There for You

Chapter 5

Too close for comfort?


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TITLE: Too close for comfort?

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Kim is a hero, an author, and a painter who can do anything, except get a date. That probably explains why Bonnie gives her a card to an escort service.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3275

Kim sat with a paint brush in her mouth and another in her hand. She was working on a piece that she had wanted to do for a while. She actually needed to get some work done because she had been invited with Josh to showcase some pieces. It would be nice to get some praise for her art rather than her writing for once, especially since she liked the painting so much more than the writing. She suspected that she liked the painting more than the writing because it did not seem like a job, even though she occasionally made money off of her painting.

She was distracted from her piece as there was her Kimmunicator went off. She huffed; Wade had horrible timing with her missions and he probably always would. She wished that she could just ignore it, but it was probably important. She put down her brushes and went to answer the communication device. It was Wade and he did have a mission for her, so the painting was going to have to wait.

Kim hoped that she was not getting a look at how things would go for her since there was a chance for her to sell some paintings. She had no problem with doing missions, of course, but she would get annoyed if they would interfere with her art now that she had some momentum. She really wanted to get some painting done.

(New day)

“Hey, Princess, what are you doing sitting out here?” Shego inquired as she stepped up to her apartment door. Kim was sitting in front of her door with her legs folded underneath, looking adorable as usual.

“I’m taking a break and I was hoping I could maybe watch some football,” the redhead answered. She had gotten quite a bit of painting done and it felt good, so now she was just looking to relax for a moment or two before she got back into it.

“Okay, but how long have you been sitting out here?” the pale woman inquired.

“I dunno. Maybe an hour. I didn’t know what time you got in, so I just came over and hoped for the best,” the girl explained.

“Obviously that didn’t work. You should’ve called,” Shego pointed out.

“I can’t. You never gave me your home number,” Kim answered.

“Right,” the green-skinned woman conceded. She had never given the petite hero a private number to reach her at. Maybe she should do that, so Kim would not have to sit in the hall if she wanted to just watch some soccer.

“So, is it all right for me to watch a game or two?” Kim requested.

“Of course. Come on in. You’re going to have to be quiet, though. I’m going to go to bed when I get in,” Shego explained.

Kim nodded to show that she would be very quiet, which Shego knew that she would. They entered the apartment and Kim went right to the sofa. She turned to her favorite channel and sat silently, like she always did. Shego stole a kiss from the girl and then went to her room to go to bed. It had been a long night.

The pale woman did hope that Kim would still be there when she woke up. She was not sure if she was up for much with Kim considering how tired she was, but recently, she noticed that she did just liked holding the kid while they lounged on the sofa or when they were sleeping in bed. She figured Kim would be there as long as a good game was and she was right.

When Shego rose from bed late that afternoon, Kim was still sitting there on the sofa, watching football. She had come to realize why Kim vegged out on soccer like she did; it was because she did not want it as often as it seemed. Kim used to be lucky to have time for one game every other week and even now that she could watch at Shego’s house, she did not watch that often. She came over about once a week and stayed until nighttime.

“How’s the games, Princess?” Shego asked as she flopped down next to Kim.

“Great. I’m glad I decided to take a break now,” the redhead replied.

Shego nodded; she was glad that Kim decided to take a break now too. She had been thinking about her little Princess, who had been too busy to stop by recently it seemed. Kim had been doing a lot of running around thanks to Wade and when she was not out on missions, she was working on her paintings.

“Come here,” Shego ordered her guest.

“Huh?” Kim asked.

“Come here,” Shego repeated and she motioned to herself with two fingers.

The redhead did not object and she did not take her eyes off of the screen as she crawled over to her green-skinned hostess. Shego threw her arms around Kim and held the girl to her. She glanced down at the petite hero on her and guessed that Kim was probably the only person on the planet that was attracted to women and failed to get turned on by what she was wearing.

Shego had come out into the living room in a black lacy teddy that stopped right at her rump and was see through for the most part. She knew that Kim would not notice, not because the kid was not attracted to her, but because the kid’s mind was wired differently from most people it seemed. She liked that about Kim. She liked being around someone that was not looking to fuck her just because she was there.

“So, Princess, when’re you going back home?” the emerald-eyed woman inquired.

“When you kick me out?” Kim guessed.

“Sounds good. What were you working on, anyway?” Shego asked, a hand wandering to Kim’s bare stomach and caressing the girl’s flat belly.


“I need to see your paintings one day. I wonder who you paint like. Are you more a little Da Vinci or Van Gogh?” the pale woman mused aloud while continuing to rub the redhead’s stomach.


“Your voice is telling me to stop talking because you’re focusing more on the game than me,” Shego commented.

Kim nodded honestly. Shego laughed a bit and just held on to the kid while the match went on. The pale woman busied herself with the girl in her arms since she had yet to develop a love for any sports, including soccer. She found something much more fascinating than sports when she had the redhead in her arms, mostly fondling the olive-eyed girl.

Shego kissed on Kim’s neck and ear, which the redhead did not mind. She liked all of the attention that she got from Shego. She did not know why Shego was so interested in her, but she doubted that it mattered. As long as the attention kept coming, everything was fine by her.

“When are you going to come back?” Shego asked out of the blue.

“I don’t know,” Kim answered honestly.

The pale woman nodded, even though Kim did not see because she was focusing on the television. Shego continued to busy herself with what she liked, touching Kim. There was something about Kim that seemed to scream “cuddle!” and she obeyed. Something about Kim took Shego out of her usually dirty mindset to a mindset that she thought was weird, but the redhead had that effect on her. When she cuddled Kim, like she was now, her touches were not overly lustful.

When the moss-hued woman kissed Kim’s neck or ear, the touches were sweet. Yes, Shego could be extremely lascivious, but she could also be somewhat tender with Kim. Sometimes she noticed and sometimes she did not. Sometimes Kim noticed, but most of the time, it went by her.

“Hey, Shego,” Kim said out of the blue.

“Hmm?” the pale woman made a noise to acknowledge the girl.

“Are you going to be home tomorrow?”

“What, so you can use my TV and eat my food that actually goes together?” Shego teased.

“Maybe I just want to hang out with you,” Kim countered.

“You never just want to hang out with me. You want to hang out with my TV and my food,” the green-skinned woman argued in a taunting tone.

“Only because you let me,” the petite hero countered.

“Is that it? If I didn’t let you do certain things, you wouldn’t do them?”

“Not in your house obviously,” Kim answered.

“You’re too polite for yourself, Princess. You should be more forceful,” Shego suggested.

“Is that what you want me to be?” the redhead inquired with an impish smirk on her face.

“It would be a nice change.”

Kim chuckled a bit. Shego did the same and then went back to her task. The redhead went back to watching her match. They both just seemed to enjoy being as they were; it seemed to bring peace to their world. And they stayed like that until Shego had to get ready to go out.

“You can stay if you want,” Shego told Kim as she was about to walk out of the apartment.

“No, that’s okay,” Kim replied. “I need to get back to my work while my muses are kicking me in the head.”

Shego chuckled. “All right. If you’re going come back, I tend to get in about seven in the morning. If you want to call me, here’s my number.”

The pale woman took Kim by the hand and wrote her number on the petite hero’s hand. Kim looked at the number and then headed out the door with Shego. Shego had just broken a rule to her profession, but that did not bother her; hell, the kid already knew where she lived, so Kim having her phone number was not much.

(New day)

Kim yawned as she pulled herself away from her computer. She was bored. She had just gotten through a large portion of her story and she thought that she deserved a break. As soon as that idea came to mind, she instantly thought about Shego.

It was very logical in Kim’s mind how she got to Shego when she needed a break. Her mind was trained to think about soccer when she wanted to unwind and because she now watched as much soccer as her mind could handle at Shego’s place, she thought of Shego when she thought of soccer. It was doubtful that Shego would have been pleased to know that Kim’s brain associated her with soccer and not mind-blowing sex, but she probably would not have been surprised.

Kim hummed to herself as she went to make the call. She waited as the phone rang and then a groggy voice answered. The voice did not sound very pleased.

“Shego, you’re sleeping?” Kim asked.

“Yeah, Princess, it’s nine in the morning,” Shego answered. She recognized the voice, even in her dazed state.

“Is it?” Kim asked in an astonished tone as she looked around for the time. She did not own a clock, so it was difficult for her to confirm that, but she would take Shego’s word on it.

“Yeah. You wanna come over?” the pale woman guessed.

“I can wait,” Kim replied.

“You can come over. Just be quiet.”

“Aren’t I always?”

“You don’t want me to answer that one.”

Kim laughed a bit and they disconnected the call. The redhead exited her apartment and headed right for Shego’s place. The pale woman let her in and she practically bounced to the sofa while Shego went back to bed. She did wonder how the hell Kim could have so much energy at nine thirty in the morning.

Shego came back out into the living room well into the afternoon. She flopped down on the sofa next to Kim. She was not wearing anything provocative; she had on a black robe. Sure, it was a short robe, but it was still a robe.

“So, what do you say you join me for dinner tonight,” Shego suggested.

“Huh?” Kim asked.

“Dinner, you, me,” Shego shortened the plan.

“Sounds good, but don’t you have…work?” the redhead inquired. She did not typically refer to Shego’s occupation. It seemed like really a taboo subject with her, even though she had hired Shego on more than one occasion.

“No, Princess, I get days off just like everyone else,” the pale woman answered. Hey, she got more days off than most people.

“Oh,” the younger woman muttered. It was clear that she did not consider that one.

“So, dinner? You make me ask again and I’m kicking you out. You’re going to have to go back to your TV-less loft,” Shego teased.

“I’ll have dinner with you then,” Kim answered.

“Good. Anything special you want? Why am I even asking? You’re a person that will eat fucking waffles peanut butter.”

“Hey, it’s good that way!” Kim argued.

Shego did not even jump into that one. She was just going to order what she wanted when the time came because she knew that her redheaded guest would eat just about anything. Kim glanced over at Shego; a thought had entered her head because Shego stated that she had days off.

“Shego, how did you get your job?” Kim asked.

“Why, you want to join up?” Shego teased.

“No, I was just wondering,” the younger woman answered.

“I got my job like most people do, I knew somebody,” the pale woman replied.

“What kinda answer is that?” the redhead inquired.

“The one you’re getting, so stop being so nosy. I don’t go around asking you about your work, do I?” Shego pointed out.

“No, but then again, you don’t know what I do.”

“You don’t even know what the hell you do.”

“You got me there,” Kim yielded.

Shego shook her head because of her guest. She gathered Kim up in her arms and played with Kim while the redhead watched soccer. Eventually, Shego just had to turn the channel, though. Usually, she would leave things as they were, but it was her day off and she would like to enjoy her television for a little while.

“Hey!” Kim protested.

“Shut up,” Shego ordered in a playful tone.

“I was watching that.”

“I know and now you’re watching this. You can’t just hog my TV all day. I don’t hog you all day, do I?” the pale woman said.

Kim conceded that point. She had just been running claim on the television ever since Shego had been having her over and she had been watching something that her hostess did not even like. It was a bit rude of her, now that she thought about. She figured that she owed it to Shego to watch whatever it was Shego wanted to watch at least once.

The pale woman turned to an action movie and it seemed that they were watching that, but it seemed that was not the only thing that they were going to be doing. Although Shego did want to see the movie, it did not stop her from fondling Kim while watching the film. Kim did lean into any lustful touch or she held Shego’s hand in place somewhere on her.

Shego was starting to realize that it was just her habit to touch Kim when she was within arms’ length and they were sitting still. The redhead begged to be touched in her opinion; there was something about Kim that called out to her to caress whenever she could. She was starting to think that was a bad thing, though.

Shego was beginning to note that she was getting rather close to the kid. Ah, she decided that she did not care. It was not completely unnerving because she enjoyed molesting someone. She was allowed to be licentious; it did not mean that she was getting too close to a person. Getting too close to someone was a bad thing, but liking to touch someone was fine. Yeah, so she was worrying too much, Shego told herself.

Kim groaned softly as she woke up. She covered her mouth as she began to yawn. She then propped herself up on her elbows to look around for a sign of what time it was. Her movement caused the body next to her to stir.

“What are you doing?” Shego inquired.

“Huh?” Kim said as she turned to the pale woman.

“What are you doing?” Shego repeated while opening her eyes to see what the redhead was doing.

“I was just trying to get an idea of what time it is. You don’t have a clock or something?” Kim asked.

“Of course I have a clock. Why, do you need to know what time it is?”

“Well, I figured I would go home.”

Shego did not really like the sound of that. She had all day to just hold Kim and here Kim was, trying to get away. She was not for that plan at all.

“Stay,” the pale woman requested while reaching out for the redhead and grabbing her around the waist.

“You want me to stay?” Kim asked. She was puzzled by that because that was the first time that Shego had ever asked her to stay.

“Yes,” Shego answered.

Kim would not mind staying and it typically felt good when she could give Shego something that she wanted. She settled back down into the bed next to Shego, who pulled her close. Shego fell back to sleep while Kim remained up for a while because she did not do long sleeps.

The redhead spent sometime staring down at the woman sleeping next to her. She liked hanging out with Shego. Sure, they never did much, but she did enough running around on her own that she was glad for a pause to her life. She liked that she could relax with Shego, except for when the pale woman was trying to broaden her horizons anyway. It was a bit hard to relax with the sex games that Shego liked to play, but Kim was up for a lot of things, even if she had never done them before.

When Shego woke up, Kim was sleeping again. She looked down at the kid and realized that not only had she requested that Kim stay, but the redhead had fulfilled that request. Most might have thought that was a good thing, but not her. Shego did not think that either her request or Kim’s compliance was a good thing.

Shego believed that she was getting too close and attached to someone who was really just a client. Kim was her client and yet there she was, requesting that the girl stay with her just so that she could snuggle up with her in her sleep. Sure, it made for a good sleep, but that was beside the point. The fact of the matter was that she was too close to the kid and that was not a good thing.

She did not enjoy being close to anyone. It complicated life in so many ways. Conflicts arose when there was more than one person in her life. It meant having to hear another opinion on something and she was not interested in listening to someone else’s opinion. She just did not like having to put up with another person.

She was behaving inappropriately with the kid, she decided. She was just too close to Kim and that had to stop. It ended now, she told herself.

Next time: Shego cuts her ties to Kim. How will that affect them?

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