Kim Possible, Blue Fox




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AUTHOR: shenglong2006

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible belongs to Disney. If I owned it, we’d have more than 87 episodes once the new run is finished.

SUMMARY: Kim Possible has been declared dead, killed by Drakken… However, Shego discovers a different story… and steps in to try to save a changed Kim before she falls into hands which won't treat her with grudging respect…

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 1002

Revision Notes: The chat session is a excerpt from the kind of thing you’d expect to hear in the In-Terror-Net chatroom on that subject. Also, As a bonus chapter, I’m writing one of the logs from when ‘Princess’ is Shego’s, and they discuss what her feelings are towards the fox… after a few teething difficulties. It’ll be funny, It’ll be as bad as a KiGo chatroom, and it’s a case of ‘Spot the users who aren’t crooks’ by the end.

Shego was understandably furious when she came back early from her vacation, having heard rumblings of something hush-hush going down… and she’d then got the message that Kim was dead, and had seen her sidekick send his hurried message.

“Drakken!” Shego growled, “Why wasn’t I called back in… You killed Kim Possible without me!”

“Erm… DNAmy required that as few people as possible knew about it.” He said.

“Why do I have a suspicion something is missing from my knowledge… Doy… You mentioned DNAmy and required that FEW people know about the biggest thing since the in-terror-net…” Shego said, “So, What’s going on?”

Drakken lead her to a area deep in the lair, the same area which he’d just left.

Under a blanket, Shego noticed a blue kitsune slept. It was only when the blanket was shoved aside briefly, and Shego noticed what the kitsune was wearing that she put two and two together.

“What did you do?” Shego growled, “That isn’t very dead… It isn’t even very like Princess…”

“DNAmy loaned me the use of a genetic resequencer…The deal is this… I auction off the cub here to the highest bidder, stripped of what remains of her old self, and the victor gets to use their new property how they see fit… Only real bidders in the auction are DNAmy and SSJ…” Drakken explained, starting to babble fearfully.

“And me…” Shego said, “I plan to be the one who breaks her, the one who owns her… The one she will be dedicated to for the rest of her days…”

“Shego!” Drakken said, “Both DNAmy and SSJ have made very large initial bids…”

“Add the two together… That’s my initial bid.” Shego said, as if the money didn’t matter.

“SHEGO!” Drakken said.

“Oh yeah, And Dr. D, tip for you… My new pet had better be in best condition when I get her, or I’ll give you every injury she has twice over… You can’t fuck me twice.”

Drakken watched her storm off, then thought about how much Shego had bid on Kim’s future welfare…

“Damn… How did she get that much?” He said, as the transaction confirmed.

“How could I have been so stupid!” Ron screamed, “I got Kim killed…”

“Stoppable-san, Drakken always had the ray, He just used you…” Yori said, “You can still go home, relax, and try to figure out how to respect Kim’s memory, rather than blame yourself…”

“No, Yori… There’s nothing left for me there…” He said, “Team Possible is through…”

He threw his version of the Kimmunicator over a ledge, not waiting to hear it land, then followed Yori to the airport, and back to their clan…

“Ron just went offline… We’re losing talent fast.” Wade said to Monique, “Only thing on the agenda is that Dr. Drakken is doing a private auction with Hench Co… The ‘RIP Kim Possible… We’ll Miss You’ Tribute Auction, according to Jack Hench… More like ‘Goodbye, Drakken… You’re too hot to keep around’ Auction… He’s selling off his old plans, that Kim foiled, and the equipment he still has, before he plans to retire and flee the country… Apparently, Him and Shego fell out over the latter not getting to see Kim die, and he was forced to retire due to peer pressure.” Wade said.

“Anyone really we should be worrying about?” Monique said.

“Global Justice are doing a new training cycle, to get back in the game. Team Impossible have gone freelance in tribute to Kim… Once the funeral’s done, Team Possible is being reused as the name for the youth corps of Global Justice… I’ve been called in as their liaison.” Wade said.

“So, There will be a Team Possible still?” Monique said.

“Team Possible still means ‘We will do anything’… Recruitment is based on talents rather than age, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a 5-year-old martial arts prodigy… It matters that you know martial arts.” Wade said, “Kim would love it if she was still alive…”

Dr. Director looked at the logo for the Global Justice Youth Corps… A green and yellow KP logo, with, underneath ‘TEAM POSSIBLE – WE WILL DO ANYTHING – Founded by the late Kim Possible’.

“Why does it have the comment about Ms. Possible founding it?” She asked Will Du.

“All we’re doing is keeping it going… It’s her brainchild…” Will said, “To put anything else wouldn’t be respecting her at all…”

Kim woke up, to hear one of the new Team Possible recruitment commercials.

“Do you have a talent that you think can help the world? Do you think that nothing is impossible? Then call TEAM POSSIBLE!” The small TV blared, “Founded by the late Kim Possible, Team Possible needs you to join it’s call – ‘We CAN do anything!’…”

Kim was in shock. When she noticed her state, she was scared as well.

“Yes… You’ve been declared dead… Like the tribute… A freelance youth arm of Global Justice? I don’t… Just means even more brats annoying me…” Drakken said.

“At least Team Possible will still be there to foil the plans of your type…” Kim said, “That’s all that matters to me.”

“Oh yes… Since Kim Possible is dead, You are just some nameless wild animal… who is getting auctioned off as part of my clearance auction. SSJ needs a blue fox, DNAmy needs a unique cuddle buddy… and Shego threatened to notify Global Justice unless she got a final chance to break you… According to the official record, She cremated your remains, but she still wants to have that last chance at you…” Drakken said.

Kim looked scared when he left.

“Becoming Junior’s token wife, while would, in Ron’s words, be ‘sick and wrong’, DNAmy’s only life-size cuddle buddy, which would probably mean being left on display, not being allowed to do much but look cute… or being, more than likely, nothing more than a pet for Shego, which more than likely involves a lot of very rough treatment…” She sighed, “I’m doomed to a life of hell…”

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