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Chapter 8



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TITLE: Tonight

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters.

SUMMARY: AU. Kim is a hero, an author, and a painter who can do anything, except get a date. That probably explains why Bonnie gives her a card to an escort service.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3490

Kim was pissed; no, she was beyond pissed. She was fucking livid. She was scowling and her chest was heaving because of her anger and all of the yelling that she had just done. She could not do anything about it because she was chained to her bed, which was not helping her mood. She was just eyeing the object of her fury with contempt in her gaze, but her rage was ignored. She was not surprised by it.

“Princess,” Shego said. She was the reason why the redhead was so enraged. She was the one that locked Kim to the bed.

“Lemme go,” Kim growled. She had already made the demand a dozen or so times and they had not worked. In a moment, she was just going to free herself; it was not like handcuffs could really hold her. She just did not want to break her bed all because of Shego.

“I just want you to listen to me,” Shego said as she crawled over to Kim.

“Why should I? You didn’t listen to me,” the redhead hissed.

“So you keep saying.”

“So, why the fuck should I listen to you?” Kim huffed.

“Because I made a fucking mistake! Okay, I made a mistake,” the pale woman replied. She had no intentions of saying that before that moment. It was just that Kim kept demanding to know why she should hear Shego out.

The confession did shock Kim to the point where it was shown on her face. Shego was a woman that thought that she was perfect, that she was incapable of making mistakes. So, for her to just admit such a thing was simply amazing and it did soften the slender hero up enough just for her to consider listening to whatever else the pale woman had to say.

“Look, Princess, I screwed up, okay? I did something really stupid when I stopped taking your calls. I just thought I’d be better off without you,” the green-skinned woman stated with a sigh.

“Why? It’s not like we had anything really going. I just came to your house, watched your TV, and ate your food that goes together,” the redhead replied, trying to trivialize the whole matter because she did not want it to mean much. If being with Shego was going to be a rollercoaster ride of emotional problems, she would rather not be around the pale woman anymore. She would just rather save herself the pain and misery.

“It was more than that and you know it,” Shego huffed.

“Right, there were the times we had crazy, freaky, meaningless sex,” the petite hero added in with an attitude.

“I don’t think it was so meaningless,” Shego admitted in a low voice. She had actually forgotten that sex could transcend physical pleasure until she started sharing her bed with Kim. It had been a little unsettling, but she liked it.

“Yeah, because all that matters is what you think,” Kim snapped.

“Damn it, Princess! I’m trying! Can’t you just accept that?”

“No, because when I was trying, you just pretended I didn’t exist. How the hell do I know that isn’t going to happen again? Why should I just put my faith in you after what you did? Why the hell should I bother with believing in you when you could just put me through all of this shit again?”

“Because I love you!” Shego snarled. It had to be just about the most hateful declaration of love that had ever been made.

Kim was shocked again. Shego had not just said that she loved her, right? Why would Shego love her? How could Shego love her? They had not done anything to allow for love to exist or grow. It just did not make any sense.

“You don’t love me,” the artist objected.

“I do and I know my stupid behavior makes it hard to believe, but this is what made me realize that I love you. I missed you so much and just seeing you hurt me so much. You’re more than just some kid that comes to my place, watches my TV, and eats my food that goes together. You’re so much more than that,” the pale woman argued in an almost gentle tone.

Shego curled up next to Kim and gathered the redhead in her arms. The slender adventurer fought with her, but with one of her hands bound, it was not much of a contest. Shego pressed herself against Kim and the contact actually made the girl calm down some. In case she did try to struggle again, Shego wrapped one leg over both of Kim’s legs to make it a bit more difficult for the artist to move.

“I’m sorry I did this to you, Princess. You’re a person that I like seeing. You uplift my day and make everything around me seem do right and calm. I like having you around so much that I just always want to hold you, kiss you, touch you in any way I can to remind myself that you’re there and with me,” the moss-hued female commented.

“I’m just a body you like to cuddle,” Kim grumbled.

“No, you’re not. You’re the person that makes me happy to come home. I like it when you call and come over, even if you’re just looking to watch soccer,” Shego replied.

“That wasn’t the only reason I came over,” the redhead admitted in a mumble.

“I know. I know,” Shego said while resting her head in Kim’s fiery mane. “Kimmie, I’m really sorry that I put you through all of this. I’m just not used to what’s going on.”

“I’m not used to it either,” Kim confessed. The way that she felt for the pale woman was so new to her. She had never felt so strongly for a person that when the person rejected to her it hurt her to the very core of her being.

“Do you forgive me?” Shego asked.

Kim did not respond right away. Did she forgive Shego for all of the turmoil that she had been through? She wanted to do that because she knew that it would make her feel better. But, what if it all happened again? What if Shego flipped and it all happened again? She did not want to have to go through all of the crap twice.

“You don’t forgive me, huh?” Shego guessed because of the silence.

“How do I know that you’re not just toying with me again? How do I know that next week or next month or next year that you’re not going to do this again?” Kim asked.

Shego silently conceded that the kid had a point. “You just have to trust me, like you did the first time we did this,” she said while running a finger the handcuffs.

“It’s not the same thing,” Kim sighed.

“Life is about taking a chance, Princess. Take a chance with me again. I’m not so stupid as to almost let you get away twice,” the pale woman remarked.

Kim laughed a little bit. She supposed that she should take into account that Shego had apologized, asked for forgiveness, and even admitted fault. All of that was something and she knew that she would feel better with Shego than without her. Life was all about taking chances and she took chances everyday that could end badly, so why not just add another one to that?

“Shego,” Kim said.

“Yeah?” the emerald-eyed female replied.

“You say you love me, right?”

“I do.”

“Prove it.”

Shego looked down at the redhead and noticed that she was serious. It seemed that she was going to get her chance with her Princess again and she was definitely not going to screw it up. Before she did anything though, she stood up and went to the dresser.

“What are you doing?” Kim asked.

“Just getting the key,” Shego answered as she picked up the key and returned to Kim. She unlocked the restraint and removed it from around Kim’s wrists. “This isn’t going to be that kind of night,” the older woman commented.

Kim was speechless, but Shego did not give her too much time to respond if she wanted to anyway. She leaned in and kissed the redhead; it was one of the first times that they shared a gentle kiss that did not involve a farewell. Kim had not even been aware that Shego could kiss her on the mouth with such care.

“I’m going to make you feel like the princess you are,” Shego whispered against Kim’s lips. “No games, no toys, just you, me, and how things are supposed to be.”

Kim only looked at Shego in disbelief; the green-skinned woman planned to change that look. She kissed the redhead again, just as tenderly as before. Kim wrapped her arms around Shego more automatically than anything else, which encouraged the pale woman. While continuing the kiss, Shego reached up and began massaging Kim’s breast through her shirt.

The redhead moaned into Shego’s mouth because of the attention. The emerald-eyed female began easing Kim down onto the pillow to lie her down. She had to make sure that the moment was sweet and as close to pure as she could make it. She supposed that she needed to treat the situation as if it was Kim’s first time.

Shego moved her hands to put Kim’s abdomen while making sure to keep up the kiss. She pushed up Kim’s shirt and stroked the soft skin that she exposed. Her mouth left Kim’s lips as she removed the girl’s shirt and her mouth did not return. She moved her lips to Kim’s neck and paid attention to that area now while Kim made small mewing sounds.

The petite hero was not used to things being as they were when she was with Shego. It was usually something that was wild or even embarrassing; well, it would have been if people knew that she did those types of things. Most of the things, she would never have thought to do; they were always Shego’s idea and she was willing to give them a try because she was with Shego.

Shego smirked a bit against Kim’s collar bone because of the noises coming from the redhead. She was accustomed to Kim moaning loudly or hissing like an angry snake when they were together not mewing like a purring cat. She wanted to keep the girl mewing.

She kissed and licked her way down Kim’s torso while one of her hands got rid of Kim’s bra. She cupped one of Kim’s small mounds with that same hand and kissed around the supple flesh with great care. Kim arched into the pleasuring touches while pulling Shego closer to her.

The pale woman attended to her task of lovingly caressing Kim’s torso. The redhead cried out, but it was different from when she typically did so when they were together. Shego glanced up at the slender adventurer just to see the expression on her face. The look was of delight, but a little frustration too.

“You are so adorable, Princess,” Shego commented in a whisper of a voice as she kissed the redhead’s belly.

Kim licked her bottom lip as if she was planning to say something, but she could not get the words out. She decided against talking and went into action. She pulled at Shego’s shirt and took it from over the pale woman’s head. Shego looked up at the hero and smiled at her. Kim smiled back and leaned down to kiss Shego.

While they engaged in a kiss, Shego reached for Kim’s pants to remove those. Kim busied her hands with kneading Shego’s breasts through her bra. The attention frustrated the raven-haired woman because she wanted to feel Kim’s hands on her without cloth in the way. She moved away from Kim’s pants for a moment, just to free herself from her bra. Shego flung the irksome piece of clothing somewhere in the apartment; she did not care where because as far as she was concerned, she did not need it. With the bra out of the way, she went back to working Kim’s pants and the redhead went back to caressing the green-skinned woman.

Shego moaned into Kim’s mouth that time around as Kim kept her actions. Everything came to a brief halt as the emerald-eyed woman pulled away to take off Kim’s pants. As soon as Kim was nude, she started reaching for Shego’s pants. The redhead quickly unfastened Shego’s pants and they both removed those. Shego crawled back on top of Kim and started a new kiss…or two as she ground her hips into Kim’s and covered the redhead’s mouth with her own.

Kim and Shego lay next to each other. Both of them were awake, but they did not say anything to each other. Shego had her arm around Kim’s shoulders and was running her fingers up and down the redhead’s flesh. Kim’s fingers were just as busy, drawing circles around Shego’s bellybutton.

“So, does that prove it?” Shego asked.

“It’s a start,” Kim answered.

“And what’s the finish?” the pale woman inquired.

“When we’re still together and we’re old and wrinkled,” the olive-eyed artist replied.

“Oh, that is a long time.”

“Backing out already?” Kim teased.

“I never back out,” Shego replied.

Kim scoffed loudly, if only to get on Shego’s nerves. The pale woman did not take much offense to the noise, only pulling the younger female closer to her. Kim was practically draped on the older woman now and they were both quite pleased with that. Shego’s arm moved from Kim’s shoulders to her back and she rubbed her back while Kim’s hand traveled to Shego’s hip.

“When did we get so comfortable with each other?” Kim wondered out loud.

“Who knows. Does it matter?” Shego inquired.

“Not really. I was just curious.”

“You shouldn’t be so curious. So…when exactly do you go to sleep?” Shego asked. She was worn out and she would not mind catching some z’s, but she wanted to stay up with Kim too.

“Whenever I get tired.”

“And you’re not tired yet?”

“Maybe a little,” Kim replied and she yawned.

They agreed to go to sleep, even though neither had any real idea as to what time it was. Shego made sure that she had a good grip on Kim as she drifted off to sleep. Kim snuggled into the pale woman as she fell asleep.

When Shego woke up, she did not open her eyes. She noticed that there was some pressure missing. She began reaching across the soft bed, trying to take hold of the body that was supposed to be sharing the bed with her. When she did not find what she wanted, she opened her eyes.

“Princess,” Shego called when she noticed that Kim was not in the bed.

“Hmm?” the redhead responded while sticking her head through the sheets hiding the bed from the rest of the apartment. She had a smudge of ketchup on her face.

“What are you eating?” the pale woman inquired when she noticed the scarlet mess on Kim’s face.


“Just potatoes?”

“Yeah, you want some?” Kim offered politely.

“I want you to come back to bed,” Shego commented.

“Okay,” the redhead agreed.

Kim disappeared for a minute or so and then returned to bed area with a clean face. She crawled back into bed and Shego still did not seem happy. It was because the redhead was dressed again.

“Why are you in that stuff?” the moss-hued female asked as she sat up.

“Because I got out of bed and I was making something to eat,” Kim answered as if it was logical to her. She was not in the habit of wandering around her apartment naked.

Shego only shook her head. She reached over and took Kim’s shirt off. The redhead made a puzzled yelp, but she did not resist. Shego then took off Kim’s shorts and removed those. She left the hero in her underwear and then embraced the kid. She forced Kim to lie back down and she went back to sleep.

“What am I, a cuddle toy?” Kim wondered as a joke.

Kim decided to settle down and get some more sleep herself. When they stirred, they made love again. They did not get out of bed until they were both decidedly hungry. Kim was about to offer Shego some food, but Shego quickly put a halt to that by proposing that they order out.

“What? We could have macaroni salad,” Kim said.

“You have macaroni salad and what else?” Shego asked.

“I could make some more potatoes,” Kim suggested.

“Do your taste buds and stomach just not work? What kind of things do you put together?” the pale woman asked.

Kim shrugged; she did not know what to say. Shego ended up calling out to get them some food. The redhead did not argue and they had takeout.

“I’m going to go home for a second,” Shego announced when they done with their food.

“For a second?” Kim echoed.

“I just want to get some clothes. I’ll be back,” Shego replied.


“Well, I was hoping to spend some time here with you. Is that all right or am I not welcomed anymore? I mean, I know how you feel about people that give you orgasms,” Shego teased.

“No, come on back. Please,” Kim answered.

The pale woman gave Kim a small kiss and then she left. She was right back as soon as she could with what Kim figured was just an overnight back, but it was more than that. Shego was planning to stay for a few days. She just wanted to be with Kim without any distractions, so she came with clothes, food from her house, and some toys to keep things interesting if need be.

(New day)

Kim and Shego groaned as they were taken from their sleep by the sound of Shego’s cell phone. The pale woman sucked her teeth and began feeling down on the floor for the irksome device. She could not locate it, though.

“Princess, do you know where my phone is?” Shego asked.

“I haven’t seen it,” Kim answered.

“Check your side.”

Kim grumbled; the one time that she was getting a good, long sleep and now she had to waste it looking for a damned cell phone. She quickly checked her side of the bed, did not see anything, and curled back up next to Shego to go to sleep. Shego felt the pressure against her and turned to see what her lover was doing.

“I’m guessing you didn’t see it,” Shego deadpanned.

Kim shook her head and that was it. The ringing stopped and Shego shrugged. They both went back to sleep, but that was not the last that they heard from the phone. Luckily, the next time that it rang, they were awake. Unfortunately, they still did not know where it was.

“Kimmie, have you seen my phone yet?” Shego inquired while trying to follow the sound.

“Nope,” Kim answered. She was helping to find the phone, but their combined effort was not working as well as they assumed it would.

The pair kept looking and Shego eventually found the phone. She looked at the number to see who was calling and she frowned a bit. Kim noticed the expression, but did not have the chance to ask what was wrong because Shego answered the phone.

“Yeah?” Shego said.

“Where the fuck have you been?” Betty demanded to know.

“Minding my fucking business,” the pale woman answered.

“The fuck you are. You’re ruining my damn business. Do you have any clue as to what the hell you’ve done? You broke so many dates and cost me so much money. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Calm the fuck down. I’ve been doing my own thing,” Shego replied. She had been lying in bed with Kim and living with Kim for over a week. The outside world be damned; Kim was in agreement.

“Well, when the fuck are you coming back to work?” the brown-haired woman inquired in a harsh tone that Shego did not appreciate. They were too much alike for things to ever go right when they were upset with each other.

“Whenever I fucking feel like it. So, get the fuck off of my back. Shit, you need the money so bad, you go back to doing it. If not, shut the fuck up,” Shego ordered and she disconnected the call.

Shego turned to Kim when she was done with the phone call. She went over to the redhead and embraced her. Why would she go back to work when she could stay in the loft apartment and be with Kim?

Next time: Betty didn’t like being hung up on. How does she respond?

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