The Beast Within

Chapter 14

Inside and out


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TITLE: Inside and out

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I don’t own the dragon eye either.

SUMMARY: AU. Middleton is a town where everyone has special powers. Well, not everyone. Kim is the only normal one. How does she cope?

TYPE: Unknown

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3487

“Doctor Director, we’re getting some wild energy readings coming from Go City,” Wade reported while the leader of GJ was trying to figure out how she could go into Go City cautiously without starting a whole lot of trouble or losing a whole lot of lives. She was in a meeting with some other higher-ups in GJ, in case they had an idea on what could be done.

Wade was called in, even though he was not old enough to be a full member of GJ. Doctor Director just believed that she needed as many gifted and talented minds working on the problem at hand as possible. There was no telling what might happen if the dragon woke up, especially if it was awaken due to Kim’s emotional state. God, she hoped her brother did not do anything stupid to set that girl off.

“Wild energy readings?” Doctor Director echoed. It took her less than a millisecond to consider what might be causing such a thing. “Don’t tell me.”

“We do believe that it is Kim Possible…or at least it used to be her.”

“Used to be?” Doctor Director said.

“With the reading we’re getting, only the dragon could sustain that kind of power. The dragon is more than likely free and who knows what might be happening,” Wade answered.

“Who knows?”

“She’s in a secured location that our satellites haven’t been able to penetrate yet,” he explained.

“Damn it. Okay, the situation seems dire. Okay, fine. Call in everyone,” Doctor Director ordered whoever was listening.

“Everybody?” the people around the room echoed.

“Yes, everybody. Some of you haven’t seen the dragon in action. First of all, we can’t let Kim just rage out of control. Second, we have people in there that we have to get back now and there’s no time for delicate operation. We’re going to have to be touch and go with this one. Call in everyone that’s a full time agent and available. We have to move now,” Doctor Director announced.

Kim roared like an angry lion, showing off some pointy teeth like a lion too, as she was quickly surrounded by a black aura that once again took the shape of a dragon. Her eyes were completely yellow and the color seemed to spark out of the orb like bubbling lava. There a few crimson lines in the eye, but there was not a drop of olive or white to be found in her eye. She did not even have pupils anymore.

“What did you do to my mother?” Kim hollered, speaking to Drakken as a pair of leathery wings came out of her back and also came out of the shoulders of the dragon aura around her. With each breath she took, pitch black smoke came from mouth and nose.

“Kim, calm down!” Ann called to her daughter, but it was like Kim did not even hear the older redhead.

“How dare you even touch my mother!” the teenager screamed and she grabbed Drakken, only thing was that she did not grab Drakken with her hand.

The aura around the teen snatched Drakken. The dragon hand held him and the dragon breathed smoke on him. He quivered in the hold of the creature, which was eyeing him as if it was Kim and shared her hatred of him.

Gemini took the moment to try to sneak out since Kim seemed occupied with Drakken. He went for the door, but Kim growled. She turned quickly and Gemini got slapped with the tail of her aura. He slammed into the wall.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Kim demanded to know, speaking to the brunette male that thought he was going to escape.

“Wha-wha-what’s going on?” Drakken asked with fear in his voice. He was right to be afraid considering the things that were going through Kim’s mind.

“That’s what I want know! Now, tell me, what the hell you did to my mom?” Kim inquired. She was going to crush him in the palm of her dragon hand if he did what she believed he did.

“Kimmie, calm down,” Ann pled as she started to crawl over to her daughter. She hoped that she could bring her little girl back.

Kim could not even hear her mother’s voice at the moment. She just wanted to know what Drakken had done to the neurosurgeon. She wanted to know why her mother was curled up in the corner with her pajamas torn and why her mother was chained up. Nothing else mattered but her answers and the fact that she was going to crush Drakken in her claw when she got those answers.

“Kimmie!” Ann cried as she took hold of Kim’s arm. She was actually surprised that she could just reach through the dragon aura around her daughter. It was almost like the aura was made of smoke, even though it seemed like it should be solid.

Kim glanced down to see what was touching her and saw that it was her mother. She snarled when she noticed the chains that was on the woman. She squeezed Drakken because of her anger and he hollered in pain, which cause Ann to cry out again because she feared her daughter was going to kill the man. Kim turned to her mother again because of the sounds coming from the older female.

Gemini noticed that Kim was preoccupied with her mother and Drakken. He decided that it was time for him to get away again. He slipped out of the room as soon as he could. Kim hardly noticed because her hatred was focused on Drakken at the moment. Drakken was the one that harmed her mother after all.

“Kim, please. Please, just calm down. Please,” Ann begged with her child.

The teenager stared at her mother and it was hard to tell what was going through her mind with those deep, purely yellow eyes. She then raised her hand, as if she was going to strike the neurosurgeon. Ann did not flinch as the hand came down and the next thing she knew, her chains fell to the floor.

“Go,” Kim ordered her mother.

“Kim, put him down,” Ann commanded.

“No,” the teen answered.


“No. Now, get out!”

“You don’t order me around, young lady. I am your mother. So, you put him down now,” Ann ordered.

“Fine,” Kim growled and she flung Drakken away, tossing him through his very thick wall. She turned to her attention to the door, obviously about to go after Gemini.

“Kim, what are you doing?” Ann asked while deciding to go help Drakken since he was not getting back up. Hey, she was a doctor and she wanted to make sure that he did not die, so her daughter could avoid being a murderer.

“Shego,” Kim answered as she started for the door. She had to go find Shego and Gemini would take her right to the pale woman if he was smart. If he wanted to play things the hard way, then she would just squeeze him, literally.

Doctor Director mobilized as many agents as she could and informed them all that they were about to go on the craziest mission that they were had. They were pretty much all for it until they heard where they were going. Once they heard that they were storming WEE HQ, they were completely for it. Hey, to be a GJ agent, a person did have to be just a little insane.

She told them that they were not looking to take any captives. They were just looking for their own people, Ann Possible, Kim Possible, and Shego. Yes, Shego was included in that. The fact that Shego was included was not the strange thing. The fact that they were not to approach Kim if they came across her and she was exhibiting any one of a number of odd characteristics was the strange thing.

“I don’t understand. Why would Kim be showing any of these things? Is WEE performing experiments on her?” Will inquired while looking down the list. It was a weird list in his opinion and he was not the only one thinking that.

“No. Just do not approach Kim. I repeat, do NOT approach Kim if she is exhibiting any of those things,” Doctor Director stated to everyone. “Understood?”

“Sir, yes sir!” everyone shouted.

The whole crew deployed and stormed the WEE main building. They were going to retrieve their people and then get out. Well, that was the hope. With what they were doing, something could always go wrong. They were assaulting their enemy directly, after all. There was also the fact that Kim might be in full dragon mode, even though most of them did not know what that even meant. They were getting into something very sticky.

As soon as they entered the headquarters, they had to engage WEE guards in combat, which was expected. They split up into different teams to find who they were looking for. They were not sure where to search, so they just figured that they were going to have to scan the whole building as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

So, any shut doors were kicked in to reveal if there were any people in the enclosed areas. Anyone that was taken by surprise from those actions was greeted by having weapons pointed at them. Anyone that resisted was subdued. Some people were easier to subdue than others.

Doctor Director made her way to the basement on her own; her eye patch was pushed to the side for the moment. She was pretty much impossible to take by surprise with her dragon eye and took down any enemy that was within her arm’s reach. She dodged any weapons that came her way, even fast moving projectiles.

She found a closed off room and broke down the door. She entered to see the sight of Shego being electrocuted by two fellows while another one looked on. Doctor Director leaped into action before the men even had a chance to figure out that she was in the room. She knocked them all out in a flash.

“You’re saving my ass now?” Shego could not believe it. Where the hell was her princess?

“Yeah, well, Kim is busy rampaging somewhere else in the building now. Don’t worry, you can repay me by getting Kim under control,” Doctor Director replied while unlocking the pale woman.

“No problem,” Shego replied while pulling off the collar that they had forced onto her to keep her from using her powers. She flared her hands just because she could now.

“You sure you’re up for this?”

“Kimmie needs my help and I still owe your brother a flaming ass-kicking,” Shego answered while lighting her hands up all the way to her elbows. She could do that easily now since her battles with Kim. It took a lot of energy to keep up with the little redhead, after all, and she had to get stronger to go against Kim.

“Let’s just hope Kim didn’t get to it before you,” Doctor Director commented.

“She probably went to save her mother. Drakken took her. I know where that goofy bastard stays,” Shego said.

“Then lead the way.”

Shego nodded and they exited the room. Shego led the way, even though she was dressed in just a tee-shirt, which was now filthy and torn thanks to hours of torture. She traveled barefoot and engaged guards that came their way right along with Doctor Director when they came across any.

They came into a mass of WEE agents and Doctor Director thought that they might be in some trouble, but Shego came through. She did not take it easy on any of the people that she used to work with. They came out of the bundle relatively unscathed.

“You’re better than I thought,” Doctor Director said.

“I was going to say the same thing about you,” Shego commented.

“So, when we get out of this mess, how about you team up with Kim when she’s eighteen?” Doctor Director offered.

“We have to get out of this mess first.”

“You have to start looking at the bright side,” the brown-haired woman remarked with a bit of a smirk.

“Is that what you do?” Shego inquired.

“The only way I stay sane,” Doctor Director honestly admitted.

Shego nodded because she could understand that, even though she doubted that Doctor Director was totally sane. They traveled through a series of long tunnels to get to Drakken’s lab. They ran into guards every few yards, but they did make it to the lab in one piece. They entered and scanned the area cautiously.

“Kim’s not here,” Doctor Director said.

“How the hell can that creepy ass eye tell you that?” Shego inquired.

“I can see a trail of the dragon aura surrounding her. She went after my brother,” Doctor Director answered.

“Damn it. What do we do?” Shego asked.

“Well, her mother’s in here. We probably should get to her and then go after Kim together,” Doctor Director proposed.

Shego did not argue that and they went to retrieve Ann, who was tending to the unconscious Drakken. Ann did not look as bad as they expected, but she did not look her best either. From the way the room was wrecked, they knew that Kim had been there. She might as well have written her name across the wall while she was there.

“Shego, I’m glad to see you’re all right,” Ann said.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Can’t say the same about Dr. D, though,” Shego commented as she glanced down at the fallen scientist.

“You two have to go after Kimmie. She went after Gemini, probably to get him to take her to you,” Ann explained.

“You might want to come along, in case she needs a mother’s touch,” Shego remarked.

“She barely knew who I was,” Ann replied.

“You only think that. If she didn’t know who you were, surely she would’ve popped you too. Have some faith in the little princess,” Shego said.

“We need to go. I’m not seeing anything good right now,” Doctor Director informed them. She was staring at a wall on the far end of the room.

“You can see through walls with that thing?” Shego asked incredulously.

“You can see almost anything with the dragon eye. Keep that in mind since you’re dating Kim. Cheating on her wouldn’t be a good idea,” Doctor Director commented.

“I’m not dating her and I wouldn’t cheat on her if I was. And can we have this discussion after we rescue Kimmie from herself?” Shego asked.


Kim snorted out smoke while the dragon aura roared. She was in an underground launch pad and preventing Gemini from escaping because she was keeping his staff from opening the roof to let his plane out. Kim and her aura were wrecking the place.

She was snapping people with the dragon tail and swatting anyone close enough with her dragon wings. She was showing off two different forms of the dragon’s fire, throwing the black, swirling, flame-like projectile from her hands and actually breathing blue flames from the dragon’s mouth. She was also controlling the dragon’s arms and using those limbs and claws to smack and slash at people or machines around the hanger. She was trying to get through all of them because she wanted Gemini.

Gemini could not believe that girl was still coming after him. He figured that she would go after her precious lover since her mother was fine now. Instead, she was staying with him for some reason. She was staying with him half because she wanted him to take her to Shego and half because he was the reason everything happened. Putting both halves together just meant that she hated him with a passion at the moment.

Kim turned when she heard Gemini start the engines on his escape plane. He had to be some kind of fool if he believed that she was going to allow him to escape, she thought. He was the reason Shego had nightmares. He was the reason her mother was probably going to have nightmares. He was the reason her mother and Shego had been abducted and she could not figure out why, even now.

Kim growled as her dragon aura reached out and grabbed the plane to make sure he could not take off, even though no one was opening the roof anyway for him to take off. He fired up the engines to the aircraft when he heard the metal crunching. He was unaware that Kim now had his only means of escape secure in her grip.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Kim inquired in snarl of a tone. Her voice was pretty a growl, but she had not said much since the dragon came out.

“What is with this kid?” Gemini wondered in a bit of a panic.

He decided to flip his eye patch and use his dragon eye. He hoped that he would find a way out of his current situation with the use of his eye. He needed to figure something out before that kid ended up tearing him apart like she was doing his headquarters and his men. He did not know it, but he was not going to like what the eye told him. There was no way out of his current predicament.

Doctor Director collapsed as she, Shego, and Ann ran through a corridor. The brown-haired woman groaned and put her hand over her eye. The other two women stopped and turned their attention to her.

“What happened?” Shego inquired while Ann fell to the leader’s side.

“This damn eye,” Doctor Director complained in a growl.

“Screw your eye! We got to get to Kim before she does something she’ll regret,” Shego pointed out.

“Then go! What the hell are you standing around here screaming at me for!” Doctor Director retorted.

“Good point. She’s in the hanger right?” Shego asked.

“Yes, go! Both of you,” Doctor Director said while pushing Ann away from her.

“But—” the redhead tried to protest, but she was cut off.

“I’m fine, Ann. Go save your daughter from that creature!” Doctor Director said. She was telling the truth. She just needed a rest from using the eye so much. Her head was starting to pound like someone was banging rocks in her skull with a sledgehammer.

Shego grabbed Ann and pulled her away, knowing that the doctor’s mode of thought was going to be conflicted from being a doctor and being a mother. Ann yelped as Shego yanked her down the hall and they continued on to the hanger. Shego made sure that any guards that they ran into did not touch Ann at all and they made it to the hanger to see quite the awesome sight.

“Holy hell,” Shego muttered when she saw Kim…or maybe it was the dragon. She was not sure who or what she was looking at.

The dragon aura was massive, like the size of tyrannosaurus rex, and so black that it close to looking like a solid beast. She could hardly make out Kim’s outline. The redhead seemed to be in the belly of the monstrous creature, but it was clear that she was controlling it; well, it looked like she was controlling it. Maybe the dragon had taken over Kim’s mind considering all of the destruction and chaos in the hanger.

“Kimmie!” Ann cried out, hoping to get her daughter’s attention, but Kim just went on beating up on whoever or whatever was still standing.

“Let’s get closer,” Shego said.

“She might be the one sleeping. That could just be the dragon now,” Ann pointed out.

“Hey, we have to try. Show me that Kim got that daring streak from you,” Shego dared the older woman.

Ann nodded and steeled herself. Sure, that might be the dragon, but Kim was still in there. They had to get through to her. They had to snap her out of it and make her realize what was going on. They ran out there and stood where they hoped that Kim could see them.

“Kimmie!” Ann called.

“Princess!” Shego hollered.

Kim did not seem to hear them, but they continued beckoning her until she did turn to look at them. The odd thing was that the dragon’s head turned to look at them too. They had two pairs of cold amber eyes staring down at them. The dragon roared while Kim snorted out some smoke. From the front, they could see that Kim was not buried too deep in the aura. Maybe she did not recognize them, they considered because of the frozen look in her eyes. And if that was the case, they were in trouble since they were right in the line of fire.

Next time: the end.

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