A History of Yesterday

Chapter 9

T-minus two


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TITLE: T-minus two

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney does.

SUMMARY: It starts with a honeymoon and ends with an affair. Or does it start with an affair and end with a honeymoon? Whichever.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3766

Shego twitched in her sleep. She did not want to wake up just yet, but something was disturbing her rest. She tightened her hold on the body that was against her, believing that it was attempting to make an escape. The body was still trying to get away; apparently she was going to have to wake up and straighten everything out. No one was leaving the bed if she had anything to say about it.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Shego demanded to know.

“Home,” Kim answered.

“No, you’re not,” the green-skinned woman stated firmly. It was a bit sweet that Shego wanted her to stay, Kim thought, but she still needed to leave.

“I have to,” the redhead replied.

“No, you don’t.”

“I do,” Kim insisted halfheartedly.

Shego smirked because she recognized that tone. It would be easy to have Kim stay for a while longer, maybe even the whole night. Shego moved her hand from Kim’s bare bellybutton lower, causing the redhead to moan in a very low tone; it was like she was attempting to keep the sound in.

“No, Shego,” Kim protested in quiet voice.

“Yes,” Shego insisted while moving her hand in a slow, teasing motion.

“No, I’ve got to…I’ve got to…I’ve got go home,” Kim stated while holding in a whimper. She bit the corner of her lip to keep from making any noise because she did not want to encourage Shego.

“No, you don’t,” the pale woman said and she kissed the redhead’s neck while caressing her thigh with her free hand.

“Shego,” the younger female panted. Oh, it felt so good, her mind commented.

The green-skinned woman smirked against the hero’s neck as Kim started to move with her. Shego slightly heated her fingers to increase the sensation. The redhead continued to bite her lip, trying her best to not encourage Shego, even though the older woman knew that she was in complete control.

Kim eventually turned her head, hoping to get a kiss. The raven-haired woman did not disappoint and she kissed the slender hero deeply, making sure to continue to apply pressure where Kim needed it most. The slender hero broke the kiss to cry out.

“Now, what are you doing?” Shego inquired, knowing that Kim was not in any shape to answer the question.

“Shego,” Kim moaned and she moved her hand, trying to locate some part of her lover to touch, possibly cling to.

“Nah-uh, Princess,” Shego said and she moved Kim’s hand.

The redhead whined a bit and attempted to move her hand again, but Shego held it. Kim groaned and ceased trying to touch Shego since she could tell that it was not getting her anywhere. Once the green-skinned female noticed that Kim stopped moving to touch her, she moved her hand to one of Kim’s breast.

Shego began gently massaging the mound in her grip, causing Kim to cry out again. The super-powered woman then heated her palms and her lover seemed to lose control. She would like to see Kim yak about going home now.

Once the redhead was done screaming and panting her head off, Shego pulled her close and watched the younger female fall asleep again. Shego smiled to herself and closed her eyes to go back to sleep too. Unfortunately, the emerald-eyed female was awakened again a little while later by the body against her moving about. She growled in annoyance; damn it, she wanted to just sleep through the night and it was easiest to do that with Kim resting against her.

“What the fuck are you doing now?” Shego demanded to know.

“I’m going home,” Kim replied. Her lover was seriously sick of hearing such nonsense. The pale martial artist did not see why her lover ever needed to go anywhere once she was in the bed.

“No, you’re not. The bastard probably isn’t even there. Just stay here and stop waking me the hell up,” the pale woman ordered.

“I’ve got to go home. I’ve stayed with you all this week.”

“So, it won’t matter if you stay another day,” Shego argued.

“Shego, I’ve got to go home sometimes.”


“Because I live there,” Kim answered.

“So, you could live here.”

“I can’t live with a thief that’s wanted in about a fourth of the whole union,” the redhead pointed out.

“So, what are you saying?” Shego inquired.

“I would stay, but I can’t. I’ve got to go home at least for some new clothes.”

“Who needs you in clothes?”

“Shego, let me go. I need to go home,” Kim stated.

Shego was reluctant to obey the order. She knew that Kim was going to go home if she let her go and she just could not let her do that. She could not let her go and she would not give her back. Kim seemed to read her mind, knowing why Shego did not want to release her.

“I won’t do anything with him,” the olive-eyed woman promised.

“You’d better not. You should just leave him,” Shego said, cutting herself off. She really wanted to say that “you should leave him for me,” but she assumed that such a thing would be ludicrous and she doubted that Kim would do something so smart.

“I should, but leave him for what?” Kim asked.

She would not mind being with Shego, but they could not start a real relationship. Besides, she was fairly sure that Shego just enjoyed having sex with her because it was the one thing that she was definitely better at. The pale woman was typically in control when they were intimate, so she thought that might be the appealing thing for Shego.

“You know, he’s every boy that I’ve ever dated. If I leave him, I’ll just find another guy that will be similar to him. He just won’t be as smart or energetic or charming. At least I can hold a conversation with him,” Kim stated.

“You can hold a conversation with me too. It doesn’t mean we should date,” Shego remarked.

Kim hesitated for a moment. “No, it doesn’t,” she concurred.

Shego released the redhead, who eased out from under the covers. She sat up and stared down at the pale female, who eventually looked away; they were both upset with the way that things were going, but they refused to say that to the other. Stay, both of their minds ordered. Kim would have liked to remain, but she did have to go. She stayed much too often as it was; it was almost like she lived with Shego and only visited home when it was supposed to be the other way around. The tryst seemed to have become the relationship, Kim realized.

“Get going, so I can go back to sleep,” Shego commanded and she slapped Kim rather hard, yet playfully on the butt.

The redhead yelped and hopped up out of bed. She went to take a shower while the green-skinned thief settled back into bed. It was not the same without Kim, the elder woman silently lamented. She missed having the slender, soft body near her, against her. Maybe, just maybe, she needed to do something to keep that girl where she belonged, namely in her arms. She needed to do something to where Kim did not have to worry about staying with her.

Kim turned to the apartment that she shared with her boyfriend. She looked around and noted that there were no signs of him being home. She did not expect him to be home, even though it was near midnight. She did expect the note on the bedroom door, which there was and it explained that he had to go back to school for something. Whatever, her mind scoffed; he was not even trying anymore it seemed.

The hero wondered if she should call her boyfriend, if only to call his bluff on being at school. She might as well, she figured. She got him voicemail when she called him, which she expected. She did not leave a message.

She did not even know why she bothered with him anymore; well, aside for the fact that she knew if she was not with him, she would be with some other man like him, except lacking in mind or charm. He was the perfect man and maybe he would change one day, she thought. It was possible that he might change.

“Yeah, right,” she said to herself. She knew that he was not going to change, especially since she was now withholding sex from him.

Kim had not slept with her boyfriend in the past couple of months, maybe more than that. She actually considered sleeping with him would be like cheating on Shego, when in fact she was cheating on him with Shego. But, Shego was the one that was there for her. Shego was the shoulder that she could and did cry on. She felt so wanted by Shego, especially since the older woman was always requesting that she stay. She felt desired and maybe even appreciated by the thief.

“You should leave him….” Shego’s words echoed in Kim’s mind.

She should. She wanted to leave him, very badly. Would it not be better to be able to stay with Shego through out the night than to settle for a charismatic guy with a cute smile and big brain? It would, but what if the pale woman was only with her for the sex? What if Shego got bored with her? She would be alone again and she would only get caught by another guy like the one she was with or possibly fall for another woman just like Shego. It seemed like she was damned if she did and damned if she did not.

But, she should probably take a chance, Kim considered. She always took chances in life, yet suddenly she was hesitating at the moment. She was doubtful, which was so unlike her. Both choices had their risks and probable problems. Was security with him better than a chance with her?

The question was heavy, almost more than she was willing to think about. She weighed the possibilities over and over again in her head. She knew what would happen if she stayed with him. He would not change and she could continue seeing Shego until the pale woman turned her away, if that ever happened. She would end up being a couple with him only in name, pretending to each other and their families; lying to each other and their families. They would simply be lying to each other unless they changed. But, it seemed that he would stay with her no matter what, which was a good thing while Shego seemed rather fickle.

Shego did not seem to care much about her, Kim thought; well, she did not express it much if she did anyway. Kim suspected that Shego did care just a bit, but even if she did, there were still other problems. The main thing was that Shego did not trust her much at the moment and probably never would trust her much.

Kim knew that Shego did not trust her much because Shego always thought that when she went home, she screwed around with her boyfriend, which the pale thief considered cheating on her and so did Kim. Now, the redhead did not screw around with her boyfriend, but Shego always thought she did. She doubted it helped matters that she actually was cheating on her boyfriend by sleeping with Shego.

The hero wondered if Shego would always think of her as a cheater. She guessed that it was her own fault; she was the one that started the whole mess and cheated on her boyfriend. But, just because she cheated on him, it did not mean that she would cheat on Shego. The idea would not even cross her mind if she was with the pale woman. Shego was everything that she needed it seemed and she would not mind in the slightest being with Shego in a real relationship.

“I want to be with her,” Kim said to herself. She was actually shocked that she could make such an admission, even if she was alone.

Shego woke up in that morning and took a shower. She sighed while rubbing her forehead. Okay, fine, she wanted Kim to stay and the redhead did not, but she had a valid excuse for leaving. Of course a known hero could not live with a wanted criminal that had outstanding warrants in several states. She wondered if she could continue on without Kim, but she doubted it. She could not even stand the thought of her Princess being touched by that worm of bastard that she was with.

Shego growled as she thought about him touching her Kimmie, putting his hands on her, his mouth on her, making love to her. No, he did not have that right; he did not have any right to her. He did not deserve her and there was no way in hell that she was going to allow him to keep Kimmie.

“Fine,” Shego sighed in defeat, knowing what she needed to do.

The emerald-eyed female made a decision and she was going to run with it. There was no point in fighting it anymore because it would only irk her further. She might as well take the risk and get it out of the way, even if she had reservations toward things other than what she wanted. She had no problem coming right out and saying what she wanted, though, but only after she had things in place to get what she wanted.

“What the hell is going on around here?” Doctor Director demanded to know as she entered the control room of Global Justice and noticed all of the bodies littered about the place.

“Hey, Doc,” Shego greeted the woman in charge with a mock salute. She was sitting in a chair by the control panel with her feet kicked up on the board.

“Shego, what the hell are you doing here?” Doctor Director inquired while aiming her wrist at the super-powered thief, planning on stunning her if she got out of line.

“Hanging out. Waiting for you,” the pale female answered.

“Why?” the one-eyed woman asked in a suspicious tone.

“I want something and for that to happen I need to give myself up without going to jail for the umpteenth time.”

“And you think I can help?”

“I think you’re an intelligent, reasonable, and very powerful woman. So, I think we can help each other out.”

“I’m supposed to believe that you’re just going to give up like that?”

“I give up,” Shego declared while putting her hands in the air. It was a more comical than serious gesture, but she did mean it.

“So easily?”


“Why?” Doctor Director inquired.

“I can’t tell you the reason, but I can almost guarantee that if you give me a chance to give up and make up for what I did without going to jail, you won’t regret it. Kim Possible will even baby-sit me,” Shego explained.


“Yeah,” Shego lied. She was not totally sure if Kim would watch her while she was doing penance for her crimes. She could only hope.

“So, you’re giving up your life of crime just as suddenly as you gave up being a hero?” Doctor Director asked. She knew about Shego’s past, of course. She kept a good eye on Shego since the green-skinned mercenary was the one competent person in a sea of lunatics; one good thing was that Shego typically did not show the desire to put forth the effort as the others.

“Yeah, I am,” the pale martial artist replied.

“Well then, you can start by giving up some of the people that you work with,” Doctor Director said to see if the raven-haired female was on the level.

“I’m no snitch, even if I don’t like most of the bastards,” Shego replied, even though if Doctor Director did make her the right offer, she had no problem with giving up a lot of people. She figured that they would just end up in jail anyway, so she was not really doing any harm.

“Then I guess you’re here to offer up your skills in exchange for your freedom,” Betty assumed.

“I guess,” Shego answered. It seemed like the easiest thing for her to do, which she was all for. The least complex thing was always the way to go as far as she was concerned.

“I could always use a capable agent,” Betty mused aloud. “All right, I guess you could work for me doing just about anything I say.”

Shego frowned. “I draw the line at booty calls,” she remarked.

“Good to know. Welcome to the team. Let’s go draw up a contract and make everything all legal. This will all be finalized when Kim Possible confirms that she’ll watch you, though,” Doctor Director stated.

“I figured as much,” Shego replied.

She could not believe what she was about to go through for one little redheaded shrimp that might not even stay with her. But, she needed to take a chance; life was all about risks. Besides, she liked taking risks.

Kim was sitting on the sofa in the apartment that she shared with her boyfriend. He had not come in yet; she had been waiting for him for hours now. When she heard the locks in the door tumbling, she turned her attention to the door and he stepped in.

“Kim, babe, what are you doing up so early?” he asked when he noticed her. Kim actually was an early bird, much to Shego’s annoyance.

“David, we need to talk,” Kim stated.

“Talk?” he echoed; his usually bright expression dropped into a bemused one. He went to sit with her, brushing his chocolate hair from his face. He was so cute, she thought; he was too cute.

“Yeah, we need to talk. Look, I’m leaving you,” Kim informed him as if it was nothing and to her, it was nothing. She had to do it because it was just stupid to stay with him.

“Leaving me?”


“Why? Why would you leave me?” he asked as if he was truly confused.

“You know why,” she replied.

David did not falter. “What do you mean?” he asked as if he was completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

“David, I’ve known what you do since the very first girl that you slept with while we were together. I’m not so stupid and you’re not so clever. Besides, you’ve gotten very sloppy over these past few months, like you don’t even care. I don’t have to take this,” the redhead commented.

“Kim, sweetheart, let’s talk this over,” David replied in a very smooth tone.

“There’s really nothing to talk about. I mean, we’re not going to work out. It’s just not going to happen. I wanted to tell you face to face, so there’s no mystery about it. I’m leaving,” the redhead proclaimed as she stood up. She picked up a bag that was at her feet.

“Kim,” David said as he reached out and grabbed her gently by the elbow. She yanked the limb back and frowned at him.

“David, we don’t need to have this conversation and we’re not going to. I’m not staying with you. I can’t take this anymore and I don’t have to take it. I’m not going to let you mock me and, to be honest, I don’t like what I’ve done while I’ve been with you. I just need to go. It’s better for me,” Kim stated and she walked out of the door.

She truly did not like what she had become while she was with him. She had become dishonest in a way because she was cheating on him. She had transformed into some kind of fool for staying with him despite all of his infidelities. She needed to change and that would start with getting away from him.

Shego entered her apartment well after dark. She had gone to formally quit working for Drakken and he had tried to make a big deal about her contract. She had turned her contract to ashes the second that he pulled the paper out; it seemed that he would never learn. She wondered if she would miss Doctor D and his special brand of insanity. She guessed only time would tell, but she had to move on with her life and take a big risk. She yearned for things to work out.

Shego yawned as she walked into the living room, intent on going to lounge on the sofa for a while and just watch a movie before she crashed for the night. She was stunned to see a certain redhead parked on her sofa, hugging a duffle bag to her chest. Shego did not jump to any conclusions as she locked eyes with the hero.

“What are you doing here?” the green-skinned woman inquired in a casual tone.

“I left David. I was wondering if I could stay,” Kim answered with a nervous smile. She was taking a huge leap and she knew that. She could only hope that she made it across the chasm rather than plummeting to her death. She was requesting to be in Shego’s personal area now and Shego was very closed off, so she was not sure if she was going to be let in.

“For how long?” Shego countered.

“As long as you like,” Kim replied.

Shego smirked; apparently, she liked that answer. She went over and placed a hand on the redhead’s slightly chubby cheek. Kim wondered what the touch meant, but she did lean into it.

“I hope you don’t want a key,” Shego remarked. “And you do all the laundry from now on.”

“What?” Kim shouted in disbelief.

“Hey, if you don’t like it, sleep in the hall.”

“Son of a…That’s so wrong,” Kim groaned. She should have expected as much from Shego.

At the time, Shego did have the upper hand, but when Kim learned that she had to baby-sit her lover for GJ, the tables turned. The hero did not use her sudden power for evil, though. She had enough weapons to use against Shego, so she did not use the fact that she held Shego’s freedom against her. She did, however, handle much of the household chores, even after she had the upper hand.

Before this happened: Kim broke down while fighting Shego and everything began.

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