The Beast Within

Chapter 4

No man’s land


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TITLE: No man’s land

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Middleton is a town where everyone has special powers. Well, not everyone. Kim is the only normal one. How does she cope?

TYPE: Unknown

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 4068

Shego yawned as she finished up her morning exercises. She had just put her plasma claws through dozens of so-called elite drones. They were supposed to be simulated warriors that she could mangle to her heart’s content because they were made in a lab. Supposedly, they were programmed with the best fight data that the organization could come up with, but she was not seeing it. She ripped through the drones and before she had them, she ripped through agents.

Shego was the best agent in Go City, the official headquarters of WEE. Some people might have thought that it was foolish for a proclaimed evil organization to have a whole city as a base, but no one had been dumb enough to try to come in and start anything yet. It was not well known that Go City was the chief base of the group anyway.

WEE was a mercenary company along with having plenty of plans for world domination in the works. They lent out agents when they did not have any plots of their own working. It was rare that they did not have some plot considering all of the mad scientists that they had on hand, but they did seem to have too many agents a good deal of time and they rented those agents out. So, there were jobs almost all of the time.

Go City was populated similar to Middleton. It was full of people with either super powers or super smarts. Shego was rather happy that she got the powers deal because she noticed that anyone with so-called smarts in Go City also had to be completely out of their minds. She actually thought that she was smarter than all of those nut cases because she was not as insane as the rest of them.

She also did not think that they were as smart as they claimed because they could not make decent training equipment for her. She broke everything and she was not even using all of her power. She broke things just from her martial arts. She did not even get the chance to use the plasma on a lot of things.

Shego yawned again as she climbed the stairs. She was still in her pajamas of a black sports bra and dark green cut-off sweat shorts. She had just finished her morning workout in her specially outfitted basement that was made to withstand most of her outbursts and whatever the training equipment might throw at her. She wished that it would throw something harder. She was going to hate to have to spring on an upgrade only to find the new things just as horrible as the last, which seemed to be norm when she got things.

She supposed that it was a good thing that she was a top agent and received more than decent wages or she would just go out of her mind of boredom because she would not even be able to afford new toys to break. Everything in Go City was so damn expensive. She figured that everything was expensive for the head of the organization to get back the money paid to agents, thus keeping them right where they were.

Oh, there was a piece of work there, the head of their organization. She had met the guy more times than she liked because she got hooked into some of the schemes at the top of the food chain. They were not playing with full decks up there either and he was the lead head-case among them, in her opinion anyway.

She heard that he had started WEE to show up his goody-goody sister. She was not looking to find out about that and really could care less. As long as he signed her checks and the things continued to cash out, she was fine. She just wished that he could approve some better training gear. She was tired of putting her hands through supposed unbreakable metal.

Shego wandered into the kitchen, hoping that she had something worth eating. She tried to think of some place that she could go and do some decent training, but no place was coming to mind. Usually she would go to Drakken’s place and beat up on his robots, but he was the one that designed the drones that she had just finished crushing in ten minutes. It took her more time clean her living room than it did to defeat those top of line drones.

She was tempted to go check out and see if there were any jobs for her to do. She had just got through lending her services to Drakken to steal parts for something that he had going and then some brats from GJ came and spoiled his plan. As much as she hated how it felt when the good guys won, she did not give too much of a damn as long as her check cleared. She supposed the other WEE personnel might care about when the good guys ruined their plans.

She did get a kick out of when the good guys showed up because it was a good time for her. It was a good fight for her, which was something that she longed for. It was a great feeling to kick around some people that could present a challenge for thirty seconds, but they did not last long. She lost interest easily in them and ended up just leaving with whoever of her boss was. One of the things that made her a wanted agent was the fact that she got her employer out of danger.

Shego looked into her fridge and found that she had not gone shopping before she left for that job before. There was nothing to eat. Great, she sighed mentally. She was going to have to go out and get some food. That was just great; she hated fast food.

She walked out of her nice-sized kitchen and through the dining room. She went upstairs to her bedroom and got dressed. She put on her usual clothing of a black and green cat-suit. To her, it was casual wear and she went outside like that.

The pale woman left her house, which was a fine looking home from the outside with a great lawn and a beautifully pruned tree in the yard. It seemed like too much for the one person that lived there, but she liked having space. She could afford it too and she did not mind spoiling herself.

She strolled down the street with her earphones in her ears and blocking out the rest of the world. She was planning to go to a restaurant that she knew serviced all right breakfast foods. Yes, there were normal businesses in Go City, despite the fact that it was the headquarters of an evil organization. They did need to have things to keep agents occupied between jobs; their leader looked at it as having distractions to get money back into his hands.

She wandered into the street without bothering to see if she had the light. She never bothered to see if she had the light, which would probably be a bad thing to do when living in a city populated by psychopaths and villains. A car did nearly hit her, but it screeched to a halt just in time. She turned to glare at the driver, who gulped.

Sure, she lived in a town full of bad guys, but then again, she was one of the worst ones when it came to sheer power and desire to break stuff. She also was not the most patient creature in the city and most people knew that it was not a good day when she was pissed off. For the most part, as long as no one did anything stupid to her or near her, she stayed to herself.

Shego liked to think that she was not a brute, namely she did not go out and just kick ass for the hell of it. She was martial artist and all she really wanted was someone to fight that would be a challenge now. She had everything else a person could want. Nice house, good money, and whatever the hell her heart desired as far as material possessions went. All that was left was someone to test her skills. She would also like someone that she could throw plasma at and they would not burst into tears depending on how much power she used in the blast.

The pale woman walked to the edge of the city pretty much for her breakfast. As she ate the thick waffles that she ordered, she stared into the woods that were on the outside of the city, blocking it from the rest of the world. On the other side of those vast woods was Middleton. She was then hit by a strange idea.

“Maybe I’ll go to Middleton and stir up some trouble. I bet they’d break out the big boys for me to play with,” she quietly considered.

When she was done with her food, she paid her check and walked off in the direction of the Middleton Forest. She did not consider that she might be biting off more than she could chew with her plan. She did not consider that she might not be coming back. She did not even consider that her day might not go as planned. She never considered things like that since everything went her way as far as she was concerned.

Kim stared at the ceiling of her training room. She was lying on her back, not out of exhaustion or because of an injury, but because she was bored. She was bored out of her ever-loving mind. The room was the only place that offered her any form of a challenge.

She wished that she could hang out with her friends more often because she bet that she would not feel uninterested in things if they were around. When they got together, everything seemed entertaining. But, there was not much of a chance of that happening. Monique had work and Ron was actually getting some training from Mister North and she was stuck in her training room.

She was not even being observed by her tutor. Doctor Director had run off on an emergency, which there were no short supply of almost every week. Kim had been giving the standing order to keep practicing and then was left alone. She was not sure what setting the room was fit for at the moment, but she felt like she could navigate the place in her sleep.

She was not allowed to go up into the observation deck to change the controls either. There were all sorts of clearance levels needed to go in there that she did not have and was not looking to test. She was not looking to be locked in the room the whole day either with it set at a stage where it was making her nod off rather than keeping her alert.

There was only one thing to do about her current situation, which was escape. She was going to get out of there because she was not about to wait for who-knew-how-long for her mentor to return. She might die of boredom before that happened.

She exited the room and then slipped out of the building without being noticed. She climbed up on the roof and looked out onto the town. She wondered what there was for her to do. She could always take a chance and wander around. The chance was that she could run into someone that wanted to challenge her and she was not feeling up to anymore tedious fights that day.

Usually, she could psych herself up and be optimistic while considering that the fight that day would be different. But, she was not up to that considering where her mind was. She just thought about all of the fights that she had won and they never were different, no matter how much she hoped.

Kim’s gaze then fell upon Middleton Forest. It was a forbidden area; everyone over the age of four knew that. It was a No Man’s Land. No laws existed there and if someone from WEE happened to be out there too, blood was sure to be spilled if the person ran into GJ personnel. At the moment, that did not sound too bad to the very bored Possible.

Kim made her way off of the center’s roof and started toward Middleton Forest. She was already going to be in trouble for ditching her training and leaving the building without being dismissed, so she did not think that breaking the rules and going into the forest would add too much to her list of infractions. How much trouble could she really get into just going into a forest?

The redhead looked around when she hit the woods. It was a dense forest and she soon discovered that in certain areas it was a marshland too. The mud did not bother her much and she explored the place. She climbed on to a large fallen tree and then caught movement some feet away. Whoever it was noticed her and the next thing she knew, there was a large plasma ball headed toward her. She leaped down off of the tree to avoid getting burned.

Shego looked on as the person on the tree seemed to fall to the ground, so she guessed that she hit the person. From the direction the person was coming from, she suspected that it was some GJ punk. Maybe she could have a warm-up before she got to her real fun of just screwing up all of Middleton.

Shego climbed up to the fallen tree to see if she could spot her fallen target. As soon as she had her feet planted on the wood, she was hit with an incredible uppercut. She fell backwards, but gained control of herself before she hit the ground. She landed in a fighting stance and turned attention to the soon-to-be pile of ashes that had the nerve to punch her. She found herself looking at a redheaded teenager. No way, she thought; how the hell could a kid hit that hard?

“You must have a death wish, kid,” Shego declared.

“I don’t know about that. I’m not the one that started it, after all,” Kim replied.

“You’re not the one that’s going to finish it either,” the green-skinned female stated.

“We’ll see about that,” Kim retorted.

Shego threw another plasma blast that Kim easily dodged. The pale woman simply continued on, flinging her fire in the direction of the redhead. Kim dodged with the grace of a squirrel on that fallen log. Shego could see that she was going to have to get up close and personal to teach the brat some manners.

The emerald-eyed female continued to throw projectiles at Kim and she advanced on the nimble redhead. She launched herself in the air at Kim while the girl was in the air too because she was dodging another plasma sphere. Shego thought that she had Kim since she was in the air with nowhere to go and was focusing on the distraction. The raven-haired fighter was going to claw the dumb kid’s throat out, but Kim managed to twist in midair just enough to keep all of the flesh in her neck. She was scratched, though. Shego was incredulous that she had missed.

“How the hell did she do that?” Shego wondered as she landed on the ground behind Kim.

“That was actually close,” Kim thought as she landed a few feet from Shego. She had lost her ground on the log because she had to avoid the strike at her neck.

“Just because I missed you that doesn’t mean I won’t get you eventually,” the pale woman informed the redhead.

“Come on then,” Kim dared her opponent.

Shego took the little brat up on her offer and went at her with plasma-charged strikes. Kim avoided all of the attacks as if she had a spinal cord made of rubber. She was quick too, quicker than anyone that Shego had ever fought before back in Go City.

The redhead was actually having some difficulty getting by those glowing hands. She was not used to fighting Shego like she was with everyone else she went against. She was not familiar with the emerald-eyed female’s movements and she was barely anticipating what was going to happen.

Kim thought that she might be in some trouble if she just tried to be defensive in the fight, so she decided that as soon as she got a chance, she was going in. The chance came soon enough as she slipped by Shego’s fists and went in with a flurry of strikes into the pale woman’s midsection. Shego was shocked that she was being hit when she finally realized what was happening. She could not recall the last time that she had been touched when facing just one person.

Kim ended her attack with a kick that sent her opponent back a few feet. She remained crouched in her fighting stance while Shego seemed totally incredulous to the fact that she had just had her abdomen worked out by some punk kid. She touched her stomach and winced; it actually hurt!

“Kid, I’m going to whip your narrow ass,” Shego proclaimed while settling back into her fighting stance.

“Not if you keep coming at me with those weak moves,” Kim replied.

“Don’t worry, things get better,” Shego stated and her arms up to her elbow were now covered in her plasma.

Kim knew that she should be a little shaken by the display of power, but she was not. Her body was trembling with eagerness rather than anxiety. She wanted Shego to attack. She wanted to keep dancing, even if it meant that she might get killed. Hell, the death part was more than likely the thing that made it so inviting.

The pale woman attacked Kim again, coming at her with strong punches. Kim slipped out of the way of the arms, but she could still feel the heat from the fire. She knew that she had to do something before she got burned…well, worse than she was already catching it.

Kim dodged one punch and then began to make her move. She hit a cluster of nerves and Shego’s arm dropped to the side. The flames went out and Kim knew that she did not have long to start her own attack. She quickly moved into Shego’s malfunctioning right side and set in on it. Shego barely had a fraction of a second to realize what happened before the blows started landing.

The pale woman did not know how many hits she took, but it was more than she liked. She swung at Kim with her functioning arm as quickly as she could. Kim through up her hands to block, forgetting that Shego had more than an arm to hit her with; she had a flaming arm. Kim was burned and knocked into a tree, which she collided with such force that she stripped bark from it. While Kim impacted the tree, her opponent recovered from her attack and her right side was back on.

Shego snarled as she dashed at Kim, hoping to take the girl’s head off with her next attack. Kim ducked just in time and Shego took down the whole tree that was behind Kim. The redhead hardly noticed that since she was busy taking Shego’s legs out from underneath her. Shego hit the ground just as the teenager was climbing to her feet.

“How in the hell am I having my ass handed to me by some kid?” the raven-haired woman wondered as she hopped to her feet.

Shego went back at Kim while putting the plasma charge back on her right arm. She was not sure how much longer she would be able to keep the plasma on her arms considering the fact that she did not do it often, mostly because she did not get the chance and it was draining. It took a lot of energy to power up more than her hands, which was why she did not do it often. Also, she did not usually find it necessary to plasma charge her arms.

The green-skinned woman went at Kim with everything she had because she wanted to put an end to the battle. She mostly grazed Kim with strikes, but she did pretty much clear cut the part of the forest that they were in. Kim dodged while praying for an opening before she ended up on the wrong end of one of those punches. Then the opening came.

Kim went at the unguarded space like a ravenous dog on a piece of meat. She struck hard and fast, only hitting places that she had hit before. Shego would later be in disbelief of the precision of the attack; it was almost like Kim could clearly see where she had hit Shego and knew to go right back there. By the time the attack was done, which was hardly a minute, Kim had landed over a hundred blows in only about four key areas. Shego was in a stupor when it was all over and Kim was back in a defensive stance, waiting for an onslaught that she was certain would come.

Typically, Kim thought that her fastest strikes would floor any opponent, but she could tell that would not be the case with Shego. The pale woman was in shock, but she was not down for the count. Her ribs were killing her, though. If Shego was a lesser being, her ribs would have collapsed into her chest, she was willing to bet.

“Who is this kid?” Shego wondered as she tried to keep her plasma going, but it required too much energy.

“Had enough?” Kim asked smugly. Her tone was more to fool her opponent than the usual confidence that she would hold in a fight.

“You’re not that tough,” Shego lied as she got into her stance. She was only able to keep her fingertips charged with her glow, but she was willing to bet that it would be enough.

Shego charged Kim and they engaged in some hand to hand combat. Shego continued to try to claw Kim and as the girl dodged, she switched her attacks to kicks. She caught Kim with a few kicks until the girl caught her leg and punched her right in the knee. Shego hissed as the joint bent the wrong way and Kim shoved her back.

Shego landed on her uninjured leg and tried to put her hands up for the attack that she knew was coming. She was not fast enough and Kim wailed on her with a fury of punches and kicks. Shego started to consider that if she did not get away from the redhead, she might not make it out of the forest alive.

Kim watched Shego carefully as the pale woman tried to balance her weight on her injured leg, but it was not working. They stared at each other, at the bruises that they had given each other, and the feeling of their blood rushing as it never had before. Shego was pissed that she was going to have to flee the scene.

“I’ll catch you later, Princess,” Shego said and she tossed a smoke bomb to the floor for cover. The nickname had just sprung to mind since she had not caught the kid’s real name and she did not care to know at the moment.

Kim dropped her hands as the smoke cleared. She knew that Shego was gone. She was a little glad for it because she was feeling a rather tired for the first time from a fight. She looked around at the area and saw that they had leveled the spot. She looked off in the direction that she knew Shego had taken off in and then she turned around to go home. She soon began to realize the aches her body was experiencing. She was going to be in some trouble, but now that she could reflect on things, it had been worth it.

Next time: the aftermath of the fight.

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