The Beast Within

Chapter 10

Mark of the beast


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TITLE: Mark of the beast

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. The dragon eye is also not mine. It’s from an anime/manga called Tenjho Tenge. I’m using it in a different way from them, but still gonna give them credit.

SUMMARY: AU. Middleton is a town where everyone has special powers. Well, not everyone. Kim is the only normal one. How does she cope?

TYPE: Unknown

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Warning: some harsh language appears in the chapter. I’m hoping its not to the extent where I should raise the rating. It’s just to express some deep anger.

Words: 3914

Kim woke up and found something odd in her back; it was Shego. The pale woman was curled up next to her, sleeping peacefully. Kim was confused because she was fairly certain that she did not go to sleep with Shego in her bed. But, with the way all of yesterday was sort of a blur to her, she suspected that she could have gone to bed with the raven-haired woman and just not remember now.

The teen tried to sit up a bit without waking the woman next to her and she searched her mind as best she could to figure out if she had gone to bed with Shego. She remembered waking up, taking a shower, eating dinner, and going back to bed. Shego was not in that equation, so she did not see why the pale woman was in her bed. It did not add up.

Well, she was not about to complain…but, her parents might come in and that would not be cool. She also would not be able to explain everything, which would only make things worse. She had to get Shego out of her bed, now. So, she shook the emerald-eyed fighter awake.

“Huh? Wha?” Shego said as she stirred from what was probably the best sleep that she had ever had in her life. That was quite a feat considering the fact that just last night she had been having the worse sleep ever.

“Shego…um…not that I’m complaining about this or anything, but you gotta get outta here!” Kim said in a panicked whisper.

“Hmm? Why?” the older female inquired in a slightly dazed tone. She did not understand why she had been taken from such a great sleep or why she was being kicked out of where she was sleeping.

“Whaddaya mean why? If my parents come in and see us in the bed, I don’t even know any words that would make this make sense. It doesn’t help that I can’t remember most of yesterday,” Kim explained.

“You can’t remember yesterday?” Shego asked.

“Well, I remember the morning and sneaking away to go meet you in the woods. Then stuff’s blurry and sketchy. And then I remember being home, but we can talk about that later. Right now, you have got to get out of here.”

Shego thought on that. “No. I don’t think I wanna,” she replied and she curled back up against Kim’s side. She wanted to make it seem like she was being playful, but she was serious. For the moment, all she wanted to do was be near Kim. It let her know that she was safe and that she had actually been rescued from that torture chamber.

“But, my parents,” Kim complained.

“They won’t come in here if you don’t make so much noise,” Shego commented.

Kim was not sure if that was totally true. If one of her parents decided to make breakfast that morning, one of them might pop in to share information that breakfast was ready. Or if she was sick, which she considered was possible because she had been in bed most of yesterday, they might want to check on her. If Shego was sick or injured, they might go to check on her and find that she was not in her room, which they would want to inform Kim of. Wait, her mind said, what was Shego doing there in the first place?

“Shego, how come you’re here?” Kim inquired.

“Because I thought it would be a blast to share a bed with you,” the older woman lied, smirking all the way through.

“No, not here in my bed, but here in general,” the redhead clarified.

“You don’t remember that you came and rescued me?” Shego asked.

“Rescued you?” Kim echoed and she searched her mind for that information.

Kim blinked and shook her head as flashes raced through her mind. She remembered feeling an intense, burning hatred and anger toward someone. She had never been so angry in all of her life. Why was she so upset, though? What happened?

“What did I rescue you from?” the redhead inquired.

“Everything,” Shego replied while putting an arm around Kim.

The olive-eyed teen did not understand, but there was an image in her mind of Shego being strapped to a table and her body was in horrible shape. She remembered the leader of WEE for some reason, but she could not remember what he wanted. She just knew that thinking about him pissed her off.

Kim could not totally remember what happened, though. She really stopped focusing on the past as she realized that she was being held by Shego. It felt really nice, so she decided to just enjoy that for the moment. Shego enjoyed it too; it turned out that she really liked holding Kim.

The pair eventually got out of bed without being busted by Kim’s parents. They went downstairs with the hope of getting breakfast, only to discover the doctors Possible speaking with Doctor Director. Kim was about to hurry Shego back upstairs, but it was too late. They were spotted.

“Kim, Shego, you’re both awake. That’s good. How do you both feel?” Mrs. Possible inquired.

“Fine,” the two younger ladies muttered.

“Shego, you should join us,” Doctor Director suggested/commanded. Shego looked at Kim, who shrugged in response because she did not know what to say.

“What about me?” the teen redhead asked.

“You should go start your light exercises,” the one-eyed woman answered. It was the only thing that she and Kim’s parents had been able to come up with to keep Kim from trying to join in the conversation.

Kim groaned, but she nodded to those commands. Shego went to the living room while Kim went back to her room. Shego sat down away from all of the doctors and stared at them, wondering what they wanted to talk to her about.

“I was told that you have been informed of Kim’s condition,” Doctor Director commented in a business-like tone.

“You make it sound like she’s pregnant,” Shego remarked.

“I want you to tell me everything you noticed that was different about Kim yesterday,” the one-eyed woman pretty much demanded in a calm tone.

“Why should I?”

“Because if you don’t, I’m locking you up and throwing away the key. Just because Kim took pity on you for whatever reason doesn’t mean I will,” Doctor Director answered.

Shego frowned. “No one took pity on me.”

“Tell me what was different about Kim and then tell me why she bothered to bring someone like you here.”

“Really a question you should ask her, but considering the fact that she doesn’t remember what happened yesterday for the most part, I doubt you’ll be getting much information from her. Now, I might be willing to help you out if you stop acting like such a stuck up wench,” the pale woman replied.

“Shego, we told her that you’d cooperate,” Mrs. Possible explained.

“Well, you lied. I’m not going to cooperate if she’s going to act like a bitch. But, I’m starting to see the family resemblance,” Shego remarked.

“You dare compare me to my fool of a brother?” Doctor Director growled.

“Hit a sore spot did I? I’m guessing the antisocial, psycho apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Now, maybe if you stop talking down to me, I might help you out if it’s to help Kimmie out,” Shego commented.

“Kimmie?” Doctor Director echoed. The only people that she ever heard call Kim that were her parents. It was a bit stunning to hear it from someone that was supposed to be the enemy.

“Shego, just tell her everything that happened. This way we might be able to determine if the dragon is waking up and if it is, we have got to get Kim help right away,” Mrs. Possible explained.

“What’s the big deal with this dragon?” Shego asked.

“That’s classified,” Doctor Director answered.

“Well, until I’m in the loop, I’m not saying anything, except that your brother probably saw this thing wake up in her too and if he was interested in her before, he’s probably really interested now,” the pale woman commented.

“He saw? Are you sure?” Doctor Director inquired.

“Maybe he did. He probably doesn’t even know what it is. He’s not the brightest bulb in the pack,” Shego remarked.

“No, he’s very familiar with it,” the one-eyed woman assured them.

The doctors Possible and Shego were now intrigued as to why Doctor Director was so sure Gemini knew what the dragon was. She decided that they were going to have to go through it all fast to determine how much her brother knew about Kim and also if Kim was going to be in control of her body for much longer if the dragon was waking up. So, she decided to first explain how her brother would know about the dragon.

Doctor Director reached up and lifted up her eye patch. Everyone thought that they were about to see something creepy, like a scarred over eye socket or something, but it was nothing like that. It was still somewhat creepy, though. Behind her eye patch, Doctor Director was hiding an eye. A golden eye with a slit-like pupil.

“Those were the eyes that Kim had, except her were…worse,” Shego informed them. She was not sure if “worse” was a term that they would understand why it came to the description of Kim’s eyes, but to her, Kim’s eyes definitely were worse because they seemed to scream frozen anger and hatred.

“The dragon eye. Me and my brother both have it. We both keep it covered because if you don’t, your mind will go crazy from all of the information that the eye tries to feed you at once. It just sees way too much for the human mind to comprehend. This is the most common manifesting of dragon powers and usually, it’s only one eye,” Doctor Director said and she pulled her eye patch back down.

“Kim had both eyes,” Shego said.

“We know, we’ve seen her with both eyes glowing,” Mr. Possible replied.

“See, we know Kim has the dragon in her because it woke up when she was young, too young to remember. We had to lock her down in a special room until we figured out how to make the dragon go back to sleep. She nearly got out of the room before we were able to subdue the dragon. We had been hoping that over the years the dragon was merging with her, but it would seem that it was just waiting for a reason to come out,” Mrs. Possible said.

“What happened when the dragon woke up when she was younger?” Shego asked curiously.

“She tore through everything that she could. Anything that was near her was destroyed. It was like the dragon had figured out how to put Kim to sleep-like state and it almost seemed to manifest its body around her. She was surrounded by black and it was in the shape of a dragon with a long neck and tail. It even had four legs, but sometimes walked around on its hind legs to tear at things with its fore limbs and it did tear through everything. It seemed to want out of the building and didn’t care who got hurt in the process,” Doctor Director answered.

“I think she was covered in this blackness you’re talking about,” Shego said.

“You think?” Doctor Director asked.

“Look, I was having fucking bad day yesterday, so it’s hard for me to remember,” the pale woman replied with more than a little attitude. She was quickly getting sick of Doctor Director.

“You were having such a bad day that you can’t remember if a big goddamn dragon was surrounding Kim?” Doctor Director inquired incredulously. She figured that might be something that stood out no matter what happened in the day.

“It was a really, really bad day,” Shego growled.

“Look Doctor Director, Shego isn’t kidding when she said she was having a bad day. Right now, we don’t need to fight each other. We just need Shego to remember as much about that day as she possibly can for us to get an understanding as what is happening with the dragon because if the dragon wakes up now, we’re all in trouble. I mean, Kim was only two the last time we saw that dragon and she wrecked more than half of the main building, even when the best security was up. That was at two and the dragon itself was barely four feet tall. She’s seventeen now and very capable without the dragon. If that dragon wakes up now, who could stop it?” Mrs. Possible pointed out.

“Fine,” Doctor Director conceded that point.

“What about why the dragon woke up?” Mr. Possible more wondered out loud than asked Shego a question.

“I don’t remember much. I just know how Kim looked and some of the crazy strength that she was packing, along with a weird power. I don’t know what caused the dragon to wake up. I just know that Gemini was trying to play to Kim’s good nature to force her to join his side,” Shego said.

“Why did he know about Kim in the first place?” Doctor Director asked.

“She’s been meeting me to fight in the woods—” Shego tried to explain, but the one-eyed banshee, as she was starting to see Doctor Director as, interrupted her.

“And you sold her out?” Doctor Director demanded to know.

“Why the hell would I get tortured if I sold her out?” Shego countered in a holler while making a fist. She would have decked the brown-haired woman if she was in better shape. She was not in any condition to start any fights, though.

“Tortured?” the GJ leader echoed in a shocked voice.

“He used me to get to her. First, he wanted to buy her off and I told him that there was no way she’d go for that and so, I guess he went with the backup plan of kidnapping me, torturing me until I gave up all I knew about Kimmie, and then luring her to him with me as bait, not to mention collateral that she’d be a good little girl,” Shego explained.

“The bastard,” Doctor Director growled. She knew that her brother was a sick, twisted sociopath, but she did not think that he would stoop so low as to torture his own people. But, none of that explained why the dragon woke up in Kim.

“Yeah,” Shego agreed wholeheartedly about her former boss.

Shego told them what she could remember about yesterday, but like she said, she could not explain why the dragon woke up. She did provide them with the knowledge that the dragon was stronger than they remembered considering that Kim had only clawed things when she was younger. She had never used a black-fire attack, although the dragon form that had been around when she was younger did occasionally breathe fire and roar for whatever reasons. They figured that they might have to bother Kim to try and figure out the trigger for the dragon coming to the surface. The question was which one of them would do it.

They all looked at each other to figure out who should broach the subject with Kim and who would do it without rising suspicions. Mr. Possible knew that he was not going to be volunteered in light of the fact that he could not be subtle, especially if he was nervous. Doctor Director was eliminated because sometime she was just too harsh when she wanted information. That left Mrs. Possible as far as the usual suspects were concerned.

“I’ll ask her about it,” Shego offered.

“What?” the three others asked.

“I’ll ask her about it. I’m curious myself,” the pale woman stated.

“You can’t mention the dragon, though,” Mrs. Possible reminded Shego.

“I know.”

“I don’t think we should trust her with such a task,” Doctor Director stated rather soundly, as if she was not insulting Shego with such words.

“Chill out, lady. I’ll handle it. After all, we’re all on the same side now,” Shego commented.

“How so?” Doctor Director inquired.

“Well, now I’ve got a reason to want to rip Gemini’s throat out and the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” Shego replied.

“Especially when the enemy was already your friend to begin with,” Mrs. Possible remarked under her breath. Shego heard the comment, but chose to ignore it.

Gemini was busy reviewing any surveillance that he had gotten on Kim yesterday. He could not believe what he was seeing. He could not believe that his sister had been hiding such a creature. He could not believe that his sister had not used that girl before.

He did not know what it was possible for someone to be the whole dragon, which he thought that Kim was. He knew about the individual aspects that a person could have of the dragon, like the eye that he and his sister possessed. The eye was a blessing and a curse. It fed so much information to the brain that it seemed like a person could know the future because the person knew all the outcomes of a situation thanks to the data from the eye, but it was just too much information for the average brain and the eye had to be used sparingly.

He thought that it was stupid to have such a powerful weapon like the eye of the dragon and not be able to use it all of the time. He had been trying to develop technology that would allow him to use his eye more often because he thought that it would give him an advantage over his sister. But, it would seem that his sister had just about the ultimate weapon in her grips. Just about the only thing that kid did not seem to have was the dragon wings, which would enable her to fly, maybe even teleport if the legends were true.

From what he could tell, Kim had the dragon fire, or at least that was what he assumed the black, swirling flame-like power was. It was an odd power because it had not set anything ablaze. It also had not killed anyone it touched; it only knocked them unconscious for a few hours. Kim had actually not killed anyone during her rampage. He chalked that up to her being a goody-goody.

She also had the dragon armor, which was the aura that protected her, but he had never heard of it taking the form of a dragon. The reason he assumed that Kim was the dragon was because she possessed all of the powers of a dragon from what he could tell, even though he was certain that she had not used them all. Hell, she did not need to use them all.

He wondered if being the dragon was something like a mutation. Could Kim transform into a dragon like others with animal powers? He had so many questions and having her in his clutches would answer them eventually. So, he had to have that girl, but first he had to figure out a way to secure her powers. After all, she had just torn through his highly secure main building like it was nothing. He decided to get some of his top scientists to work on that problem. He would also make sure they understood that he wanted results as soon as possible.

“Hey, Princess,” Shego said as she entered the backyard to find Kim doing pushups, except she was doing them while in a handstand.

“Hey, Shego,” Kim replied while making sure to keep her count in her head. The pushups were part of her “light” exercises and she could do them despite the fact that she had been totally worn out yesterday. She felt somewhat better since she had so much sleep.

“Look, Kimmie, I know you said you don’t remember much about yesterday right, but I was wondering if you could remember why you even bothered to come save me,” Shego said as she slowly sat down next to Kim. God, everything on her body still hurt, the pale woman noted.

“What you mean ‘why I even bothered’? I rescued you because we’re friends…right?” the redhead inquired cautiously.

“But, I told you that we weren’t anything like that.”

“I didn’t believe you,” Kim answered.

“Princess, do you know what I used to think of you as? I just thought of you as a tool. You were someone I could use to get stronger and then when I finally beat you, I was going to throw you away. You didn’t mean anything to me, so you shouldn’t have saved me,” Shego argued.

“Well, first off, you’re speaking in the past tense, so I get the feeling you’ve had a change of heart. Second off, you might think that you had that planned, but I could tell we’re friends. I don’t know how, but I know. I also know you like me, even though you like to tell yourself otherwise. I rescued you, not only because you needed me, but because I like you too. I like spending time with you, talking to you, and everything. You make me less like a freak,” Kim explained.

“Kimmie, you’re not a freak.”

“Around here I am. When I’m with you, I don’t feel like it, though. You make me feel…all right, I guess,” the teen said. She was not sure how else to put it.

“I didn’t know that…” the older female muttered. She had no idea that she sort of mattered to the redhead. It was funny, knowing that she made Kim feel all right made her feel…well, all right.

“Yeah, and I guess because I like you so much, that’s why I got so mad when I saw what he was doing to you. I mean, when I saw you all beat up and trapped, I was so pissed,” Kim admitted, but it was like she did not realize her words as she spoke them.

“You got angry?”

“Yeah, I’ve never felt so angry before, but it was weird. I was angry with him, but I didn’t care about him. All I cared about was finding you, but it’s all really blurry. I mean, I don’t even remember going to find you, but I guess I did,” Kim said.

Bingo, Shego thought. She guessed that she got her answers along with the doctors’ answers. Blind rage had triggered the dragon, she figured. It still seemed to her that Kim had some control over what went on, though. After all, Kim had completed her desired mission and had escaped without causing any pointless mayhem. They made it seem like Kim would have slaughtered masses when the dragon came out, but that had not happened. She thought that they were exaggerating the problem based on what she witnessed.

“Yeah, you did. Thanks for the save, Princess,” Shego said and she leaned over to kiss Kim on her sweaty cheek.

“Hey! My parents might see,” Kim objected.

“It was just a peck on the cheek, calm down,” Shego replied. “It wasn’t like I did this.” She leaned in again and kissed Kim right on the lips, breaking the redhead’s concentration and causing Kim to fall over.

Next time: Shego and Kim hang out.

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