Kim Possible, Blue Fox




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AUTHOR: shenglong2006

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible belongs to Disney. If I owned it, we’d have more than 87 episodes once the new run is finished.

SUMMARY: Kim Possible has been declared dead, killed by Drakken… However, Shego discovers a different story… and steps in to try to save a changed Kim before she falls into hands which won't treat her with grudging respect…

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Revision Note: Welcome to the all-new third chapter… Yep, I am doing more new content than old, but I did do a incredible amount of plot in the original chapters, and also these new chapters deal with things that previously were glossed over. Well, Enjoy… And if you viewing this on the Satellite of KIGO, Seriously, Who would you pair off with if you were stuck on there for potentially the rest of your natural life?

AUTHORS NOTE: Before this part, I wish to thank Idbur for posting this. I also wish to thank nodrog for the wonderful MST-ing that he's doing, and I hope that he continues to do it as well as he currently is.

Words: 1052

Shego cruised into her driveway. The mansion was one that had been in her family for years, but Hego, Wego and Mego had basically discarded it in favour of the Go Tower, so it had become Shego’s little vice. She entered it, looking at the decorators and other workmen who were doing the last-minute remodelling for the arrival of her new fox.

“Why do we have to put in some of these things, Ms. Go?” One of the foremen asked.

“What like?” She asked.

“A well stocked fetish dungeon…” He listed, pointing to the room, whose door was still not refitted, “A pet room with a bed big enough for a St. Bernard…”

“I have my reasons… I am paying you handsomely for this work…” She said, then went to her room, the door being missing due to a new coded lock and strengthened door being fitted, and collapsed on the bed.

“Kimmie… You will be mine, and when I’ve dragged your broken and battered body in front of the evil community, There will be no doubts about my ‘relationship’ with you…” She said, “Everyone will know there’s nothing there…”

In Drakken’s lair, Kim looked round the small cage she was in. At regular intervals, one of Drakken’s henchmen brought her a simple meal, and that was her entire real interaction with the outside world. A small television broadcast the news, which was often about Team Possible helping out people in need.

“In London today, Team Possible agents helped out England’s own U.N.I.T group with a incident involving a ‘attack by unknown invaders’…” The television announced.

Kim smiled, She’d helped that group out before, and had promptly had a non-disclosure order slapped on admitting exactly what she’d seen. As the henchman with her food arrived, however, she quickly turned off the news, and looked docile.

“You creep me out, Ya know that? Everyone here knows you’re her, but you’re no longer such a risk…” He said, pointing out the sturdy restraints Drakken had put on her for safety reasons.

“To me, or to you?” She said, smugly. The henchman ran after leaving the food for her.

“Damn… No cutlery again…” She muttered. Her claws were too short to pick a lock at the moment, and the restraints were designed to hinder that idea anyway, “I’d almost think they wanted me to stay…”

Shego smirked as she looked over the blue room. Everything in the room cost her at least 1000 dollars. The pet bed, which she’d got specially made, had a silk lining, the fixtures were wooden with gold handles and patterning, and the clothes that were in the wardrobe were the best money could buy. She looked at a particular item that had been got early on in her time dealing with Kim Possible.

It was daring. It was almost skin-tight. It also still would fit Kim even after her change. It also was priced at 200 million dollars including accessories.

“Damn that she’ll never wear it.” She muttered, putting it back away. She then looked at the black leather suit that she’d got as a alternative, which positively yelled ‘Slave’, and then, in a strange bout of compassion, caused it to start to burn up.

“And I don’t want her to be like that.” She decided.

At the same time, DNAmy was walking through her cuddle buddy collection. Racks upon racks of every kind of animal known to the creators, even some especially rare ones, but now, where once her rarest had stood, a glass and metal pedestal sat. The walls crackled with a forcefield, solid restraints were built into the design as well as a posture collar and similar restrictive items, each one made to pose the fox she’d be placing there in a cute and docile pose.

“Well, everything’s set…” She said, “Shame I’ll have to be so strict with her… Why did Drakken not allow me to use those little mind-control chip things of his?”

DNAmy sighed, looking at the blue silk unitard she’d got her new pet, and imagined what her collection would look like when Kim was tamed…

“It’ll be so wonderful… And my rarest cuddle buddy will be one-of-a-kind…” She smiled.

In their island hideaway, Senior Senior Senior was looking at his son, who was not really noticing him, more planning his upcoming relationship with Kim Possible.

“Junior, Have you even considered how you will deal with the fact that, yes, she’ll be your Blue Fox, but she’ll be as good as wild?” Senior said.

“Yes, Father… For the first few months, she’ll be trained, until she is not so wild, then she will be happy to partner with me…” Junior said.

“You do know that your children will be… different?” Senior said.

“I have read up on that, and I am not worried…” Junior said.

“So, You know something I don’t?” He said.

“I may do…” Junior replied, smirking, as he went back to his book.

“It’s time.” Drakken said, walking into the room.

“So, Anyone else decided they want a piece of me?” Kim asked.

“No, and hopefully no-one else will. I have deals with two of them, but Shego seems to think it would be better to blast and run.” Drakken said, deadpan.

“She came back?” Kim asked.

“10 synthodrones and 5 robots.” Drakken said, sighing. Her mission suit was torn off her, and a blank collar was roughly put round her neck.

“Hench, I’m ready…” Drakken said, as she was dragged to a covered cage on a stage, multiple items surrounding it. From under the covering, she could see the curtain go up, and, if she crouched really low, could see the faces of some of the most evil people in the world.

“Welcome to our own personal tribute to the unfortunately deceased Kim Possible… Now, It’s likely that I’ll probably be up for murder by the end of the week, so everything must go!” Drakken announced.

“Drakken…” Shego’s voice called out.

“Yes, Shego?” He growled.

“Is that my hairdryer that has Lot 10’s tag hanging off it?” She said.

“Let’s see… Lot 10… Toiletries and healthcare items…” Hench said.

“OK, Drakken… If I don’t get back every lot that is actually my stuff, I’ll give you the death sentence!” Shego replied.

Drakken was heard to gulp, and the auction began…

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