A History of Yesterday

Chapter 7

T-minus four


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TITLE: T-minus four

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney does.

SUMMARY: It starts with a honeymoon and ends with an affair. Or does it start with an affair and end with a honeymoon? Whichever.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: Okay, you guys know me, I’m sorry for missing my update schedule; things got a little busy in my life. So, the deal goes that if I get three reviews for this chapter, I will update tomorrow.

Words: 3866

“I don’t like it,” Shego proclaimed as she looked around the apartment that they had only just entered. It was the third apartment that she and Kim had looked at that day alone. Kim groaned; Shego did not seem to like anything.

“What’s wrong with it?” the slender hero inquired, even though she could guess. Shego was not very complex when it came to things that she disliked. She was just too easily irked for complicated issues to arise. In fact, they had been in the apartment for all of five seconds and she already did not like it.

“It’s too small,” Shego replied as if that was the only thing that mattered.

Kim had expected such an answer. All of the apartments that they had looked at the other day were also “too small.” She was starting to wonder if her pale girlfriend was planning to build an Olympic-sized swimming pool in the apartment or something like that. Yes, they were out looking for an apartment together, as in they were planning on living together, which they actually already did. They were planning to share a home, though.

They were looking to step up their relationship and they saw that owning an apartment together was a good way to show that they were committed to each other. Kim was currently living with Shego because she did not want to move back into her parents’ home and Shego had argued that she should not waste time and money looking for a place of her own when Shego’s home was open to her; she practically lived there for months as it was anyway. Kim thought that it was such a sweet gesture and Shego thought that she was reading too much into. The pale woman liked to argue that she was just being pragmatic about the situation; one of them had to be practical, she figured.

“Maybe we could look around some,” Kim suggested about the apartment. She would like to see a room in an apartment just once.

“Why? I don’t like it,” Shego stated and she walked out of the place.

Kim smiled nervously at the woman that was showcasing the apartment to her and her girlfriend before trotting off after her departing lover. She sighed as she caught up with the green-skinned woman, who did not bother to look at the redhead. Kim grabbed her to stop her from walking away.

“We’re never going to find a place if you keep acting like this,” the slim hero pointed out.

“Look, I don’t like it. I’m not going to stay some place I don’t like. Simple as that,” the former thief replied.

“We’re going to end up just staying at your apartment at this rate.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“It’s getting cramped.”

“You just collect too much shit,” Shego countered.

Shego knew that they needed a bigger apartment than the one that she had. Her apartment was good for one person and it might have been able to sustain two, but Kim was starting to accumulate things, as any person did, and they were running out of room. She just wanted to move some place worthwhile, though. Everything that they looked at so far was dreadfully average in her opinion. She wanted to move some place that was at least equal or better than the apartment that they were living in now.

“Shego,” Kim whined.

“Don’t do that,” Shego pled. She hated when Kim whined to her because she was starting to have a hard time fighting against that.

“Could we at least look around the next apartment before you declare to the world that you don’t like it?” the redhead requested with an adorable pout.

“Fine,” the pale woman sighed. See, she just could not fight against the whining and the pouting. It seemed like her lover had been endowed with all the powers to win against her when they were not physically fighting.

It took the couple a month to find the perfect apartment, according to Shego anyway and Kim agreed because it was a nice place and they needed to move quickly. It was spacious, the rent was reasonable, it had a large balcony, and there was a pool on the building property for the residents. Shego gave her stamp of approval and Kim thought that the hard part was over; boy, was she wrong.

Shopping for their new home was just as bad as finding their new home. Shego seemed to have extremely high standards when it came to just about everything; actually, she had hated certain things and if something contained one quality that she hated, she hated the whole thing. Their decorating desires clashed at almost every point and they had to compromise or settle for living in an abstract painting. They decided to each take a certain room to decorate and the other could not change the decisions. The only rooms that they would do together were the bedroom and their private gym.

The gym they had to do together because they used all different kinds of equipment and they only had a limited amount of space at their disposal. Kim did not use as much impact machines as Shego because she did not like to put the shock on her knees. Shego was not as into weight training as Kim was. The only thing that they agreed on right away was getting a heavy bag to beat up on. Other than that, they had to sit down and discuss everything.

“I’m glad we got all of this shit out of the way,” Shego stated as she and Kim lay down for bed. They had finished with the apartment and she was grateful that they could finally just enjoy the place.

“It feels like home now,” Kim commented while snuggling up to her lover, pressing herself into Shego’s side. Shego moved her arm to where she could caress the redhead’s lower back.

“Yeah, I guess so. But, like I said, it’s nice it’s all done.”

“Not quite.”

“Not quite?” Shego echoed in a very puzzled tone. She hoped that Kim had something dirty and active in mind when she said that and was not referring to something that they actually still had to do around the apartment.

“We’ve still got to tell my parents,” Kim reminded the green-skinned female.

Shego’s face fell. She really did not need to hear that, especially when she had such inappropriate ideas in mind. “Right,” she deadpanned.

“What?” Kim asked curiously when she heard her beloved’s tone. They had agreed already, so she did not know why Shego sounded as she did.


“No, it’s something. I know that tone. Come on, tell me, sweetie,” Kim purred and she rubbed her leg up and down Shego’s shapely leg. She was hoping to coax the information out of the pale woman.

“Don’t do that,” Shego complained with a groan. It still surprised her at how bad the little hero could be, but only when it came to her. She knew that she was actually the one that made Kim naughty because it seemed to be the only way to get her to respond when it came to information that Kim wanted.

“Why not?” the redhead asked with a purr again.

“Just go to sleep.”

“Tell me,” Kim pressed and her hands became very busy.

The redhead began to lightly fondle her girlfriend’s breast. Shego groaned again; she was going to cave, they both were certain of that. The raven-haired woman growled in a low tone; she was going to wear Kim out if things persisted and she ended up telling the hero what she wanted to know. It was the only way that she could get swift revenge.

“I don’t see why I need to meet your folks,” Shego replied, arching into the small, yet talented hands on her body. She licked her lip because of the attention; oh, she was going to work Kim out because she just went too far.

“Because I love you.”

“That’s not a very relevant reason.”

“Because I want you to,” Kim said and then she kissed Shego’s neck. It was a long and wet kiss that ended with the adventurer lapping at the moss-colored skin.


“You won’t do it for me?” the slender hero asked while staying at her beloved’s neck, kissing and licking at the skin as if it was sweet candy.

Kim was waiting for an answer that did not come. The redhead carried on her behavior and then stopped abruptly just as her partner was getting into things. Shego growled in anger as everything came to a halt.

“Damn it, why the hell did you stop?” the ex-villainess demanded to know. She was going to just torment Kim all night if she was going to keep acting the way that she was.

“You didn’t answer me. You won’t meet them for me?” Kim asked with a very cute pout.

“Damn you, Kimmie. You get me all worked up and then try to bribe me?” Shego asked. Oh, she had taught the little goodie-goodie well.

“Not bribe you,” the redhead replied. “Only help you say the right answer. Now, you’ll meet my parents, right? I want to come out and show you off. So, you’ll meet them, right?” Kim brushed her fingers over one of Shego’s most sensitive areas. The green-skinned woman hissed in pleasure.

“Princess, either do or stop or regret it,” Shego ordered.

“Give me an answer.”

“Fuck it, I’ll do it,” the emerald-eyed woman replied.

“So will I,” Kim replied. She had actually planned on doing everything because she wanted to celebrate their new home and she knew that Shego was plotting against her for such tactics. She did not want Shego to get back at her because she would not get any sleep if she let her beloved get back at her.

“Do I need to dress up for this shit?” Shego inquired in an irked tone. She was speaking to Kim and she was sitting on the sofa while the redhead was moving behind her; she did not know what the hero was doing.

“No, and could you stop acting like I held a gun to your head to make you agree?” Kim countered.

“Hell, if it was a gun, I could’ve resisted,” the pale woman remarked.

“Don’t try to be a grump because you’re so easy to persuade,” the hero teased.

“Keep it up and I’ll tell your parents what you do with that nasty little tongue of yours. I’ll also tell them about all our little toys.”

“You wouldn’t,” Kim gasped.

“Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t. I’m not too sure.”

“Sweetie…” Kim said in a pleading tone. “If you behave, we can use some of those toys tonight.”

Shego pretended to think on it. She really had no plans to flip out in front of Kimmie’s parents and she was not going to say anything disrespectful to them either. She did not want to upset them in any way because she thought that they might try to talk Kim into leaving her. She had already put so much into the relationship and she did not want something to go wrong now. She had gotten used to having Kim around, wanting Kim, and taking Kim whenever the thought came to mind.

But, she did not have to let Kim know that. She would make the redhead a bit nervous because it obviously paid off. Oh, she was already planning in her mind what she was going to do to her little redhead lover now that they were going to break out the toys.

Okay, Shego decided to stop thinking because she could see where her often one-tracked mind was going already. She just could not help it because Kim was…she was just beyond words. Shego had always known that Kim was special and she had sort of an attraction to her, but it had been different in the beginning to what it was now. There had not been a sexual attraction in the beginning; Kim had only been a kid in her eyes then. But, not now and now that new attraction seemed to be at the forefront of Shego’s mind much of the time.

“Sweetie,” Kim called.

“Huh?” Shego replied.

“Are you going to get ready soon or just stay on the couch?” the scientist asked.

“Oh, right. Give me a second.”


Kim waited for Shego to get ready, so they could go meet up with her parents and have maybe the longest discussion of their lives. She had told her parents that they needed to talk and she was going to bring someone special with her; she had not told them anything else, though. She was nervous, of course, about them meeting Shego, about finding out that she was in a homosexual relationship. She was not too sure how they would react to the news.

It was not so much that she was in a homosexual relationship. Her parents had never shown any sort of problem with homosexuals, but then again, the issue never really came up. She was more anxious about them meeting Shego because of her past and because of her attitude. If she was dating a polite, business-type woman, she doubted that she would be as nervous as she was.

Kim was not the only one that was anxious; Shego was also. She was not too sure if the doctors Possible would receive her well. She used to be Kimmie’s most deadly foe, after all. She also used to be a thief. They probably would not approve of her, even if they were all right with Kim being a lesbian. They might suggest that Kim break up with her.

The pale woman shook the thoughts away. Kim loved her, so surely it would take much more than disapproving parents to get her to leave. It was not like Kim was a child or anything. She was a grown woman; she had the voting and drinking privileges to prove it, not to mention she would soon have the PhD to prove it too. So, everything should be all right, Shego convinced herself.

Kim and Shego entered the Possible abode. Mrs. Possible greeted them with a smile, which Shego thought was strange, but then again she was not one for smiling. Shego smirked often, but she hardly ever smiled. She noticed that Kim looked much like her mother, especially when smiling. The couple were ushered into the house and found Kim’s parents standing a few inches away.

“Hey, Mom,” Kim greeted the older redhead.

“It’s so good to see you, Kimmie,” her mother said. The mother and daughter hugged each other also as a greeting.

“It’s good to see you too,” the hero replied.

“So, who’s this with you, Kimmie-cub?” her father inquired.

“Dad,” Kim groaned and she blushed just a bit because of the nickname. She could just picture Shego using the name at a very intimate moment and thoroughly corrupting the extremely innocent pet name that her father had for her.

“What?” he asked, not seeing what he had done wrong.

“This is Shego,” Kim introduced her lover.

“Right, you’re living with her,” Mrs. Possible said.

Shego was stunned that the neurosurgeon knew such information. She guessed that Kim told her parents that she was rooming with Shego, which Kim had. The pale woman doubted that they guessed how involved their rooming together truly was; she did not think that Kim would go that far and she was right. Kim had no problem telling them that she lived with Shego as if they were roommates, but she did not get into the fact that they were a couple.

“Yeah, this is her. Hey, where are the tweebs?” Kim asked, noting the overwhelming and uncharacteristic silence of the house.

“They went out to the movies,” her father answered.

Kim was not surprised that her brothers were out. They were wild now that they were teenagers. They stayed out all hours of the night, getting into all sorts of trouble. If they did not bring in such good grades, Kim bet that they would be ground for the rest of their natural lives, not to mention if they were reincarnated, they would be grounded for those lives too.

“So, you wanted to talk. We might as well go and sit in the living room,” Mrs. Possible suggested.

“That’s good,” Kim concurred.

They all went into the living room. Kim sat down next to Shego on one end of the sofa and her parents took the other end. The Possibles all looked at each other while Shego was more interested in the floor. Kim gulped; it was harder than she thought now that she was face to face with them.

The hero wondered how she should go about talking to them about how she and Shego were a couple. She had gone over it several times in her head, but in her mind and in reality were two completely different entities it seemed. She wondered if she should just blurt it out; it might be easier that way. Before she could say anything, her parents started making small talk.

“So, how are things at work, Kimmie? I saw you published an article in a journal,” her father commented.

“Yeah, it was no big. I just had this weird idea after going after a guy that swore he was an alchemist and he could make gold,” Kim replied.

“I’m waiting to hear about you creating better rocket fuel,” Mr. Possible remarked with an amused smile.

“You’re waiting for rocket fuel and Shego’s waiting for a cure to stupidity. Mom, care to add to my list of things I need to invent?” Kim asked with a smile.

“I’m good for the moment. Wouldn’t want to overwhelm you,” her mother joked. “Shego, I’ve been curious about this, are you the same one that Kim used to go after when she was chasing Drew?” the brain surgeon inquired.

“The way same,” Shego admitted.

“And now you’re sharing your apartment with her? That is peculiar,” Mrs. Possible commented.

“We’re not sharing her apartment anymore. We went out and brought a new one,” Kim informed her parents.

“Why?” the parents asked curiously. Kim knew that she had an opening and she needed to take it before they got onto another topic. She gathered up all of her courage and resolve.

“Shego and I are…” Kim started to answer, but it seemed that all of her courage and resolve were not enough to make it to the important part of her sentence.

The hero glanced at Shego, who was still looking at the floor. Shego appeared rather unhappy to be there. She was actually considering jumping in since she noticed Kim was getting cold feet, but she imagined that it would not be proper for her to state that she screwed their daughter on a daily basis and they did all kinds of freaky things. She would leave the news to Kim.

Kim thought about how her pale lover might take offence if she chickened out now. Shego might think that she was ashamed of their relationship or that she was lying every time that she told Shego that she loved her. It was bad enough that she was skeptical that the green-skinned woman trusted her, so their relationship did not need any more bumps in it.

“Shego and I are a couple,” Kim stated with more confidence than she thought that she had in her.

“What?” her parents asked in disbelief.

“We’re a couple. Shego was there for me through a very difficult time and we’ve been dating for a while now. We just bought that apartment together because we plan on living there as a couple. We’re a couple,” Kim explained as thoroughly as she could. Her parents appeared incredulous to the information.

“But, Kimmie, what happened to David?” her mother managed to ask through all of the shock.

Shego sucked her teeth at the very mention of that name; she never wanted to hear it again. Kim glanced at her beloved and then turned back to her parents, who were waiting for the answer. She really did not desire to speak about David, especially since she knew that her lover did not want to hear about him.

“David’s gone,” Kim simply replied.

“Why?” her mother asked.

“Because…” Kim answered. She did not want to talk about it. She wished that she could just forget about him. The only good thing about David was that he made her go to Shego and now she was with Shego.

“Because?” Mrs. Possible pressed.

“Because David’s an asshole,” Shego huffed. She was sick of hearing that little prick’s name as if he was someone important. He was gone and if her parents liked him so much, they should go find him and be with him.

“Um…excuse me, Shego was it? We don’t allow swearing in the house,” Mr. Possible said.

Shego only rolled her eyes. Was that what she had to look forward to? Good old, wholesome family annoyances? Not to mention, being compared to that jerk-off David? She wished that Kim would have just stayed in the closet if that was the case or at least she would tell them why David was like a taboo subject now. Shego doubted that Kim’s parents would like her, even if they did accept her homosexuality.

The parents did not seem too thrilled with Kim just not being with David anymore. They had liked David. He was a very respectful young man, polite, funny, and intelligent. He was just likeable and had a very charming disposition; they just did not know how charming. They thought that he was going to be the one for Kim, which they did not have a problem with. They thought that he would take great care of their daughter.

There was not much of a problem in accepting Kim’s sexuality as far as her parents were concerned; her brothers made fun of her all the time, but then again they made fun of everything about Kim. It was the opposite when it came to accepting Shego; the twins loved her, even though she really disliked them. The parents, on the other hand, had a bit of a problem with Shego because she had such a disagreeable disposition. She was the opposite of everything that they had come to expect of individuals that Kim dated. But, they could see that Kim loved Shego and they tried to get along.

The parents invited Shego and Kim to dinner as often as they could because they were looking to get to know Shego better. They wanted to see what it was that Kim saw in her. They learned that she was not as bad as she pretended to be. She was just very cranky for no reason that anyone could see. They put up with that because she made Kim happy, which was all her parents wanted.

Before this happened: Kim figured out that she was in love with Shego, but Shego did not seem ready to believe it or return it.

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