mane up as quickly as possible. She slid into the hot water and made her way behind Kim. She pulled the redhead to rest against her. The hero sighed as if all was finally right in the world, which Shego thought was cute.

“You want to talk about it?” Shego asked because she knew that something got to her girlfriend and wore her out. She was curiously as to what could zap the hyper adventurer’s energy.

“No. Could you rub my back for me?” Kim requested.

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

Shego moved one of her hand’s to Kim’s lower back and began carefully kneading the area. She heated her fingertips slightly, despite the fact that they were in a warm bath. The redhead made small noises in the back of her throat as the massage continued on.

“Did you hurt your back or are you just that tense?” the raven-haired woman inquired. She had no problem with giving her girl a rubdown, but she would like to know why Kim required the attention.

“I landed on my back from a fall. It’s nothing serious,” Kim assured her lover.

She knew that Shego worried about her, even though she tried her best to not to say so. It was just the way that she acted whenever Kim came in with the smallest injury; the redhead often wondered if she acted the same way when Shego came in with an injury. From the former thief’s point of view, Kim acted worse than she did when she came in with some kind of wound. They were both a bit zealous when it came to the other being injured.

“You know you need to be more careful, Princess,” Shego commented and she lightly kissed Kim’s neck to help relax her lover more than she already was.

“Not if that stops you from touching me like this,” the redhead replied while trying to lean into Shego even more; if she had managed to get closer, she and her beloved would have been sharing a body.

“You think I need an excuse to touch you?” the green-skinned martial artist asked incredulously. If anything, she needed an excuse to stop touching Kim. If things were left to her, she and Kim would be intimately touching at all times, caressing each other at all times.

“I don’t think that at all,” Kim replied in a low tone, showing that she was almost completely comfortable.

“Then be more careful,” Shego practically ordered.

Sometimes, the ex-villainess thought that her girlfriend went out on missions with the intent of getting hurt or she just did things that she knew her body was going to regret the next day. She knew that it was a slightly silly thing to think, but her girl was so careless sometimes that it just seemed like she was doing it on purpose. It was more than likely that her girl truly believed that she could do anything, like she was immortal or indestructible or something like that.

Kim nodded to show that she would attempt to be more careful and then she relaxed into her lover’s body and touch. The slender hero eventually fell asleep in the water because it never cooled down; Shego made sure to keep the water warm so that Kim never had a reason to get out. When the redhead woke up, she found herself lying in their bed, wrapped in a bathrobe.

The hero got dressed in some pajamas, which consisted of a pink camisole and crimson pants. She wandered out into the living room and found Shego back on the couch, watching a movie now because the boxing had finished a while ago. Kim silently joined her and curled up next to the emerald-eyed female. Shego automatically wrapped her arms around her lover; it actually took her a few seconds to realize that she was holding her girlfriend.

Shego was a bit surprised that Kim had cuddled up next to her in her pajamas. She would have thought that her Princess would desire to go out tonight, but she guessed not. She had no problem with staying in, especially if she got to just hold her girl through out the night without having to be bothered with any outside annoyances. Besides, she and Kim had different ideas about going out and they probably would have had a long debate on the matter that would have led to a sparring match, which would have led to either a compromise or them sleeping in the gym because they would fight until they dropped; they had done it plenty of times before.

So, staying right where they were was fine by Shego. She focused back on the movie and was content to hold her lover. She absently caressed Kim’s stomach while watching the film. Kim actually fell back to sleep during the movie; the touching had done her in by relaxing her.

“You’ve been working yourself way too hard, Princess,” Shego muttered while making sure to keep a good hold on Kim now that she noticed her lover was knocked out. She did not want the hero to fall off the sofa because she sometimes did move around in her sleep.

The raven-haired woman believed that Kim always tried to do too much. Sometimes just watching her in action was tiring as far as the older woman was concerned. She often warned Kim about burning herself out, but with the Possible spirit inside of her, it was in one ear and out the other with Kim. She just did not know how to sit still.

Much of the time, Kim could not understand how Shego could sleep late or just lounge around on the sofa all day. In Kim’s mind, there was always something that needed doing and she always found that something. Shego sometimes jokingly accused her lover of being a drug addict because of the speedy and busy way that she lived her life. Kim did not think that was very funny; she always appeared rather offended by the joke when it was uttered in whatever way. The pale woman would then halfheartedly apologize, but her girl would stay in a funk about it for a little while.

“Pumpkin, you okay?” Shego asked as Kim moved around a bit and then she halfway opened her olive green eyes.

“Yeah. Did I fall asleep again?” the younger woman inquired with a small yawn.


“Maybe I should just call it a night,” the hero considered. It seemed like a good idea since she just kept falling asleep anyway. She had no idea that she was so worn out that she could not even stay awake for ten minutes it seemed.

“All right. I’m surprised that you didn’t want to go out to some fancy restaurant or something, though,” Shego commented while letting Kim go, so she could go get in the bed.

“Why would I want to go out?” the redhead asked in a confused voice.

Shego laughed a bit until she realized that her lover was being serious. She straightened out her expression. “No reason. Go to bed, Princess,” she replied.

Kim was suspicious about that answer, but she was too tired to think on it. She stumbled toward the bedroom and eased into the comfortable mattress. She closed her eyes and fell asleep right away; she would easily sleep through the whole night. The emerald-eyed female stayed in the living room for most of the night; she was in complete and utter shock.

When Kim woke up, she expected to feel warm arms around her, but there were none. She opened her eyes to see where Shego was, but she did not see her beloved. She sat up and discovered that she was alone in the bed. She arched a curious eyebrow and wondered where Shego was; it was very rare for her to wake up second. She wondered why she had slept so late and then she checked the clock. She had not woken up late, so Shego was up really early as far as she was concerned.

The redhead climbed out of bed and went to brush her teeth before doing anything else. She then went outside into the apartment. She scanned the area for the love of her life, but she did not see her girlfriend. She went to check in their workout room and found Shego working over their heavy bag.

“Hey, sweetie,” Kim greeted the green-skinned woman while going over to kiss her cheek.

“You look rested,” Shego noted. She supposed that she was glad that Kim was feeling better, but that did not make her feel any better for some reason. She was upset and she had been all night.

“I feel that way. Why are you up so early?”

“No reason.”

“You want some breakfast?” Kim asked.


“What do you want?” the redhead inquired.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Okay,” the hero said in an unsure tone. Typically, Shego had a long list of things she wanted her breakfast along with some smart aleck remark to go along with the unrealistic chart of demands.

Kim exited the room and went to the kitchen. She was about to start making some waffle mix until she noticed the calendar. She stopped everything that she was doing and stared at the calendar in disbelief. Her mouth dropped open in total shock.

“Holy crap,” Kim muttered while it felt like all of her organs fell right out of her body.

Yesterday had been their anniversary and she had completely forgotten it. That was more than likely the reason Shego assumed that she wanted to go out last night, meaning Shego had remembered and had not said anything. Damn and double damn, the adventurer silently cursed. She was officially the worst partner ever, she figured.

The hero ran back to Shego and practically through herself at the pale female. Shego grunted when she was hit and almost fell over because of the force behind the hit, but she managed to stay on her feet; for a quick moment, she thought about how that was a really good hit. She looked down at the shorter woman that was now in her grasp. Kim was utterly an apology over and over again while tears were creeping down her checks.

“Princess, what’s wrong?” Shego asked, even though she could guess what happened considering what yesterday had been.

“I’m so sorry I forgot our anniversary. I’m such a horrible girlfriend,” Kim replied.

“No, you’re not. It’s okay,” the ex-villainess tried to assure the redhead.

“No, it’s not!”

“Sure it is. It’s totally fine. Don’t worry about it. Stop crying,” Shego said as she properly embraced Kim and rubbed her lower back to help calm her down. She hated seeing Kim cry because it just reminded her of a time when Kim was not hers and she had cried so often back then, almost every time they came together in fact. Even back then, for some reason, she disliked seeing the hero in tears.

“It’s not fine,” Kim objected. How could she always go on about loving Shego and then forget such an important day? That was just horrible. So, of course it was not fine.

“It is,” Shego insisted.

Kim continued to cry and Shego just held her. The petite redhead kept apologizing too; Shego merely listened. She wished that Kim just did not remember because she actually would have preferred that to the weeping young woman in her arms. Kim took things too hard; although, she silently admitted that their anniversary was a bit serious. Still, she just wished that her slim girlfriend did not cry about it.

It was late at night and Kim had gone to bed. The day had not been too bad once Kim had stopped crying. They had gone out for breakfast and everything was pretty much all right, on the surface anyway.

At the moment, Shego was sitting on the sofa and staring down at the gift that she had bought for Kim. It was a well thought out gift and she had been rather proud of it; she had got an engagement ring. She thought that they were ready to take such a big step, but maybe she was wrong. She still thought about proposing, despite what happened, but she doubted that it would work.

She could not bring herself to present the ring to her lover anyway, not after how Kimmie acted that morning, especially when the crying had began. Such a gift would probably only make her lover feel worse and being a stubborn girl, she might actually refuse because she had forgotten their special day. Shego could see her girlfriend turning her down on the proposal, saying “You deserve better than a girlfriend that can’t even remember our anniversary, so I won’t you marry me” or something along those lines. She supposed that she would just save it for her Princess’ birthday or some other special occasion that required a gift.

Now, the pale woman was rather hurt that Kim had forgotten their anniversary and she kept thinking about it, despite the fact that she did not want it to bother her. The redhead always talked about how much she loved Shego, but she could not even remember the official day that they had both picked together that their relationship truly started. Obviously, Kim did not care as much as she always claimed she did, Shego concluded. If she really did care, she would have remembered the day no matter what happened.

After what just happened, the green-skinned woman felt justified in being so tightlipped about her emotions. No point in saying anything if Kim was not really going to take her feelings into consideration. It would only hurt in the end, so she might as well remain silent.

The ex-thief sighed; she supposed that she could just save the gift for the next time that she screwed up too. She was bound to make a mistake sometime soon and she was certain that the gift would be a good way to show that she was truly sorry for whatever that mistake was going to be. She guessed that she should not be too tough on Kim. After all, neither of them was as perfect as they pretended to be. Yeah, she should just save the gift for the next time that something went amiss and she would just forgive Kim for her mistake.

It was not like Kim forgot their anniversary on purpose. She knew deep down that Kim would never hurt her on purpose, which was probably the reason that she liked to spare Kim’s feelings whenever she could. Yes, that was why she had gone out and bought the ring in the first place, so she would just hold on to it and wait for the right time to pop the question.

Before this happened: Shego said some words to Kim that she instantly regretted. What was the outcome of such harsh words?

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