A History of Yesterday

Chapter 3

T-minus eight


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TITLE: T-minus eight

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney does.

SUMMARY: It starts with a honeymoon and ends with an affair. Or does it start with an affair and end with a honeymoon? Whichever.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3298

Kim moved gracefully around the kitchen; she was practically gliding around the place. She was alone in the apartment that she shared with Shego, who had a job for the first time in about two weeks. Shego tended to only work once she got bored and that took a while. She typically found plenty of activities to fill her day, if she felt like it anyway. Shego was mostly into relaxing in some way if she was not working out or going out to pick a legal fight.

The redhead was working on a surprise; she had been planning on it for a while, but she needed to wait for her lover to be out of the house to put it into action. She was hoping to make up for a slightly recent screw-up on her part. Yes, she had done something sort of wrong not too long ago, and though it was a mistake, she was still looking to make up for it just a little bit. She doubted that she could make up for it completely, even though Shego had tried to assure her that it was not a big deal.

Now, Kim wanted to believe that Shego was lying when she said that the hero’s mistake was no big deal. It would just be better for Shego to be lying that it was not a big deal than for her screw-up to actually not be a big deal. She liked to think that Shego was just trying to make her feel better in her own Shego-like way.

If it was really not a big deal, then it just confirmed or at least added to the creepy suspicion that the super-powered female did not care as much about her as she would like. It would mean that Shego did not have as much faith in her as she had in Shego, which was something that she truly feared. So, it had to be a big deal and Shego just did not wish to say so, or there would be no reason for her to stay if it was not a big deal.

Kim decided to just stop thinking about it and focus on what she was doing or else she would just depress herself. Of course there were plenty of reasons to stay, she told herself. She loved Shego very dearly and deeply. That in and of itself was reason enough to stay through thick and thin, which she believed they both tried to do. Right, so, she just needed to focus on the task at hand.

While the meal simmered, Kim went to set the table, which was small and made of glass. She put out some candles and she adjusted the lights around the apartment to help illuminate the area and highlight the mood. Now, she only had to change clothes. Yes, she certainly was going to make up for that bungle.

Shego came into the house and noticed the dim atmosphere. She craned an ebony eyebrow. Was she missing something? Was it a special day that she completely and totally blanked on? Well, it was not their anniversary; she was damn certain of that one. Damn it, what could she have possibly forgotten, she pressed her brain.

The super-powered female just could not figure out what she might have forgotten. It was not a birthday as far as she knew. So, if it was not a birthday and it was not their anniversary, what was going on? Damn it, she needed to remember or Kimmie was going to get all huffy about things. She did not desire to hurt Kim’s feelings, so she truly needed to remember and she needed to do it quickly.

“Hey, sweetie,” Kim called from the kitchen; her lover could not see her due to a wall that blocked the kitchen from the front of the apartment.

“Hey,” Shego replied. Damn, damn, and triple damn. She needed to remember even faster now! Come on, brain, she silently pled. She really did not want to upset her Princess. The redhead took everything to heart so badly, so she needed to recollect as quickly as possible. But, nothing was coming to mind.

Kim stepped out of the kitchen and the sight of her only made Shego more nervous. Kim was wearing a sleek, black dress that stopped at mid-thigh, purposely catching her lover’s attention; and it was working well on more than that job. The outfit was making the green-skinned female believe that she had forgotten something very important.

“Why are you just standing there? Come on in,” Kim urged the pale woman.

Shego nodded mutely and stepped further into the house while her girlfriend disappeared back into the kitchen. She watched Kim walk away, the redhead’s hips mesmerizing her for a very long moment. Kim had the perfect hips in her lover’s opinion and she knew how to use them for calling attention to herself by swaying while she walked, which always called Shego’s attention to her lovely lower half. Hips that led to perfect legs that the former thief imagined resting on her shoulders.

On that note, Shego exhaled slowly and tried her best to think of what could be going on because she definitely did not want to mess around and not end up with those hips under her fingertips or those legs wrapped around her later on. Okay, she went over things one more time. It certainly was not their anniversary. It was not her birthday and it was not Kim’s birthday. There was nothing else left.

“Pumpkin,” Shego called as she started to make her way toward the bathroom.

“Yes?” Kim replied.

“I’m going to take a shower, okay?” she informed the redhead; that way Kim could stop her if she needed something or if she was making food or something.

“Go ahead. I’ve got dinner made and everything, so we can eat once you get out,” the hero replied.

Shego went to take a long and hot shower. She sighed once she was safe in the bathroom and away from her practically glowing lover. She needed to think. What day was it? Once again, nothing stood out. She concluded that it probably was not something special about the day that occurred annually.

There was always the chance that Kim just wanted to celebrate something that happened to her; it was very plausible. Something could have happened at work or her Princess could have done a particularly outstanding job of saving the whole world. Either way, there was nothing truly special about the day that she needed to remember and if that was the case, she was off the hook, which she was very thankful for.

The green-skinned woman felt much better about herself now that she was sure that she had not forgotten some special day. Once she was done with thoroughly cleansing herself, she searched for something to complement her lover’s attire. She plucked out a black dress of her own from her side of the closet and threw it on. She checked herself out in the mirror and felt that it was safe to join Kim for dinner now.

Shego went back out into the apartment. The lights were still dimmed and as she got to the dining room, she saw that there were candles lit. Part of her was still a bit nervous that she might have forgotten some special day because of the very romantic atmosphere that was set. She tried to think again as her slim lover served dinner. Kim sat down next to Shego, even though it was typical for them to sit opposite each other at the table.

Oh, man, Shego thought that she might have to just get it over with and ask what was going on. Usually she would just roll with it and play things off, especially since she was fairly certain that there would be sexual gratification at the end of the line, but she had a conscience, especially when it came to Kim. She would not be able to sleep if she capitalized on a situation when something was causing her girlfriend to make such an effort and she did not even know why. She just could not do such a thing.

“Princess,” Shego said with a sigh.

“What? Is something wrong with the food?” Kim asked because she was still a bit sensitive about her cooking, even though she had improved vastly since high school.

“No, no, it’s fine. Did something happen at work or something?” the pale woman inquired. She considered that Kim might just be celebrating some kind of biological medical breakthrough. Maybe they cured the common cold at her lab, or better still, they might have cured idiocy.

“No, work was normal,” Kim answered.

“Stopped a new villain today?” Shego guessed.

“No. Did you?” the redhead countered.


“I guess we’ve even then,” Kim commented with a smile.

Shego let out a weak laugh. She was going to just come out and ask apparently. “So, what’s with the setup?” she inquired.

“Nothing. I just wanted to be romantic. You don’t like it?” the olive-eyed adventurer asked.

“Nah, it’s cool. I just thought I should’ve come in with flowers or something,” Shego admitted. She doubted that she should have said that after it left her mouth, but it was out there in the air now. At least her lover did not look offended.

“No, I just wanted to be romantic. Relax,” Kim said with a small smile.

Shego exhaled and she was able to relax. She felt better knowing that she had not forgotten some special day. She hated seeing a disappointed look in her redheaded lover’s face, not that she ever said that her girlfriend. Those big leaf-colored eyes always made it seem as if she was wounded right down to her very soul, which Shego thoroughly despised, especially when it was her fault.

“Shego, could you do the dishes?” Kim requested as she began blowing out the candles around the dining room. They were done with eating and therefore done with the dining room as far as she was concerned.

“Um…sure,” Shego replied, figuring that the dishes were busywork for her while Kim set up the next phase of the evening.

The shorter female disappeared into the bedroom while Shego worked on the dishes, which were only their plates and utensils. She could not help wondering what was next; she wanted to get to whatever it was. She knew that she was in for way more than a quick hop in the sack because that just would not do after such a carefully prepared meal. She wondered what her clever girl had in store for her.

“Sweetie,” Kim called for Shego a few minutes later.

The raven-haired woman almost ran to the bedroom, but she caught herself. She walked civilly, but determined to their room and opened the door. She looked around for Kim when she did not see her immediately, mostly because all of the lights were out and the room was lit by candles. Kim was standing near their closet, leaning on the wall with her hands over her head and a pouty look on her face; Shego’s jaw almost dropped open. The redhead was dressed in a practically transparent nightgown that stopped right at the top of her creamy thighs.

“You’re way overdressed,” Kim commented in a warm and sultry tone as she sauntered over to her stunned girlfriend.

The ex-villainess was about to eagerly shed her clothing and then tear Kim out of hers, but the redhead stopped her. The adventurer slowly undid the dress that the super-powered woman was covered in. the dress floated to the floor like a silky feather and Shego started reaching for Kim’s garment, but she was halted again.

“Nah-uh. Not yet,” Kim said while taking Shego by the hand and heading over to their bed.

The redhead lowered Shego to the cool sheets and gently pressed her against the pillows. Once Shego was settled right where Kim wanted her, the petite hero straddled her lover’s waist. The emerald-eyed female started reaching for things again.

“Not yet,” Kim scolded her girlfriend while slapping her hands down.

Shego growled in frustration; she had already had enough with the foreplay and it had only just begun. She was never really into foreplay; she had taken Kim right on the floor in the living room enough for Kim to know that her girlfriend did not really have the patience for foreplay. Well, she was going to have to deal with it that night.

Kim leaned down and kissed the pale woman, which Shego returned with enthusiasm. But, as the green-skinned female tried to deepen the embrace, Kim pulled away. Shego growled again while screaming “damn it” in her head. Was Kim trying to drive her mad? If so, it was working well.

Kim reached over to the nightstand, causing Shego to turn and see what she was reaching out for. The redhead revealed that she was holding a large strawberry covered in whipped cream. She put the fruit to Shego’s lips and the raven-haired woman devoured the sweet ruby. She then went to lick Kim’s fingers since they were right there, but the younger female pulled her hand away before Shego made it.

“No,” Kim said while grabbing another strawberry.

The pale woman ate that piece of fruit too when it was presented to her and she made another move for Kim’s fingers. The redhead was just too swift and she went for another strawberry. By then, there was strawberry juice on her fingers, which Shego had gone for again.

Kim smirked and put her fingers in her mouth to clean them of the sticky fruit juice. Shego almost cracked while watching the adventurer slowly suck on her fingers. The former villainess began reaching for things again; only to have her hands slapped away, much to her aggravation.

“No,” Kim stated once again with conviction.

Shego frowned deeply and she was set to protest verbally, but Kim presented her with another piece of fruit. At first, she was not going to eat it, but she decided to put up with the vexing foreplay for a bit longer since she knew that Kim put some effort into thinking of it; besides, she actually liked strawberries. She just happened to like Kim more than she enjoyed the fruit.

Once she was finished with the strawberry, she noted that those slender, peach fingers were still near her mouth. She brushed the tips with her tongue to see if they would be pulled out of her reach; they were not moved. She took two fingers into her mouth and began playing with them as if they were bite-sized pieces of candy.

“Naughty Shego. I still had strawberries,” Kim whispered. She did not move her hand despite still having strawberries.

“I don’t want strawberries,” Shego muttered. She had to be careful on how she moved her mouth because she did not want to lose those fingers because she had them and she was having fun with them.

“What do you want?” Kim asked as if she did not know.


“Then lay back and enjoy,” Kim instructed her girlfriend.

The adventurer left her fingers for Shego to delight in while she went to the pale green neck of her lover. She kissed and lapped at the sea of skin underneath her. She made her way down Shego’s body at a steady speed until a bit of cloth got in her way. She managed to undo Shego’s bra with one hand while the pale woman was busy reaching for things again. Kim felt warm fingertips on her thigh and she slapped the hand away.

“Princess, what the fuck?” Shego snarled. She was sick and tired of being denied the feel of soft flesh.

“Lay back. Don’t touch,” Kim ordered.

“No,” the elder woman replied. What the hell? She never just laid back and she always touched.

“Do you want me to stop then?” the redhead inquired.

“You do and I’ll fry you good,” Shego answered.

“Then just let me do this. Let me give you this.”

The ex-thief snorted like an angry bull and then suddenly cried out as Kim went right back to lavishing attention on her body. Her cried got louder and more fervent as the redhead continued to apply pressure with her mouth and caressed intimate areas with her free hand; the other hand was still in Shego’s mouth and she could only hope that Shego did not bite down. Shego arched into the touches and eventually gave into it completely, becoming nothing but a moaning body.

Kim’s goal was to reduce Shego into the grunting pile of melting flesh that she was. She made sure to pay close attention to all of Shego’s most sensitive areas. The night was all about giving the pale female pleasure.

While the night was all about giving Shego ecstasy, Kim was thoroughly enjoying herself. She could not help noting that the green-skinned female tasted and felt so incredible. Kim believed that she could drink from her lover forever and need nothing more to sustain herself; if only that were feasible. She also liked hearing Shego’s shouts of pure bliss.

The raven-haired female could not even think anymore thanks to her skilled lover. She just let the pleased feeling wash over her like waves in the ocean. She did not even notice that it felt so good that it was causing her to cry; tears were actually coming from her eyes as if Kim touched her essence with all of the careful attention. It was never like that before.

Shego’s mouth started moving without her brain’s permission. She confessed a few secrets to her lover, almost throwing off Kim’s rhythm. She told Kim things that she never told anyone while hitting another zenith thanks to the redhead. She told Kim how she needed her; she said it over and over again. She screamed Kim’s name and then started panting about Kim was the only thing right that ever happened to her. And before she started crying, she told Kim that she cared about her; all clear signs that she just was not in her right mind because she generally did not say anything near those things.

After a rather intense session of lovemaking, where Kim did all of the work just as she wanted and planned to do, the couple lay down for a good night’s sleep; well earned in both of their opinions too. They slept on their sides, which they usually did. Kim was pressed against Shego’s back, which was atypical; Shego was usually the one pressed against Kim’s back. One of Kim’s hands was caressing Shego’s abdomen, another thing that Shego generally did, but they did not mind the reversal for the moment.

“I love you,” Kim whispered.

“You’d better,” Shego replied in a playful, but haughty tone; it was a clear sign that she was back to normal. She always had some sort of smart aleck response when her lover declared her love. There were no emotional signs that she was connected to her girlfriend like before.

The redhead sighed. She thought that the wall had finally come down between her and Shego, but obviously that was not the case. They were probably always going to have that wall, Kim thought. The green-skinned female was never going to be open with her emotions more than likely. Shego was just never going to trust her enough to let her into her heart and that thought hurt the hero deeply. Was she ever going to be loved in return?

Before this happened: Kim made a mistake that she and Shego both took to heart. What was her mistake?

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