The Beast Within

Chapter 6

Fly on the wall


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TITLE: Fly on the wall

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Middleton is a town where everyone has special powers. Well, not everyone. Kim is the only normal one. How does she cope?

TYPE: Unknown

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3725

Shego dropped to her hands and knees, panting heavily. Her chest heaved with each breath as sweat dripped down her face into the dirt that had once been grass not too long ago. Not too far from her, Kim was leaning against a tree that was broken in half. She was panting, but not as badly as her opponent. Sweat was running off of her too as she if she had just sprung from a pond.

“How the hell does this kid do this to me?” Shego wondered to herself.

It was not the first time that Kim had fought her to the point where she ended up on her knees and with the way the little redhead worked, she doubted that it would be the last. They had been meeting up for a few months now and she still could not best the kid. To make matters worse, she now knew Kim did not even have any special powers. She was getting her ass handed to her by a regular kid. It would have been embarrassing if it was not being done fair and square, so she knew that Kim would be able to take down just about anybody.

Kim could not believe that she was getting worked out so badly by someone that she had been fighting for so long. Usually, all she had to do was fight with a person a couple of times and she could handle the person rather easily. She knew the body movement of the person after a couple of fights, how to counter the person’s powers, the speed of which the person could attack, what the slightest twitch from the person meant, and while she could tell all of that with Shego, something was not working right. She could not defeat Shego easily. Sometimes, they even tied.

“This is so great,” Kim said to herself as she sucked in air. She just loved fighting with Shego.

“How are those ribs feeling, Pumpkin?” Shego taunted, even though she was the one on the ground.

“I could ask you the same thing,” the redhead replied. Her ribs were stinging.

Shego kept kicking the crap out of her, Kim noted. The pale woman seemed to get better every time that they fought. Shego noticed her improvement, which was one of the reasons that she continued to meet Kim. She also kept coming back because she wanted to beat the damned kid just once. She had yet to win and it was bothering her ever-so slightly.

“Ready to go again?” Kim asked with a forced smile.

“You can’t even stand up on your own,” Shego commented.

“Look who’s talking,” the redhead chuckled a bit.

“You tore my knees up, Princess,” the green-skinned woman admitted with a laugh.

At first, Shego hated the kid and how she always won when they fought. It used to infuriate her to no end. But now, Kim was the only thing in her life that made things interesting. Kim was the only thing that offered up a challenge in her life. She could not go through Kim like everything else. She could not even describe how that fact made her feel.

“Want some food? I brought sandwiches,” Kim said.

“Your Mommy made ‘em for you?” Shego teased.

“Yes,” Kim replied in a silly tone to show that she was not ashamed, even though her mother had not made the sandwiches. If her mother knew anything about what she now did in her spare time, her life would probably be over and she meant that literally.

“Where’s the lunch?”

“My bag.”

Shego groaned; the bag was damn near ten feet away. There was no way either of them was making it to that bag anytime soon. They both dropped totally to the ground and just laid there for a long time, breathing hard. Little by little, they crawled toward the bag and each other. By the time they made it to the lunch, they were able to sit up. They parked themselves against a big tree, which was their norm. Shego opened the bag and pulled out their meal.

“Pumpkin, what are these sandwiches you always make?” Shego asked as she unwrapped the sandwiches from the plastic and handed one to Kim. It was not that the sandwiches Kim brought tasted horribly, but they often did not taste like anything at all.

“I’m on a special diet and I try to stick to it. That’s why I’m able to keep on kicking your butt,” the redhead replied with an adorable smile.

“You keep that up and I’ll going to beat your little ass,” Shego remarked and she pulled Kim into a headlock.

“NO! Don’t start up!” Kim pled as she tried to get away. She actually did not have the energy to go another round at the moment and only Shego could do something like that to her.

“You need to stop being such a cocky little thing. I could fry you right now,” the moss-hued female declared.

“You wouldn’t fry me. Your life would be boring without me,” the redhead commented.

Shego laughed, even though it was the truth. Her life would be dull without Kim now that she had the little firecracker in her life. She eased her headlock on the kid, but she kept her arm around Kim, which the olive-eyed girl did not seem to mind. They quietly ate their lunch and then relaxed against each other, which was also their norm.

Shego noted that she liked having her arm around Kim. She had long ago noticed that she liked having Kim resting against her and she guessed that the redhead liked being against her since Kim leaned on her every chance that she got now.

“Ready to go again?” Kim inquired after a while with a suggestive smile.

“You’re too much,” Shego commented with a laugh. She was used to getting her second wind before her opponent, but that was not so with Kim. The redhead was always ready to go first when they started up.

“C’mon. You know you wanna,” the younger female said while making circles on Shego’s abdomen with her index finger.

“Fine,” Shego sighed.

Kim grinned and quickly rose to her feet. The older woman followed suit. It did not escape Shego that there was something off with her relationship with Kim. They had worked their way to being something like lovers, but they had not done what lovers do. Their passionate dance was always fighting, not sexual intercourse.

Sex did not seem to be on Kim’s mind, Shego noted. She was not sure if it was because the redhead was a teenager, which really did not make any sense if that was the reason, or if fighting just did it for her. Shego knew that Kim was something like her when it came for a good fight. It had been something that they had craved and still did, but Shego silently admitted to herself that maybe she would like to get a little bit more from Kim. Hey, Kim was sexy to Shego because she could battle like she did. Plus, she had spent enough time with Kim to sort of like the kid.

When the fighting was done, they both limped back to their respective corners of the world. Kim was more at risk of being discovered about their little encounters. She had to sneak into her house, after all. She was doing well so far. No one seemed to notice that she disappeared sometimes a couple of times a week for a few hours at least and then reappeared.

Shego did not think anything as she wandered back into Go City. Every now and then a member of the WEE organization did spot Shego after she came from her outing in the woods with Kim. She never paid them any mind and they knew better than to ask her what might have happened. After all, she might be upset and then she would flare up on them and they were not looking to deal with an outraged Shego.

It was a curious sight, though. Who was it that was able to best a she-beast like Shego? It was a frightening thought that someone out there could be able to injure her considering she was known to take out waves of enemies and only withdrew from fights once she got bored. They had been assuming that Shego was invincible somehow, but it seemed that they were wrong. Someone or something was harming Shego on a weekly basis, they noted.

Her weekly state had even been brought to the attention to the WEE leader. Gemini usually did not give much account to gossip, but when it was about such a strong member of his organization, he tended to investigate. And he had plans to find out what it was that Shego was getting into that was leaving her limping home, bruised up, and not barking about needing a challenge like she used to.

The pale woman had not barked about needing better fighters or stronger punching bags ever since she met Kim. Kim gave her everything that she had wanted, everything that she felt was missing from her life. Kim gave her someone to overcome and she needed that. She needed to be chasing something in life and right now, she was chasing Kim.

She was not sure what would happen once she caught Kim, but she did not think about it. It seemed like something off in the distance if it ever did come into her mind. She supposed that once she did surpass Kim, she would rid herself of the girl. She would not have any use for Kim after that, after all, and she tended to throw away useless things. But, that did not enter her mind often.

Shego went about her usual ritual after fighting with Kim. She soaked for a couple of hours in a hot bath to ease the soreness that was rising all over her body. For all of the fighting that they did, it was rare that she was cut, so she did not often her to bandage herself up. Her wounds tended to heal fast anyway, which she was lucky for with the way that kid kicked her around.

She rubbed herself down with a special balm after she finished with her bath. She tossed on some pajamas, which were just some cut-off swear shorts and a torn tank-top. She then lay on her bed and began thinking about the fight that day. As she remembered everything that happened, she touched places on her body that Kim had come into contact with. She came across bruises and throbbing areas of her body. By the end, she touched her abdomen and remembered Kim drawing circles around her bellybutton.

She considered that Kim might have done it to be distracting, but that might be giving her too much credit. The redhead seemed like a happy little maniac when they got to fighting that it probably would not occur to her to use tricks, which was odd considering the fact that she should use everything that she could since she did not have any powers. Kim was straightforward, though, in her fighting anyway.

The pale woman was not too sure about anything else with Kim. The girl just liked to fight it seemed and do crazy things. When they were taking breaks, Kim liked climbing the high trees of the forest or she would run off to the river that went through the forest and jump in. She just had energy to burn it seemed, but some things never did come to mind for the teen as far as Shego could tell.

The girl did not seem to think of the one thing that was on Shego’s mind now as she touched her abdomen like Kim had done. She noted what she was doing and decided that she liked it when Kim touched her. She was not surprised by that.

The green-skinned villainess had no particular sexual orientation. She thought of herself as someone that just liked what she liked. She liked personality traits, abilities, and things like that, not a certain gender. She guessed that she would be considered bisexual then, but she never really thought on it. She just liked what she liked.

Kim did possess qualities that she was attracted to. Confidence, cute face, excellent physique, and she moved well, not to mention she had at least half-a-brain. Those were the things that Shego liked, but there was something more to Kim that she could not put her finger on yet. She guessed that she would figure it out sometime later on since she and Kim kept getting together. And, as far as she was considered, they would keep getting together until she had her fill of the redhead.

She wondered what Kim was attracted to. As a seventeen-year-old kid, Kim was probably into those teen pop types or something like that. Really, Shego did not have much of a right to mock Kim considering the fact that she was only four years older than the girl. She was willing to bet that she had done a lot more living than Kim did, even though she was only four years older than Kim.

She decided to stop thinking about Kim for the moment, even though she was looking forward to the next time that they met. She so enjoyed when they got together. She considered that they might have to make it more than the once or twice a week that they had going, even though she knew that Kim might have a little trouble doing more than one or occasional two days every week. She did not really care about Kim’s problems, though since they were not her problems. Yes, Shego was definitely a selfish creature.

Kim wished that she was able to meet up with Shego more than one or two days out of the week, but she was already pushing her luck with that set up, which was why she could not even make it twice a week a great deal of the time. She had been skipping school to meet up with the pale woman. Or when she felt it necessary to go to school, she would skip out on training sessions when she was left alone. She just enjoyed their time together and had to make it to the moss-hued mercenary somehow, no matter what the consequences.

The redhead threw herself on her bed after a shower and then a long soak in the tub herself. She grabbed one of her pillows and hugged it to her chest. She felt good, which she always did after she was done with getting to mix it up with Shego. It was like being on some heavenly type of drug.

Life should always be so good, she thought. She had no idea that she could feel so good, especially thanks to one person. Because of that, she could not wait to see Shego again. Fighting was such fun.

Well, maybe it was more than the fighting, Kim considered. She liked being around Shego for the most part. She chalked that up to them being friends, as far as she could tell anyway. She always liked being around her friends. She always liked being able to spend time with her friends too and being able to spend time around Shego whenever she wanted to felt rather good.

Kim did not think that the feeling linked up to anything more than a friendship. She hardly noticed how much she liked leaning against Shego and things like that, which was very different from the way that she behaved with her other friends. It felt natural when she was with Shego to behave how she did, which was why it never registered into her mind.

Kim yawned and decided to take a nap. She typically went to sleep for a while when she got home after battling Shego. She needed to recharge her batteries and that was something that only happened when she fought the older woman. She closed her eyes and was out in no time.

(New day)

Shego grunted as her back slammed into a tree. Kim landed in a crouched position for a second before standing back into her fighting stance. The pale woman growled and flared her plasma while launching herself at the irksome redhead.

Kim barely avoided the strike and tried to counter, but Shego moved out of the way. They went back and forth as usual. The unusual thing about the day was that they had an audience, but they were unaware of that.

“This bug-cam was a good idea,” Gemini commented. “Isn’t it, Pepe?” he asked the dog that he was holding in his arms.

The leader of the WEE organization was sitting in his lofty office and observing what his top agent was doing thanks several bug-cams. He was not sure who invented the things, but he was leaning toward Professor Dementor. He would have to remember to supply that man with more equipment if it was Dementor because he was obviously doing good work.

Gemini was watching Shego to find out what she had been getting into lately since everyone that saw her was expressing concern that there was something or someone out there that could damage her. He would like to know what or who could do something to Shego because he was willing to bet that it would be useful to have around. He had not seen much until Shego met up with that peculiar little redhead.

He did not recognize the redhead as anyone in his outfit nor did he recognize her as anyone from his sister’s town of goody-goodies. She probably was one of the students from his sister’s operation, he suspected. He knew that his sister had an age limit on her employees and that girl did not look old enough to be an agent in GJ yet. If she was with GJ, he thought that could spell disaster for his organization because of the way that she was holding ground with his best agent.

“Maybe Shego can talk her over to this side,” he considered.

He leaned in for a closer look on the match. He quietly noted that Kim was more than holding ground with Shego, but actually besting the green-skinned woman. While going at it, they exchanged taunts, which seemed almost friendly in nature. They smiled while fighting. He was fairly certain that Shego might be able to tempt the girl over to their side if they were as friendly as they appeared.

He watched the fighting for a few minutes and then his monitors started going offline. He wondered what was going on and started cursing up a storm as he lost picture after picture. Little did he know, but Shego and Kim were hitting each other into the bug-cams and the tiny surveillance devices were caught between their bodies and whatever they happened to smash into.

“Someone get in here and fix this junk!” Gemini hollered when all of the screens were blank.

Shego and Kim were leaning against a tree, enjoying their lunch, which Kim had brought as usual. Shego looked down at Kim while they ate their sandwiches and thought about what she had been thinking about the last time that she saw Kim.

Once again, she noted that Kim did not seem to think anything about their physical closeness. Now, the redhead seemed to enjoy when they were close and blows were not involved, but it did not seem like the younger female thought much of it. It was not like she tried to make any moves or anything like that. Kim just liked being near her it seemed, which she was not against.

“Hey, Kimmie,” Shego said. She called Kim everything under the sun that was not her preferred name because she had to mock Kim somehow. She had to somehow assert herself while the redhead was kicking her ass all over the forest floor.

“Yeah?” Kim answered.

“You do the dating thing, yet?” the pale woman inquired. She did not see any reason to try to be subtle. They had had all sorts of talks already, but it was rare that they talked about boyfriends or things.

“Nah, my dad would freak if I went out with a boy.”

“So, you like boys?” Shego guessed. She could change that, she remarked in her head.


Shego craned an eyebrow because she thought that was an odd answer. Kim did not seem to notice that her answer was somewhat atypical since it was “yes” or “no” question. How did one like boys “sometimes,” Shego wondered. The redhead continued to eat her sandwich and Shego decided to not bring up the fact that was a very weird answer.

“Do you get hot sometimes or is that below your perfect nature?” the green-skinned villainess commented with a smirk. She used the word “hot” because she knew that certain words made Kim uncomfortable and she would not respond because of embarrassment.

“Umm…” Kim glanced away, seeming to know just what the pale woman was implying.

Shego laughed a little. “You’re just a regular little angel, aren’t you?”

Kim turned her mouth up. She knew that she should not take offense to being called an angel, but for some reason, it seemed insulting coming from Shego. Maybe she just did not want to be the perceived good girl all the time, especially since she was not that good considering the fact that met with Shego every week. She was supposed to be at school, first of all. She was not supposed to be in the forest, second of all. She was definitely not supposed to be fighting with Shego, who she now knew was probably the most dangerous WEE agent alive. She was not that good.

“I’m not as good as you think I am,” Kim replied.

“No? Let’s test that theory,” Shego commented.

The pale woman leaned down and planted a kiss right on Kim’s lips. The girl was rather shocked by that, but her brain told her to kiss Shego back. She obeyed and the two found themselves sharing a kiss.

Next time: so, they’re sharing a kiss, now what?

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