Kim Possible, Blue Fox




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AUTHOR: shenglong2006

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible belongs to Disney. If I owned it, we’d have more than 87 episodes once the new run is finished.

SUMMARY: Kim Possible has been declared dead, killed by Drakken… However, Shego discovers a different story… and steps in to try to save a changed Kim before she falls into hands which won't treat her with grudging respect…

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Notes: To the readers in the Satellite Of KIGO, The molerat was on your computer, so blame him. Secondly, Yes, HackerXL was Wade Load, and I suspect you’ll be checking if he really does have a In-Terror-Net account shortly.

Revision Notes: I fouled up Wade's character in the original version, so I've tried to rewrite the offending dialogue. Of course, some people, namely Kim Possible, Shego and Ron Stoppable, will never be happy…

Words: 1064

Kim watched as they left Middleton, on their way to her new home. Shego then removed her muzzle, and looked at her.

“So, What’s the sitch?” She asked, lazily.

“First… Anything I say goes. Second, No contacting Team Possible or Global Justice. Third, No going into Middleton or Go City except on a leash. Fourth, No calling any of your friends. Also, NEVER say ‘sitch’ in public. It’s ‘situation’… For obvious reasons.” Shego said.

“Let me guess… Very few people say ‘sitch’?” Kim said.

“Not that got Blue Fox on their Animology exam.” Shego said, “Anyway, We’re here…”

The limousine pulled into the driveway of a modest sized mansion, Kim looking puzzled.

“Got it long before I started working with Drakken. No-one really knows where it is…” She said, muttering something barely audible that Kim was able to make out the word Go in at least five times, that she guessed had something to do with Shego’s family…

“So, What was the big secret on your auction sheet?” Wade asked Drakken.

“I cannot tell you… Buyer-Seller agreement.” Drakken said. The tape was then turned off.

“Does it have anything to do with the fact I reviewed the tapes, and know the ‘death ray’ is not what it seems?” Wade said, “This is strictly between us.”

Drakken slid a photocopy of some documents over to Wade, who looked over them, smiling. Here was the missing piece of the puzzle, but…

“Well… This is interesting…” Wade said, then, taking out a lighter, set fire to the photocopies, “And as far as I am concerned, The evidence doesn’t exist…”

“What do you mean?” Drakken said, confused by the fact Wade was causing the investigation to be for nothing.

“I like my new job, Mr. Lipsky… Access to computer servers that normally I’d face jail time for even sniffing about in… The latest tools… Anyway, If I was shown to have missed the ball this bad, I’d probably end up with my computer under surveillance for until I’m 18, out of a job and disallowed from even recoding open-source…” Wade said, then turned the tape on, showing some flash cards.

“Now, Tell me…” Wade said, suddenly sounding angrier, as if the pause had been for something other than what it was for, while showing a flash card ‘Think of something tacky, and it’s not the death sentence.’

“OK, I’ll talk… It was a replica diorama display of Kim’s final defeat. The only reason it sold so highly was that everyone wanted the damn thing…” Drakken smoothly, but convincingly, lied.

“Fine, Mr. Lipsky. At least it was a replica.” Wade said, “What happened to the body?”

“Shego torched it.” Drew lied, thinking fast, “She wanted to see Kim burn…”

“That’s fine… Can’t charge you with anything new…” Wade said, while inwardly snickering at how plausible the second lie was, “Lucky you did retire… We can convict… but you’ll not get the death sentence… Without a body, it’s just life imprisonment.”

Drew nodded. He’d get life for Kim’s ‘murder’… but at least he still had one.

Kim walked into the house, noting the green deep pile shag carpets, the almost-black wooden fixtures and the pastel green walls as she did.

“You won’t be able to hide too easily in this house… There are predominantly green rooms, and there are predominantly black rooms… Well, OK, The kitchen’s predominantly white with some green… but no blue rooms.” She said.

“What makes you think I’ll try hiding?” Kim said, testing her footing on the carpeting.

“Let me think… I’m your owner, but you’d rather it was Ron or Monique… You’re a good distance away from anyone who can defend you… And none of your supporters live within 100 kilometres of the house.” Shego said, smugly. Kim grinned, and sprung forward to try to land a kick on Shego’s temple. Shego blocked it, smiling.

“Oh, Old school…” Shego smirked, lighting up, and started to fight back, “One last fight then…”

Ron sighed, as the Yamanouchi clan sat down to a meal.

“Yori?” Ron asked, “Would you like to return with me… when I go back to Middleton?”

“Do you have a good rea…” Yori began, but Ron was ready for it, and planted a kiss on her cheek, while getting out a engagement ring. She amended her previous comment with ‘I’d be happy to,” as her cheeks reddened…

Senior Senior Senior looked at his son, who was, for once, actually training. When he noticed that crude paintings of Shego were on the targets he was beating up on, He corrected the assumption.

“Junior… The papers are in. Shego owns Princess.” Senior said.

“I will be her… prince!” Junior grunted, smashing the ‘head’ of one of the targets.

“Junior, Junior… She’s unable to be found!” Senior said, “Why waste precious time learning to be evil on a vendetta?”

“Rule 42.” Junior said.

“Damn… He’s right…” Senior said, thinking back to the rulebook… ‘Rule 42 – A vendetta against your enemy should be cultivated, not ignored.’

DNAmy looked at the empty pedestal, and sighed.

“Damn that woman… The perfect little cuddle buddy to complete my collection, and it goes to live with that evil, evil sidekick of his.” She said in a sing-song voice, “He’d better savour his time in prison, because he’s going to pay…”

She then left the glass-walled chamber, locking it again.

“Princess, You will become my prize… At least Shego will make sure you won’t try running off…”

Wade looked out of his office window.

“Where are you, Shego?” He muttered, “Nothing’s coming up on any of my sources, or any of Global Justice’s, and that doesn’t happen often.”

His computer then beeped.

“Possible location found – Mansion, belonging to Sheila Gordon.” It declared, displaying a copy of the deed.

“Forgot that the Go family use aliases now…” Wade said, “Save search result in encrypted drive, and erase all records of search using Protocol Wade-1-Alpha.”

“Affirmative.” The computer replied. Wade then picked up his phone, dialling a internal line.

“Director, The is Wade. We’ve located Kim Possible.” He said, “However, I want a Umbra Level Security lockout on the fact… I know what that means… Betty, She’s officially dead. We’d be the laughing stock of the espionage business… OK, I’ll be there with the information shortly.”

Wade then smiled. Even after Drakken pulled the biggest con in history, He’d come through for Kim…

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