A History of Yesterday

Chapter 8

T-minus three


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TITLE: T-minus three

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. Disney does.

SUMMARY: It starts with a honeymoon and ends with an affair. Or does it start with an affair and end with a honeymoon? Whichever.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Kim, Shego, Romance, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3189

Kim felt light. She was not sure why that was. The feeling had persisted for days now, maybe even weeks. It helped her get through a somewhat rough mission the other day and a killer midterm examination that day; it had been keeping her mood very fair for a while. She wondered what chemicals her body was pumping into her brain to make her feel so charged and wonderful. If she could bottle and sell the way she was feeling at the moment, she knew that she would be easy make a mint.

Since she was feeling so energetic, the slender hero decided to make dinner. She and Shego did not often eat home cooked meals because they were both very busy lately. Well, actually, Kim was always busy because she seemed to like things that way. Shego was just being overworked in her opinion recently.

The redhead slipped into the apartment, Shego’s apartment, and she proceeded to make dinner. She did live in the apartment too, but it was her lover’s apartment. She was pretty much staying without having to pay rent; she would not consider it free of charge because she took care a lot of the housework.

When Shego came in, she was startled by the noise for a moment; it was just her instinct to be on guard when confronted by unexpected noises. But, once she realized that they were coming from the kitchen, she knew who was there. Only one person would break into the apartment and take the time to make food.

“Kimmie,” Shego called to greet her girlfriend.

“Yes, sweetie?” Kim replied, thinking that her lover might actually want something and with the way that she was feeling she would be more than happy to comply with anything that her lover desired.

“How the hell did you get in this time?” the former villain inquired as she went to the kitchen doorway to take in her girl’s appearance.

“Through the window again.”

“I swear you should be a thief,” Shego commented with an amused smile on her face.

“I wouldn’t have to do that if you’d just give me a key,” Kim pointed out as she went over to the pale woman and greeted her with a light kissed.

“Where’s the fun in giving you a key?” the green-skinned female countered while grabbing the redhead. She wrapped her arms around the smaller female’s waist and gave her a proper kiss, in her opinion. She left the hero breathless.

“I’d still appreciate being able to come in like a regular person every now and then,” Kim remarked.

“You’re not a regular person and I don’t give out spare keys,” Shego replied. She was often entertained with the ways that the petite adventurer found to get into the apartment since she lived there, but she did not have a set of keys.

“Not even to me?” Kim asked with a purr. Now, of course, she would not have had any problem in obtaining a key if she really wanted one. It was just that she would prefer her girlfriend freely and willingly give her a key to the apartment.

The redhead then proceeded to hook her leg around Shego’s waist when she noticed that her little mew had not gotten to the older woman. She began rubbing against the raven-haired female. Shego exhaled sharply and slowly while holding on to the leg and running her fingers underneath the slim thigh.

“No,” the ex-criminal answered in regards to giving her girlfriend a key and then she gave Kim a small kiss.

“Please,” the redhead pouted. The wicked powers of her expression were not yet working on Shego’s steel resolve.

“No. Now, we’re already pretty much on our way there, so how about we get to the part where I strip you naked and make you scream my name on the table,” Shego proposed.

“No,” Kim answered with a giggle. “We have to eat at the table in a little while and dinner would burn anyway.”

“So the hell what? We’d be eating on the table anyway,” the pale woman quipped.

“Later, on the bed.”

“Now, on the floor.”

“No, dinner would still burn.”

“ Fine, whatever. I’m going to go take a shower,” the emerald-eyed woman stated and she was released from the redhead’s hold.

Shego sat down for dinner. She supposed that it was nice to sit down to a home cook meal instead of having more takeout for about the zillionth time that week alone, but then again Kim was not exactly a master chef. She was a decent cook, but it had taken her a while to even make to that. Shego was not about to complain for the simple fact that she was not in the mood to cook and she almost never was. She was a much better cook than her girlfriend, but she lacked the initiative in many areas around the house, so Kim typically did the housework.

“So, how was your day?” the redhead asked.

Shego took a moment to think about it. She was not used to the whole “domestic” thing yet. The whole thing of having someone to come home to was still a bit beyond her and the first few times that Kim had asked such a question, she made the mistake of answering “what’s it to you?” or “none of your business.” She was starting to get used to it, though, and she knew not to get so defensive about things when Kim was just trying to make conversation. She had come to realize that she liked having Kim around, getting into her business and “domestic” things like that, so she did not want to give the younger woman cause to leave.

“It was hell,” Shego answered.

“What happened?” Kim asked with a genuine concern that the pale woman loved to hear from the redhead. It was good to know that someone cared so much about her that she wanted to know about her day and wanted to know what made it go wrong.

“The same bullshit as always. It’s like a rerun of the last mission I had, except more water was involved.”

Shego was working for Global Justice now. No, working was not the correct term because working would imply that she was being paid, which was far from the truth. She was more like a monkey for Global Justice; she did whatever Doctor Director commanded because she needed to do that in order to stay with the heroic redhead. It was either work for Global Justice or go to jail for a number of years and she did not want to be away from Kim for that long.

Sometimes, she itched to go back to being a thief and she was almost certain that her lover could tell. It seemed like every time that she was thinking about going back to being a criminal, Kim said something or did something to make her reconsider. She had to keep reminding herself that if she wanted to openly be with the redhead, then she needed to stay on the right side of the law. She wanted to be with Kim, so she had to resist the call to be a criminal.

“How was your day?” Shego inquired, trying to make normal conversation; well, as normal as they would ever have.

“I had a midterm,” Kim answered.

“How’d it go?”

“I feel pretty good about it. But then again, I’m feeling pretty good about everything lately,” Kim replied with a bright smile.

“You need to stop doing whatever drugs you’re on or at least buy me some too,” the emerald-eyed woman remarked.

“I’m not on drugs,” Kim argued. Shego constantly made jokes about her being on drugs and she did not find them very funny. She knew that it was just teasing, but she still was not comfortable with it.

“You do inhale a lot of chemicals.”

“I don’t inhale them,” the adventurer countered.

Shego only smiled. She truly enjoyed taunting Kim about her chosen profession and her possibly being a drug addict. Kim was a chemist. She just bounced around labs, involving herself in anything that had to do with chemistry. She was employed by the school that she attended, so it was all right for her to wander labs as long she was actually working on something, which she always was. She was also going for her doctorate and a master’s degree at the same time. Shego doubted that it would be long before she was dating Doctor Kim Possible.

“So, no wacky adventure today?” the pale woman inquired.

“Nope, but I would’ve handled it if something did come up, just like I did yesterday. I feel like I can take on the world,” the olive-eyed female answered.

“I thought you always felt that way.”

Kim smiled; the feeling inside of her was different from her usual confidence. It felt like it was expanding everyday. She was figuring out that Shego was the one making her feel the way that she did. She was coming to understand what it meant and she was not going to fight it. She accepted what it was; she was actually glad that it was there.

Shego could see that something was going on with Kim, but she did not pay too much attention to it. Kim was a happy little optimist anyway, so when she glowed, Shego did not think too much of it. She thought that was how her girl usually was.

The pale woman always figured that she would pay Kim complete and utter attention, not to mention worry, when the redhead stopped smiling. When the slender hero ceased to glow and when spark in her eyes faded, that was when Shego figured that she might want to find out what was going on. So, she did not bother to find out why the younger woman was happy.

One thing that Shego thoroughly enjoyed about the whole “domestic” thing was getting laid on the regular basis. Every night she was fairly certain that she was going to get and give proper physical attention, which was a good thing as far as she was concerned. It made up for almost everyday that she knew was going to be crappy, namely everyday that she got called to GJ to do something, be it a real mission or fetching Doctor Director’s coffee. As long as she could come home to Kim, it was all right, which kept her from going back to crime.

The green-skinned martial artist did guess that the relationship was more than just the sex because of the way Kim made up for any horrid day that she had. She supposed that she liked having Kim pressed against her. She knew that she used to loathe when Kim removed herself from the bed, having other places to be. Maybe it was just that she liked having the mighty Kim Possible bend to her will, sometimes anyway. She was not sure the reason.

Shego was drawn from her thoughts as Kim moved against her. She looked down and saw that Kim had undoubtedly gotten her second wind. The redhead usually went for a couple of rounds and then found herself wore out because she could not keep still, thus spending her energy much more rapidly than her partner. But, she generally caught her breath and calmed down after about fifteen to thirty minutes.

The ex-thief would not have believed it if she did not witness, but the righteous little hero Kim Possible was quite the sexual athlete with quite the sexual appetite. She was adventurous in the bedroom too, willing to try almost anything once. Shego was not sure if Kim was always like that or just got that way in their relationship; she would later find out that she was the one that made Kim that way.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Shego inquired with a bit of a smirk; Kim was kissing her ribs.

“You know,” the redhead replied while moving her hand across Shego’s toned abdomen.

“Did you ever think that you might have a problem?” the pale woman teased.

“Problem? How so?”

“Like you haven’t kissed me right yet.”

The redhead smiled and proceeded with the notion of kissing Shego on the mouth. The embrace was long before Kim moved on to trail kisses lightly along her lover’s jaw. She then stopped at the green-hued female’s ear. She then went on to ruin Shego’s night with her next action.

“I love you,” Kim whispered for the first time.

Shego’s jade eyes went as wide as possible for a brief moment. She then forced herself to calm down before she alerted Kim to how uncomfortable the proclamation made her. She tried to focus on the physical ecstasy being brought on by her lover. But, she was now distracted by those three little words, words that most people longed to hear. She did not want to hear them, though. Things were bad enough with her living with Kim and enjoying the whole domestic thing, but those three words made things worse.

The raven-haired woman was fairly certain that she did not desire Kim’s love. She did not need the younger female getting so attached to her because if things did not work out, she would probably have to see that completely wounded look in the redhead seemed to have a patent on. She disliked the idea of that.

Kim noted how Shego was not responding as she usually did. It was as if something was wrong, but the olive-eyed female could not figure out what it was. Everything started out normal, but something was suddenly different. She could not figure out what that was, though.

The former thief caught on that she was not doing a very good job of focusing on just the pleasure. She needed something more, so she flipped roles and Kim. Once Kim was underneath her, she went to work, quickly causing the redhead to cling to her.

Kim moaned loudly while having her typical problem of not being able to keep still. She was always grinding and arching for more. Shego could only hope that she could wear the slender hero out and then she would not have to worry about hearing those words again. Damn it, she was wrong.

Kim began chanting those words like a mantra. Shego tried to chalk it up to the fact hat her lover was so close to the edge. But, once she was over that and calming down, she was still going on with those words. At the end of the night, she even said them before she fell asleep.

Shego was stuck wide wake with those words haunting her. Kim Possible loved her? Yeah, right, her mind scoffed at the idea. Yeah, Kim Possible the world’s biggest goodie-goodie loved her, wink, wink, her mind commented. She glanced down at the redhead, who was hugged up against her with a small smile on her face even in her sleep.

“What the hell do you know about love? You’re like twenty one years old. You’re just a na├»ve kid, shooting off words that you don’t even know the damn meaning to,” Shego muttered.

The pale martial artist had no doubt that Kim believed that she was in love, which was not much better, but that was probably just her confusing good sex for love. The younger female did not know what she was talking about, the green-skinned woman figured. Yeah, she just did not know what she was talking about.

Given time, Shego bet that Kim would realize her mistake and they could stay the way that they were, without any complicated emotions. Yeah, so there was no reason to worry; after all, Kim was extremely intelligent in many ways. Surely, she would figure out that she had merely confused really good sex with love.

But, as time passed, Kim did not come to the conclusion that Shego was hoping that she would. She continued to say those three words and Shego figured out her problem with hearing them. She wanted Kim to stop saying that accursed phrase because she just thought that Kim was using it too freely and she just was not telling the truth as far as the pale woman was concerned. After a while, Shego just snapped.

“Princess, I want you to stop saying that,” Shego practically ordered her girlfriend because she had said those hellish words the moment that Shego entered the apartment.

“Stop saying what?” Kim asked with a bemused look on her face.

“That you love me.”

“Why? I do,” the redhead pointed out. Why would she stop saying it when it was the stone cold truth? That was just counterproductive to their relationship as far as she thought.

“No, you don’t,” Shego told her lover.

Kim smiled, as if she was amused by the argument. “You can’t tell me. I do. It’s as simple as that.”

“What the hell kind of way is that to wage an argument?”

“Why are you trying to make an argument? I love you,” Kim declared again, much to her beloved’s annoyance.

“Stop it,” the emerald-eyed woman growled.

“I love you,” Kim repeated in a singsong voice to really work Shego’s nerves.

“No, you don’t!” Shego barked. It was a bit surprising that she did not light up her hands, but she never did that to Kim anymore; unless, of course, she was using the powers in some creative way.

“You know what your problem is. It’s not the fact that I love you that you don’t like, but that you might love me back,” the redhead argued in a playful tone, which belied the seriousness of her words.

Shego scoffed; yeah, right like she would ever love anyone, especially some little goodie-two-shoes twerp like Kim. But, she did do some of the strangest things for the petite hero, like listen to her problems, welcomed her into her little apartment, and every now and again, she actually cooked for Kim. She held Kim when she slept and enjoyed just being with her. Hell, she even gave up a very profitable life as a mercenary and thief to be with Kim. Damn it, was it possible that she might love Kim? Oh, hell no.

“I won’t love you,” Shego seemed to promise.

“We’ll see,” Kim replied as if she was confident when in fact she was anything but confident.

The redhead doubted that Shego would ever trust her enough to love her. She was going to try to stick around and make things work because she was certain that she loved Shego. She would try her best to prove that Shego was the love of her life and that it was all right for Shego to love her. She wanted to show that she would never need or want someone else; she was certain of that and she just needed to make Shego sure of it too.

Before this happened: Shego did not want Kim to leave and they decided to give each other a try in a real relationship.

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