There for You

Chapter 4

Party favors


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TITLE: Party favors

AUTHOR: StarvingLunatic

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters. I don’t own pop-tarts either…I feel like I’ve said that before. Weird that I would have to state twice that I don’t own pop-tarts.

SUMMARY: AU. Kim is a hero, an author, and a painter who can do anything, except get a date. That probably explains why Bonnie gives her a card to an escort service.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Other, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 3874

Kim yawned as she stirred from her sleep. She moved to rub her eyes, but found that only one hand made it. She opened her eyes and looked to her side to see why her other hand was not making it to her face. She caught sight of her wrist, which was just above her head, and saw that it was bound. She groaned and turned to her other side to wake up the one person that could free her.

“Shego,” Kim said while shaking the pale woman.

“Go back to sleep, Princess,” Shego muttered without bothering to open her eyes.

“Shego, you left me cuffed,” the redhead informed the green-skinned female.


“The cuffs, they’re still on.”

“Huh? Oh!” Shego finally realized what the girl was trying to tell her. “Sorry about that, Princess.”

The raven-haired woman reached over and retrieved the key to the restraints. She handed it to Kim and let the redhead free herself. The pale female went back to sleep immediately while Kim got out of bed, Shego’s bed.

For the few months that they had known each other, they had worked themselves in to an odd little relationship; not that Shego would call it that. It started with Shego allowing Kim to come over to watch her cable; the redhead was seriously addicted to soccer. The emerald-eyed woman did not mind Kim’s presence because she really liked the kid. Kim would always be her polite little adorable self and Shego would just get the urge to pounce her after a while.

There was something about the petite redhead that got to Shego. The older woman would not admit to anything beyond a physical attraction to the redhead, but it seemed like more. She was nice to Kim, nicer than she had ever been to anyone else. She wanted the kid to always be comfortable in her presence. So, maybe there was something there beyond the fact that she believed Kim was cute and she wanted to screw Kim’s brains out all the time, although that was fun.

The pale woman had slowly gotten Kim into some things that the younger female probably never would have thought to do on her on, like the handcuff thing. Oh, that took a long time to get Kim try and she would still only do one hand. Shego liked to joke that there were some trust issues there, but it was not really a joke. Kim obviously was a suspicious person and she did not want to be bound for any reason really.

Shego understood why the petite artist was like that once she found out some of the things that Kim did during the day. Kim spent a lot of time tied up and it was always for something sinister, so she could see why Kim would be apprehensive about things. It was all right, though. The redhead was adventurous at least and that made up for any mistrust that she had, especially since she still let Shego strap her down every now and then.

The slender redhead wandered out to the kitchen and grabbed herself something to drink. She continued to rub one eye with the palm of her hand; Shego thought that was utterly adorable when she witnessed it. She then glanced at the cable to see what time it and saw that it was two in the afternoon. She had gotten five hours of sleep, which was pretty good for her. Once she was done with her juice, she went back to the bedroom and began gathering her clothes. She got dressed and then went over to Shego.

“Hey, I’m gonna go home now,” she whispered. It was like she did not want to wake the older woman up, but she did want to bid her farewell.

“Huh?” Shego said, showing that she was at least halfway awake, but Kim doubted that she would remember the conversation.

“I’m going home,” the younger female repeated.

“All right,” the pale woman agreed and Kim was about to just leave, but she felt a hand on hers. She turned back Shego.


“Where’s my goodbye kiss?” the green-skinned woman inquired quite seriously, even though her voice was a little groggy.

“Oh, yeah,” Kim laughed a bit and she went to give Shego a kiss, which woke the pale woman up completely for the moment.

It was a long kiss that would probably be categorized as “dirty” if anyone else saw it. Their strange relationship would probably fall into that same section if anyone ever saw them together when Shego started things up. But, the green-skinned woman could give less than a damn about what other people thought. The only person that mattered was her “Princess,” but no one better dare claim that she was in a relationship with Kim.

The slim hero then exited Shego’s apartment and returned to her own. She still spent about as much time at home now as she did before she was going over Shego’s place to watch football. The only difference was that she got her couple of hours sleep in a different bed on a few nights.

She glanced at her computer and then she glanced at her art desk. Hmm, work or paint? It was the eternal struggle of what she would rather be annoyed with. Most of the time she was saved by a mission to avoid having to make that decision, but as the seconds ticked away, she was getting the feeling that she was going to have to pick.

Now, work was work. It paid the bills and kept pop-tarts and peanut butter in her stomach. It was also irksome to do if she did not have a rhythm or flow of some kind. She would just stare at the screen if she did not know what she wanted to write.

Then there was painting, the silent killer. She could go and spend her time creating and end up with junk like the last time she tried. It would be a waste of time, paint, and energy. It was still more promising than work. Painting it was.

(New day)

Kim padded herself down as she could hear the familiar beeping of the Kimmunicator, but the device did not seem to be in her pocket as usual. She scratched her head in confusion and began trying to track the sound. She eventually discovered the communication device in her kitchen, in the refrigerator. Even Kim now wondered where the hell her head was sometimes because, really, how the hell did the Kimmunicator get in the fridge?

“Oh, I must have put it there by accident when I was putting the milk back,” the redhead figured as she finally answered the call. She hoped someone was not in immediate danger or her little mistake might prove costly for them. “What’s the sitch?” she answered the device.

“Where the hell have you been?” Bonnie demanded to know in an angry tone.

“Oh, hey, Bonnie,” Kim said, totally ignoring the question posed to her.

“’Oh, hey’ me like everything’s fine. Where the hell have you been? This thing rang for-fucking-ever,” the turquoise-eyed female complained.

“Yeah, I misplaced it. What’s going on?”

“I just want to make sure you remember the party tonight,” Bonnie replied.

“Party?” Obviously from the bewildered sound in her voice, Kim had forgotten.

“Yes, the party. Damn it, we only go to a party at least once a fucking month,” Bonnie huffed. Why was she cursed with such a bizarre best friend? It was enough that she had to worry about her laidback boyfriend, but with Kim added to the mix, she thought that she should get a medal for still being sane.

“Right, the party,” Kim said. It was coming back to her; she had it marked down and everything. She just had not recalled before because it was not very important to her.

“Yes, the party. Be there on time, be dressed somewhat appropriately, and goddamn it, try to show up with someone,” Bonnie ordered.

“Um… okay,” the redhead agreed.

“What the hell do you mean ‘okay’?” the tanned female inquired in a suspicious tone. She really did not trust anything that came out of Kim’s mouth anymore. It seemed like everything had a double-meaning.

“I mean, okay. Geez, Bonnie, calm down. You need to relax.”

“How can I relax when I have to baby you and Josh? You two need to grow up already and take things more seriously,” the dancer huffed.

“And you need to wind down,” the hero replied.

“There’ll be plenty of time for me to do that when the two of you are dead, but until then, just do what I said. You never know, you might get a patron for your painting or something,” Bonnie said.

Kim conceded that point because Bonnie was right. It felt good when she sold painting, so she should make an effort to do that. She supposed that Bonnie was right on all fronts, so she would try to do what her friend recommended. The first thing was to see if she could get a date. She called Shego.

“Hey, Princess,” Shego greeted the redhead.

“Hey, Shego, I was wondering if you’d like to come with me to a party tonight,” Kim informed the pale woman. It seemed like the right thing to do since she and Shego spent so much time together.

“Oh, tonight?” the green-skinned female echoed.

“Yes, tonight.”

“Sorry, Princess, that’s a no-can-do there. I’m working tonight,” the older woman replied.

“Oh,” Kim said. She sounded so disappointed and Shego could picture her pouting, which she was doing.

“Well, I could break my date, but you’d have to pay me to come with you,” Shego said. If she thought about it, she would not believe that she had just suggested that she would break a date to be with someone else, but she did not think about it.

“Pay you?” the redhead said incredulously. She had not paid Shego for anything since their first date, as Shego called them.

“Yes, pay me. I am an escort, after all,” the raven-haired woman stated.

“Shego, we both know I can’t afford that right now,” Kim pointed out. A date with Shego cost way too much money for a starving artist like herself, even if she was a semi-famous author. She had rent to pay, food to buy, and other things.

“Well, I don’t do dates on credit, but I suppose I could give you a little discount. We just have to keep it between you and me,” the pale woman proposed. She would rather spend her evening with Kim than with her client and she did not need the money that badly.

“A discount?” the girl echoed in a puzzled tone.

“Yes, a discount. So, what time is this little shindig?” Shego inquired.

“It’s not a little shindig,” Kim informed her.

“Well, then, tell me more,” Shego requested in an interested voice.

Kim arrived at Shego’s apartment to pick her up for the party. She knocked and the pale green woman opened the door. Shego was going to say something, but as soon as the redhead came into the apartment, she was at a loss for words.

“Princess, what the fuck are you wearing?” Shego inquired.

“They were called clothes the last time I checked,” Kim answered.

“They’re called shit. You’re actually going to go to a formal party dressed like that?” the green-skinned woman asked incredulously. Kim was dressed in her usual clothes; a person would think that she was walking to the corner store instead of about to go to a fancy social gathering.

“That was the idea,” the redhead answered honestly.

“Bullshit. You are not going anywhere with me dressed like that. I can’t believe you actually left your house like that,” Shego complained. She did not know why she was surprised by that considering how weird Kim was. “Go sit down while I get you something good to wear.”

“This is good. Come on or we’ll be late,” the trim hero protested. Kim was probably the only person on the planet that would not mind going to a formal party dressed in her street clothes with a gorgeous woman in her company, who was wearing a fantastic green and black dress. Well, maybe her and Josh.

“That’s not good. That’s crap. That’s beyond crap. So, go sit down and wait for me to get you something that looks halfway decent,” Shego ordered.

The olive-eyed artist tried to object once more, but it was not effective at all. She went to take a seat as she was commanded to do and waited for Shego to return with something worth wearing. She would have dressed better, but she lost track of time and to avoid being late, she threw on the closest thing at hand. She had to pick up Shego, after all, and it would not have been polite to be late for that.

Shego went into her closet and went through her clothes. She hoped that she had something from when she was younger still in there. She figured that Kim would be able to fit something from when she was younger and smaller because she damn sure was not going anywhere with the redhead wearing what she had on right now. She found a couple of items and brought them out to Kim.

“Pick one,” Shego said as she held up two black dresses.

“Aren’t they the same?” Kim asked while looking back and forth to each dress and not seeing a difference.

“For being a smart-ass, you’re going to wear this one,” Shego replied and she dropped the one in her right hand.

“Why?” Kim asked. Shego perplexed her to no end. She seemed to always think that she was right and knew what was best for the world. Now, Kim understood it because she used to be that way, but she was not as bad as Shego was.

“Because I said so. Now, go put it on,” the raven-haired female commanded.

Kim sighed, but she did not argue. She needed something formal to wear anyway. She took the dress and went to change. She returned minutes later wearing the sleek little black dress. Shego smirked her approval.

“You look good, Princess. Enough for me to suggest that we skip the date and just get right to the end,” the pale woman remarked. She was not lying. She really would like to just forget about the party and bang Kimmie’s brains out for the night. Maybe something about Kim or Kim herself was an aphrodisiac, she considered.

“I’d like to skip it too, but it’s kind of important,” Kim replied. She liked spending time with the pale woman more than she liked mingling at parties, but she might be able to get a commission or two and it would get Bonnie off of her back for a little while.

“Well, at least I can be sure I’ll have the best looking girl there,” Shego commented.

“Funny, I thought that I would have the best looking girl there,” the redhead said.

Shego let a half-smile grace her face. The pair left for the party; Kim had borrowed a friend’s car for the night to get to where they needed to be. They arrived at the party a little late, but it was still better than most of the times when Kim showed up to a gathering.

The pair stepped into the hall and Shego was a bit impressed to see what kind of people Kim rubbed elbows with. It really was a high-class gala and she was glad that she put Kim in that dress. She could not believe that the girl even considered going to such a party in what she had been wearing before.

“Kim,” Josh called as soon she stepped into the hall. He approached her and then he hid behind her. Shego watched him as he put his grubby hands on Kim’s shoulders and that caused her to frown.

“Hey, Josh, what’s up?” Kim asked.

“You’ve got to escape and take me with you. Bonnie is on the warpath,” he explained and then he noticed what she was wearing. “Hey, you actually look classy,” he commented as if that was not rude.

“Thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself,” the redhead replied as Josh stood up to show off his fancy white suit with a golden vest.

“I had to make sure I looked all right. She was threatening me until she was blue in the face,” he explained with an amused smile.

“I’ll bet. Now you know why I chose not to live with her when we all moved here,” Kim quipped.

‘That’s true, but seeing that you followed directions might actually calm her down,” he said.

“Maybe,” the slim adventurer agreed and she shrugged. She then recalled that Shego was at her side and she decided to introduce them. “Oh, Josh, this is Shego. Shego, this is my good friend and fellow painter, Josh,” the hero said.

“And you brought a date…a hot date,” Josh said as he got a good look at the raven-haired woman at Kim’s side.

“I’m batting two for three tonight. This is the best I’ve ever done,” Kim remarked with a small chuckle.

“Yeah, that’s true,” he agreed with a laugh of his own. “Well, since you’re actually being good tonight, I’m not even going to bother you.”

“Wait, what’s the room like? Any work for us?” the redhead asked.

“It’s hard to tell. We could work the room together. Let me find Bonnie and let her kill me, just to get it out of the way,” Josh answered.

Kim nodded and Josh scurried away. Shego watched him leave and she was glad to see him go. She would help Kim work the room. She was good at that. She might even run into a client and be able to blackmail him into giving Kim some business.

The pair moved through the party and it was clear that Shego was more at home at such a gathering than Kim was. The younger female was used to the parties, but she did not particularly like going to them two or more times a month. Shego did not appear annoyed or bothered and she mixed with everyone, mostly trying to drum up some business for herself or Kim.

“Kim, you actually look good,” Bonnie said in a voice of disbelief as she came up behind her best friend.

“Yeah,” Kim sort of concurred. She was not sure what else to say.

“I’m in shock. I mean, Josh said you showed up looking presentable, but I didn’t believe it and here you are just looking right. Wow, I’m proud of you for once,” Bonnie remarked.

“Well, that’s good to know,” Kim said sarcastically.

“Josh also told me that you’re here with someone. You have got to show me this girl,” the aqua-eyed girl stated.

“Sure, no problem,” the redhead easily agreed.

Kim had to look around for Shego, who had gotten away from her date the moment that she turned to talk to Bonnie. She spotted the pale woman with an older gentleman and they were sharing a drink while conversing. Kim led Bonnie over to the pair and politely interjected.

“I’m sorry to butt in, but Shego, this is my best friend Bonnie. Bonnie, this is Shego,” Kim introduced the two.

“You’re the one that got her in the dress more than likely,” Bonnie said to Shego.

“You just got to know how to talk to her,” the pale woman commented with a lewd smirk.

“Well, I wish you luck with this headache. At least you’re taking her off of my hands,” the dancer remarked.

“I’m definitely glad to do that,” the raven-haired female said with another suggestive smirk on her face.

Kim blushed just because of the expression on Shego’s face. Bonnie left the pair alone, even though Kim knew that was not going to be the end of it. Surely she was going to be getting a call later on from Bonnie for all of the details surrounding her and Shego. But, she decided not to think about that at the moment.

The redhead stuck a bit close to Shego for the night, not that the pale woman minded. Shego noticed that Kim was rather good at parties. She especially handled annoying things like people asking for her autograph with grace and civility. The green-skinned woman liked seeing the polite side of her princess, even though the rude side was rather cute.

“That was one of the better parties I have been too,” Shego commented as she and Kim went into Kim’s apartment.

“Yeah,” Kim agreed. Something about that party did make it better than others. Maybe it was that over half of the night, she had a rather possessive arm wrapped around her waist. “Do you want anything?” the redhead inquired as she shut the door and chucked her keys just anywhere.

“What do you have beside for peanut butter and soda?” Shego teased.

“Marshmallows,” Kim replied with a laugh.

“You always have a bunch of things that just don’t go together,” the pale woman complained.

“Marshmallows and peanut butter do go together,” the redhead argued.

Shego only scoffed. Being in Kim’s apartment was always a series of surprises when it came to food because she really never did have anything that went together, except maybe bread and peanut butter. She inspected a few things around the place to see if anything changed since she had shown up and she noticed a photo by Kim’s art things. It was of a girl kneeling by a grave.

“Princess, what’s this?” Shego inquired while pointing to the photo.

“That would be the subject for my next painting,” Kim answered.

“What do you plan on doing?”

“I’m not sure. But, when I saw her that day, I had to get a shot of her and I figured that I had to paint it.”

“Why do you always do such morbid work?” the pale woman asked.

“This is what catches my eye.” Kim shrugged. She did not look at it as morbid. Most of her work dealt with hope, even though they showed gloomy scenes most of the time. She liked showing that a person could go on after a tragedy, but typically in her work, people just saw the tragedy at first glance.

“You catch my eye in that dress,” Shego remarked and she turned to look at Kim with a familiar glint in her eyes.

“I know that look,” the redhead commented.

“I’ll bet you do.”

Shego went at Kim and met her in a soul-searing kiss. She groped Kim through the dress while Kim was fumbling trying to get Shego out of her dress. Shego stepped out of her gown, but made no moves to free Kim from hers.

“I think I’ll keep you just like you are,” Shego commented, meaning that she would leave Kim clothed.

“Well, it’s your dress,” Kim replied.

“And my Princess,” the green-skinned woman added.

Next time: things seem to be getting deep between these two. Maybe a little too deep. Just what are they to each other?

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