A History of Yesterday

Chapter 1

T-minus ten


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TITLE: T-minus ten

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: As we all know, I don’t own these characters. Disney owns the characters.

SUMMARY: It starts with a honeymoon and ends with an affair. Or does it start with an affair and end with a honeymoon? Whichever.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

NOTE: Okay, this is an independent fic; it is NOT the sequel to On a Short Leash, which I promise I am working on. This is going to be a straightforward fic, except for the fact that I’ve written it backwards. By backwards, I mean, the fic starts with the end and ends with the beginning. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but once the story is over, if you read it last chapter to first, it should read rather normal.

Words: 3062

Shego woke up and noticed how she was stretched out on the huge and comfortable bed. She glanced to her right, considering that she might have clobbered her partner from the way that she was laid out. She was alone in bed, so everything was all right. She did not see how her lover could be up already; she was worn out. Yes, the super-powered woman was actually out of energy. It was not the first time that happened, but it still amazed her. It was all her wife’s doing.

Yes, Shego was married. She was married to a very hyper young woman, who she certainly could not get enough of. She wondered where her little scamp was now that she was thinking about her. She looked out of the open door of the bedroom and caught a glimpse of tanned peach flesh. She would not be surprise if her lover was making breakfast naked. It was a very sexy little quirk of hers; one of the many, many things that Shego loved about her.

“I can’t believe I almost let a woman that makes breakfast completely naked walk out of my life,” Shego said to herself.

The green-skinned woman almost lost her very special wife not too long ago. It was before they were married. It was a moment that she did not feel like thinking about because it was a very low moment in their relationship. But, she had come to her senses and thanks to that, she was now Shego Possible. Yes, she took her wife’s last name because she was that connected to her wife.

Shego was married to the famous Kim Possible. They had been in a relationship for years, but they had only just gotten married because it had never come up before. They were currently on their honeymoon. Kim had promised to not leave for a mission unless “the entire world was going to be blown up,” but nothing short of that. Shego did not understand how the redhead even had energy to consider saving the world after the last couple of days that they shared. She could not even make a joke about working without her whole body rebelling at the very notion.

“Hey, I was hoping you were up by now,” Kim said as she entered the bedroom, holding a tray with breakfast on it and confirming Shego’s suspicion because she was wearing nothing more than a smile. Damn, it was a great sight to wake up as far as Shego was concerned.

“You did remember to close the blinds before cooking, right?” the raven-haired woman inquired.

“Yes, I only did that once and you’re just never going to let me live it down,” Kim replied, playfully pouting.

“Yeah, well, I don’t like you giving anyone else a show.”

“You’re so jealous,” the redhead taunted her spouse.

Shego only frowned; damn right she was jealous. She had a precious gem and she was not looking to share her catch in any form because all of her effort went to work in securing her treasure. She hated seeing people eyeing her Princess. Kim was hers and hers along and she wished that someone would attempt to step in and take her place. Man, she would be in jail if someone tried to take her wife from her.

Kim was very aware of how Shego felt. She could see it in those jade eyes all of the time. Shego looked at her very possessively, but not like she was a thing. It was the simple fact that she believed that Kim was made for her and her alone; no one else could ever have her as far as Shego was concerned. She was really touched by that thought, even though she still enjoyed making fun of Shego’s underlying jealousy.

“How long have you been up?” Shego inquired to get the topic away from her problems with other people thinking about delighting in her wife.

She also turned her attention to breakfast, which was home-fries, scrambled eyes, and bacon. She grabbed the ketchup, which was there just for her. She began putting ketchup on everything, except for their orange juice.

“About an hour. Hey, don’t put ketchup on my stuff!” Kim whined, catching her lover just in time before the former thief drenched her half of the meal in the crimson condiment. She thought it was annoying that she still had to warn Shego to not put the sauce on her food after all the time that they had been together.

“Calm down,” the older woman commented. She knew that Kim did not like having ketchup on everything, but she enjoyed teasing her and acting like she was going to drown everything in a sea of scarlet.

Kim typically woke up first between the two of them, having much more to do with her life compared to Shego. The raven-haired female liked to be able to lounge around more often than not. She generally relaxed around their house or if she left their home, she was just looking to get pampered at a spa or something. Kim had other things to do, including save the world when that came up and she liked having a busy schedule. Shego preferred having an open schedule to just be able to do whatever tickled her fancy at the moment.

“So, what’re we going to do today?” Shego asked while sipping some of her orange juice and munching on several pieces of bacon. The bacon was more for her than Kim because the redhead was a bit more health conscious than her spouse.

Kim only smiled. She moved her hand to her lover’s bare thigh. Shego cut her eyes to her smaller lover and noticed that her wife was serious. Usually, the emerald-eyed woman would be all for the silent suggestion. After all, her wife was beautiful, delicious, and very flexible, making it always a great time when they were intimate and she was all about having a great time, but she was done for the moment. She was really spent.

“Is that all you think about?” the green-skinned woman teased. In all actuality, it was something that she often thought about, but Kim could rival her in that area.

“I’m walking around like this for a reason and it is our honeymoon,” the hero replied with a deceptively coy smile.

Shego had made Kim extremely comfortable with her body and that was why she did not mind strutting around in the nude, but only for her spouse. She had never been ashamed of her body, but she had never been so daring to consider walking around naked. It was something that Shego had started and she did it sometimes, but Kim did it the most now because she always woke up first and she liked surprising the pale woman.

“That’s why you’re going to catch a cold,” Shego taunted.

“I’ve got you to keep warm, right? Are you really that tired?” Kim asked, pouting a bit, attempting to get Shego to reconsider.

“I need to get my energy back up. You really wore me out, Princess,” Shego admitted while shaking her head a bit. She never thought that there would be a time where she just did not have the strength to screw Kim mindless, but she had hit her limit.

The redhead pouted even more; she was serious that time. “Then we’re going to have to go outside,” she sighed.

They had been locked away in their villa for three whole days, just thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. They were located on a prime beach and set up in a very beautiful tropical place that they had not checked out since they arrived. Shego would not mind going out and doing some sunbathing for a while; it might help recharge her batteries, she thought.

Shego and Kim lounged on the beach. The redhead was lying on her stomach with her head resting in her arms, tanning her back. Shego was sitting up next to her, indulging in some reading. They were both in bikinis and the hero had her stings undone to have a smooth tan with no line going across her back. They were both all right for a while and then there was a break in their tranquil routine.

Two men came jogging by and they stopped their running to eye their couple, Kim especially. The muscular and very tanned males smiled and started to approach the couple. Shego growled when she noticed that they were ogling her wife.

“Hey, unless you boys think you’ll be happier in life with no limbs and being blind, move the fuck on,” Shego commanded while holding up on plasma charged fist to show them that she meant what she said.

The men gulped and wisely jogged away. The green-hued woman smiled to herself, pleased to have frightened those bastards off. She dispersed the heated energy around her hand and then glanced to the side when she heard giggling. Kim was softly laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Shego inquired.

“You’re jealous,” Kim replied.

“I am not. I just hate it when people eye you like you’re a piece of meat. Besides, even if you were a piece of meat, you’re my piece of meat,” the emerald-eyed woman commented with an arrogant smile.

“Am I now?” the slender hero taunted.

“Don’t make me spank you,” Shego warned her irksome wife.

Kim only smiled, which was the smart thing to do. She knew better than to dare her spouse to try because Shego would try, despite the fact that they were in public. The green-skinned woman did reach over and for a quick second the redhead thought that she might have to dodge a blow, but that was not the case. The pale woman rubbed the small of her wife’s back with a warm hand, which caused the younger woman to sigh as she closed her eyes. Shego would have gone lower, but she still was not sure that she could backup such a move.

“You’re too easy,” Shego commented.

“Only for you,” Kim replied with a yawn.

The redhead had never melted for anyone like she did for her spouse, which helped her realize just how much she loved and desired the older woman. She was not sure when it happened or how it happened, but she was now Shego’s. No one else would ever do and she wanted the raven-haired woman to know that as often as possible.

Shego smirked a bit; she supposed that she enjoyed having power over the mighty Kim Possible. Maybe that was what kept her with the redhead early on, she considered. But, she never abused that power and she had no plans to start, but she liked having it. She also liked that Kim acknowledged it and did not hold it against her. It meant that Kim trusted her and she loved that her wife had so much faith in her. It was that sort of trust that kept Shego right where she was with the woman that she utterly adored and loved beyond any other.

Eventually Shego returned to reading her book while Kim continued to bask in the bright sun. It did not take long for their peace to be interrupted again. Another man came by, he was just as muscular and tan as the others that came. He stopped to take in the sight of the redheaded hero, especially her fleshy and rounded rear-end.

“Hey!” Shego barked at the man. “Do you want to be burned alive?” she asked while showing off her powers one more time. The man wisely trotted off when he saw the flame rising from her fist.

“Should I just stop trying to tan?” Kim asked because she knew that her lover was only going to get more and more annoyed as time went by and people continued to stare.

“No, keep it up. I like you all tan. If anybody around here wants to get cute and try something, I’m going to fry them,” Shego answered quite seriously.

“I don’t want you to hurt anybody.”

“Just lie there and tan,” Shego ordered. “You know, we should get the words ‘Shego’s wife’ tattooed across your back. It should be enough to keep jerk-offs from eyeing you,” the pale woman remarked.

“I’ll do it if you get K.P tattooed across your forehead,” the olive-eyed female replied with a half smirk.

Shego only scoffed before turning her attention back to her book. Kim settled into her space and closed her eyes again. The green-skinned woman watched as people trotted by, occasionally checking her out or her spouse. She frowned threateningly at anyone that dared to look at her Princess. Kim was hers and she was not keen people even thinking about challenging her.

The older woman glanced down at her resting wife. She was so adorable when she was sleeping. It was so strange because she was completely mature and a damn sexy woman, but she was still cute to a certain extent. She was not quite sultry, but she was still quite a temptress in Shego’s eyes. It was an amazing thing, but a lovely thing too.

“You think I’m sexy,” Kim taunted her lover without opening her eyes. She could feel those emerald eyes staring at her in that warm, tender, but lustful manner.

“Please, you’re about as sexy as a candy bar,” Shego replied with a scoff. She often teased Kim about still looking like a child because she had slightly chubby cheeks, like a chipmunk with its mouth full, Shego often commented.

“I’m sweet like a candy bar and you like sweets,” the redhead retorted.

“Shut up and go back to sleep,” the pale woman stated.

“Oh, how witty,” Kim replied sarcastically.

“I don’t need to waste my wit on you.”

“Why not?” Kim whined, only to be annoying. She enjoyed getting on Shego’s nerves; she supposed it was not a very good way to show her love for the green-skinned woman, but it was fun.

“Keep trying my patience and you’ll wake up with my name burned into your back.”

“Ouch,” the redhead muttered. “You wouldn’t be this mad if we had had a little tumble after breakfast,” she teased.

“Oh, just shut up.” Shego was already a bit embarrassed by not having the stamina to just wreck her wife that morning, and she met wreck in a good way, so she did not want to hear about it.

Kim and Shego went back to their rented villa after lounging on the beach all morning. They were wandering about the kitchen, fixing some lunch. Well, Kim was fixing some lunch and Shego was lurking around very close to the redhead, planning to steal her sandwich the second that she was done preparing it.

“You can’t have my food,” Kim informed her spouse, knowing what was going through the pale woman’s mind. She had lost quite a few sandwiches to her lazy spouse over the course of their relationship.

“Don’t think I won’t just beat you up and yank the thing right out of your hands while you’re bleeding on the floor,” Shego replied.

“I’ll fight you to the end for this thing. I’m hungry and you’re not up to satisfying me,” the hero riposted.

Shego frowned; she was only going to take so many of those comments for the day. “I’ll make you regret that,” she promised. She was going to ruin Kim before their honeymoon was over; once again, she meant that in a good way.

“I doubt it,” the redhead retorted.

“Whatever,” Shego scoffed. “So, what’re we doing tonight?”

“I want to stay in and watch a movie,” the younger female replied. Even though she had spent the day making fun of her lover, she wanted nothing more than to stay in and cuddle up to the pale woman, even if she was so tired.

“What? There are some choice clubs around here. Let’s go hit some of those,” Shego suggested. While she liked to lounge a great deal of the time, she liked to go clubbing when she could.

“I don’t really feel like drinking or dancing tonight. Come on, let’s stay in and watch a movie.”

“We’ve stayed in every night,” Shego pointed out.

“But, we haven’t just laid around. Please,” Kim pouted and for every second that passed, the expression turned more and more into her patented puppy-dog pout. Shego sighed; she hated that look.

“We’ll spar for it,” the green-hued female compromised.

Now, Shego had learned to resist the powers of the puppy-dog pout somewhat; it was easier to do back when she was first with Kim than when they were set in their relationship. She was starting to believe that it was a gift from the devil for her wife to use for evil intents and purposes. After all, she could get away with almost anything thanks to that damned pout.

Kim agreed with the plan to spar for the rights to their evening. She finished with making her sandwich, which she only took a bite of before surrendering it to Shego. She commented that her spouse needed the energy more than she did. Shego was not about to take that and countered with the fact that Kim needed to go on a diet, remarking that she was getting a little wide in the hip area. Kim actually looked offended for a moment; Shego counted that as a victory for her.

Shego glanced down into her lap as the movie credits began to scroll by; she was looking at Kim, who was knocked out. The former villainess had not lost the sparring match; it had ended in a tie after they both just could not fight anymore. It was nice to see her wife run out of energy for once, Shego thought; it seemed that the match was a good idea just for the simple fact it wore Kim out.

After turning off the television, Shego gathered her smaller wife into her arms and carried her to their bedroom. There was always tomorrow to do some kind of outside activity. Yes, there was always tomorrow and she was willing to bet that tomorrow would be a good day; she would make a great effort to make tomorrow a good day.

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