The Beast Within

Chapter 7



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TITLE: Problems

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Middleton is a town where everyone has special powers. Well, not everyone. Kim is the only normal one. How does she cope?

TYPE: Unknown

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3725

Kim and Shego were currently locked in a rather forbidden embrace. It was forbidden beyond the fact that they were two females kissing each other. It had been bad enough that the two enemies were meeting to fight in the woods every week, but now they were kissing. And just like when they fought it each other, they were enjoying the kiss.

Shego reached out to touch Kim as the kiss continued on. The redhead was surprised as she moaned while feeling something massaging her chest. The noise seemed to bother her, so Kim pulled away.

“Shego,” Kim muttered.

“What’s wrong? Don’t say you didn’t like it,” Shego said.

“No…I did,” Kim replied and that was sort of the thing. She had never thought that she was attracted to females, let alone attracted to Shego.

“Then why’d you pull away? Because it goes against protocol?” the pale woman inquired, half teasing and half serious. She was not sure how many regulations Kim was willing to break with her.

“I’ve broken enough rules as it is, so whatever that went against doesn’t really matter,” the olive-eyed teen replied honestly.

“Then why’d you pull away?” Shego repeated her inquiry. She really wanted to know because she wanted to keep going. It would seem that she enjoyed kissing Kim just as much as she enjoyed fighting the girl. “You don’t want your parents to find out that you like kissing a girl?”

“I doubt they’ll find out,” Kim answered.

“Then why’d you pull away?”

“I don’t know,” Kim admitted. She pulled away just because it had astonished her. The way that it felt surprised her. It was not her first kiss, but it was pretty much the best one that she had had.

“Then let’s do it again,” Shego said and she did not give the redhead a chance to respond. She started a new kiss and Kim did not pull away that time.

“Wow…” Kim muttered as they parted almost a minute later.

“Yeah,” Shego agreed with that. She had had plenty of kisses in her life, but the two with Kim were ranking high on the list.

“Um…do the kisses mean anything?” the redhead inquired.

Shego looked away because of that question. Of course someone like Kim would want the kisses to mean something. Shego just wanted them to mean pleasure. She did not have nor did she want any kind of connection with anyone, not just Kim, but anyone in general. She was a loner.

“Look, Princess, everything doesn’t have to mean anything. Something can just be what it is,” Shego answered.

Kim nodded slowly, even though it was clear from the look in her odd eyes that she did not accept that response. She did not even really understand that answer. If she kissed someone, she wanted it to mean something and it did mean something to her. She wanted an emotional connection and she sort of felt that with Shego anyway before the kiss. She thought that they were friends at the least.

Look, Shego made the teen comfortable with herself. She never felt “normal” around Shego; normal to her translated into “freak.” Shego did not seem to judge her as they both enjoyed fantastic fighting and Shego never made excuses when she lost. Sometimes, Shego even genuinely smiled at her and it was rare for that to happen to her. Only her few friends and her parents smiled at her, so it felt really nice when Shego smiled at her, however infrequent it was.

“Well, Princess, let’s get back to it,” Shego suggested to clear the air.

“Back to it?” Kim echoed. She was not quite sure what her battle partner was getting to. Should they get back to kissing?

“Me kicking your ass,” the pale woman clarified.

“Oh, right.”

The pair climbed to their feet and went back to fighting as they always did. They both did continue to think about the kisses, even though they did not want to. They would not have minded going back to kissing, after they got the fighting out of the way anyway. They did enjoy kicking each other around.

Shego chalked her feelings up to lust for Kim. After all, Kim had possessed qualities that made her want to bed someone. There was something else about Kim that she still was not able to put her finger on, but she doubted that it mattered. The main point was that she wanted Kim and liked getting what she wanted. So, they would fight until she could beat Kim and she was willing to bet that she would be able to lay Kim if she tried hard enough and then she would lay Kim until she had her fill.

Kim saw things differently, of course. The idea of being attracted to Shego as more than a friend only bothered her because Shego worked for WEE. Living in a town where people could transform into animals and things like that sort of took the edge and the argument away from there being something wrong or unsettling about homosexuality. Sure, it might be a topic of conversation, but it was not frowned upon and considering the fact that everything could be a topic of conversation meant that no one really cared. The only time homosexuality became an issue was when it explained why someone was not getting the attention from the romantic interest that they wanted.

So, Kim was really wondering how she and Shego could possibly be more than friends when they were not even supposed to be friends. She would not mind trying, but she just did not see how it was possible. Well, she doubted that she would have saw how it was possible for her and Shego to be friends at first, but that changed, so she guessed that if they worked at it, they could be something more.

When the fighting ended, Shego decided to indulge in one last lustful embrace of the evening. She seemed to make sure to make the kiss as dirty as she could for Kim to get the idea that it was not something to build a relationship on. Kim only slightly got the message, but Shego was going to spell it out.

“Remember, Possible, we’re on opposite sides and we’re just looking to have fun with each other. That’s all. Nothing else, so don’t always try to look for meaning in things,” the mercenary commented.

Before Kim could say anything in response, Shego took off back toward her home. So, was that all they really were to Shego? They were not even friends? That did not sit well with Kim because she had thought that there was something to their relationship beyond the fact that she could kick Shego’s ass and Shego could almost return the favor, which Kim did appreciate.

The redhead started back toward her home while pondering that she might have looked too deeply into things with her and Shego. She thought that they had a connection after spending so much time together, so many months together. She felt like they had a connection anyway.

They talked freely with each other, like friends. She told Shego some things that she could not tell Ron or Monique. Shego was never harsh with her, making some mocking or teasing remarks, but nothing to show that she did not care about Kim’s feelings when they talked. Shego had always seemed so genuinely understanding of her and seemed to relate to her, even though she did not know what it was like being normal.

She supposed that all of that could plausibly not mean anything to Shego, or maybe she did not look at it as the same. Conversation, bonding over lunch, and sharing laughs together might not to matter to Shego like they would to most other people. Sharing kisses obviously did not either. So, if they were not connected in any way, why were they even meeting up?

Was she just a tool that Shego thought she could use for a good fight, Kim wondered. Now, she loved their fighting. Battling with Shego was what she thought that fighting should be about when it was head-to-head combat with no threat of death hanging in the air. But, she appreciated Shego’s presence along with the fighting.

She hoped that she was not some tool in Shego’s mind because as far as she was concerned, Shego would never beat her. Perhaps, Shego would use her to get better, but Shego would never overcome her. That was just how things were. They were the facts as far as Kim was concerned.

Shego wondered why she did not feel right about clearing the air with Kim. She was telling the truth. To her, Kim was just someone to use to her heart’s content. She was using her to improve her ability as a fighter and if she worked at it, she would be using Kim to sate the lustful feelings rising in her. That was all Kim was good for. People were objects for her to use, Shego believed.

But, if that was the case, why was something nagging her in the back of her mind? Shego could not figure out what was bothering her brain. She decided to dismiss the issue. What did she even care? She was getting what she wanted and that was all that mattered.

All she wanted to do was going soak in the bath for two or more hours as usual at the moment. As she entered her home, she was surprised to find that someone was there already. She put her hands up, preparing to fight, but then she saw who it was. Gemini was sitting at the counter in her kitchen.

“What do you want?” the pale woman demanded to know. She did not care that he was the boss. She spoke to anyone anyway that she pleased, simple as that.

“Nice to see you too, Miss Shego,” Gemini said sarcastically.

“You’re not getting to the point,” Shego stated.

“Fine. The little redhead that you met with today,” he said and that got her attention.

Shego wondered how he knew about Kim, but she played it off as if it was something not important. She doubted that he was taking a stab in the dark at anything. She knew that it was best to admit to things that she figured he already knew.

“What about her?” Shego inquired.

“Interesting kid. You want to tell me about her?” he requested/ordered. He looked at it as a command while she looked at it as a request. She was not going to give him any new information.

“What’s to tell?” Shego shrugged as if it was all no big deal. She wanted to see what cards he had to play before she was going to reveal any of hers. She was not going to give him anything, though. She was not sure why, but she consciously decided that she was not going to tell him anything that he wanted.

“Well, to start with the fact that she’s the reason you look like Hell in a hand basket,” he pointed out.


“Does she work for GJ?”

“I don’t know. She’s never showed me her ID card,” the pale woman answered in bit of a snide tone. “Although I figure if she did, it would a have homeroom number on it before a GJ employee code.”

“You shouldn’t get snippy with me just because some little punk whipped your ass,” he commented because he detected the underlying hostility in her voice. He thought that she was taking her anger out on him because she lost. Little did he know, but she lost on a weekly basis. She just did not want to talk to him.

“Hey, she got it just as good as she gave,” the raven-haired mercenary retorted.

“If you want to think that, fine. Now, tell me about the little redhead and how we could get her to work for us.”

“You can’t,” Shego answered bluntly. A goody-goody like Kim work for WEE? Yeah, the sun was going to turn into a white dwarf long before Kim joined the dark side.

“What do you mean I can’t? Everyone has a price. You of all people should know that. So, what’s hers?”

Shego frowned. She should know that everyone had a price? Did that bastard just imply that she was a whore? Man, if she was not so sore, she would take him down a few pegs, she was fairly certain of that. Just because she hired herself out as muscle for some whacky bastard that wanted the world to bend to his will did not make her a whore.

“She doesn’t have a price,” the pale woman answered, taking all of her self-control to not grit her teeth as she spoke.

“Everyone either has a price or a weakness. Since she doesn’t have a price, maybe we should look at her weakness,” he commented while eyeing Shego in a way that she did not like.

“What the hell does it even matter? Why do you care about her?”

“That would be my business, but let’s just say if you help, I could make it worth your while.”

“Like what?” Shego inquired, actually slightly interested in what he was talking about now. She just wondered what he thought was “worth her while.”

“Like having her around everyday to train with,” he pointed out. He knew that her weakness was the desire for a challenge in someway. Shego was bored and that redhead seemed to relieve her boredom. He knew that she would love to have someone like that around more often.

Shego thought on his words. She did want to be able to fight Kim anytime that she wanted, not the once a week bull-crap that they had going on because that was the best Kim could do. She really did not care about Kim’s schedule or who she had to get passed to make it to their sessions. She wished that there was nothing that stood between her going at it with Kim whenever the desire overcame her. Too bad there was nothing on the planet that would get the little angel over to their side.

“She doesn’t have a weakness,” Shego stated. Kim was a rock in her opinion. The girl was a boulder.

Gemini did not say anything and that bothered Shego. He got up from his seat and he walked out of the door without another word. She watched him go with a frown on her face. She had a feeling that something really entertaining, but downright wrong was going to go down, but with luck, it would not involve her. It seemed like Gemini was focused on Kim and she could care less than nothing about what happened with that kid…or at least that was what she told herself.

Gemini truly believed that everyone had a price or a weakness. He felt like Shego did not want to give up the information that he desired, but she had done so anyway, even if she did not know that she did. She had been most helpful and she was going to help him get his hands on that little redhead whether she knew it or not.

He just thought about what would happen if he had both her and Shego on his side. That girl was amazing and she had not even used any special powers, he noted. He wondered what she was like when she used her talents; little did he know, but Kim had no hidden powers. He probably would have been more excited to know that she did not have powers because that meant that she could best his top agent without any help.

Shego went to take her usual long, hot bath and she continued to think about her boss’ visit. She tried telling herself that she did not care, but she obviously cared a little bit because she kept thinking about it. She wondered how it was he knew about her fighting with Kim.

Well, that was obvious, she thought. She had been followed in someway. She would have noticed a person tailing her, though. So, she was willing to bet that he thought of some kind of surveillance that she would never even glance at, which could be a lot of things. Mad scientists around the city were always coming up some very weird recording devices. She just hoped that he had not planted one on her.

Shego had a way of getting rid of all foreign bodies on her and she did so after her bath. She could willing raise her body temperature to the point where any foreign object even near her body would begin to melt, so anything on or in her body did not stand a chance. Once she was sure that she had debugged herself and her body temperature cooled down, she threw herself on her bed and thought about how she might have put Kim in danger.

She felt bad about that for some reason. She could not figure out why she would feel bad about it. It was not like she liked Kim in any way, shape, or form. The girl was just a tool for her to use, like everyone else in the world. That was all Kim was, someone for her to use, she silently continued to insist.

So, to avoid feeling bad, Shego thought of how cool it would be if Gemini did succeed in getting Kim over to their side. It would be great to be able to go at Kim every day and then maybe go into the night with another activity. She would probably grow bored with Kim after a while, like everything else, but for a while she would be satisfied and that was all that mattered to her.

While considering that Gemini might get Kim onto their team, Shego wondered what kind of tactics the man would use. She was pretty sure that Kim did not have a price. Sure, the kid broke the rules every now and then, but she did not seem like a sellout. So, that left exploiting a weakness that Shego was not too sure Kim had. Anything that meant something to her was in Middleton and Gemini was not stupid enough to go into GJ territory for one kid.

How was he planning to get the kid then? She considered that he might follow her again and just try to kidnap Kim. Once he got her, he might just torture her until she joined. He might accidentally just break Kim and then she would not be of any use to anyone. And he would not even care.

The thought of Kim being broken and it being her fault in someway bothered Shego. Hell, it damn near frightened her. She knew that Gemini was a maniac and did not care about other people in the slightest. He could accidentally kill Kim while torturing her and not even blink about it. Where would she be if Kim got killed, especially in such a pointless way? A kid like Kim, if she was going to die, it should be on her own terms doing something stupid or at least in a grand battle.

Shego sighed and rubbed her forehead. What was she going to do? She did not know at the moment, but she was going to think on it. There had to be someway for her to get Kim out of the mess that she had gotten the kid into.

(New day)

Kim sat around in the clearing that she and Shego made because of their weekly battles. She was waiting for Shego, which was odd. Shego was usually there first, getting in some practice hits on the few trees that they had left standing for the moment. But, she had been there almost an hour and Shego had not shown up yet. She wondered if something was wrong.

She considered that Shego’s absence might have something to do with everything that happened last week. Between the kissing and then Shego trying to push the fact that they were only sparring partners, maybe she had a lot of thinking to do since Kim thought that it was pretty obvious that they were more than two bodies that liked beating each other up, even though Shego insisted on otherwise.

Still, she did not think a little soul-searching would keep Shego away from their weekly appointment. She thought that Shego enjoyed their time together more than she did and that was saying something considering the way her blood raced every time that she saw Shego. Shego was the one that never waited to leave once they got started, no matter how tired or hungry they were. So, where was she?

Kim waited around all day, but Shego did not show up. She wondered what happened. She considered that Shego might have been given a job or something like that, even though that had never kept her away before. Kim sighed; she had been rather eager to see Shego, like she was every week. She supposed that there was always next week.

She had been looking forward to fighting and maybe even more kissing. Sure, Shego said the kisses were meaningless, but they did not feel so meaningless. Besides, she thought that she might have been able to change the pale woman’s mind. It would seem that she was going to have to wait, though.

Shego sat in her living room, bored out her mind. Her body was itching to go run and meet Kim, but she had decided against it. She was not going to lead Gemini to that kid a second time and plausibly ruin the kid’s life. She did not know what he had planned for Kim and she did not want to know.

She also tried to convince herself that her actions, or lack there of, did not mean anything. She was not trying to protect Kim or anything like that. She did not care about the kid personally. She just did not want her little toy to get killed or anything like that. That was all. Too bad no one believed that, especially not Gemini.

Next time: see what Gemini has planned. It won’t be pretty.

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