Kim Possible, Blue Fox




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AUTHOR: shenglong2006

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible belongs to Disney. If I owned it, we’d have more than 87 episodes once the new run is finished.

SUMMARY: Kim Possible has been declared dead, killed by Drakken… However, Shego discovers a different story… and steps in to try to save a changed Kim before she falls into hands which won't treat her with grudging respect…

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

AUTHORS NOTE: I fixed a minor error in the original, and now it works better. This chapter was surprisingly long, considering the length of some others. I had to change some lines to fit the fact I start the auction in Chapter Two, but hopefully it works. Also, Kim, Shego, Ron, Sorry about the scare last chapter… I’ll see if I can’t request Yori gets sent up sometime in the future, I promise I am not someone evil. And Shego, You are too smart for your own good… You spoilt the surprise… Well, Kim may not be Japanese, but well… (evil laugh)… Not all kitsunes are Japanese…

Words: 1077

“So, You’re not going to do anything?” Wade said, “Drakken’s doing his auction now, and we’re no closer to having something to pin on him!”

“For a clearance sale?” Dr. Director said, “We’ll pounce on the participants after they use their ill-gotten gains…”

“What’s this rumour about a unlisted item?” Wade said, “I checked the usual boards, as well as the In-Terror-Net, and there’s talk that Drakken hasn’t declared his biggest lot to even Jack Hench, and he’s hosting the auction! All I got was that he did some early bids, and that’s it.”

“I heard the same thing, Agent Load…” Dr. Director said, “Additionally, I heard that the top bid’s already set at 500 million dollars…”

Wade whistled, surprised at the comment.

“That’s a lot of money for early bids… Anyway, Here’s a copy of the programme Jack Hench posted, so you can break it down…” Wade said, “I’m not totally out of the loop…”

“OK, Seize… Ignore… Seize… Seize… Totally ignore… Isn’t that Shego’s property?… Ignore…” She muttered, marking off various items, then came to the bottom.

“Final item – Special Lot – Viewings STRICTLY Only On Night Or By Appointment.” She read.

“I tried, through a spy, to get a appointment. The guy came back in a casket…” Wade said, “Also, It’s too late to get in, Auction started 10 minutes ago.”

Dr. Director cursed. She’d not managed to get the start time, and due to that, she’d missed her last chance to redeem Global Justice.

“I hope that the special lot isn’t Kim’s missing corpse…” She said, “Or I’ll hunt down the top bidder and have them arrested on principle…”

Wade looked thoughtful.

“Give me a few days… I’ve got to check something…” Wade said.

“I’ll be outside the auction house… The instant Drakken comes out, He’s going down for Murder One… Everyone else will get arrested dependent on what they walk out with.”

The auction went well, with Drakken raking in the money, Jack Hench quietly noting Shego bid on some items and threaten to castrate any opposing bidders on each one, luckily for Drakken winning back all her stuff, including her entire spare uniform collection…

“So, Now for your big secret special lot…” Jack Hench said, looking very interested.

“Now, All of you heard recently that Kim Possible died by my hand… Admittedly, That might explain why Global Justice have the place surrounded…” Drakken said, “Anyway, I wish to correct that… DNAmy, If you will explain.”

“I loaned him the use of a genetic resequencer, which he used to shoot her, the video only showing the first few minutes of this attack… After that… This is so cute…” She said, then Drakken removed the top off a cage, revealing the piece d’resistance in his auction…

“The blue fox formerly known as Kim Possible – The first three bids have already been made, starting the bidding at 500 million…” Drakken said.

“How much?” DNAmy said, surprised, “Who bid 2 and a half times me?”

“I did.” Shego said, noting that the cuddle-obsessed geneticist had already been outbid by Junior beforehand.

“550 million!” Junior said.

“600 million!” Dr. Dementor said, “I've been looking for a plaything for my dogs…”

“750 million!” DNAmy said, “That is not funny! She’s not a science experiment!”

The bids rose and rose, slowing down to 5 million dollar bids, until…

“1 billion dollars!” Shego said, before growling, “And NOT A DOLLAR MORE…”

“Anyone still got that much?” Jack Hench asked. Everyone but Shego shook their heads, although some who looked like they wanted to say they had were looking at Shego first, whose hands were glowing, dripping plasma due to the sheer power she’d stored in that.

“Sold to Shego for 1 billion dollars!” Drakken said, gulping slightly, “Come collect her… She'll need a name… Well, Her old one's a bit worthless…”

“I’ll call you Princess…” She said, getting out a blue collar, with the name already engraved on it, and putting it on her new pet, “Now, I have my payoff…”

“What do you mean?” Drakken asked, confused.

“I’m leaving the business… No doing someone's hero work, No more long-term sidekick role… Just me and Princess…” She said, “Sure, I’ll stay on the In-Terror-net, but I’m done… officially… with doing sidekick work. Well, I now own the one thing that made my job fun… What else can I get out of this?”

Princess, as she was now known, was surprised. She knew one thing though… Part of the reason Shego quit was probably that she wouldn’t rest until she’d tamed her… and made her nemesis into her loyal pet in all ways…

All she noticed really at that point was Jack Hench pull her and Shego aside as the auction hall erupted into furious yells of anger…

As they quietly left, The fox formerly known as Kim Possible watched Global Justice swarm the auction, arresting most of the participants. The last thing she heard was a radio message, as she drove off in a blacked out limo, one of a dozen that left that day…

“Agent Load, Bad news… Shego took the mystery lot, and we’re not getting what it is from those we arrested…”

“Damn…” She thought, “I’m on my way to becoming a pet to my arch-nemesis, and even Wade can’t help me…”

Once they were out of range, Shego removed her new pet's collar.

“So, You’ve got me…” ‘Princess’ said, scowling, “I hope you don’t mind if I leave…”

“In fact… I do…” Shego said, “You cost me a billion dollars of money I earned with personal work, Princess…”

“And you’ll earn it again… You are a criminal mastermind, after all…” came the flippant reply. Shego scowled, then reached into her pocket. ‘Princess’ stiffened.

“Driver… Stop by this location…” Shego said, as she handed the driver a card.

A short time later, they stopped, Shego examined Princess’s face for a short time, then got out, coming back a few minutes later with a muzzle, which she forced on her. A muffled ‘Bitch’ came from her lips.

“Now, Princess… You can be as disobedient as you like… I almost want you to be just so I can punish you… but, like any other pet, Good behaviour has it’s own rewards… Now, Until you don’t insult me with every third word, The muzzle stays…”

The car then drove on, slient again, Kim realizing that, for the first time, and probably not the last time, Shego had won…

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