There for You

Chapter 9

It's electric


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TITLE: It's electric

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Kim is a hero, an author, and a painter who can do anything, except get a date. That probably explains why Bonnie gives her a card to an escort service.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3281

Betty frowned. She could not believe that green-skinned bitch hung up on her. What the hell was going on with Shego? Was it that the cranky asshole wanted to get killed? Because if that was the case, she would so fucking oblige.

She tried calling Shego back only to find out that the pale woman was not taking her calls. She scowled; okay, she was going to give the crazy bitch a moment or two to find herself and then she was going to wipe her off of the face of the fucking Earth. No one just hung up on her, even if she had known the person for as long as she had known Shego.

And just because she had known Shego for as long as she had did not mean that she had not wanted to kill her for a long time. In fact, she was willing to bet that anyone that had known Shego for as long as she had wanted to kill her. Okay, so, right, she was going to give Shego sometime to get her head together and then beat her to a bloody pulp. It was a good plan in her head.

(New day)

Kim was currently trying to escape her bed. She was not quite making it because Shego was not letting her. She was laughing as she tried to get away and Shego looked rather amused by what was going on too.

“Come on, Shego! We need to get out of bed sometime!” Kim stated as she tried to pull her arm back.

“Says who?” Shego inquired as she worked to get her girl back to her.

They had been spending most of their time there in bed. It was more than just moving under the sheets, but cuddling and things. They laid there and talked, but they had just been in the bed. Kim could not handle it, even though she enjoyed being near Shego.

“C’mon! Lemme go!” Kim pled.

“No,” Shego replied and she yanked the redhead back to her. She smiled in triumph and she held Kim to her and settled back down in the bed.

“You don’t want to get up and stretch or something?”

“No, I like lying in bed whenever I can. It’s a great place to just relax and think, especially since you don’t have a TV or anything like that,” Shego teased a bit.

“Well, we could’ve always gone to your place.”

“What? And I’d lose you to the soccer channel. I want you all to myself,” the pale woman said as she nuzzled Kim’s neck.

Kim had lost thanks to the gesture. Fine, she would stay in bed for a little while longer. She settled down next to Shego and sighed; it was a content sound.

“Shego…” Kim said in a hesitant voice.

“Yeah?” the emerald-eyed woman replied.

Kim thought long and hard about what was on her mind. Did she really want to ask the question? It might ruin the great thing that they had going and even though she wanted to get out of bed, she did not want things to totally end. She decided against asking her question.

“Do you wanna go out for pancakes later on?” she opted to inquired.

“Sure. Wait, it’s morning?” Shego asked while glancing toward the window. The sun was up, but hell, all that told her it was daylight.

“I think so. I’m not sure. I just have a craving for pancakes,” the redhead answered.

Shego just laughed; she did not know why she thought that was funny, but she did. Maybe it just because her girl was really adorable and almost everything that she did earned her a smile from Shego. Shego hugged Kim close to her.

“I really do love you, Kimmie,” the pale woman commented.

Kim doubted that she would ever get tired of hearing those words. It was nice to be loved, especially by Shego. Was this what Bonnie had always wanted for her? If so, then damn it, Bonnie really was a good friend.

“I love you too,” Kim managed to say.

“What?” Shego asked in a shocked voice and she looked down at the redhead in her arms.

“I love you too,” Kim repeated in a stronger voice than that first declaration.

“Why’d you say that?” the pale woman asked in a curious tone. It seemed odd for Kim to just decide to reply to her proclamation, especially since it was not the first time that she had made the announcement through their time together, but it was the first time that she had gotten an answer.

“Why do you mean ‘why’? I say it because I love you, doy,” the younger woman remarked with a small.

“You never said it before,” Shego pointed out.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything,” Kim commented.

Shego smiled a bit and held Kim closer to her. The pale woman settled onto her back and pulled Kim on top of her. She caressed the redhead’s back and Kim snuggled her head under Shego’s chin.

The emerald-eyed woman could not believe that she had nearly thrown away what she had with Kim. She had never felt so good in all of her life just from being with someone. She hoped that the feeling never passed. She wanted to love Kim forever and always. She also wanted to be loved by the redhead for all eternity.

Kim could understand the feeling because she also never wanted the feeling to wane. She desired to be in love with Shego for the rest of her life and to be loved by the green-skinned woman forever. She wanted to wake up next to the pale woman every day of her life, cuddle with the pale woman whenever she could, and just be with her.

They laid there for a while, just enjoying being near each other. They finally got up and decided that it was time for a shower. Kim hoped that after the shower, they were heading out for pancakes. Lately, they had been taking a shower together and then they would just going right back to the bed with the only stops being for the phone to call out for food or in the refrigerator for something to drink.

“We should take a bath when we come back in,” Shego suggested.

“A bath?” Kim echoed.

“Yes, a nice, relaxing bath with candles, bath beads, bubbles, and everything. It’ll be nice,” Shego said.

“I don’t have any of those things,” Kim pointed out.

“We’ll pick some up after we get some pancakes in you,” the pale woman replied while rubbing Kim’s flat belly.

The redhead giggled at the touch. Shego smiled just because of the sound. Life was supposed to be this nice, they both thought.

After their shower, they got dressed and finally left the apartment. They wandered around to a place that served breakfast all day long and Kim got a short stack of pancakes while Shego ordered some lunch since it was the afternoon. It had been a surprise to them to find out that it was the afternoon, but they did not really care.

They sat by a window in the restaurant and ate their meals while discussing every little thing. They then glanced out of the window because they thought that someone was watching them. When they did not see anyone, they turned back to each other.

“Did you…?” Kim asked.

“Yeah, it did seem like that,” Shego answered because she knew what her girl was going to say.

“Okay, as long as it’s not just me,” the redhead replied.

They went back to their food and conversation. They did glance out of the window again as it felt like someone was watching them, but they did not see anyone. They shrugged and continued on. When they were done, Shego decided to pick up the check, even though Kim argued that she could pay.

“Nonsense, Princess. I don’t want you paying for anything while I’m here,” Shego commented while putting her arm around Kim’s waist.

“Well, what if I don’t want you to pay for stuff while I’m around?” Kim countered.

“Too bad. I’m the one in charge around here,” Shego remarked as she led Kim out of the restaurant.

“Since when?”

“Since always. Don’t argue with me or you’ll end up in cuffs on the bed,” the pale woman taunted the redhead.

Kim only laughed. They walked down the street, headed for a store to buy the items that Shego wanted for their bath later on. As they went on, Kim glanced behind them a few times. Shego noticed and she began glancing behind them.

“Did you see somebody?” the pale woman inquired.

“Nah,” Kim answered.

“Are you sure?”

“Not really. I mean, it feels like someone is following us, but I don’t see anyone that stands out,” the redhead explained.

Shego nodded. She could guess who it was that was following them if someone was following them. She decided not to care about it because she could handle whoever it was. She just focused on getting everything so that she could have a nice, hot bath with Kim.

The green-skinned woman silently considered that maybe they should go to her apartment for the bath. Her tub was bigger and just nicer than the tub at Kim’s house. But, there was something about Kim’s place that was just comforting and soothing, so she would rather be there.

They went to the store and Shego had Kim sniffing all kinds of scented candles. It was not something Kim had ever done, but it was not all that bad, especially since she knew what it was for. They made their purchases after spending a little time in the store.

“Maybe we should go grocery shopping since we’re out here,” Shego suggested.

“You think so?” Kim asked.

“Yeah, we should do that. We need to get some food in your house that I can eat considering I’m not some Martian like you,” Shego teased.

“Hey, you should be happy that I can eat just about anything,” the redhead remarked.

“Oh, is my Princess trying to get dirty?” the pale woman inquired.

“Considering the things I’ve done with you, I thought I was dirty,” Kim commented with an amused smile.

Shego laughed. “No, you’re still pretty mild. I’ll get you dirty later on down the line. Right now, let’s get some food and then get to a nice, long, hot bath,” she said.

Kim nodded in agreement and they went grocery shopping. Shego did most of the shopping because Kim really did not pick things that went together. The redhead shopped by buying things she liked. She just put together whatever she thought was good without going too overboard. Kim would buy things like bread, but never get sandwich meat. She would buy tomatoes, but nothing else for a salad. She even bought canned tuna, but it seemed she only did that when she was out of bread, so it was not like she could have a tuna sandwich and she really did not know how to make anything else with tuna.

Shego brought what she thought the apartment needed, which was very different from what Kim usually did. She did not say anything when Kim picked up things that she liked if they were snacks because it did not matter if those went together or not. Through out the shopping, they could feel a pair of eyes on them.

The couple was not going crazy. There was someone watching them. He wished that they would get to wherever that they were going. He was irked that he had to go through the candle-sniffing crap when they were out, but now he had to go through grocery shopping. What the hell was she doing just out grocery shopping anyway? She was a take-out girl through and through unless someone was wining and dining her.

He had thought that he was being slick when he was waiting at her apartment, but that did not work out since she had not been there. So, he had to go out and look for her. He had spotted her in that breakfast restaurant and decided to wait for her to get off of the street before he did anything. It seemed like it was going to be a very long wait from the way things were going. What the hell was she doing anyway?

She was acting weird in his opinion. He wondered if he should call in and tell the boss what was going on. He decided against that because those were not his orders. He was only supposed to retrieve her as violently as possible and that was what he was going to do.

So, he waited and watched what was going on. He watched where the couple was going and made sure to stay out of sight. He did note how paranoid they seemed because they kept looking behind them; sure, he was there and everything, but he did not think that they knew that someone was following them.

Kim and Shego returned to Kim’s apartment with enough supplies to hide away for a few more days. Shego’s plan was to hole up in the loft for a few more days anyway. The redhead was willing to go ahead with that arrangement as long as she could get out of bed every few hours to move around. She was all for the scheme because the world seemed to be getting along fine without her; after all, no one had blown the planet up and that was all the proof she needed that law enforcement was doing a bang up job.

“So, what do you want first, hot bath or dinner?” Shego asked.

“What do you recommend?” Kim inquired. It sounded so very romantic and that made it foreign territory for her.

“I say I’ll make dinner first and then we get into the tub and snuggle up together before retiring to bed where I will rock your little world for the rest of the night,” the green-skinned woman declared with a devious smile.

“Sounds like a good plan,” Kim agreed with a cute smile.

Shego went to the kitchen with the groceries while Kim took the bath supplies to the bathroom. As she came out of the bathroom, she noticed something a bit odd, namely someone seemed to be crawling in through her window. She shook her head and hurried over to the window. She waited next to the wall while being a bit incredulous that someone was actually breaking into her home. Boy, this burglar had terrible luck, she thought as he landed next to her.

“You know, if you run for the door right now, you might make it,” Kim commented, causing the young man to turn around.

Kim got a quick glance of the young man before fighting broke out between them. He was an ebony-haired, onyx-eyed kid pretty much. He was probably her age from the look of his face. Well, if he was her age, she would not about to lose to him in a fight; she did save the world on a weekly basis, after all.

The pair began fighting with the intruder throwing the first punch. Kim dodged the strike and countered with her own attack. He moved to avoid the blow and went to kick the redhead. She blocked and they began making a ruckus as they fought, which caught Shego’s attention.

The pale woman turned to the source of the noise and saw the fighting. “What the fuck? Will, what the hell are you doing there?” she demanded to know.

“I’m here for you,” he answered while making sure to focus on Kim, who was more than he assumed she would be.

“Like hell I’m going to go with you,” Shego declared.

“I will bring you back,” Will stated.

“Fuck you,” Shego replied as she stalked over to the battle.

Will noticed Shego approaching and knew that he would have his hands full with both of them. He put all of his power into a kick and sent Kim flying back. She landed on her desk, breaking it, and then she hit the floor. She coughed in pain while Will turned his attention to Shego.

“You shouldn’t have hurt my Princess like that,” Shego growled and she practically jumped on Will.

The young man blocked as many of her attacks as he could, but she eventually hit him and he fell back into the center of the apartment. He landed by the computer and when he looked up, he saw Shego stalking toward him like a hunting tiger. He acted quickly and aimed his wrist at her. A wire shot from his wrist and connected with Shego’s shoulder. An electric current flowed from the wire into Shego and she collapsed to the floor.

“What the hell did you do to her?” Kim demanded to know as she climbed to her feet and ran for Will with a murderous look in her eyes.

Will quickly climbed to his feet with the hope that he could fend off Kim and then collect Shego as he was supposed to. He got up and moved just in time to avoid a very powerful punch. Kim ended up putting her hand through her computer screen. She did not seem to notice and turned to her opponent to take his head off.

Will could not believe his luck; how the hell did Shego find a girl that was damn near as dangerous as she was? He blocked her attack, but it was still hurting when she tagged him. He decided to just take care of her like he had done Shego. He leaped back and fired his wire a second time. When the electric current hit Kim, she hollered in sheer agony and fell to the floor, involuntarily twitching. He considered that he might have used too many volts; he had the thing set to deal with Shego, after all.

“I guess you just want to die today, is that it, Will?” Shego asked as she climbed to her feet and wiped away blood from her nose. She scowled deeply as she began slowly walking toward him.

“Shego,” Will said and he aimed his wrist at her again.

“It’s not going to work a second time, you fucking bastard. You hurt my Princess,” Shego said in a menacing tone and her hands ignited.

“Shego,” Will repeated and his voice was almost a tremble. He knew that she was a powerful woman and he knew that she had no problem with critically injuring someone if things came to that. He thought that he would be able to take her, but if his weapon had no affect on her, then he knew he was at her mercy.

Will decided to call Shego’s bluff and he fired his wire a third time. It did not seem to bother her when it landed. The thing was just that a huge shock only tended to piss her off thanks to her powers and delivering a second huge shock only minutes after the first did not even do that. Her body just seemed to adjust for electricity.

The young man did not know what to do as Shego drew closer with her hands aflame and a deep scowl on her face. He gulped and could only pray that he made it out of his current mess alive. Although he was not going to give her the satisfaction of taking him down easily, he told himself.

“You hurt my Princess,” Shego repeated before starting her attack.

Next time: the end.

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