The Beast Within

Chapter 12

Into the darkness


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TITLE: Into the darkness

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I don’t own the dragon eye.

SUMMARY: AU. Middleton is a town where everyone has special powers. Well, not everyone. Kim is the only normal one. How does she cope?

TYPE: Unknown

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3640

Gemini pondered what he was going to do as he watched the recording yet again. It was of Kim when she demolished his main building. He was trying to figure out how to go about capturing her. He needed someway to control her, but he could not figure out how he would be able to do such a thing with the way that she tore through everything just for Shego. And then he remembered Shego.

They had assumed that Shego was an uncontrollable element and they were right on that matter. So, he had enlisted his scientists to devise a way to subdue her powers if they needed to, which had come in handy recently when he took her captive. And if he recalled correctly, Drakken was the one that came up with little gem.

Drakken was a loony one, he was. He came up with great inventions, but sometimes just threw them away for no reason. He had easily come up with the shackles for Shego, but cast them aside as if he would never need them. He was much more interested in making offensive weapons rather than making things to hold people, but he was good at restraints.

Gemini hit the button for his intercom. “Get me Drakken,” he ordered.

The command was fulfilled in no time. Drakken was pushed into the office by some guards that had to drag him from his lab. The cerulean scientist had a ball of wires in his hands and seemed to be trying untangle them all. He was muttering under his breath about how he had only put them down, so he did not understand why everything was so finely coiled together.

“Drakken!” Gemini barked, calling attention to himself.

“Sir!” Drakken yelped as he turned his attention to his boss and he shoved the wires behind his back, like a naughty child that had just been caught playing with something he should not, which was odd because there was nothing wrong with him having those wires.

“I want you to see something only I’ve seen.” Gemini beckoned the scientist’s attention to the wall with a motion of his hand.

Drakken shrugged and a monitor opened on the side wall. He made a little “oh” noise as he watched the carnage unfold. He had never seen such power, not to mention the kid looked rather familiar. The monitor went black after a while and he turned his attention back to the boss.

“What happened? Where’s the rest?” Drakken asked the leader of WEE.

“She broke the cameras as she was leaving and we didn’t make it further than this,” Gemini explained. “Does she look familiar to you?”

“A little,” Drakken replied.

“Her name is Kim Possible. Her parents are James and Ann Possible.”

Drakken frowned at that information. James Possible? How he loathed that man! Gemini knew that of course, which was another reason why he for called Drakken. The inventor had personal stock in what was happening too.

“She had that moron’s child?” Drakken growled, speaking more to himself than to his boss.

“Listen carefully, Drakken, as I have a plan that can be beneficial to the both of us. I would get Kim and you would get Ann,” Gemini said.

The cerulean doctor smiled at that proposal. He obviously liked that plan very much for several different reasons. The main reason was that he would get Ann, though. It was about time that he would get what he deserved.

The history between Drakken and the doctors Possible was complex; well, maybe it was just complex in his mind. Back when he was known as Drew, he and James Possible had both been friends. They had both been planning to work for GJ, but Drew felt like his genius was never realized there. It seemed like everything he did was overlooked because James had done something and people swore that it was so great when it was really nothing compared to what he did, in Drakken’s mind anyway.

To make matters worse, James had stolen Drakken’s girl; well, that was how Drakken looked at it. He had had crush on Ann since junior high, which was when both he and James had met her. James had not even been interested in her back then. He was just interested in firing rockets, but Drakken had noticed what a fetching creature she was. Yet, she ended up with James.

James had stolen her from him, Drakken silently fumed. She was supposed to be his. He was the one that always talking to her and trying to take her places back when they were teens. He was the one that bought things for her; sure, she either reluctantly accepted or flat out, but politely refused the gifts. She was supposed to be his girl; instead, she married James for whatever reason. It was beyond infuriating.

“So, what do you want me to do?” Drakken asked Gemini. He would get Ann finally and he would be able to get back at James for stealing her by stealing his daughter. It was perfect.

The brunette boss smirked and leaned forward on his desk. He knew he would be able to get Drakken to hop on board with promises of Ann. He was aware that if he brought her up, he would not have to pay Drakken and he would get Drakken’s best work because the blue fellow had it so bad for Ann. Gemini was glad that he took time out his life to learn all of his employees weaknesses. With luck, he would soon have the dragon kid.

“Shego, you can’t keep sneaking into my bed,” Kim whispered as Shego crawled up to her from the foot of the bed.

“Sure I can,” the pale woman replied with a smirk.

Shego had been sharing Kim’s bed for over two weeks now. She knew that the redhead was worried about her parents coming in and finding them together, but Shego did not really care about that. She liked sleeping next to Kim and was not about to stop for any reason. Besides, she knew that Kim liked having her there too.

“My parents would freak if they found us like this,” the redhead pointed out.

“Why? We’re not doing anything…yet,” Shego remarked.

“Yet?” Kim echoed. Was Shego teasing like always or did she mean that one day they might actually do something else in bed? The redhead suddenly felt very warm. She was also blushing, but it was hard to see in the dark.

“Yeah, yet,” the pale woman insisted while pushing herself up and propping herself on her elbow. She leaned over and kissed Kim’s cheek.

“Shego…” Kim said.


“When you do things like that…well, why do you do it?” the redhead asked curiously.

“What do you mean?”

“When you like kiss me or snuggle up to me or things like that, why do you do it? I’ve been trying to figure it out since you got here and I just can’t figure it out. I mean, do you like me?” Kim asked.

“Like you?”

“You know, like me.”

“Do you want me to like you?” Shego countered. She knew the answer to that question. Hell, as far as she knew the Possibles and Doctor Director knew the answer to that question too.

Doctor Director still met with Shego on a regular basis, trying to now figure out if the fire-starter would fit in with GJ. Shego was reluctant to join the side of the good guys, but she liked getting a steady paycheck and it would give her an excuse to stay with Kim, which was something Doctor Director pointed out. She also warned Shego not to hurt the kid, emotionally speaking.

Sometimes, Doctor Director asked about her relationship with Kim. She was standoffish about it, declaring loudly that they did not have a relationship in the way that Doctor Director was implying. The leader of GJ tended to look skeptical. Shego did not know why Doctor Director swore there was something going on between her and Kim, but she was certain that it had something to do with that damned dragon eye that she had.

Kim’s parents tended to try not to leave Shego and Kim alone in a room together. If they did, they left the door to the room open. Sometimes, when the young pair was out together, her parents called them constantly. She would not be surprised if the doctors all were using GJ surveillance to keep an eye on her with the little angel.

“So, do you want me to like you?” Shego repeated.

Kim turned away and blushed. She was in foreign territory. She had had crushes before, but whatever she felt for Shego was different. There was also the fact that her crushes had always been beyond her. Nobody wanted to date a freak like her. No one wanted to be with someone “normal.”

“You can tell me, Princess,” the pale woman said while leaning down to place another small kiss on Kim’s mouth that time.

“I do,” Kim whispered.

“Well, I do like you.”

Kim was going to smile, but Shego did not give her a chance. The pale woman leaned down and kissed Kim on the mouth. The new kiss was different. Usually, Shego sort of pecked her or lingered for a couple of seconds, but the new kiss was deeper and felt much better than any past kisses. It was more like the first couple of embraces that they had shared in the forest.

The redhead wrapped her arms around Shego as the kiss got deeper. The green-skinned female lapped lightly at Kim’s lips and the younger female opened her mouth for Shego. Their tongues met and sparred as they would.

“You taste good, Princess,” Shego commented when they broke the kiss.

Kim looked confused by that, which caused Shego to chuckle. Shego leaned her forehead against Kim’s and smiled. Yeah, she definitely liked the irksome little goody-goody. She supposed that she could not help it. Kim was everything that she was usually attracted to and the redhead had come to her rescue, which was something she probably would not have accepted from anyone else, but the way that Kim went about it was something that got her.

Kim never threw the rescue back in her face and it was not because Kim could not remember most of it. It just was not something that she would think to do and Shego knew that. It was all right that Kim had come for her and it was all right for her to feel safe when Kim was around. Kim would not abuse that and she did not have to worry about such a thing.

“So, do you want to do something now that things are out in the open?” Shego inquired with lewd smirk.

“No, my parents might hear us,” Kim protested.

“You worry so much. Don’t you want to try it?” Shego was mostly teasing, but she would like to be intimate with Kim. She had been sexually attracted to the redhead before she had come to the rescue.

“Well…yeah…” the teen admitted in a low, embarrassed tone.

“So, let’s try it,” the pale woman whispered while placing a small peck on Kim’s lips.

“Shego, I don’t think we can or should just yet.”

“Why not?”

“Well, besides the fact that my parents are right down the hall and might hear. It’s also kind of disrespectful to do that in the house. I mean, my parents wouldn’t even want me doing something like this in the house, so I just can’t do that,” Kim answered.

“Fine. Do you always have to be such an angel?” Shego teased. She knew that Kim hated it when she made it seem like she was such a goody-goody.

“I’m not,” Kim argued.

“You are. You’re a girl scout.”

“I used to be,” the redhead admitted with a pout and Shego had to laugh.

The pale woman decided to not push the issue. They had time and they would eventually get to things in her opinion. So, she just snuggled up next to Kim and settled down on the pillows. Kim returned the embrace by putting her arms around Shego.

(New day)

Drakken was sitting down at his work desk. He was trying to improve on a technology that he had already invented. The collar that had been used to restrain Shego was one of his pieces and he thought that it should have been enough to hold Kim, but Gemini insisted that it had to be more powerful. Drakken was not sure how much more power he could fit into the collar and thought that he might just have to just improve something else.

He had a bit of trouble believing that the daughter of Ann and James Possible could be so physically strong. He would have thought that their offspring would be more inclined to intelligence than brute force. Whenever that thought came to mind, he only upset himself because he remembered that his Ann had married and mated with that traitor James. Well, he would show that snake-in-the-grass woman-stealer.

He would like to see how James would react when his daughter was missing. He bet that the rocket scientist would be distressed, but he was not going to be able to see more than likely. Unless of course, they had some kinds of surveillance devices set up in the house when he woke up to find Kim and Ann gone. He was going to look into that idea. It seemed rather pleasant to him. In fact, it tickled him.

He wondered what it would be like when he finally had Ann. He bet that it would be terrific. He hoped that whoever was going to get her would be gentle with her. Maybe Gemini would send Shego, he thought.

Drakken obviously did not know what happened between Shego and the organization. He just knew that Shego was the best agent that WEE had and she was a specialist when it came to stealth, which he believed would be the only way to go into Middleton. It was not like they could send an army into GJ territory and fight it out. Even if they won such a battle, they would suffer such heavy losses that it would make the victory hollow.

Drakken decided that he would find out who was going to carry out the mission of retrieving Ann when he was done with the collar. He was just giddy thinking about making James miserable and finally getting Ann. Life was good as far as he was concerned.

Gemini sat at his desk, wondering what he should do once Drakken was done with the collar. He was planning to take Ann Possible, more for insurance than to please Drakken. He would use Kim’s mother to keep her in line. Drakken could play with the woman all he wanted as far as Gemini was concerned, but she was there to make sure that Kim did not do anything stupid like before.

Now, the thing on his mind was if he should steal Kim at the same time as her mother or he should take Shego back. He knew that Shego was staying with the Possibles thanks to good intelligence and he considered that he could use Shego. If he held Shego and Ann in two different places, it would be good to keep Kim from doing anything drastic. There would be no way for her to rescue her mother and her friend at the time and if she tried, he would kill one of them. He was certain that would keep her from acting out.

All right, so he would take Shego and Ann while leaving a message for Kim. He would have to leave specific instructions for her to understand the situation to keep her from doing what she had done last time. At least she would not be able to take him by surprise again like she had done. He was certain that she would follow everything to a tee to make sure that nothing happened to her mother and her friend.

And he had the best person to send on such a mission. He hit the button for the intercom. “Send me Fukushima,” he commanded.

“You called?” a voice asked moments later.

“Come out of the shadow, Fukushima, or you’ll regret playing with your powers in my office,” Gemini informed the young ninja.

The ninja did as ordered and came out of a shadow on the wall. His power consisted of being able to move through shadows and turn into a shadow. It went along very well with his being a ninja.

“I have a job for you, Fukushima,” Gemini told the young man.

“Sounds interesting already,” the young man replied with a smirk. He liked having work, like most people. But, he probably liked his job more than most people, especially if it involved something sneaky and underhanded.

“Well, I was hoping you’d go back to your old stomping grounds and retrieve a couple of tricky items for me.”

“I’ll do my best, sir,” the younger male replied with a smirk. Yes, he used to work for GJ. He did not see the main point of it, believing that it would never yield the best results for him to help the world. He thought that WEE would offer more personal fulfillment.

“I know you will. I need you to retrieve this woman.” Gemini slid a photograph across his desk to Fukushima.

“Cute,” Fukushima said as he looked down at the picture of Mrs. Possible. She was a good looking woman and did not appear threatening in any manner, so he was a little curious as to what his boss wanted for her. He did not make any inquiries, though.

“Also, I need you to bring back a certain traitor. Shego,” Gemini informed the young man.

“Shego?” the ninja gasped. Was his boss trying to get him killed? That woman was a beast! A beast with plasma under her control!

“Yes. I’m sure she’ll be sleeping if you go late at night and use these on her.” Gemini put a small box on his desk. It looked like a cigarette case. Fukushima picked up the case and looked inside to see four darts were packed in it.

“How many should I use?” Fukushima asked.

“One should be enough to put her out for the night. You have to get in and out of there as soon as possible. One mistake and there might not be enough of you left to bury. Do you understand?” Gemini inquired.

“I do.”

“Then get to it and get those ladies here before sunrise. Leave this in the room of a teenage redheaded female.” Gemini handed Fukushima an envelope.

“Yes, sir.”

Fukushima vanished into a shadow. Gemini sat back in his chair. He was pretty sure that everything was going to go according to plan. As long as Fukushima had surprise on his side, he should do his mission without a problem. And if he had Mrs. Possible and Shego, he was certain that Kim would follow his orders perfectly.

Fukushima entered the Possible house through his shadows. It was well past midnight and the whole house was still, which he had expected. He went after the redheaded doctor first, finding the master bedroom with ease. He went to Ann’s side of the bed and saw that she was sleeping soundly. He used some of his own special powder to make sure she stayed asleep. He eased her out of the bed and laid her in one of his shadows for safekeeping. Her husband did not stir at all. He supposed that he lucked out since the two doctors had not been cuddled up together.

With one lady in his possession, he went in search of Shego. He was surprised that she had turned. He wondered what could have happened to make her a traitor considering that she seemed to love her job more than any other WEE agent. When he found her, he believed he found out that he had found out the answer to his question. Shego was in a room, curled up in bed with the redheaded teenager that he had to leave the message for. The teen certainly was popular, he commented in his head. He could not see why, though. She looked rather average to him.

He then quickly used one of the darts that Gemini gave him on Shego because it looked like she might have been about to move. He was not sure if she was moving on him or just moving in her sleep, but he was not looking to take any chances. He grabbed her once he was sure that she knocked out and lowered her into a shadow. He then left the letter for Kim and vanished into his shadow.

Kim muttered in her sleep and then noticed that something was askew. She flexed her hand and noticed that the body it had been holding was gone. She woke up completely and saw that Shego was gone. At first, she considered that Shego might have gotten up for some reason, like to go to the bathroom or get a midnight snack, but after a couple of minutes of lying there alone, she knew something was wrong.

Kim got up from bed and noticed an envelope on her nightstand. She opened it and quickly read the contents. She frowned and flung the letter to the floor. She proceeded to get dressed and quietly tried to decide if she was going to kill Gemini when she finally saw him.

Next time: so, will Kim be controlled now that Gemini has her mother and Shego or will she really kill him?

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