The Beast Within

Chapter 8

Fury inside and out


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TITLE: Fury inside and out

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Middleton is a town where everyone has special powers. Well, not everyone. Kim is the only normal one. How does she cope?

TYPE: Unknown

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Note: Warning, there is one fairly bad word in this chapter, but I don’t think its presence calls for the rating to go. If anyone feels differently, tell me.

Words: 3592

Gemini decided that he wanted that girl, Kim Possible, and he was going to do whatever he could to get her. Shego claimed that the redhead did not have a price, which he believed for someone that worked for his sister. But, he did not believe when Shego said that the girl did not have a weakness. He knew Kim’s weakness already and it had to do with the fact that she worked for his sister. She was a little goody-goody.

But, there was something more to it than her just being a goody-goody. He noticed it when he watched Kim and Shego fight and how they seemed almost friendly. Then there was the fact that Shego seemed to be trying to protect Kim by making him think that there was no way for him to get the kid over to their side. And lastly, Shego had not gone to meet with the teen, as if she knew that she would be followed and she did not want to put the redhead in harms way. All she really did was make things easier for him, Gemini thought. He was going to get that girl one way or another.

He knew that it was dangerous for his organization for his sister to have such a fighter on her side. The girl could beat Shego, after all, when the green-skinned woman was using her powers. The girl did not even have to use whatever powers she had to best Shego. It was almost unbelievable. He needed a human weapon like that.

So, when time past again and Shego did not go out to meet Kim, Gemini decided to act. He ordered a raid on Shego’s house. He was going to get her to help him whether she wanted to or not. She had been so difficult before, but that was going to change.

Shego had been about to have breakfast when dozens of men dressed WEE uniforms crashed through almost every part of her home. She did not have to wonder what was going on since they came straight at her. She quickly sprang into action and began taking them down as they came at her. Pathetic, she thought as she dropped three of the men at once with a jump kick.

The pale woman tried to make a run for it because fighting in the kitchen was not going to help her much. The space was too small and she knew that she needed to get to more open ground before they got smart enough to just charge her. As she tried to bolt out of the kitchen, one of the men grabbed her by the hair and another snapped a collar around her neck. She growled in anger because of their actions and went to flare her hands, only to discover that she could not ignite her plasma.

Shego was in total shock. She could not remember a time that she could not light up her hands. It was like blinking to her. She was willing to bet that her problem sprang from the thick collar on her neck. Some scientist had probably developed the thing to stop super powers, she would bet her life on that one. She snarled in fury, but she did not need her powers to take down these hacks.

The pale woman attacked, but it did not do her any good. It was too many of them and she was into too small a space to do much damage. They piled up on her to immobilize her and then they bound her to make sure that she could not do anything once they all stood up. They then took her to the main office of the WEE organization, forcing her into a seat in front of Gemini’s desk.

“Good morning, Shego,” Gemini said in a smug tone. It was like he was making fun of her with his voice and the look in his eye.

“You do know when I get out of this, I’m going to kill you. And I will get out of it,” Shego vowed in a dead serious tone. She meant those words too. She was going to get out and she was going to kill him. He was going to mess up her record of having zero kills.

Gemini laughed a bit. “You’re not getting out of anything. Now, you’ll tell me about the little redhead and why you’ve stopped going to see her.”

“She’s no fun anymore,” Shego replied with a nonchalant shrug, trying to make light of the whole matter.

“You know, if you just tell me where she is right now, you can save yourself a lot of pain because you’re going to tell us sooner or later, so let’s make it easy,” he said. Since he was in control of everything at the moment, his voice was calm and collected and made Shego want to rip his big head off of his shoulders.

“Then you should make me a better offer,” she remarked.

“I’m not dealing with you, Shego. I want that girl and I’m going to get her and you’re going to help, whether you like it or not. I don’t know what your real connection is to that kid, but I’m willing to bet that she’ll walk right to me if she knows you’re in trouble,” he commented with an arrogant smirk. He had Shego as far as he was concerned. He had her and he was about to have that kid too.

Shego scoffed. “She doesn’t give a damn about me. We just like fighting each other. So, you’re wasting your time.”

“If that’s the case, why don’t you just tell me how to find her and you two can fight to your heart’s content,” he pointed out.

Shego was silent. Why would she not give the kid up, she asked herself. Maybe because she was not a rat, she mentally answered, but it was more to it than that. She knew that she was about to go through just about the worst torture of her life for the information her boss wanted, but she did not care. She would not give the kid up and she just could not explain that. Self-preservation usually overrode everything in her mind, but not now.

“Well, like they say in the movies, Shego, we have ways of making you talk,” the one-eyed man commented.

“Do you worst, but remember, when I get out of this, your ass is mine,” Shego replied.

Gemini smiled. “I don’t think you’ll be getting out of this one, especially with that collar in place. I mean, no more fire for the so-called fire-beast. So, this is your last chance. Tell me what I want to know now or you’ll just tell me later.”

Shego sat quiet for a moment and considered her next words carefully. “Fuck you,” she stated in such a deliberate tone that it caused him to frown for a moment. She was not sure why she decided on those words, but she was going to stand by them.

“Fine, let’s do this the fun way then,” Gemini commented.

Shego did not say anything. She just stared at him with a hard look in her emerald eyes to let him know that she was not going to be broken for his amusement. She was not going to give him what he wanted if she could help it. She was going to get away one day and he was going to regret crossing her in such a manner.

(New day)

Kim entered the Middleton forest and waited for Shego. She was willing to bet that the green-skinned woman was not going to show up again, just like the past few times. Maybe Shego was sick of getting defeat, she considered. Maybe she should have thrown a few matches, she thought. Nah, that would have just been an insult to them both.

She did not have to wait long before something showed up, but it was not Shego. A lance fell from the sky and landed straight vertically a few feet from her. She was on guard, hands up and everything in case something foul was happening. She watched as a screen open up from the top of the lance. The screen turned on and revealed Gemini.

“Hello, Miss Possible,” he greeted her with a chilling smile.

“Who are you?” Kim asked, even though she knew just who he was. Hey, one was not tutored by Betty Director and did not learn about the head of the organization that they were looking to shut down. Among the things that she knew was that she was supposed to stir clear of him no matter what, but it would seem that she was breaking that rule too. At least she was not doing it on purpose.

“I’m Gemini. I was hoping we could meet and talk alone,” he answered calmly, almost smugly, like he was dying to tell her what he had done, but he was holding back.

“I don’t think so.” Hey, she might break a few rules and meet with an enemy agent to fight, but she was not totally stupid. She was not going to meet up with the leader of WEE alone and to “talk.”

“I figured you’d say something like that, so I took the liberty of carefully preparing you an invitation.”

Kim wondered what he was going on about and then the view panned over to the left. She gasped as she caught sight of Shego, barely clothed and obviously beaten, stretched out on a table that she was chained too. A jolt of emotion went through the girl that she could not explain, but she knew that she felt a burning hatred toward Gemini instantly and an intense anger that she could not even fathom.

“Is that enough to make you reconsider?” Gemini asked without bothering to step back into the shot.

He wanted her to see what Shego looked like. They had worked on her for days before she had little choice to give up the girl’s name and where they met in the forest. They had made sure that she did not sleep in all that time. They held off on giving her water until it was necessary and she had not had any food. She had only gotten to taste her own blood as they broke out a lot of different devices to make her talk. She had lost a lot of blood in that time and was bruised and cut all over her body. Through it all though, she still looked at them defiantly, quietly telling them that they were going to regret their actions once she was free.

“Where do you want to meet?” Kim asked while her anger rose to unimaginable levels as she eyed Shego’s battered and still form. She knew that Shego was not dead, but that did not quell her anger in any way. She was pissed that they had the nerve to even touch Shego in a harmful manner.

“Just follow the little birdie,” he answered as a mechanical bird landed on the spear.


The screen went black and Gemini chuckled. The little girl was walking right to him. He was not too worried about such a dangerous person coming to him because Shego had also revealed that Kim did not have any powers. He was a bit shocked to find that out and thought that Shego might have been lying, but she stuck to that story through out the torture. So, a girl without any powers could defeat Shego. She would definitely make for an interesting addition to his group and he figured that as long as he had control of Shego, Kim would do whatever he wanted because she was a goody-goody.

“I told you you’d help me,” Gemini bragged to Shego.

“You’ll regret this,” she growled.

“No, you’ll regret taking it this far,” he replied and then he turned to his staff in the poorly lit room. “Carry on,” he told them, giving them permission to go back to torturing Shego.

The pale woman turned her attention to the four men in the cell with her and looked a rather panic stricken as she noticed them reaching for things to get back to their jobs. Her heart began to race. She was scared, all right; one did not just sit through days of torture and grow to like it or something ridiculous like that. She wanted the pain to end and she wanted to get the hell out of that cell, but she could not. She could not use her powers and she was too weak to break out of the bonds holding her to the table. She was at their mercy and they had none.

Kim ran behind the little bird, heading toward Go City to rescue Shego. She did not notice it, but the flakes of gold that typically were just sprinkled into her olive-eyes seemed to be growing by the second. Her hatred and anger was doing the same. She burned with desire to tear Gemini into several parts and watch wild dogs feast on his remains for what he did to Shego.

The redhead did not stop running as the bird came to a building that reminded her of the main building for GJ headquarters. It was unassuming, almost like the building on a college campus, with a few stories on it and a rather bland paint job. She went in and the bird took her to an office. She expected Gemini to be in there and she was ready to jump on him the second that she saw him, but the office was empty.

“What the hell?” Kim wondered with a growl. There was an odd scowl on her face, like she was livid tiger.

“Hello, Miss Possible,” a hologram said as it appeared in front of her by the desk in the office.

“Coward. Where are you?” she demanded to know.

“Now, now, Miss Possible. This isn’t the time for insults. After all, I do have Shego,” he pointed out.

“Where is she!” Kim hollered in fury and took a swing at the hologram, even though she knew that it was not real. She destroyed the desk as her hands traveled through the image and landed on the piece of furniture.

“Temper, temper, child. You’ll get to see her in due time—”

“I want to her now!” Kim roared.

The redhead turned directly to the hidden camera in the room as if she knew that it was there. Gemini gasped as he got a look at her face. Her eyes were now pure gold and her pupils were slit-like, like a housecat’s eyes. She growled into the camera, her lip curled and showed some rather pointed teeth.

“I want her now,” she repeated in a low, dangerous growl.

“Miss Possible, control yourself,” he said in a calm tone, belying the fact that he was a little nervous now.

“I’m going to find her and then I’m going to find you,” she promised him and then she grabbed the camera, crushing it effortlessly with one hand.

Gemini locked down the office that Kim was in, thinking that he had her trapped. She went to the door and tried it, only to find that it was locked. Metallic sheets encased the walls around the space to keep her in the office. She snarled and snorted, black smoke coming from her nose. She punched the door, which was covered in steel, and blew it across the hall and through the wall on the other side of the hallway.

“Shego!” Kim called in almost a bellow of a voice.

An alarm blared to let the guards and other employees of the building know that there was an intruder. Everyone got their orders that the enemy was a redheaded girl who was to be taken alive. Gemini watched the action from what he considered a safe place.

The brunette male could not believe what he was seeing as Kim came out of the office. She was surrounded by a faint onyx aura that seemed to be trying to take a shape, but not quite there yet. Her nails looked like talons and her eyes were cold. He knew those eyes, but everything else was a mystery. He had little doubt that she would find Shego unless his forces stopped her.

“Shego!” Kim screamed again.

A wave of guards came at Kim and she snarled as she charged right into them. She practically bowled through that first wave and the wave that came after it. She continued to call for Shego as she tore throw guards as if they were cardboard cutouts.

Once it was clear that the armed guards were not working against Kim, they sent out some mutants to take her own. The guards transformed into all kinds of animals, but that did not seem to even register to Kim’s mind. As they confronted her, she threw her arm out and a swirl of black fire-like energy blazed from her palm. When the attack was over, the mutants were down and the walls, ceiling, and floor looked as if they were a million years old.

“Shego!” Kim’s eyes seemed to grow colder with every second that she did not come across the pale woman. She was ripping through the building, but clearly going somewhere specific. The aura around her had finally taken shape; it was the faint outline of a dragon, standing on two legs. It stood over ten feet tall.

Gemini could not believe what he was watching as Kim easily went through everything that his forces could throw at her, including a good deal of his best operatives. Super-powered agents fell to her and she destroyed any weapons used against her as she marched to the one place that she wanted to be. He dared consider that she might forget her objective and just wreck the whole building with Shego still in it.

Kim ended up punching through the floor, knowing for some reason that was beyond her that Shego was in the basement. She barely noticed all of the alarms and sirens going off because of presence. The only things that she did notice were people and projectiles coming at her, keeping her from finding Shego. The projectiles exploded as they came into contact with the faint dragon outline surrounding her. The people had to deal with her up close and personal and it was getting to be a scary sight.

Kim’s eyes, frozen and golden, also had thin, crimson running in them now, making her appear to be almost maniacal. Her eyes seemed to be enough to murder anyone that looked in her direction. The occasional puff of a black smoke coming from her nose or mouth as she breathed was not helping, but adding to the fearsome sight that she had become. The brief glimpse of her mouth full of pearly white, but sharp as knives teeth added to the terror of getting close to her.

Whenever Kim let loose her attack of black fire, the dragon specter surrounding her roared as if in favor of the move, and she used the attack quite a bit, so the dragon’s reaction also became a bit frightening to those fighting against her. She did not care about anything in front of her and continued on her march. She eventually came to a door and blew it off its hinges with a single kick. It clanged as it connected with the back wall of the room it led to.

The occupants of the room first turned their attention to the door and then they turned their attention to the person that had done that. Kim did not have some witty remark as she stepped into the room and she did not need one. The four men pulled out weapons, unaware that those did not work on Kim. They opened fire and soon learned what almost everyone in the building now knew; Kim was pretty much impossible to stop.

The redhead did not even seem to notice the men, even though they had tried to shoot her. Her attention went directly to the only person she wanted to see, Shego. The pale woman was still strapped down to the table and bleeding from fresh wounds, but it was not much blood. Torture was not about drawing blood, after all.

“Shego,” Kim said, but the emerald-eyed woman did not respond.

Kim rushed over to Shego and pulled off one of the arm bands keeping her in place. The four men did not seem to approve of losing their toy, so they went at Kim. She snarled and turned around as they came at her. She struck one with her forearm and batted him across the room and through the wall. She then practically roared herself as she hit the remaining three with black fire attack.

Kim turned her attention back to Shego and quickly freed her from the table. She carefully collected Shego in her arms and fled the building. It never crossed her mind that something odd had just happened or that someone just witnessed that whole thing. After that extremely unexpected display, Gemini just wanted Kim all the more because he figured out just what that girl was and he was still looking to get her no matter what. He definitely could not let someone like that remain with his sister.

Next time: an explanation on what just happened with Kim.

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