Kim Possible, Blue Fox




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AUTHOR: shenglong2006

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible belongs to Disney. If I owned it, we’d have more than 87 episodes once the new run is finished.

SUMMARY: Kim Possible has been declared dead, killed by Drakken… However, Shego discovers a different story… and steps in to try to save a changed Kim before she falls into hands which won't treat her with grudging respect…

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Revision Note: If you are named Kim Possible, or hate to see Kim Possible treated with utmost cruelty, please consider leaving now. If you are named Shego, or adore seeing Kim Possible suffer, Enjoy. If you are named Ron Stoppable, Try seeing if you can call Yori on the bridge comm screen.

Words: 833

Shego looked at her new pet, thinking about how, for the first time in months, she had Kim Possible right where she wanted her. The law couldn’t really touch her, since the rules that protected the teen heroine no longer applied to her, and, as long as she didn’t get a visit from Animal Cruelty, She was unmonitored.

That night, as Kim slept in her pet bed, Shego carefully stripped off the pyjamas that she was wearing, then took out some other items and began to go to work…

Kim woke up to find she was having problems stretching. Her barely-awake mind tried to figure out what was going on, as she pulled against restraints that had not been there before. She opened her eyes, to find she couldn’t see, and something else held her mouth firmly shut.

“What’s up? A bit tied up?” Shego said, and then a foot connected with Kim’s back, sending her sliding off the bed. Another kick impacted against her head, jarring her awake, allowing her to smell the leather and feel it holding her in place, solving the mystery of the restraints…

Shego looked at the leather wrapped fox, smirking.

“No more fighting back, Princess…” She mouthed, kicking her twice more, to get a slight whine from the captive animal, then went to do herself some breakfast. Her terminal then beeped.

“GreenGal, You’ve got Evil Mail…” It chirped cheerfully.

“I hope this isn’t another spam message from Bill Gates… He may be the most evil man in his territory, but his mail shots are annoying…” She grumbled.

‘Dear Shego,

How’s the new pet doing? Hopefully you’ll be able to show her docile little self off at the next Evil Expo… I’d like to be able to present you with the money there…


Jack Hench, HenchCo.’ The first mail said.

‘Dear AoiKitsune,

Drakken gone down. Official word is you’re dead. Unofficial has you alive but out of action. I’ve got you classified Umbra Clearance Only, so don’t expect any official help.

HackerXL.’ The second mail read.

Shego smiled at the first one, but growled at the second.

“There’s only one person who could do that kind of stuff…” She said, then got out her phone, “HENCH! We’ve got a mole in the In-Terror-Net… Cancel HackerXL’s account… It’s Wade Load’s.”

She hung it up, scowling, and went back to Princess, and kicked her savagely.

“I bet you knew Wade was on the In-Terror-Net… There won’t be any messages going that way any more…” She said, not caring about the fact her fox was obviously in pain.

Wade scowled as he went to login to the In-Terror-Net to get a ‘Username Not Valid’ message.

“Damn… Gambled too much.” He said, then looked at Dr. Director.

“So, What’s the situation?” Dr. Director said.

“I blew our line into the In-Terror-Net, but I do have Kim’s password, so I can look over her logs…” He said. “On the subject of Kim… Well, Let’s just say her joke username on that server is no longer a joke.”

“What do you mean?” Dr. Director said.

“The final lot… One blue kitsune, Single-tailed, Name – Kimberly Ann Possible.” He said.

“Oh.” Dr. Director said, “And…”

“I found papers for a pet fox, named Princess, registered under Shego’s secret identity… The vet’s reports are from a particularly seedy doctor, but they are valid… Thanks to Middleton’s pet laws, Shego owns Kim Possible, and we can’t touch her… I’ve got animal cruelty informed, but only since I have ‘information on Shego owning a new pet’…” He said.

Kim groaned as Shego removed the leather, throwing it aside. She then looked at the maid’s uniform that Shego pushed into her hands.

“You clean, or you help me train… I’ve been needing a target that reacts realistically to my attacks for a long time.” She said.

“That why you didn’t do that to Drakken?” Kim asked. Shego scowled.

“Just put the uniform on and get cleaning…” Shego snapped, then went up to her room to get some sleep.

She was woke up to the smell of passable cooking.

“What the?” She wondered. She went down to see Kim putting out a delicious looking Spaghetti Bolognese, while holding a plate of chicken sandwiches.

“Eat up. It’s not going to kill you…” Kim said, then disappeared into the kitchen. Shego noted three things straight off. The room was well cleaned, the leather that she’d bound Kim with was no longer strewn on the floor and she could see the television and video remotes in a easy to find place.

“Trying to make me feel sorry about kicking you round the floor earlier?” She asked, as Kim returned, eating one of the sandwiches.

“No. You told me to clean. I noticed it was time for your evening meal, so I did you something.” She said, “I don’t have to do anything to make you feel sorry…”

Shego looked puzzled as the foxgirl went back to her chores, wondering quite what she meant…

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